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SOWLE Family History

This is a compilation of newspaper clippings collected by Mavis P Kroll's mother. She found them in a scrapbook and donated them to our website. Mavis P Kroll is not related to the SOWLE family. Also, in some cases, the source or date is not given. Do not write and ask for more information, as what you see is what is known. Thank you.


Column: Family Reunions
Source: The Tomah Journal ?
Date: Aug 1983?

About 150 people attended a reunion of descendants of James and Patience (MACOMBER) SOWLE at Recreation Park in Tomah, WI Aug 6, 1983. Greeting cousins we'd grown up with -- and meeting some we'd never known we had -- was a highlight of the day. After a delicious catered lunch, there was a business meeting at which we voted to become the SOWLE Family Association with the following officers: President - Geraldine SOWL SCHLOSSER; Vice President - Deborah SOWLE CHESSER; Secretary - Treasurer - Christine SCHLOSSER; Board Members harold SOWLE and Maxine HART.

Special recognition was given to Fern SOWLE HART, the last living child of Harvey M SOWLE. She was present with several of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Walter SOWLE of Mondovi was the only other 9th generation descendant of George SOULE (signer of the Mayflower Compact) prestn. The youngest of the 13th generation was Amy CHRISTENSEN, born Jul 16. The business meeting was followed by dancing, until most of the group deceided to cool off by swimming.

Those who attended were: Dave ANDERSON, Linda ANDERSON, Kenneth and Marlene ANDERSON, Marsha and Roseanne, Ken and Judy ANDERSON, Patti, Bobbi, Debbi, and Charli, Deb CHESSER and Keri, Bruce, Debbie, Brian and Amy CHRISTENSEN, Archie ECKELBERG, Ferne HART, Maxine HART, Ruth HART, Dee RANDALL, Karyl, Sandie, and Sheri, Dawn and Dixie SOWLE, Anny, Tina, Christina, Domonik, and Donny, Della SOWLE, Harold and Irene SOWLE, Howard and Marjorie SOWLE, Randy, SOWLE, Therese WEGERLE, Byron WEBERLE, Helen WAUGH, Sadie and Barbara SOWLE, and Erna BUTTERFUSS of Tomah; Bob and Helen ANDERSON of Madison;Barbara and Skip BARTOWITZ, Amy and Garrett, Jim and Geraldine SOWLE SCHLOSSER and Steve, Dan SCHLOSSER, Ken and Judy SCHLOSSER, Christine SCHLOSSER, Philip SOWLE, Jerry and Jeanette SOWLE of Milwaukee; Barbara BLANCHARD of Ramona, CA; Laura BLANCHARD of Indianapolis, IN.

Jeannette SOWLE BLANCHARD of Cedarburg, WI; Lois and Jack BOWEN of Coquille, OR; Jelayne and Charles BREWER, Lawarence and Marion SOWLE, Jeannie SOWLE COPPERNOLL, Lori and Todd from Richland Center; Don and Sharon CAMPBELL and Todd of Marshalltown, IA; Bud and Mary Lou FREDERICK, Ken and Jeanny ROSEMAN of Miramar, FL; Janie HANSON, Nicolas and Shane of Black River Falls; Vivilore Scott HEAVNER of Grosse Point, MI.

James and Dorismae HENDRICKSEN KRAUSE of Redford, MI; Gordon, Judy, Joe, and Greg McDONOUGH of Reedsburg; Bernard and Joycene MANNING, Tina, Heather, Michael, Charlotte and Joseph of Stewartville, MN; Jo, Richard and Kevin MORROW of Fairfax, VA; Blaine and Rosanne NICOL, Emily, Jennifer, and Stacy of Eau Claire; Bob and Junie NICOL of Brandenton, FL; Norman and Sharon SOWLE PETERSON and Kim, Jon, and Cheryl PETERSON and Julie of Sparta; George and Joni POTEKHEN, Michael and Shawn, Tania, Jennifer, and Christopher TEKE of Silverthorne, CO; Pamela REVERCOMB of Manlius, NY; Ted "Scotty" ROEDER and Betsy GRAHAM of Rosholt, WI; Krystine SNOW SINGH and Shawn of Gull Lake, Sask, Canada; Elizabeth and Rex SNOW of Grand Rapids, MN; David and Donna SOWLE; Todd and Paula of Janesville; Rosalia SOWLE of Wauwatosa; Becky SOWLE of East Troy; Walt and Ruth SOWLE of Mondovi; Bill and Arlene SOWLE, Todd, Andrew, Britt, and Benjamin, Claude "Buster" and Marie SOWLE of Springfield, IL; Jerry and Yvonne STASHEK of Wausau; Harlan and Nina Thomas of Itasca, IL.

