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E lise and Bertha, the youngest daughters of Reimer and Wilhelmine Kleinwort, were part of a long family history in the Hamburg, Germany, area that had lasted at least eight generations. These sisters are the only known members of their immediate family to emigrate to the United States.

Bertha Kleinwort

The first to make the journey was the elder sister, Bertha Louise Kleinwort, who was born 27 Oct 1844 in Hamburg. Before leaving, Bertha was living at 52 Schlachterstraße with her eldest sister and brother-in-law, Johanna and Achaz Georg Adolph Bernhard.note1 Since their father was deceased, Georg signed as guarantor on Bertha's passport application. This was a formality meaning that he would assume any debts she might leave behind. She left unmarried from Hamburg's port aboard the steamer "Teutonia" in June 1867 and arrived in New York on July 1.

Before her departure, Bertha already had a first cousin named Johann Gustav Wesselhöft who had been living in Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey, since at least March 1863. This must be with whom she was living until she married. Only six months after arriving, Bertha married George Rath 29 Dec 1867 in Hoboken. The witnesses to the marriage were Johann and his wife, Marie. Their marriage record shows that George was a restauranteur born in Rohr, Württemberg, which is near Stuttgart. George's obituary says that they moved to Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming, in 1867, but it couldn't have been earlier than 1868 after their wedding. They were undoubtedly here well before May 1869, and their first child was born here in October 1869. George was listed as a baker on the U.S. census of 1880, but he also ran a hotel across from the train depot in Cheyenne. He died in Cheyenne 26 Mar 1896, and Bertha remained through at least 1900. By April 1910, she and her daughter, Emma, were living in Ogden, Weber County, Utah, next to the family of her eldest daughter, Bertha (Jr.). However, she was back in Cheyenne when she died 11 Jul 1910.

Bertha and George had the following children, all born in Wyoming with the possible exception of their oldest daughter:

  1. William Conrad Rath (1869-1946) who first married Sarah Grace Pawson 24 Sep 1892 in Laramie County, Wyoming. He second married Mary F. bet. 1900-1910 who died in 1917. He third married Mattie E.
  2. Bertha Rath (1871-1944) who was born in either Wyoming or Colorado. She married Rufus Ford 03 Feb 1890 in Cheyenne and moved to Ogden, Utah.
  3. Emma Elizabeth Rath (1875-) who married Michael Francis Rabou 08 Jul 1913 in Laramie County. She was still living in Cheyenne in 1930.
  4. John Henry Rath (1877-1961) who married Christine M. Jessen 30 Jul 1907 in Laramie County.
  5. Frederick Andrew Rath (1879-1956) who married Lillie May Swanson 28 Nov 1906 in Laramie County.
  6. Charles M. Rath (1881-) who married a woman named Maude about 1911. He was a geologist and was last known living in Denver, Colorado, in 1940.
  7. Louis Rath (1883-1956) who first married Myrtle Wattis 02 Feb 1905 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and moved to Spokane, Washington. He second married Mary E. "Mamie" Agnew 25 Dec 1923 in Spokane. Louis died in Tacoma, Washington.
  8. Louisa Rath (1885-1955) who married Walter William Keefe 28 Dec 1906 in Laramie County, and moved to Casper, Natrona County, Wyoming.

Elise Kleinwort

The year after Bertha emigrated, her younger sister was to make the same journey. Elise Henriette Kleinwort was born 11 Sep 1846 in Hamburg. She too was living with their sister's family in Hamburg, and their brother-in-law likewise signed as Elise's guarantor. Elise left Hamburg on 16 Sep 1868 aboard the maiden voyage of the steamer "Westphalia" and arrived in New York on 28 Sept 1868. Unlike typical immigrants, both Bertha and Elise made their voyages in relative comfort as cabin passengers above deck instead of crowded into steerage between decks. Clearly, the usual lack of money was not their main reason for leaving.

