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P ermelia, Sarah, Elizabeth, Amanda, Ulysses, and Perry, six of the children of Samuel and Barbara Ridge, all settled in Kansas at least for a time. From Pulaski County, Kentucky, they progressed across Missouri with their parents and the rest of their family through Scotland and Holt Counties, before finally crossing into Kansas.

Permelia Ridge

Amelia "Permelia" Ridgenote1 was born in June 1836 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Permelia first married a plasterer named William W. Hilton (or Hinton) on 3 Jul 1852 in Scotland County, Missouri. They probably moved to Holt County, Missouri, at the same time as other family members before William showed up on the 1859 territorial census of Kansas. It shows that they had moved to Irving Township in Brown County in May 1859. Kansas obviously wasnít to their liking, however, since they appeared back in Holt County where much of Permelia's family was living during the 1860 census. By 1870, William was no longer with the family. Since their youngest child was born c.1862, he probably died or disappeared within a few years of this date.

The names are inconsistent in records, but Permelia and William seem to have had at least five children. Unfortunately, Permelia would lose at least two of them by 1870. The three who remained would be listed in subsequent census records as "idiotic", or mentally handicapped. It is not known if there was a specific cause for this, but the family or community seemed to think there was. A newspaper article from Dec 1899 listed the occupants of the County Farm in Brown County, Kansas, with a brief description of their reasons for being there. One of their children, Ed, was among them. The reason given for him was "inherited disabilities on account of drunken father". Whether or not this is possible, it does give some insight into the family's situation. Their five known children are the following:

  1. William Minor "Minor" Hilton (c.1853-1917) who was born c.1853 in Missouri. By 1880, he had begun living near Robinson with the family of his aunt, Elizabeth Ridge. Minor remained with her family through at least 1911. About 1913, he began living at the County Farm in Nemaha County, Kansas, where he died 31 May 1917. He was buried in the Seneca Cemetery in Nemaha County.
  2. Rebecca Hilton (c.1855-) who was born c.1855 in Missouri. She is known only from the 1860 census. Because Rebecca was listed in the two households of her parents and her aunt, Elizabeth Ridge, she was probably living with her aunt. This is the same aunt that Minor lived with later.
  3. Stephen N. Hilton (c.1856-) who was born c.1856 in Missouri. He is also found only on the 1860 census.
  4. John Hilton (c.1858-) who was born c.1858 in Missouri. John was admitted to the County Farm in Brown County, Kansas, in 1903. This was the same year that his mother died. He lived here until at least 1925.
  5. James Edward "Ed" Hilton (c.1862-) who was born c.1862 in Missouri. Ed was admitted to the County Farm in Brown County, Kansas, as one of its earliest residents in 1888. He lived here until at least 1925.

Permelia remarried to James Lee Wilson on 24 Feb 1870 in Brown County. They lived on his farm near Robinson where he already had five children from a previous marriage to add to Permelia's three. James died in 1894, and Permelia remained here with their children until passing away on 16 Apr 1903. She was buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery next to James and near several other members of the Ridge family. Additional details of their lives together as well as their following children, including two sets of twins, were previously discussed in the "Wilson Family History":

  1. Henry Lee Wilson (1870-1923).
  2. Sarah Ellen Wilson (1870-1933).
  3. Frank Gordon Wilson (1873-1949).
  4. Emma Alice Wilson (1874-1968).
  5. Warren D. Wilson (1877-1937).
  6. Charles Ervin "Charley" Wilson (1877-1958) previously discussed in the "Paternal Branch in Kansas".
  7. Hattie May Wilson (1879-).

Sarah Ridge

Sarah Ann Ridge was born 06 Apr 1834. She married Grovenor Norton 19 Oct 1851 in Scotland County, Missouri. Their first child was born in Missouri in 1853, but they then must have temporarily lived in Lawrence, Kansas, where a son was born in September 1855. This was at the beginning of a particularly turbulent time to be living in Lawrence where many of the coming events of "Bleeding Kansas" would be centered. The Wakarusa War took place there immediately afterward in November and December of that year. For about a week, the citizens of the overwhelmingly anti-slavery town of Lawrence were under siege by 1500 members of the Kansas Militia, which was actually made up of and led by mostly pro-slavery Missourians. In May 1856, the town was sacked by many of the same pro-slavery men. It is not known how long they remained in Lawrence, but the Nortons were understandably back in Missouri when their third child was born in 1857. On 22 Mar 1862, Grovenor enlisted in Company B, 4th Missouri State Militia Cavalry in Forest City, Holt County, Missouri, and he was mustered in the next day at the age of 43. According to his service records, he was soon detached from his company and working as a teamster in Springfield, Missouri. Only weeks after returning to his own company, he deserted on 19 Mar 1863. The same month, President Lincoln issued a proclamation allowing all soldiers who were absent without leave to return by 1 April without punishment, other than not receiving their pay during their absence. Whoever did not return could be arrested. Grovenor returned, but unfortunately, he was shot and killed in action on 30 July 1863 at Callaway Prairie in Saline County, Missouri. Sarah applied for a widow's pension in December. Grovenor and Sarah had the following children:

  1. Maria Norton (1853-1928) who was born 29 Oct 1853 in Missouri. She married Benjamin R. Lyons 24 Feb 1876 in Holt County. Between 1885-1889, they relocated to Johnson, Nemaha County, Nebraska. After Benjamin's death c.1907, Maria moved to Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, where a daughter was living. Maria died here 23 Feb 1928, and was buried in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln.
  2. Giles Norton (1855-1927) who was born 18 Sep 1855 in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas. He was a barber. Giles died 13 Dec 1927 in Forest City, Holt County, Missouri, and was buried in the Forest City Cemetery. His death certificate stated that he had an old gun shot wound to the brain that occurred about 1892.
  3. Richard M. "Dick" Norton (1857-1929) who was born 04 Nov 1857 in Holt County. He was a carpenter. Dick died 31 Dec 1929 in Forest City and was buried in the Forest City Cemetery.
  4. Samuel Norton (1860-1930) who was born 04 Feb 1860 in Holt County. Samuel died 04 Jul 1930 in Forest City and was buried in the Forest City Cemetery.
  5. Grovener Norton (1862-) who was born 31 Jan 1862. His named appears in his mother's pension records from 1867, but there are no other known records that include him.

Sarah never remarried, and she died in Forest City on 26 Feb 1916. She was buried in the Forest City Cemetery. None of her three sons who lived to adulthood ever married, and all three continued to live here together until their deaths.

Elizabeth Ridge

Elizabeth Ridge was the eldest daughter, born 07 May 1832, and the first of these children known to marry after arriving in Missouri. Although her obituary states that Elizabeth was married three times, records clearly show that there were four husbands. The first of these was Mansford Norton (who was probably a relative of Grovenor Norton and may have gone by Stephen) who married Elizabeth on 4 Aug 1850 in Scotland County, Missouri. She married for the second time on 21 Oct 1857 to Isaac Crouch in Holt County, Missouri. Her third marriage occurred in the same county on 23 Feb 1862 to Joshua Gullett, a man who was fifteen years her senior.

By 1865, Elizabeth and Joshua had moved to Claytonville Township, Brown County, Kansas, where various members of Elizabeth's family would reside with her over the next forty years. Joshua died 16 Mar 1879, and Elizabeth remarried for the final time on 11 Jan 1880 to Henry W. Shoup. Henry died 23 Jan 1894, and Elizabeth died 01 Mar 1908 in Robinson, Brown County, Kansas. They were buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery south of Robinson. Elizabeth had no known children, but she often had nieces, nephews, and siblings living with her.

Amanda Jane Ridge

Amanda Jane "Mandy" Ridge was born 22 Oct 1837. She first married James E. Gannon 24 Mar 1858 in Holt County, Missouri. James enlisted in Company B, 5th Missouri State Militia Cavalry (Old) as a Corporal and was mustered in on 21 Mar 1862. This was the same company as several of the Wilson family members. He deserted on 20 October of the same year, and no record has been found of him after this date. In 1865, Amanda and her two children were living with her sister and brother-in-law, Elizabeth and Joshua Gullett, in Claytonville, Brown County, Kansas. Between 1870-1875, they all moved to Robinson Township in the same county. Amanda and James had two children together, but James probably never saw his younger child:

  1. Samuel R. Gannon (1860-1943) who was born 27 Nov 1860. Some census records show that Samuel was born in Kansas, and some show that he was born in Missouri. The reason for this may be in the 1930 census which shows that he was born "on Missouri River". Samuel first married Mary Elizabeth Trapp 27 Feb 1883 in Brown County, Kansas. They lived south of Robinson, Brown County, Kansas, except during a two year period. They were in Rondo, Polk County, Missouri, from 1907-1909, but they had returned by 1910. Mary died 28 Mar 1916 in Hiawatha, Brown County, after suffering from a goitre for fifteen months. Samuel remarried to Sarah E. () 30 Jul 1918, however, by 1925, the Kansas State Census listed him as divorced. During 1924, Samuel ran for election as the County Trustee for Brown County, but it doesn't appear that he was elected. He died 25 Nov 1943 in Hiawatha and was buried with Mary in Rose Hill Cemetery in Robinson.
  2. Barbara Elizabeth "Elizabeth" Gannon (1862-1953) who was born 22 Sep 1862 in Holt County, Missouri. Elizabeth married John W. Baker 29 Dec 1881 in Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas. They first lived with Elizabeth's mother and step-father in Robinson Township in Brown County. In December 1892, they relocated to a homestead in Cement Township, Canadian County, Oklahoma. Their land was located seven miles west and one mile south of the town of Okarche. John made the journey from Kansas first by covered wagon, taking along horses and many of the bulky essentials the family would need. He then built what would be their first home on this farm. It was a 12' x 16' one-room shanty sunken 3' into the ground to help it withstand the elements. This would shelter their family of eight at the time when the rest of the family joined him by train. They improved the property over the years before selling it March 1919 and relocating three miles southwest of Calumet in the same county. John died here 16 May 1922 and was buried in Red Rock Cemetery in Calumet. Elizabeth then moved with some of her adult children to the town of El Reno, also in the same county. She died here 07 Jan 1953 and was buried in the El Reno Cemetery.