Column: Unknown
Titled: In Memory of Torin B SOWLE
Source: Unknown Newspaper
Date: May 24, 1984

You left a beautiful memory
And a sorrow too great to be told
But to us who have loved and lost you,
Your memory will never grow old.
Always a silent heartache,
Many a silent tear,
But beautiful memory,
Or one we loved so dear.
God gave us strength to bear it.
And the courage to take the blow.
But what it meant to lose you,
No one will ever know.

Deeply missed by his family. ltg

Column: Unknown
Titled: Trees for Firemen's Park
Source: Tomah Newspaper
Date: June 23, 1984

Below a black and white photo of two men planting a tree is the following:
TREES FOR FIREMEN'S PARK - Tomah Volunteer Firemen Steve SOWLE, foreground, and Jim HEILMAN put the finishing touches on a flowering crab apple tree which they planted this week in Frank G. ANDRES - Firemen's Park. The tree and several others were provided by fellow fireman Stu WESTPFAHL. The park, the city's newest, is reapidly neraing completion. (Tomah Newspaper Photo)

Column: Unknown
Titled: Original SOWLE Home
Source: Unknown Newspaper
Date: Jul 10, 1980

Below a black and white photo of a barn is the following:
Authentic reproduction of thatched roof home of Pilgrim George SOWLE, Plimouth Plantation, MA. Other piltrim's thatched roof homes line the dusty street. (Photo by Chas SOWLE, 1977)

Charles SOWLES attend national family reunion

Mr and Mrs Charles H SOWLE, San Antonio, TX attended the three day national reunion of the SOULE Kindred in America Inc in Waco, TX, in June. Every third year the reunion is held in Plymouth, MA. All attendees are desccendants of Pilgrim George SOULE or married into the SOULE / SOWLE family. A copy of Volume III of Mayflower Families was presented to the Waco County Library. The volume covers the first five generations of Pilgrim George SOULE.

Entertainment at the reunion included a dinner cruise on the Brazo River Queen and a Texas BBQ at the Olson Ranch. The organization pulished a quarterly magazine called the "SOULE Newsletter">

Column: Unknown
Titled: 9th generation SOWLE kin
Source: Tomah Newspaper
Date: Aug 7, 1980

Below a black and white photo of the attendees is the following:
Three ninth generation heirs of George SOWLE, foreground, are pictured with the 250 persons who attended the first SOWLE family reunion here last Saturday. Pictured are Alfred S CRAMER, Big Rapis, MI; Fern HART, Tomah; and Walter Hayes SOWLE, Mondovi (Tomah Newspapers Photo)

235 attend SOWLE family reunion

Two hundred thirty five persons attended the SOWLE family reunion at Tomah Recreation Park on Saturday, August 2nd. Specially honored was Ferne SOWLE HART, youngest daughter of Havery McKentyre SOWLE - - As the oldest SOWLE in attendance, and the one with the most descendants present. The youngest "SOWLE" was Josh JOHNSON, son of Wayne and Mary Lou ECKELBERG JOHNSON, and great grandson of Harold SOWLE.

This was the first reunion since the families and James and Wesson SOWLE came to Dorset, near Wilton in 1855. Those attending were 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th generation descendants of George SOULE, signer of the Mayflower Compact. The day was spent in greeting and meeting "cousins", looking at family photographs, and keepsakes, and examining the huge family charts prepared by Karyl Kreuger AFFELDT. There was a short program of slides and family history presented by Geraldine SOWLE SCHOLOSSER. The group decided not to wait 125 years for the next reunion; a committee will decide on the time and place of that. Persons who helped with the planning and staging of this event were: Karyl SOWLE AFFELT, Jeanette SOWLE BLANCHARD, Alice CRAMER HOCKEMEYER, Junie NICOL, Christine SCHOLOSSER, Geraldine and Jim SCHOLSSER, Harold SOWLE, Buster SOWLE, Howard SOWLE, Lawrence and Marion SOWLE, Steve SOWLE, and Helen DROW WAUGH.

