Listings of cemeteries in Marathon County, Wisconsin

The material on this page is presented free through the efforts of myself (Shelley Green) and other volunteers.

History of Wausau Cemeteries

List of Cemeteries as Recorded in Plat Books at the Marathon County Court House.

List of Cemeteries in Marathon County, by Township and Location

Index of the Fenwood, Marathon County, Cemetery - done in 1991

Index of Poniatowski Catholic Cemetery - done in 2009  - Includes Alphabetical listing and also separate listing of Myszka's

Index of the Unity, Marathon County, Cemetery - done in 1980

List of 102 Cemeteries in Marathon County and 30 cemeteries within 3 miles of the Marathon County Border, in neighboring counties of Clark, Langlade, Lincoln, Shawano, Taylor and Wood

Microsoft Live Search Maps - Marathon County Cemeteries Colllection
Alan Wambold  created this collection of locations of Marathon County Cemeteries.  He has  most of them on the map, and will be adding the few remaining to make it complete as soon 
as he can confirm their locations. The map can be viewed in road or arial photo mode and you can get a good idea of the lay of the land around the cemeteries.!101

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