Elise must have first lived with her recently married sister, Bertha. It is not known if they moved to Wyoming before or after Elise's arrival, but she was with them when she married Johann Michael "Michael" Henninger in Cheyenne in May 1869.note2 Michael was born 23 Oct 1835 in Weisweil, Baden. The two are found soon afterward in the town of Bijou Basin, Douglas County, Colorado, during July 1870. This town no longer exists, but its former location is now on the border between Elbert and El Paso Counties.note3 Michael was working here as a grocer, and their first child had already been born, a yet to be named 4 month old daughter. However, they didn't remain in the West for long.

Back East to Kansas

By Jan 1871, Elise and Michael were baptizing their daughter in Atchison, Kansas, where Michael's mother, brother, and sister had been living since 1860. Michael was then listed in the Atchison City Directory of 1872-73 as living at the corner of 9th and Kearney. He was a laborer in a brewery run by Frank Young. The 1875 census shows Elise and Michael living next to Michael's brother-in-law, Frederick Stephan, and that he was working as a bar tender. Finally, the 1876 directory lists a Musk Henninger residing with Frederick Stephan at the corner of 8th and Kansas. It is assumed that this is also Michael. They had the following children:

  1. Mary Catherine "Mayme" Henninger (1870-1924) who was born 03 Mar 1870 in Kiowa, Douglas County [now Elbert County], Colorado. She married Michael Joseph Burns 12 Jul 1894 in Jackson County, Missouri, and they lived here in Kansas City. Michael died 19 Aug 1916, and Mayme died 29 May 1924. They were buried here in Mt. St. Mary's Cemetery.
  2. Georg Wilhelm Henninger (1871-) who was born 03 Aug 1871. He probably died in infancy.
  3. Wilhelm Woldemar Henninger (1873-) who was born 25 Feb 1873. He also probably died in infancy.
  4. Johann Michael "Michael" Henninger (1874-1962) who was born 23 Oct 1874 in Kansas. He first married Rose () c.1903 and relocated to Denver, Colorado, between 1905-1910. He second married Ella "Nellie" Reed between 1910-1920. Michael died 27 Jul 1962 in Denver.
  5. Friedrich Georg "Fred" Henninger (1876-1949) who was born 04 Oct 1876 in either Kansas or Missouri. He remained in Atchison and died here 23 Jun 1949. He was buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery.

The middle children were all born in Kansas and baptized within 1-3 months after birth. The youngest child was shown to be born in Missouri on his first census in 1880, but was always shown to be born in Kansas after this. Since he wasn't baptized until he was 6 months old, it is plausible that the family was in fact living in Missouri when he was born and waited until returning to Kansas to christen him, just as they had done with their first child after leaving Colorado.

No records have been found that include Michael after either the baptism of his youngest child or his last listing in the city directory, both in 1876. The 1878 city directory listed Mrs. Elizabeth Henninger as living on the north side of Main Street, east of 8th. She was making a living doing washing. Given these facts, it is assumed Michael died between 1876-78.


On 2 Feb 1879, Elise remarried to Wilhelm "William" Flachsbarth in Atchison County, Kansas, where they were to live in Shannon Township. After 24 years of marriage, Wilhelm died on 3 Jul 1903, and he was buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery in Atchison. For nearly another thirty years afterward, Elise lived in the various homes of her children until her death on 20 Feb 1932 in Kansas City, Missouri. She is also buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery. Their following children were previously discussed in the "Flachsbarth Family History":

  1. Elizabeth Katharine "Lizzie" Flachsbarth (1879-1945).
  2. Bertha Katharine Flachsbarth (1881-1974) previously discussed in the "Maternal Branch within Kansas".
  3. Salome Emma "Emma S." Flachsbarth (1883-1955).
  4. Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm "Will F." Flachsbarth (1885-1972).
  5. Henry Paul Christian Flachsbarth (1887-1972).
  6. Wilhelmina Theodore "Minnie" Flachsbarth (1891-1985).