Amanda remained with her sister's family until remarrying to Charles Cowley, Sr., 7 March 1878 in Brown County. Charles had immigrated from the Isle of Man with his first wife and family. They arrived in New Orleans on 7 Jul 1849 aboard the Edinburgh. They had been neighbors in Claytonville, and Charles was recently widowed. He was about 17 years older than Amanda with several adult children from his previous marriage. Amanda and Charles had one child together when she was 44 years of age:

  1. George Franklin "Frank" (1882-1960) Cowley who was born 20 Jan 1882 in Robinson, Brown County, Kansas. Frank married Irene "Rena" Gould 6 May 1901 in Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas. She divorced Frank on 18 May 1903 in Brown County on grounds of abandonment. Between 1907-1909, he lived in Marysville, Nemaha County, Kansas, with his mother. After moving back to Robinson, they relocated again to Highland, Doniphan County, Kansas. They returned again in 1913. From 1914 through mid-1915, they were living in Everest, Brown County, Kansas, where Frank was advertising in the newspaper as a carpenter. At this time, he relocated to Lewiston, Pawnee County, Nebraska, where he was joined by his mother soon before her death in December. He then served during WWI in an unknown capacity. He was referred to as a sargeant in a 1918 newspaper article. By January 1920, he was a horseshoer for the U.S. Army at Camp John H. Beacom in Calexico, Imperial County, California. The camp was established on the Mexican border for the duration of the Mexican Revolution. By March 1922, Frank had relocated to Monterey, Monterey County, California, on the Monterey Peninsula, when he remarried to Ethelind Kathleen Monaghan or Monahan in this county. During 1926-1928, they were living slightly further inland in Salinas in Monterey County, where he was again working as a carpenter. By 1930, they had relocated to Warm Springs, Alameda County, California, and Frank owned a gas station. By 1935, they had returned near Salinas. He was again a carpenter. They were still there in 1942. After 1954, they were living in nearby Pacific Grove, back on the peninsula. Frank died 30 Jun 1960, and Ethelind died 31 Dec 1974, both in Monterey County. They were inexplicably buried in Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in Colma, San Mateo County, California, near San Francisco.

Charles died 12 Feb 1897 in Robinson, and Amanda died 16 Dec 1915 in Lewiston, Pawnee County, Nebraska, while living with their son, Frank. Both were buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Robinson.

Ulysses and Perry Ridge

The two youngest siblings were Ulysses S. Ridge, born January 1843, and Perry M. Ridge, born 08 May 1846. Both were living in Holt County with their parents in 1860. Perry would have been too young, but Ulysses enrolled during the Civil War as a Private in Company G, 58th E.M.M. (Enrolled Missouri Militia) 13 Aug 1862 in Forest City, Holt County, Missouri. This was a part-time militia, and his length of duty is not recorded. Both must have been residents of Kansas when they were drafted into the Kansas State Militia on 27 Sep 1864. This was to defend against the expected invasion by Confederate forces led by General Price. Ulysses was credited with serving 20 days, but Perry was absent from the state when they were to begin active service in mid-October. In 1865, both were living in Kansas with the family of their sister, named Elizabeth (Ridge) Gullett at this time, along with Amanda and their mother.

Perry married Elizabeth Jane Pitchford 29 Oct 1868 in Brown County. By 1870, they had moved back to Missouri taking Ulysses and their mother with them. Perry died 16 Nov 1878 at the age of 35, and was buried in Forbes Cemetery in Holt County. Elizabeth remarried to David Balm 8 Feb 1880 in Holt County, but he died of pneumonia 3 Jun 1884. She again remarried to Zebulon "Zeb" Williams 18 Feb 1886 in Brown County. By 1900, they were living in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, where they remained. Elizabeth died here 2 Mar 1925. Perry and Jane had two children:

  1. Jesse Ridge (1869-) who was born 27 Aug 1869 in Kansas. Jesse is last found on the 1885 Kansas state census in Robinson living with his brother, his aunt, Phoebe (Gamble) Ridge, and her children. The census of 1900 showed that only one of his mother's two children were still living.
  2. Ulysses Ridge (1871-1935) who was born 1871 in Missouri. Ulysses relocated to Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, with his mother and step-father. By 1930, he had moved into the town of McLoud. He died 24 Mar 1935 in Pottawatomie County and was buried in Minneha Cemetery in McLoud. Ulysses is not known to have married.

By 1875, Ulysses S. Ridge had gone back to Kansas again. Although not living in the same household during the state census, he was listed as the guardian of his nephew, Minor Hilton. He then married Phoebe Gamble 25 Oct 1876 back in Holt County, but they were to live in Brown County. Ulysses died 03 Feb 1885 at the age of 39, and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Robinson. There appears to have been an inquest into his death, since the county made payments to witnesses and jurors in the case. Its purpose and findings are unknown. Ulysses and Phoebe had the following children:

