Marriages of Marathon County - 1852-1883

This index of 1,665 marriages which appear in the first three official
books of the Marathon County Register of Deeds office, Marathon County
CourtHouse, Wausau, Wisconsin was compiled by Virgil and Marilyn Strehlow. 
Edith Carpenter entered the data on computer disks and proofed the copy. 
Gerald Viste prepared the final computer copy for printing.

The first section of this index contains the complete entry alphabetized
by groom's name. The entry is preceded by an item number for cross 
reference purposes only. The second section beginning is an 
alphabetized index of brides referenced to the item number in the first

If a certified copy of a marriage record is desired, contact the Marathon 
County Register of Deeds office and refer to the book and page number. 
There is a charge for a copy of the record.

If you find a mistake,  please e-mail me.  
Grooms Last Names:
A-B #1-252C-D-E-F #252-444G-H #445-702
I-J-K #703-862L-M #863-1065N-O-P-Q-R #1066-1274
S #1275-1449T-U-V #1450-1531W-X-Y-Z #1532-1665
Brides Last names - linked to grooms by number
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