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A manda Fase, a daughter of Philip and Catharine Face, (or Fase), is the only known member of her family to have settled in northeastern Kansas. Like her husband and his family, her parents and several siblings had also previously relocated from Pennsylvania to live in central Kansas.

Amanda Fase

Amanda Elizabeth Fase was born 05 Jan 1853 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. The family biblenote1 and the 1870 census both show her name as Mandella, however, she was always listed as Amanda afterward. Amanda married John Franklin Freeman on 02 Dec 1873 in the adjacent county in Pinetown, York County, Pennsylvania. Their first two children were born in Pennsylvania before they relocated near Abilene, Dickinson County, Kansas, in August 1877. This was during a period when the majority of both of their families also moved to the same area. Additional details of their lives together as well as their following children were previously discussed in the "Freeman Family History":

  1. Jennie Lake Freeman (1874-1953).
  2. Bertha Catherine Freeman (1874-1911).
  3. Grace Marie Freeman (1878-1957).
  4. Mae Estelle Freeman (1880-1931).
  5. Ada Ella Freeman (1882-1966).
  6. Laura Agnes Freeman (1884-1959).
  7. John Elmer Freeman (1886-1969).
  8. Florence Anna Freeman (1888-1954) previously discussed in the "Paternal Branch in Kansas".
  9. Maggie E. Freeman (1891-1926).
  10. Vera E. Freeman (1893-1936).

About 1890, John and Amanda moved their family to Topeka, Kansas. They remained here until 1894, when they continued on to Atchison, Kansas. In 1900 the family lived on the campus of Midland College in the town of Atchison where Amanda was employed as the cook, and John was the janitor. By 1910, they had moved onto a farm and had taken boarders into their home. A neighborhood news article in a local newspaper said that Amanda made Christmas dinner that year for 42 people, including 30 of her children and grandchildren. Considering the large family, the boarders, and the students, she must have cooked a staggering amount of food during her lifetime. Amanda died on 23 Feb 1940, and John died 15 Oct 1941. They were buried together in Oak Hill Cemetery in Atchison.

Pennsylvania and the Civil War

Amanda's father was Philip Face.note2 Philip was born 25 Oct 1828 in Manchester, Carroll County, Maryland. On 06 Dec 1849, he married Catharine Starner (or Sterner), who was born 10 Apr 1831 in the same state. Philip and Catharine were married by Rev. D.P. Rosenmillernote3 at St. Matthews Lutheran Church in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania. Although in different states, Hanover lies only twelve miles from Manchester in Carroll County where their marriage record shows they both resided at the time. During the next census on 1 Nov 1850, they were still living in Maryland with Catharine's parents, Jonathan Starner (or Sterner) and Elizabeth Frieser. Their first child was born four days later, and they must have relocated to near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, soon afterward. Philip was earning his living as a carpenter and cabinetmaker during this time.

Philip was drafted into the military and mustered in as a private in Company I, 56th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, on 20 Mar 1865. Philip's pension files make no mention of which battles he may have participated in during his service. His regiment participated in the Appomattox Campaign where General Lee surrendered, but it is not known which companies were there. His company did march from Burke's Station, Virginia, to camp Washington, a camp seven miles from Washington, D.C., in mid-June 1865. Immediately afterward, Philip spent weeks in the regimental field hospital until the discharge of the regiment on 1 Jul 1865. The Surgeon General's records showed that he was there for dysentery. However, beginning in 1883, Philip spent more than a decade trying to convince the pension board that he had been there due to exposure and that it caused him to spend the rest of his life suffering from rheumatism. In an effort to provide evidence, he tried to contact several witnesses, but many were deceased by this time or no longer had any recollection. His application was finally accepted in 1890 after the passage of a new law, but he continued trying to get an increase in benefits. He eventually found a fellow soldier in 1894, Joseph Doverspike, who was in a bed near his and supported his story that he had been there due to exposure.