  1. Nellie Ridge (1877-1913) who was born 10 Jan 1877 in Robinson. Nellie married Horace Greeley "Greeley" Trapp, a brother of Mary Elizabeth Trapp, 20 Dec 1893 in Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas. Greeley was a butcher when they married, and they first lived in Robinson. In September 1896, they moved to Havensville, Pottawatomie County, Kansas, but by 1900, they were back in Robinson. In January 1901, they moved to Oklahoma, and a daughter was born there c.1906. Greeley had lived here prior to marriage, and had relatives here. By 1909, they had relocated to Monte Vista, Rio Grande County, Colorado. Nellie died here 31 Jan 1913 and was buried in the Monte Vista Cemetery. Greeley remarried twice, but when he died in 1960, he was buried with Nellie and their son, Floyd, who was killed in France during WWI.
  2. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ridge (1880-1938) who was born 04 Feb 1880 in Kansas. Lizzie married Albert Byron "Byron" Cheal 01 Feb 1899 in Hiawatha. Byron died 26 Aug 1912 in a hospital in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri, from complications of an appendicitus. Lizzie died 27 Jun 1938. They were buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Robinson.
  3. Ulysses Grant "Ulley" Ridge (1882-1972) who was born 30 Oct 1882 in Robinson, Kansas. Ulley married Louise Anna Kopplin 1 Feb 1907 in Robinson. They relocated to Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, in July 1923, where they remained. Ulley died 3 Apr 1972, and Louise died 29 Jan 1978, both in Colorado Springs. They were buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs.
  4. Maud Ridge (1884-1972) who was born 03 Apr 1884 in Robinson, Brown County, Kansas. She married Harry Harrison Cheal, a first cousin of Byron Cheal, 08 Jan 1902 in Hiawatha. During his military career, he and Maud lived in numerous locations. Harry was an officer in the Quartermaster Corps of the U.S. Army, and at the time of their marriage, he had already been stationed in the Philippine Islands for three years. They left immediately after marrying to spend their first year together in Manilla and elsewhere in The Philippines. After this, Harry was transferred periodically to various quartermaster offices around the country and its territories. They lived in Jeffersonville, Indiana, San Francisco, Honolulu, San Antonio, Chicago, Leavenworth, Gatuz in the Panama Canal Zone, Washington, D.C., St. Louis, and probably elsewhere as well. Harry was promoted to the rank of Captain in June 1917. He remained at this rank through at least 1930, but by the time of his retirement on 28 Feb 1931, he had been promoted to the rank of Major. He died 13 Dec 1946. It is not currently known where they were living at the time. Maud then lived with their son, Thomas, in Leavenworth, until her death there 16 Sep 1972. Both were buried in the Ft. Leavenworth National Cemetery in Leavenworth.

In 1886, Ulyssesí wife, Phoebe, remarried to John Franklin "Frank" Trapp who was a brother of Mary and Greeley Trapp. A fourth sibling was Martin Edwin Trapp, Governor of Oklahoma 1923-1927. Their father was Charles Franklin Trapp. Phoebe died 23 Nov 1899 and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Robinson.

Samuel Ridge

The parents of these children were Samuel R. Ridge who was born c.1800 in Randolph County, North Carolina, and Barbara Aker who was born January 1807 in Virginia. The two married 15 Aug 1826 in Pulaski County, Kentucky, where all of their children were born. Samuel last appears on the tax rolls here in 1848 before they removed to Miller Township, Scotland County, Missouri. A plat map from 1858 shows that Samuel owned 40 acres of land here and a William Ridge (probably his son) owned an adjoining 80 acres.note2 Samuel is last found in 1860, after he had moved to Holt County along with most of the other members of their family. Barbara was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, and her tombstone shows her date of death to be 25 Mar 1870. She was then inexplicably listed on the census in June as living with her youngest sons, Ulysses and Perry, back in Missouri.

Samuel and Barbara had up to ten children, the first two of whom are known only from early census records which do not list individual names:

  1. male (1) Ridge who was born between 1827-1830. He is only known on the 1830 census.
  2. male (2) Ridge who was born between 1827-1830. He is only known on the 1830 census.
  3. William A. Ridge (c.1830-1873) who was born c.1830 in Kentucky. William married Melvina Turnham 29 Mar 1860 in Holt County. During the Civil War, William enrolled 19 Oct 1861 as a sergeant in Company I, Kimball's Regiment of Missouri's Six Months Militia,note3 in Oregon, Holt County, Missouri. He served until 2 Apr 1862. He then enrolled as a Corporal in Company G, 58th E.M.M. (Enrolled Missouri Militia) 13 Aug 1862 in Forest City, Holt County, Missouri, and was relieved of duty 13 Sep 1862. He died 09 Aug 1873 in Holt County. Melvina died 10 Jan 1916 in Forest City, Holt County, and was buried in the Forest City Cemetery.
  4. Elizabeth Ridge (1832-1908) previously discussed.
  5. Sarah Ann Ridge (1834-1916) previously discussed.
  6. Amelia "Permelia" Ridge (1836-1903) previously discussed.
  7. Amanda Jane Ridge (1837-1915) previously discussed.
  8. Samuel R. Ridge (c.1840-) who was born c.1840 in Kentucky. On 19 Oct 1861, Samuel enrolled as a Private in Company I, Kimball's Six Months Militia. He would have served under his brother during the same time period. During this time, Samuel married Tabitha Elizabeth "Bartha" Turnham, a younger sister of Melvina Turnham, 01 Jan 1862 in Holt County. He then enrolled 13 Aug 1862 in the 58th E.M.M. where he would have again served under his brother, William, as well as alongside his brother, Ulysses. This is the last known of Samuel. Bartha remarried to Bruce Williams c.1868, and third married Thomas Dobbins 22 Jul 1875 in Holt County. She died 24 Dec 1921 in Forest City, Holt County, Missouri.
  9. Ulysses S. Ridge (1843-1885) previously discussed.
  10. Perry M. Ridge (1846-1878) also previously discussed.