Those attending were: Norman and Karyl AFFELDT, Jay and Jennifer; Robert and Helen ANDERSON; Kenneth and Jean BROST; John ENGLAND; Paul and Anne GAYLOR; Ian GAYLOR, all of Madison;

David and Pamela ANDERSON, Scott and Laura; Michael and Diane ANDERSON, Crystal and Michelle; Kenneth and Marlene ANDERSON, Yvonne, Kurtis, Linda, Rose, and Marsha; Leslie and Erna BUTTERFUSS; Gary and Deborah CHESSER; Keri, Kelly and Deborah CLARK; Timothy, Bridgette, Travis, Samantha and Ferne HART; Forrest and Joy HART; Maxine HART; Ruth HART; Lorraine HERRICKS; Harry and Floria HESER; Herbert HESER; Wayne, Mary Lou, and Josh JOHNSON; Vernon and Joyce KRUEGER; Scott and Marcia NICOL, Brian, Melissa and Brett; Brent NICOL; Robert and Junie NICOL; Ken and Dee RANDALL; Arthur and Bev SOWLE; Dean and Diane SOWLE; Della SOWLE, Frieda SOWLE; Harold and Irene SOWLE, Buster and Carol SOWLE; Steve and Annette SOWLE and Emily; Helen WAUGH; Melissa and Michael WAUGH, Christel, Eddied, Abby and Joel; and Steve WILLIAMS, all of Tomah.

Rodger and Marcia BABCOCK; Gene and Marilyn DAVIS; Dennis DAVIS, all of Union Grove; Jean BLANCHARD of Cedarburg; Bill and Christy BLANCHARD and Sally of Indianapolis; Thomas and Shirley BRIGHTWELL of Richmond, VA; Kenneth and Eileen BROST, Amy and Rachel of McFarland; James and Vicki COLEMAN, Jaimi and Jodi of Mosinee; Alfred and Corene CRAMER of Big Rapids, MI; Richard M DROW, Fort Lauderdale, FL; Deborah KRUEGER and Mike BECKER of Wausau; Mike and Sandra DUENO, Cindy, Vince, and Roxie; Jim and Gerry SCHLOSSER and Steve, Dan SCHLOSSER, Ken SCHLOSSER; Dawn SOWLE; Dennis and Vicki SOWLE, Denise, Eric and Terri; Donald and Margaret SOWLE, Gerald and Jeanette SOWLE; John and Mary SOWLE; Rosalie SOWLE; Warren and Clara SOWLE, all of Milwaukee;

Bud and Mary Lou FREDERCIK and Berna of Miramar, FL; Lyle and Patricia FRYE, Keith and Scott EDGERTON; Audrey GALL of Elcho; Norman and Hope GOTTBEHEAT, Pepper and Ryan of Camp Douglas; Nita HANCOCK and Michelle of Warrens; Robert and Jamie HANSON and Nicolas of Black River Falls; Lyle and Diane HEAVNER, Wendy and Bradley of Grosse Pointe Woods, MI; Alice HOCKEMEYER of Appleton; Steven and Susan KLEUSS, Andrew, Abigail and Emily of Hartford City, IN; Gordon and Judith McDONOUGH, Rochelle, Joe and Greg of Reedsburg;

Mary MISCO, Beth and Laura of Elkhart Lake; Blaine and Rosanne NICOL, Emily and Jennifer of Eau Claire; Karl and Bonnie PETERSON, Sara and Joshua of Green Bay; Norm and Sharon PETERSON of Sparta; George and Joni POTEKHEN, Michael and Shawn; Ron and Tania TEKE, Jennifer and Christopher of Silberthorne, CO; Ted (Scott) ROEDER and Elizabeth GRAHAM of Rosholt; Brian and Deborah SOWLE and Anna of Durango, CO; Barbara SIPPEL and Katy of Arlington, VA; Claude (Buster) and Maria SOWLE; Bill and Arlene SOWLE, Britt, Ben, Todd and Andy of Springfield, IL;

