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Sparta, Monroe Co, Wisconsin

The local Winnebago tribe moved from place to place, covering the land which comprises the following counties of Juneau, Jackson, Adams, and Wood. One of the Winnebago tribe's native language shares similarities to the Minnesota and Dakota Sioux tribe's language; this tribe is considered a distant 'cousin' of the Winnebago tribe.

The State School for Dependent Children (Sparta, Monroe County, WI) was at one time called the Winnebago Indian School. There was a smaller school at Neillsville (Clark County, WI). Records of admissions and placements exist for some years, however the records involve minors, and are difficult to gain access to, due to the Wisconsin laws. An attorney may be needed to persuade a judge to grant access to them.

The records of the school at Sparta can be found under "Wisconsin Child Center" in the archives division catalog of the Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, WI).

Records for the Winnebago Indian Home and State School at Neillsville appear to be either scattered or unavailable to the public, but a place to start asking questions would be the Clark County Division of Juvenile Social Services.

Occasionally there will be something in a newspaper or census about a family who adopted or is fostering a child from the Indian School. be told, many of these children were virtually According to the descendants of these children, they were treated as indentured servants on farms.

More information on the State School for Dependent Children ca be cound by clicking on the link on the left menu.

Names of individuals who were residents, as submitted by researchers, can be found by clicking on the "Children of Sparta Home" on the left menu.

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