Robertson Ridge

Samuel's father was Robertson Ridge, sometimes spelled Roberson, who was born about 1774 in Randolph County, North Carolina. He appears here as a head of household on the U.S. Census of 1800. He then relocated to Pulaski County, Kentucky. His name first appears on the tax rolls of this county in 1810, and he is listed here on the census of the same year. On 23 Aug 1813, Robertson enlisted as a private in the Kentucky Militia during the War of 1812 against the British. He was first in Capt. Samuel Tate's Company of Col. Michael Taul's Regiment. His initial enlistment was due to expire less than three months later on 14 Nov 1813. He next enlisted in Capt. John Evans' Company of Lt. Col. Gabriel Slaughter's Regiment for a period of six months from his enlistment date of 14 Nov 1814. During this period, Slaughter's Regiment was present at the last major battle of the war, The Battle of New Orleans, which occurred from 14 Dec 1814 - 18 Jan 1815. When Slaughter's regiment arrived on January 4, Gen. Andrew Jackson noted that they were very poorly armed with only one of every three soldiers having any weapons at all. Apparently, the citizens of New Orleans provided arms to equip the rest of the men. Although vastly outnumbered by the well-armed British, the Americans managed to decisively win the battle.

In 1826, back in Kentucky, Robertson co-signed the marriage bond for his son, Samuel, to marry Barbara Aker. He continued to appear on the county tax records through 1828. He was never shown to have owned any land in these records, and the most personal property he was ever taxed on was 3 horses. Robertson died about May 1829, since on 15 Jun 1829, an inventory and appraisement of his property was recorded for his probate. This inventory listed items reserved for his unnamed widow that could not be sold to pay his debts. In this year, the tax roll now included a new Sarah Ridge who also appears on the 1830 census as a head of household. Sarah is undoubtedly the widow of Robertson, but it is not as definite that she is the mother of his older children, including Samuel. Due to inconsistencies in the 1800-1830 census records, it seems that Sarah could be a second wife, marrying Robertson between 1800-1810.note4 Robertson had at least the following children, but the birth order is not definitive. There were also possibly up to 3 others born after the 1820 census:

  1. Curtis Ridge who was born between c.1795-1800 in North Carolina. He is on the 1800-1820 censuses, but his name appears only on the tax roll of 1828, listed next to his father and brothers.
  2. Samuel R. Ridge (c.1800-) previously discussed.
  3. David R. Ridge (c.1805-) who was born in North Carolina. David married America "Mary" Newby 30 Sep 1830 in Pulaski County. Their youngest child was born 1854, and David is last listed on the Pulaski County tax rolls in 1855.
  4. William Ridge who was born c.1805-1807 in North Carolina. William married Matilda Purvis 18 Feb 1832 in Pulaski County.
  5. Nancy Ridge who was born c.1805-1809. Nancy married Hudson Newby 8 Feb 1830 in Pulaski County. He was probably a brother of Mary Newby, because John Newby, Sr., provided the bonds for both of their marriages. Hudson remarried 31 Mar 1844 in Pulaski County, so it assumed that Nancy died before this date.
  6. female (6) Ridge who was born c.1805-1810.
  7. Frances J. "Franky" Ridge (c.1815-) who was born in Kentucky. She married Nathan K. Acre 21 Jan 1837 in Pulaski County. He was probably a younger brother of Barbara Aker. Nathan was a tinner by trade, and they were living in Adair County, Kentucky, in 1850. In 1860, they were in Metcalfe County, Kentucky. Nathan is last found in Green County, Kentucky, in 1870, and Franky was still living there with a son in 1880.
  8. female (8) Ridge who was born c.1811-1820.
  9. Serenia Ridge who was born c.1812-1817. Serenia married Samuel D. Murray 24 Sep 1833 in Pulaski County. This was Samuel's second marriage.
  10. male (10) Ridge who was born c.1816-1820.
  11. Sarah Ridge who was born c.1816-1823. Sarah married Thomas McClure 25 Dec 1844 in Pulaski County.

Ridge Selected Documents

War of 1812

'Deeds, 1799-1901', Pulaski County, Kentucky, Clerk of County Court.

vol.2, p.480, 18 May 1815.

[Robertson Ridge and other veterans of the War of 1812 from Pulaski County sold the rights to their wages and associated interest for their recent service to attorneys. The attorneys could then pursue payment for themselves. There were several similar letters recorded in Pulaski County at this time.]

