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Sarah Jane (SAYWARD) WARREN Family History

Letter from Sarah Jane (Sayward) Warren to John Warren, Husband, while he was serving in the Union Army of the Civil War. Transcribed as written.

This original letter is in the possession of Mrs. Frances (Richmond) Cooper, great-granddaughter of John and Sarah (Sarah Jane Sayward) Warren. It is very fragile, and in some places difficult to read. Per family history, John and Sarah Jane Warren were living in Wisconsin at the time John enlisted in the Union Army, and Sarah Jane took their three children to Maine, her birth place, to wait out the war and John's return. Per the recorded memories of a now-deceased granddaughter of John and Sarah Jane, the Saywards were from Maine and ran an exclusive girls' finishing school. They were from England originally. This granddaughter (Martha Hess Wank) reported that Sarah Jane had left Maine in a covered wagon to go to Wisconsin to marry a young man. When she got there, she found he had died, and later she married John Warren. John Warren died June 28, 1885 at Cadiz, Wisconsin and Sarah Jane died August 30, 1894 at Monroe, Wisconsin.

Contributed by Mrs. Frances (Richmond) Cooper (great-granddaughter of John and Sarah Jane (Sawyard) Warren) and submitted by Cynthia L. Midgett Shaffer (great-great-granddaughter), 2001. And we would like to thank them.

Shopleigh April 1 1865 (envelope bears a Maine postmark)

Dear Husband

Your kind letter of the 25 reached me this evening and I need not tell you that it was wellcom. I heard of the battle of the 29th and I did not see much peace till I got your letter. I feel truly thankfull that your life is spared and I hope God will still be mercifull to you in sparing you. We are all well at this time. I was weighed today and weighed 154 so you see I am not very poor. CW weighed 46 JH 40 ME 96 (CW was son Charles, JH was son Henry and ME was daughter Edith).

You wanted to know if I would be ready to go home by the 4 of July yes and before that if you are ready. We are all glad to hear so good news from the war and do hope it will soon end.

It rained here yesterday and snowed to finish with but the new snow is all gone and nearly all of the old. I am much obliged for that ____ that ____ came safe. I don't know as I have ever written anyting about getting it. Brother Cyrus came here a few days ago. He is still living in Imswich (?) but owns a place here which he rents. I can write to you in good spirits after getting your letter. I should have written, if I had not got yours. It is a great pleasure to write to and receive letters rom you. How many have fallen and how many more are to fall ere this cruel rebelion shall close but slavery is dead never to revise again and the south are nearly used up although some have said that slavery would never come to an end, but such croakers have to keep still now. We have one of the best ministers here. He is not afraid to stand up for the union. He says he should rather be the son of a negro than the son of a traitor. How would Mr. Bush like such preaching as that.

I have been to prayer meeting this evening part of the folks were in bed when I came home and the rest have gone since, but I will try and finish this so to take it to the office when I go to meeting in the morning. I will write to your father and RL before long. Is it James Mc____ that is dead? I think Jane must feel vary bad any one that has no friends in the army dont know how to sympathize with those that have.

Keep up good spirits and trust in God as I don't think of anything more to write I will close by wishing you good night. Yours in love Sarah J Warren

Write often as you can.

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