Altona to Hamburg

The father of Elise and Bertha Kleinwort, Reimer Kleinwort, was born on 28 Sept 1800 in Altona, Schleswig-Holstein. About 1825, Reimer moved from Altona to the city of Hamburg where he worked for his future father-in-law as a butcher. In preparation for marriage, he applied to become a bürgher of Hamburg, which is roughly equivalent to being a citizen of a city, in 1827. Reimer soon married Johanna Wilhelmine "Wilhelmine" Eckert on 26 Sep 1827 at the church of St. Michaelis, a church that has itself become a symbol of Hamburg. Wilhelmine was born 18 June 1805 in Hamburg to Johann Casper Eckert, a butcher, and Catharina Elisabeth Dührkop. At the time of their marriage, Reimer was living at No.2 Pickhuben (street). Here and at No.13 of the same block are where the family remained for at least the following 30 years.note4 Wilhelmine must have been an exceptionally fertile woman, having the following twelve children in only seventeen years:

  1. Johanna Marie Kleinwort (1829-) who married a smoked meats merchant named Achaz Georg Adolph Bernhard c.16 Dec 1857 at the church of St. Catharinen, Hamburg.
  2. Joachim Hinrich Kleinwort (1830-1846).
  3. Emma Magdalena Kleinwort (1831-) who married Theodor Ernst Heinrich Häsecke 6 Jun 1855 in Hamburg.
  4. Johann Hermann Kleinwort (1832-) who died in infancy.
  5. Betty Catharina Kleinwort (1833-1843).
  6. Elise Wilhelmine (Wilhelmine) Kleinwort (1835-).
  7. Franz Ludewig "Ludewig" Kleinwort (1836-) who married Louise Agatha Henriette Busse 1 Jun 1862 at St. Catharinen.
  8. Carl Reimer Kleinwort (1838-) who died in infancy.
  9. Otto Friedrich Kleinwort (1840-1847).
  10. Daniel Georg Kleinwort (1842-) who died in infancy.
  11. Bertha Louise Kleinwort (1844-1910) previously discussed.
  12. Elise Henriette Kleinwort (1846-1932) previously discussed.

All of these children were born in Hamburg and baptized in another historic church, the church of St. Catharinen, which is only a short walk from the location of their home. Reimer died 27 Mar 1855 and was buried in the section of Dammthor Cemetery reserved for members of the butcher's guild. Wilhelmine was still living in June 1862 at the time of the wedding of her son, Franz Ludewig. However, she apparently did not attend, because it was noted that the witnesses to the marriage attested to her approval.

Wedel to Altona

The father of Reimer Kleinwort was Joachim Hinrich Kleinwort. Joachim was born 24 Jun 1757 in Wedel, but the family was living about 2 miles away in Holm. Located 15 miles west of Hamburg on the Elbe River, these villages were also within the Danish territory of Schleswig-Holstein. Joachim and his family moved to Altona, nearer to Hamburg, when he was a very young boy. He then married Catharine Maria Margaretha Hinck 12 May 1781 in Altona. Catharine was born in Altona in May 1760 to Johann Christoph Hinck and Anna Margaretha Dührkop. Joachim was engaged in the occupation of ale brewer in Altona until passing away 23 Dec 1820. Catharine died 29 Dec 1838. They had the following twelve children in Altona:

  1. Catharina Maria Margaretha Kleinwort (1785-) who married a Mr. Wesselhöft. Their son was the Johann Gustav Wesselhöft who lived in Hoboken.
  2. Michael Joachim Kleinwort (1787-).
  3. Anna Magdalena Kleinwort (1789-).
  4. Anna Friederika Kleinwort (1790-1873) who married Christian Hinrich Wesselhöft 01 Sep 1825 and died in Schiffbek.
  5. Johann Georg Kleinwort (1791-).
  6. Johann Hermann Kleinwort (1792-).
  7. Hans Stephan Kleinwort (1793-).
  8. Peter Erich Kleinwort (1795-1853).
  9. Henriette Elise Kleinwort (1797-) who married a Mr. Rodatz but was widowed by 1838.
  10. Franz Ludewig Kleinwort (1799-).
  11. Reimer Kleinwort (1800-1855) previously discussed.
  12. Eduard Kleinwort (1803-).

Joachim Sr.