Know all men by these presents that I Robertson Ridge of the County of Pulaski and state of Kentucky for a valuable consideration to me paid do hereby Transfer and sell unto Frederick Williams of Pulaski all the right title and Interest I have against the united states for having served under Col. Slaughter in the company of Capt. John Evans of Pulaski County in the Expedition to new orleans, and I do by these presents nominate constituted and appointed, and by these presents have ordained constituted and appoint said Frederick Williams, my lawfull attorney to receipt for and collect of the Paymaster of Said Regiment all the wages rations etc. I am entitled to as a private in said Capt. Evans Company ratifying and confirming all and singular the acts of my said attorney, the same as if I were personally present, Given under my hand and seat this 18th May 1815

Robertson Ridge

[ed: The repitition and grammatical errors regarding "by these presents nominate constituted and appointed" seem to be an error by the clerk in transcribing the original letter.]

Census Records

'United States Federal Census Records, 1790-1940', U.S. Census Bureau.

4 Aug 1800, Hillsboro, Randolph County, North Carolina, p.336.

Robertson Ridge household:
2 males 0-9 yrs [b.1791-1800: Curtis, Samuel].
1 male 16-25 yrs [b.1775-1784: Robertson].
1 female 26-44 yrs [b.1756-1774: Robertson's 1st wife?].

6 Aug 1810, Pulaski County, Kentucky, p.141.

Robertson Ridge household:
3 male 0-9 yrs [b.1801-1810: Samuel, David, William].
1 male 10-15 yrs [b.1795-1800: Curtis].
1 male 27-44 yrs [b.1766-1783: Robertson].
2 female 0-9 yrs [b.1801-1810: female (5), Nancy].
2 female 16-25 yrs [b.1785-1794: Sarah?, unknown?].

7 Aug 1820, Somerset P.O., Pulaski County, Kentucky, p.57.

Robertson Ridge household: 1 male 0-9 yrs [b.1811-1820: male (10)].
2 male 10-15 yrs [b.1805-1810: David, William].
1 male 16-18 yrs [b.1802-1804: maybe David? or William?].
2 male 16-25 yrs [b.1795-1804: Curtis, Samuel].
1 male 26-44 yrs [b.1776-1794: Robertson].
4 female 0-9 yrs [b.1811-1820: Frances, female (8), Serenia, Sarah (unless even younger)].
2 female 10-15 yrs [b.1805-1810: female (5), Nancy].
1 female 26-44 yrs [b.1776-1794: Sarah].

1 Jun 1830, Pulaski County, Kentucky, p.37.

Samuel Ridge household:
3 male 0-4 yrs [b.1826-1830: male (1), male (2), William (son of Samuel)].
1 male 20-29 yrs [b.1801-1810: Samuel].
1 female 20-29 yrs [b.1801-1810: Barbara].

Sarah Ridge household:
1 male 0-4 yrs [b.1826-1830) son or grandson?].
1 male 10-14 yrs [b.1816-1820: male (10)].
1 male 20-29 yrs [b.1801-1810: David?].
2 female 5-9 yrs [b.1821-1825: Sarah? or unknown daughters? or granddaughter(s)?].
1 female 10-14 yrs [b.1816-1820: Frances?, female (8)?, Serenia?, Sarah?, or unknown?].
4 female 15-19 yrs [b.1811-1815) Frances?, female (8)?, Serenia?, Sarah?, and/or unknown?].
1 female 40-49 yrs [b.1781-1790: Sarah].

1 Jun 1840, Pulaski City, Pulaski County, Kentucky.


Samuel Ridge household:
1 male 10-14 yrs [b.1826-1830: William (son of Samuel)].
1 male 20-29 yrs [b.1811-1820: unknown?].
1 male 40-49 yrs [b.1791-1800: Samuel].
2 female 0-4 yrs [b.1836-1840: Amanda, Amelia].
2 female 10-14 yrs [b.1826-1830: unknown?, unknown?].
1 female 30-39 yrs [b.1801-1810: Barbara].


David Ridge household:
2 male 0-4 yrs [b.1836-1840: Robinson, Perry].
1 male 5-9 yrs [b.1831-1835: John].
1 male 20-29 yrs [b.1811-1820: David].
1 female 0-4 yrs [b.1836-1840: Martha].
1 female 20-29 yrs [b.1811-1820: America].

Tax Records

'Tax books, 1799-1875', Pulaski County, Kentucky Tax Assessor.

1810, p.36.

Robertson Ridge, 1 white male over 21, 1 horse. [Did not own any land.]

1828, p.63.

Robertson Ridge, 1 white male over 21, 1 horse.
Samuel Ridge, 1 white male over 21.
William Ridge, 1 white male over 21, 1 horse.
Curtis Ridge, 1 white male over 21, 1 horse.
David Ridge, 1 white male over 21.
[None owned any land.]

1829, pp.72-73.

William Ridge
David Ridge

Samuel Ridge
Curtis Ridge
Sarah Ridge
[None owned any land.]

1831, p.69.

William Ridge, 1 male 21 or over, 1 horse. [Did not own any land.]
Sarah Ridge, 100 acres 3rd rate land on Pitman Creek in Pulaski Co, 0 males 21 or over.

Civil War Payroll

Kansas Militia in the Civil War, Adjutant General's Office, 1908.

Co. C, Brown County Battalion attached to 22nd Regiment, Vol.8, pp.47-48.

