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Olson Century Farm

In 1985 after 109 years the Olson farm was recognized as a century farm. Caroline Bergerson was born in Norway on December 7, 1860 and came to America with her parents in 1872. She was married on March 12 1878, in the Town of Leon to Mr. Jens Olson. Jens was born in Norway on October 26, 1853. He was a hard working, thrifty farmer who at the time of his death on May 7, 1904 owned 320 acres of land. He was kind hearted and a devoted member of the Lutheran Church. He had the confidence and esteem of all who knew him.

Mr. and Mrs. Jens Olson purchased the present farm in 1876 from John Cannon. He was a single man for whom Cannon Valley was named. (A lumberman from New York that came to Wisconsin in about 1842 to purchase land. He settled on about 600 acres in what is now Cannon Valley). When Jens Olson passed away in 1904 (house fire?), he left behind his loving wife and a family of twelve children. A new residence was erected in 1904, which is still on the farm. Caroline very ably brought up her family, continuing in the teaching of the Lutheran Church. Her twelve children were: Johanna born 1878; Dora born 1880; Oscar born 1882; Harold born 1884; Ida born 1887; Augusta born 1889; Nora born 1892; Olga born 1894; Josef born 1896; Leonard born 1898; and the twins William and Walter born 1902. Caroline passed away on July 14, 1934 at the age of 75 years. The farm was left in the hands of her six sons. They later sold it to Walter and Alice (Albert & Clara {Brietenfield} Erickson) Olson, one of her youngest twin sons, April 21 1947. To this union three children were born. Jane, now Mrs. Lavern Chapiewsky, James A. and Joyce, now Mrs. Forrest Johnson.

Walter passed away July 29, 1968. On May 15, 1978, Alice Olson sold the farm to her son James and wife Joan (Melloh). To this union two children were born, James Jay Sept, 12, 1966 and Lori Ann on July 31, 1971. (Provided by Alice Olson) James J enlisted in the Marines (1984) and married the former Julie Benedict in Oct 2002. Their first-born child Caroline Ruth was born April 3, 2003. Lori Ann enlisted in the Army (1989) and married Marcus Jens Volden on August 23, 2003. Lori & Marcus have recently purchased 20 acres of land in Cannon Valley, in the township of Portland where Loriís Great Grandparents Albert and Clara Erickson lived & farmed and Grandmother Alice was born. All of the family still helps in the raising of hay, corn and registered Percheron horses on the Olson Family farm today.

The information provided is what Lori A. (Olson) Volden's Grandmother provided for the farm to be considered a Century farm. The information in italics is Lori A. (Olson) Volden words.

Many thanks to Lori A. (Olson) Volden for providing her family history for others to share. Email her by clicking on her name.

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