The father of Joachim Hinrich was also named Joachim Hinrich Kleinwort. He was born 1727 in Wedel, and the elder Joachim married Anna Catherina Groth in 1752. Their children included:

  1. Margaretha Dorothea Kleinwort (1755-).
  2. Joachim Hinrich Kleinwort (1757-1820) previously discussed.
  3. Anna Catharina Kleinwort (1759-).
  4. Hinrich Kleinwort (1762-) who founded a merchant bank in 1786 and moved to London. This bank evolved into a major investment bank and after various mergers and acquisitions is currently known as Kleinwort Hambros.note5
  5. Magdalene Kleinwort (1773-).

Joachim senior inherited a vast estate in Altona from a wealthy godfather. This estate, named "Rosenhof", was large enough to be shown on city maps of the time. It contained not only a residence but also a successful brewery, which is where the younger Joachim entered into that profession. Joachim relocated his family to live at Rosenhof sometime between 1759-62.

The Long Line of Johanns

After this point, the details become fewer, but several more generations are known. Joachim's father was Johann Kleinwort who was born 1723 and married Anna Ladiges. The father of Johann was also named Johann Kleinwort and was born 1699. The father of this Johann was named Johann Kleinwort as well. He was born 1650, and in 1692, he married Anna Holtmann whose family owned the ferry crossing the Elbe from the village of Wedel. He died in 1712 of the plague. This Johann also had a father named Johann Kleinwort, but nothing more is known of him.

Finally, the father of this Johann was Johann Albert Kleinwort, the earliest known ancestor of the Kleinwort family. It is not known when Johann Albert was born, but it is known that he held the prestigious position of Deichgraf of Wedel in 1613. The deichgraf is the person charged with maintaining the dikes, or levees, in the area to prevent flooding from the river. To be given this title was an honor usually given to a person of high social status and wealth.

Kleinwort Homeland

The city of Hamburg, the adjacent smaller city of Altona, and the village of Wedel which lies a short distance up the Elbe River comprise the homeland of the Kleinwort family. They are all located in what is now northern Germany.

The official name of Hamburg was the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As the name suggests, it was in fact a free city which was not under the rule of any larger governments or part of a larger territory. The name also denotes that it was a member of the Hanseatic League, which was a sometimes powerful alliance of merchant cities who made collective agreements to strengthen their trading positions with others. Trade was and is an important factor in Hamburg's economy. It is a major shipping port, located inland on the Elbe River which leads directly to the Atlantic Ocean.

Altona was originally a smaller distinct city located just beyond the city walls of the larger independent city of Hamburg. Although the two cities were located so close together and the majority of both of their residents were culturally German, they were under separate rule. Altona was within the territory of Schleswig-Holstein which was governed by the Danish until 1866, the year it came under Prussian rule. The city was eventually incorporated as a suburb of greater Hamburg in 1937.

Wedel is also located on the Elbe River approximately fifteen miles west of Hamburg. Although it was a small village, it had an important ferry crossing the Elbe.

The territory that was Schleswig-Holstein is now a state of the same name within Germany. Hamburg is now itself a separate state as well. The following table lists the former and current names of each of the locations that are relevant to this family.

Former City/Village Names

Current Names

Free and Hanseatic City of HamburgHamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Altona, Schleswig-Holstein
(part of Prussia aft.1866)
Altona, Hamburg, Germany
Wedel, Schleswig-Holstein
(part of Prussia aft.1866)
Wedel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Kleinwort Selected Documents

Bürgher (Citizen) Application

'Bürgher-Protokolle [Citizen Registry]', Hamburg, Germany.

Staatsangehörigkeitsaufsicht A I f, 37, No.536.
[original text in German]

Registry of citizens

1. Name and Age: Reimer Kleinwort, 26 ¾ years old
2. Birthplace: Altona and 2 years here [Hamburg for two years]
3. Where does he live?: Pickhuben No. 2
4. Who was his master and employer until now, and how did he make a living?: He said he works with butcher Eckarts as assistant
5. Why did he leave his birthplace?: to work in Hamburg
6. How does he want to make a living as a citizen of Hamburg? As a butcher in the New Schrangen [market]
7. If and how long he is married and if he has children, or:
8. He is not married, however he will be? He is not married, but would like to marry
9. If he would be able to feed a family with his occupation? He hopes so

Actum 18th July, 1827


Kirchenbücher Hauptkirche St. Katharinen [St. Catherine's Church Records], Hamburg, Germany.