Name: Penny [Perry] Ridge, private
Joined and sworn in 27 Sept 1864 at Robinson by Capt. Swayze.
Ordered into active service 14 Oct 1864 to Atchison by Brig. Gen. Byron Sherry.
Relieved from duty 29 Oct 1864 by Brig. Gen. Byron Sherry
Number of Days in Actual Service: 20
Names Present: Perry Ridge
Remarks: absent from state, not mustered

Name: Ulysis Ridge, private
Joined and sworn in 27 Sept 1864 at Robinson by Capt. Swayze.
Ordered into active service 14 Oct 1864 to Atchison by Brig. Gen. Byron Sherry.
Relieved from duty 29 Oct 1864 by Brig. Gen. Byron Sherry
Number of Days in Actual Service: 20
Names Present: Ulysas Ridge

Name: C. F. Trapp, Corporal
Joined and sworn in 15 Sept 1863 at Robinson by G. M. Bush.
Ordered into active service 14 Oct 1864 to Atchison by Brig. Gen. Byron Sherry.
Relieved from duty 29 Oct 1864 by Brig. Gen. Byron Sherry
Number of Days in Actual Service: 20
Horses in Service: 1
Names Present: C. F. Trapp
[Charles Franklin Trapp is the father of Mary E. and Horace G. Trapp.]


Robinson Index, Robinson, Kansas.

19 Feb 1897, p.1.


Charles Cowley Sr., was born on the Isle of Man in 1814. He died at his home south of Robinson last Friday, February 12, 1897.
He came to this country in 1849 and settled in Missouri where he lived for nine years. In March 1858 he came to Brown county and settled on his farm where he lived the remainder of his days. As a citizen Uncle Charley was held in the hightst estimation by all. He passed through the years of privation and added his share toward making Kansas a state of national fame.
In 1834 he was married to Elizabeth Allen. They were the parents of seven children, of whom Chas. Cowley, Mrs. William Truex and Mrs. Henry Smith are well known citizens. Mrs. Cowley died in August, 1875. In March 1878 he was married to Amanda Gannon who with one son survives him.
He was buried on Sunday February 14 in Montrose cemetery.
One by one the old settlers are leaving us.

Local Interest

Brown County World, Hiawatha, Kansas.

29 Dec 1899, p.4.

Poor Farm

There are twelve charges at the poor farm:
Wm. Winters, 60, crippled.
Mrs. Borten, 41, simple-minded.
Geo. Borten, 13, simple-minded.
Ed Hilton, inherited disabilities on account of drunken father.
Thos. Tarwater, 62, paralyzed.
John Jones, 41, physically disabled.
Bill Wright, 50, wrecked by drink.
Sam Banister, alcoholic disease.
Aug. Klesholder, 68, disabled.
John Lyons, 60, feeble.
Mrs. Kaufmann, 44, crazy.
Aunt Rose, 100-year-old darkey.


Robinson Index, Robinson, Kansas.

16 Apr 1903.


Mrs. Amelia Wilson died at the home of John Ridge this morning at 2 o'clock of a complication of diseases incident to old age. She will be buried at the Rose Hill cemetery tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Rev. Boyer will conduct the services. Mrs. Wilson was 66 years old, and was the sister of Mrs. Elizabeth Shoup and Mrs. Amanda Cowley.

23 Apr 1903.


Permelia Wilson was born in Pulaska [Pulaski] county, Kentucky, in the year 1836, and departed this life April 16, being 66 years 11 months and 15 days old. She leaves to mourn the loss of a mother, seven sons and three daughters. Mrs. Wilson and family have for many years been citizens of Brown county. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. F.C. Hill, of Willis, assisted by Rev. Mrs. Boyer. Text used, Rev. 21:7, "He that overcometh shall inherit all things." Interment was made in Rose Hill cemetery.

5 Mar 1908.

Mrs. Elizabeth Shoup died at her home south of town Sunday, aged seventy-five years. Her death was the result of a complication of diseases. The funeral was held at the United Brethren church Tuesday with interment in Rose Hill cemetery. Elizabeth Ridge was born in Polaska [Pulaski] Co., KY, May 7, 1832 and died March 1, 1908. She moved with her parents in 1849 to Scotland Co., MO, and in 1850 was married to Stephen Norton, who died soon afterwards. In 1864 she was married to Joshua Gullet, who died in March, 1879. She was married for the third time to Henry Shoup, January 11, 1880. His death occurred in 1894. She leaves two sisters and a number of nephews and nieces to mourn her loss.

6 Feb 1913, p.1.

Mrs. H.G. Trapp

Mrs. H.G. Trapp, sister of Mrs. Harry H. Cheal and Mrs. Byron Cheal and Ulley Ridge, died at her home in Monte Vista, Colorado, of pulmonary trouble, Friday, January 31. She was thirty-five years of age on the 10th of January. She was buried there Sunday. She leaves a husband and three children, three sisters and two brothers and other relatives to mourn her death. Mrs. Trapp had visited her relatives here for several months until just after the holidays. The news of her death was a great shock to the many friends in this community.