Eddie SOWLE of Chicago; Garner (Tarz) and Jeanne SOWLE and Blen SOWLE of Oconto; Jelayne SOWLE; Lawrence and Marion SOWLE, all of Richland Center; John McKEETH and Melissa SOWLE of Houston, TX; Mark SOWLE and Lesley CHANEY of Columbus, OH; Walter and Ruth SOWLE of Mondovi; Ed and Nancy WATTS of Valpariso, IN; Therese WEGERLE, Randy and Byran of Witchita, KS; David and Helen WELCH, Brad and Katherine of Peria, IL; Tom WELCH of Princeville, IL; Coral WILLIAMS of Shennington; Joanne YELVINGTON of Baytown, TX; and Brad and Peggy SANBORN of Millston.

Column: Unknown
Titled: 9th generation SOWLE kin
Source: The Tomah Journal
Date: Jul 16, 1987

Below a black and white photo of a a man on a tractor in a cornfield is the following:
Green thumbed -- Harold SOWLE of Route 3, Tomah has been putting his gardening talents to use in the city since 1945. He grows onions, potatoes, radishes, carrots, and of course, corn pictured in his 3/4 acre garden with a little help from his tractor (Tomah Newspaper photos).

Column: Family Reunions
Source: Unknown Newspaper
Date: Unknown

Mr and Mrs Charles H SOWLE, San Antonio, TX, have returned home after being guests of his sister, Mr and Mrs Henry HESER. A potluck dinner of family members was held at the HESER home. Those attending were Mr and Mrs Lawrence SOWLE, Richland Center, daughter Mr and Mrs Gordon McDONOUGH and son, Reedsburg, Mr and Mrs Howard SOWLE, Debbie CHESSER and daughter, Mr and Mrs Dean SOWLE, and family, Mr and Mrs Lyls Frye and sons, and Herb and Dawn HESER. The SOWLES were also houseguests of his cousin, Mr and Mrs Arnie JAHN of Sparta.

Previous to visiting Wisconsin, the SOWLES attened the National SOULE/SOWLE Kindred Reunion in Cincinnati, OH. They were also guests of Mrs SOWL'S cousin, Dr Carl SMITH and family of Cincinnati.

At the Cincinnati reunion, they met with his cousins, Mr and Mrs Jim SCHLOSSER (Geraldine SOWLE) and Steve, Milwaukee, and Jeanette SOWLE BLANCHARD, Cedarburg, and relatives from Colorado, along with guest Evelyn SHEPARD of West Allis.

The guest list included attendees from 15 states and the District of Columbia. Those attending had either married into the SOULE/SOWLE family or were direct descendents of Pilgrim George SOULE, who signed the Mayflower Compact in 1620.

Column: Unknown
Titled: Charles SOWLES attend Mayflower Descendants Dinner
Source: Unknown Newspaper
Date: Unknown

Mr and Mrs Charles SOWLE, San Antonio, TX, recently attended the San Antonio Cology, Society of the Mayflower Descendents Annual Compaact Dinner in celebration of the signing of the comopact by 41 men including Pilgrim George SOWLE (SOULE).

The compact was signed aboard the Mayflower before a permanent landing was made at Cape Cod, MA. The date of Nov 21 on our calendar corresponds with the date of Nov 11 old style.

One of the highlights of the meeting was a roll call of signers, with each descendent standing as their forbearer's name was called. One attendee, Myles STANDISH, also traced descendents to John ALDEN, William MULLIN, and George SOWLE (SOULE).

Marcia Ann KUEHL is related to the SOWLE line - she is descended from: Eliza SOWL and Lucinda SMITH who settled in Argyle, LaFayette Co, WI. For more information on this line, go to [MAK-roots].

This information has been been graciously provided by [Mavis P Kroll].

We would like to recognize and acknowledge Mavis P Kroll for her dedication to researching MonroeCoWI and making her research available to others FREE of cost. Thank you ...

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