Baptism Register, 1846, p.428.
[original text in German]

Child of Reimer Kleinwort and Johanna Wilhelmina Eckert
Elise Henriette, born September 11, 1846 (at 10 o'clock a.m.)
Christening: September 22, 1846
Godfathers and –mothers
1. Jfr. Elise Kleinwort
2. Jfr. Johanna Maria Kleinwort
3. Johann Casper Eckert

Emigration Applications

'Reisepaß-Protokolle [Passport Registry], 1851-1929', General Police Registration Office, Hamburg, Germany.

No.501, 1867.
[original text in German]

Name: Miss Bertha Luisa Kleinwort
Occupation: [citizen's?] daughter
Birthplace: Hamburg
Age: 22 years
Stature: short
Hair: dark brown
Eyebrows: dark brown
Eyes: brown
Mouth: small
Complexion: healthy
Special Characteristics: none, Schlachter Straße No. 52
Signature of Traveler: Bertha Kleinwort

Surety: I hereby certify through my personal signature that the above information is grounded in fact, and furthermore I stand surety as principal debtor for any inconvenience or disadvantage that could arise from the issue of the requested passport.

Signature of Guarantor: A.G.A. Bernhard
Address of Guarantor: Schlachter Straße No. 52
Additional Evidence: To New York
Hamburg, 14 May 1867

No.705, 1868.
[original text in German, translated by Ann C. Sherwin]

Elise Kleinwort Emigration Application, 1868

Name: Miss Elise Henriette Kleinwort
Occupation: daughter of
Birthplace: Hamburg
Age: 22 years
Stature: normal
Hair: brown
Eyebrows: brown
Beard: brown [?]
Nose: ordinary
Mouth: ordinary
Chin: ordinary
Face: round
Complexion: healthy
Special Characteristics: none, Schlachter Straße No. 52
Signature of Traveler: Elise Kleinwort [Elise Kleinwort]

Surety: I hereby certify through my personal signature that the above information is grounded in fact, and furthermore I stand surety as principal debtor for any inconvenience or disadvantage that could arise from the issue of the requested passport.

Signature of Guarantor: G. Bernhard [G. Bernhard]
Address of Guarantor: Schlachter Straße No. 52
Additional Evidence: To New York
Hamburg, 29 Aug 1868, 12 [months?]

Emigration / Immigration

'Auswandererlisten [Emigrant Lists], 1850-1934', Emigration Office, Hamburg, Germany.

373-7 Office of Emigration I, VIII B 1, Vol.21, p.615.
Steamer Teutonia, from Hamburg, Germany, to New York, 15 Jun 1867.
[original text in German]

Bertha Kleinwort, aged 23, single, cabin passenger.

373-7 Office of Emigration I, VIII B 1, Vol.22, p.915.
Steamer Westphalia, from Hamburg, Germany, to New York, departed 16 Sep 1868.
[original text in German]

Elise Kleinwort, aged 22, single, cabin passenger.

'Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1820-1897', U.S. Customs Service.

Steamer Westphalia from Hamburg, Germany, to New York, arrived 28 Sep 1868, p.14.

Elise Kleinwort, age 22, female, unmarried, from Germany, destination U.S., cabin passenger


'U.S., Dutch Reformed Church Records in Selected States, 1639-1989', German Reformed Church, Hoboken, New Jersey.

Marriages, 1867-1868.

marriage: 29.Dec. 1867
groom: Georg Rath (Restauranteur), born Rohr, Wirtemberg, 9. Marz 1837
bride: Bertha Kleinworth [Kleinwort], born Hamburg, 27 October 1844
witnesses: Johann Gustav Wesselhöft and Marie Othilie Wesselhöft.


The Wyoming Tribune, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

26 Mar 1896, p.4.

George Rath Dead.

Another Old Settler of Cheyenne Passes Away After Much Suffering.