23 Dec 1915, p.1.


Miss Amanda Jane Ridge was born Oct. 22th 1837 at Louisville, Ky. [Pulaski County, KY]. Died at Lewiston, Neb. Dec. 16, 1915 at the age of 78 years 2 months and 14 days. From Louisville Ky. [Pulaski County, KY] she moved to Scotland county Mo. with her parents when a small girl. Then moved to White Cloud, Kans. and was married to James Gannon in 1857 [1858], and from there moved to Robinson, Brown county Kans. and was married to Charles Cowley, in 1879 [1878]. She leaves to mourn her loss one sister, two sons, and one daughter, Mrs. Sarah Norton, of Forest City, Mo. Samuel Gannon, of Robinson, Kans. Frank Cowley, of Lewiston, Nebr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Baker, of Okarcke [Okarche], Oklahoma.
The body was brought to Robinson Friday evening. Funeral services were held at the Methodist church Saturday afternoon at 2:30 conducted by Rev. W.M. Rogers. Interment was made in Rose Hill cemetery.

6 Apr 1916, p.1.


Mary E Trapp was born near Robinson, Kans. March 19, 1863. She was married to Samuel Gannon Feb. 27, 1883 and died March 28, 1916, at the age of 53 years and 9 days. She leaves a husband, Samuel Gannon, and six children, Jess C., Wm. Albert, Claude S., John L., Mrs. H.C. Parker, all of Robinson, Kans., Mrs. J.N. Logan, of Longmont, Colorado; 4 grandchildren; a father, C.F. Trapp; five brothers, Neri and Frank Trapp, of Robinson, Ks.; Campbell, of Alta Vista, Kans.; Greeley, of Monte Vista, Colo.; Ed. of Oklahomas City, Okla.; two sisters, Mrs. Tom Gordon, of Oregon and Mrs. Oscar Lehrer, of Tonkawa, Okla.

Death Notices

The Courier-Democrat, Seneca, Kansas.

7 Jun 1917, p.5.

Minor Hilton, aged 63 years, an inmate of the County home died at that place last Thursday. The cause of his death being due to a complication of diseases. He had been at the home for almost four years. The funeral services were held at the home and conducted by Rev. Morton, pastor of the M.E. Church, last Friday afternoon at two o'clock. Burial was made in Seneca cemetery. Mr. Hilton had some relatives living at Centralia but he himself was a comparative stranger in this county.

The Seneca Tribune, Seneca, Kansas.

7 Jun 1917, p.2.

Minor Hilton, an inmate of the county home for four years, died Thursday and was buried Friday. He has two half brothers near Centralia and other relatives who were present for the funeral.

Local Interest

Brown County World, Hiawatha, Kansas.

21 Dec 1923, p.1.

200 Horton Citizens Hold Christmas Party at Co. Farm

...The first inmate of the Brown county home was W. H. B. Wright. He came to the home from Robinson April 20, 1885. He stayed a year. In July, the same year, William Thomas was admitted to the home. Records show that he was discharged and went to the soldiers home, Leavenworth. Ed Hilton has been at the home since 1888. In 1903 John Hilton, a brother, was admitted. They are 62 and 65 years old, respectively....


Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

5 Apr 1972, p.2B.

Ulysses G. Ridge Services Thursday

Funeral services will be at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Law Mortuary for Ulysses G. Ridge, 1304 E. Fillmore St., who died Monday at a local nursing home.
The Rev. Phil Green and Tejon Lodge 104, A.F. & A.M., will officiate. Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery.
Mr. Ridge was born Oct. 30, 1882 in Robinson, Kan. He had lived here 48 years and was a contractor.
He was affiliated with the First United Methodist Church. He was a 50-year member of Tejon Lodge 104, Colorado Consistory 1, Al Kaly Shrine and Glen Eyrie Chapter 8, Order of the Eastern Star.
He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Louise A. Ridge; a son, Ivan Ridge, Denver; two daughters, Mrs. Luverne Edwards, Hardin, Mont., and Mrs. Marguerite Beckley, Ogden, Utah; two sisters, Mrs. Mabel Emerson, Hiawatha, Kan., and Mrs. Maude Cheal, Leavenworth, Kan.; four grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren.


  1. [Permelia was a typical name in use at the time and was not typically a nickname for Amelia. However, Permelia Ridge seemed to be known by both names interchangeably. The majority of records show her name as Permelia.]
  2. [Scotland County, Missouri, property records show that William Ridge sold the SE¼ and NE¼ of the SE¼ of S16 in Miller Township on 15 May 1851. However, this is the same property that is shown on the 1858 plat map as still being owned by him. There is no record of Samuel Ridge buying the NW¼ of the SE¼ of the same section which is shown to be owned by him on the same plat map.]
  3. [Missouri's Six Months Militia was a short-lived volunteer force whose primary purpose was local defense. They also performed scout duties for other Union troops when in their area and sought out bands of Confederate guerrillas.]
  4. [The woman who must have been the wife of Robertson Ridge on the census of 1800 was born between 1755-1773, making her a year or more older than Robertson. Taking into account the years that overlap in the age ranges of the 1810-1830 censuses, his wife during these years should have been born between 1784-1790. Sarah was listed by name in 1830 with the birthyear range of 1780-1790.]