George Rath died last evening at 9:45 o'clock. In the death of Mr. Rath the Cheyenne pioneers witness the departure of another early settler. Mr. Rath came to Cheyenne in 1867 and has lived here almost continuously ever since. He had been gradually failing in health for two years, and six weeks ago he took to his bed from which he never rose. He suffered from a complication of diseases and the immediate cause of his death was partly due to paralysis.
He was born at Stuttgart, in Wurtemburg, Germany, on March 9, 1837, and was consequently 59 years and 16 days old at the time of his death. He leaves a widow, five sons and three daughters. One of the daughters is married and living in Ogden, Utah, Mrs. Rufus Ford.
The funeral will probably occur from the Congregational church on Friday, but the complete arrangements will be announced later.

12 Jul 1910, p.3.



She Came to Cheyenne 43 Years Ago with Her Husband, Who Conducted One of Cheyenne’s First Hotels – Is Prominent Church Worker and Mother of Large Family.

Mrs. Bertha Rath, a respected and pioneer resident of Cheyenne, is dead. She passed away yesterday at St John’s hospital after having resided in this city for 43 years. She had been in ill health for some time, but had only been in the hospital for two weeks, her death being quite sudden.
Mrs. Bertha Rath was born in Hamburg, Germany, on October 22, 1845, [27 Oct 1844] being 65 years old at the time of her death. She came to this country as a young woman and lived for many years at 2017 Pebrican street.
Mrs. Rath is the widow of the late George Rath, one of the city’s pioneer residents and hotel keepers, who started the Western hotel, which he conducted for a number of years. They raised a family of eight children, 5 boys and three daughters, all of whom are well known to the residents of this city. They are William Rath, Cheyenne; Mrs. Bertha Ford, Ogden; Emma Rath, Cheyenne; John Rath, Cheyenne; Mrs. W. W. Keefe, Cheyenne; Charles Rath, Sheridan, and Lewis Rath, Spokane. She is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. Lizzie Flatchbarch [Flachsbarth] of Atchison, Kan., and another sister in Hamburg, Germany.
Mrs. Rath was a member of the Congregational church, in which she was an active worker. She was also a member of the Ladies’ Auxillary of the B. of R. T. The remains have been removed to her former home at 2017 Pebrican street, where they can be seen by friends between 10 and 12 o’clock Wednesday morning. Further announcement of the funeral will be made later.

Alien Enemies Registration

'Registration Affidavits of Alien Enemies and Alien Females', U.S. Attorney, 1917-1918.

Atchison, KS, Mrs. Elizabeth Flachsbarth.

page 1
page 2
page 3

I, {Mrs. Elizabeth Flachsbarth}, hereby register as an alien female required to register under the President's proclamation dated April 19, 1918, at {Post Office} and make the following statements and answers under oath:

  1. Name {Mrs. Elizabeth Flachsbarth [in wrong blank]} Maiden name {Elizabeth Kleinwort}
    All other names at any time used, including all former married names:
  2. Present residence {Rural Route #4 Atchison Kansas}
    If different from home address, state home address also {none}
  3. Length of residence at the foregoing place {Mar 1st 1905}
  4. All other places of residence since January 1, 1914 {none}
  5. Born in {Hamburg Germany}, on {Sept 11th 1846}
  6. State particulars as to family, as follows:
    1. Single? {Yes}
    2. Now married? {No}
    3. Name, residence, and citizenship of present husband {dead}
    4. Widow? {Yes}
    5. If yes, give name and citizenship of late husband {Germany}
    6. If not living with present husband, state whether or not judicial separation has been obtained {No}
    7. If yes, state when and where
    8. Divorced? {No}
    9. If yes, state when and where, and state name, residence if living, and citizenship of each former husband
    10. Names of all children:
      Name {Mrs. Mary Burns} By which marriage? {Married} Sex {Female} Date of birth {Mar 3rd 1870} Residence {Kansas City MO}
      Name {Michel Henninger} By which marriage? {Married} Sex {Male} Date of birth {Oct 23rd 1874} Residence {Denver Colo}
      Name {Fred Henninger} By which marriage? {Single} Sex {Male} Date of birth {Oct 4th 1876} Residence {RR #5 Atchison Kansas}
      Name {Elizabeth Boyle} By which marriage? {Married} Sex {Female} Date of birth {Nov 26th 1880} Residence {Kansas City MO}
      Name {Mrs. Bertha Brox} By which marriage? {Married} Sex {Female} Date of birth {Oct 12th 1882} Residence {RR #4 Atchison Kansas}
      Name {Mrs. Emma Handke} By which marriage? {Married} Sex {Female} Date of birth {Oct 14th 1884} Residence {RR #5 Atchison Kansas}
      Name {William Flachsbarth} By which marriage? {Married} Sex {Male} Date of birth {August 18th 1886} Residence {Bendinna Kansas}
      Name {Henry Flachsbarth} By which marriage? {Married} Sex {Male} Date of birth {July 17th 1888} Residence {Severance Kansas}
      Name {Mrs. Wilhelmina Berlin} By which marriage? {Married} Sex {Female} Date of birth {May 14th 1891} Residence {St. Joseph MO}
    11. Name of father {Reimer Kleinwort} Living? {No}
      Place of father's birth {Hamburg Germany} Citizenship of father {German}
      Residence of father, if living {dead}
    12. Name of maiden name of mother {Wilhelmine Eckert} Living? {No}
      Place of mother's birth {Hamburg Germany} Citizenship of mother {German}
      Residence of mother, if living {dead}
    13. All brothers and sisters:
      Name {Louis Kleinwort} Brother or sister {Brother} Date of birth {don't remember} Residence {dead}
      Name {Mrs. Marie Bernhard} Brother or sister {Sister} Date of birth {don't remember} Residence {dead}
      Name {Mrs. Emma Haseke} Brother or sister {Sister} Date of birth {don't remember} Residence {dead}
      Name {Wilhelmine Kleinwort} Brother or sister {Sister} Date of birth {April 25th 1836} Residence {don't know}
      Name {Mrs. Bertha Roth} Brother or sister {Sister} Date of birth {Oct 26th 1844} Residence {dead}
    14. State whether you have now or have had any relative in arms for or against the United States and its allies during the present war: {don't know}
  7. Occupations:
    1. If employed since January 1, 1914, state:
      Name of place {Living with daughter on RR #4 Atchison Kansas} Date {[blank]} Occupation {[blank]} Name of employer {[blank]}
    2. If not empoyed, but in business or other occupation for self, state name of place, date, and occupation {None}
  8. I arrived in the United States {Sept 26th 1868}. at the port of {New York} on ship {Westphalia}, and applied for entry under the name of {Mrs. Elizabeth Kleinwort}
  9. Have you ever been engaged in any governmental service? {No}
  10. Have you, since January 1, 1914, reported to or registered with a consul or representative of any country other than the United States for Government service of any kind (military, naval, or other service), or for any other purpose? {No}
  11. Have you ever applied for naturalization in or taken out first papers of naturalization in the United States? {No}
  12. Have you ever been naturalized, partly or wholly, in any country other than the United States? {No}
  13. Has your present husband ever applied for naturalization in or taken out first papers of naturalization in the United States? {No}
  14. Have your present husband ever been naturalized, partly or wholly, in any country other than the United States? {No}
  15. Have you ever taken an oath of allegiance to any country, State, or nation other than the United States? {No}
  16. Have you ever been arrested or detained on any charge? {[Left blank]} Are you on parole? {No}
  17. Have you a permit to enter forbidden areas? {No}
  18. Languages: Spoken {German and English} Written {German and English} Read {German and English}

I solemnly swear that all the above statements and answers by me made are true. {Elizabeth Flachsbarth M.B. [her signature]} Sworn to before me this {19th day of June, 1918} at {Atchison Kansas}
{Louis C. Orr} (Registration officer.) {Postmaster} (Official title, police, or post office or other title.)

Elise Kleinwort, c.1918

Age {71} years {-} months. Mouth {Med Size}
Height {5 feet} Chin {Square}
Weight {155 lbs} Hair {Dark Gray mix}
Forehead {High} Complexion {Dark}
Eyes {Brown} Face {Full}
Nose {Med length}
Distinctive marks {Eye Sight poor}
Name {Mrs Elizabeth Flachsbarth}
Address {RR #4 Atchison Kansas}


Newspaper clipping, 20 Feb 1932.


Mrs. Elizabeth Kleinworth [Kleinwort] Flachsbarth, 85, widow of the late William Flachsbarth, Atchison county farmer, died at 11 o'clock this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. L. H. Boyle, in Kansas City, following a stroke of paralysis, which she suffered early yesterday morning.
Definite funeral arrangements had not been made this afternoon. Stanton & Stanton are in charge.
Mrs. Flachsbarth was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1846, but came to Atchison county to make her home when a young girl. She was married to Michael Henniger in 1870, and following Mr. Henninger's death was married to the late William Flachsbarth in 1880. Mr. Flachsbarth died 29 years ago.
Mrs. Flachsbarth is survived by the following children: Michael Henninger, Denver; Fred Henninger, Atchison Mrs. L. H. Boyle and Mrs. J. H. Berlin, Kansas City; Mrs. Frank Brox and Mrs. Conrad Handke, both of Atchison; William Flachsbarth, Bendena; and Henry Flachsbarth, Shubert, Neb. Seventeen grandchildren and four great grandchildren also survive.
Mrs. Flachsbarth was a life long member of the Lutheran church.


The Ogden Standard-Examiner, Ogden, Utah.

24 Jan 1944, p.3.

Death Summons Early Citizen

Mrs. Bertha Rath Ford, wife of Rufus Ford, died in a local hospital today at three-ten a.m.
She was born in Denver in 1871 and spent her school days in Cheyenne, where she was married to Rufus Ford in 1891. Then they came to Ogden, being one of the first couples to establish their home on what was then known as Knob Hill, where she had lived for the last 53 years.
She was a member of Queen Esther chapter No. 4, Order of the Eastern Star, Ogden, in which she took an active part, visiting the sick until her own sickness three years ago. She was also a member of the Presbyterian church and an active worker in the Ladies Aid society.
Surviving are the husband and the following sons and daughters: Edgar A. Ford, and Damon R. Ford of Ogden; Mrs. Florence Chadwick of Petaluma, Calif; Mrs Henry Hall, North Ogden; Mrs. C. L. Hawley, Reno, Nev. There are eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and the following brothers and sisters: W. C. Rath, John Rath, Fred Rath, all of Cheyenne; Charles Rath of Denver, Louis Rath of Spokane, Wash.; and Mrs. Emma Rabow and Mrs. W. W. Keep of Casper, Wyo.
The body is at 529 Twenty-fifth. Burial will be in Mountain View cemetery.

The Atchison Daily Globe, Atchison, Kansas.

27 Jul 1962, p.4.

Mike Henninger, 88, died today at his home in Denver, Colo. He was born in Atchison and lived here until 1912 [c.1905-1910] when he moved to Colorado. He was a half brother of William Flachsbarth, 915 Division, Mrs. Bertha Brox, route 4, Mrs. Minnie Schwab, Kansas City and Henry Flachsbarth of Sacramento, Calif. He was preceded in death by three sisters and a brother. Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Nellie Henninger of the home, a daughter, Mrs. Howard Ereckson and a son, Fred Henninger, both of Denver. Funeral services will be held Sunday in Denver.


  1. [The short street of Schlachterstraße later became the ghetto where Hamburg Jews were forced to live before being shipped to concentration camps during WWII. Almost the entire street was destroyed by allied bombing.]
  2. [Elise and Michael's marriage license is dated 17 May 1869, but the certificate is dated only May 1869.]
  3. [The Colorado county of Douglas was extremely large in 1870 and has since been subdivided into the counties of Douglas, Elbert, Lincoln, and Kit Carson. This placed the former town of Bijou Basin on the current border between Elbert and El Paso counties, a couple miles northeast of the town of Peyton and northwest of Calhan, Colorado. Bijou Basin still refers to this region but the town is gone.]
  4. [The one block long street of Pickhuben is now at the center of a district in Hamburg called Speicherstadt. Although it is now considered a historic district due to its late 19th century warehouses, these must have replaced the even earlier buildings in which the Kleinwort family had lived.]
  5. [The name Kleinwort Hambros was created Nov 2016, but it is likely to change again over time.]