The family moved to Kansas in 1876, and in 1880 they were living in Chapman in Clay County. Philip and Catharine moved to the town of Abilene in neighboring Dickinson County in 1896. In 1900, they were living there with the family of their daughter, Emma, and their widowed daughter, Laura, was living next door. Catharine died here on 3 Feb 1909, and Philip died later the same year on 1 Nov 1909. Both were buried in the Abilene Cemetery. Philip and Catharine had the following children, all of whom were born in Pennsylvania, except probably the eldest:

  1. Belinda Catherine Fase (1850-1905)note4 who married William D. Sholl c.1870 and lived in Salina, Saline County, Kansas, in 1900. Her home was in Abilene when she died.
  2. Mandella Elizabeth "Amanda" Fase (1853-1940) previously discussed.
  3. Lewis Henry Face (1857-) who married Emma Bumgard c.1877. They lived in Dickinson County, Kansas in 1880, but eventually moved back to Pennsylvania and separated. Lewis was convicted of bigamy in 1898 in York County, Pennsylvania, after marrying an already married woman, Julia Ann Shuman (nee Small). He was again convicted in 1899 of "assault and battery with intent to ravish" and sentenced to 2 1/2 years in a Pennsylvania state penitentiary. Lewis was last known living in Maryland in 1909.
  4. John Philip Fase (1860-1934) who was a carpenter and married Margaret A. Riddle 11 Nov 1901 in St. Louis, Missouri. John was a resident of Belleville, Illinois, at the time. They lived in Abilene in 1910, but had moved to Kansas City, Missouri, before 1930.
  5. Alpheus Nathaniel "Alfred" Fase (1862-1938) who married Nettie N. Spangler 28 Jan 1890 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, where they remained.
  6. Ellen Susanna "Ella" Fase (1865-1910) who married a Mr. Faux and lived in Pennsylvania.
  7. Agnes Jane Fase (1866-1946) who married Jacob E. Livingston 01 Jan 1884 in Dickinson County. They relocated to Salina between 1905-1910.
  8. Emma Juliann Fase (1868-1936) who married Millard Fillmore Menges 26 Apr 1885 in Dickinson County. They remained in Abilene except during a period in the 1890's in or near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  9. Laura Rebecca Fase (1870-1952) who first married William R. Brown 18 Dec 1890 in Dickinson County. The second of their two sons was born a month after William's death in September 1895. They were living in Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas. Laura second married Emmet C. Tolbert 03 Jan 1902 in Dickinson County. She lived with him in Weld County, Colorado, until his death in 1913. She then married a third time to Fred L. Woods between 1910-1920 and lived with him in Denver, Colorado, through at least 1930. She died in Santa Cruz County, California.
  10. David Sterner Fase (1873-1954) who married Mamie Belle Powell 22 Jul 1896 in Dickinson County. They lived in Salina until at least 1920. They lived in San Francisco, California, in 1930, and both died in Sacramento County, California.

Fredrick Faess

Philip's parents were Frederick Faess (also spelled Fase) and his wife, Elizabeth. Frederick should have been born c.1800, and he must have died c.1835, shortly after the birth of their third child. Elizabeth was shown to be about the same age on the 1850 census in Carroll County. Fredrick and Elizabeth had at least the following children, all of whom were baptized in the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Manchester, Carroll County, Maryland:

  1. Philip Face (1828-1909) previously discussed.
  2. Susan Face (1830-) who was living with their mother in Carroll County in 1850.
  3. Catherine Face (1834-).

Fase Selected Documents

Family Bible

Fase Family Bible, 1850-1873.

Before Title page, handwritten:

Sacremento, Cal
May 6 - 1952

This bible was bequeathed to my Mother, Laura Woods. at her death, it legally became my property. It is herewith given into the custody of my uncle David Fase. and at his death, it is to be given to his daughter Lucille Glick.
Oscar R. Brown


Belinda Catharine Fase was born November 3rd 1850 And was baptized December 25 A.D. 1850. Witnefs Catharine Carh__t.
Mandilla Elizabeth Fase was born January 5th 1853 And was baptized by Peter Shierer [Sheurer] March 8 A.D. 1853. Witnefs parents.
Henry Lewis Fase was born February 26th 1857 And was baptized by Red. Peter Shierer.
John Philip Face was born December 26th 1860 And was baptized Feb. 6th by Peter Shierer 1861.
Alfes Nathaniel Face was born April 24th 1862 And was baptized Red. Peter June 1st A.D. 1862.
Ellen Susann Face was born April 4th 1865 And was baptized Red. Peter Shierer May 15th 1865.
Agnefs Jane Face was born August 12th 1866 And was baptized by Red. Peter Shierer. September 26th 1866.
Emma Julyann Fase was born September 18th 1868 And was baptized Red. Peter Shierer [?] ___ber 10th 1868 [?].
Laura Rebecca Fase was born September 3rd, 1870 And was baptized.
David Sterner Fase was born June 1, 1873.


New Oxford Item, New Oxford, Pennsylvania.

17 Dec 1897, p.5.

Lewis Face, who had been serving a sentence in the Adams county jail for adultery, was liberated Friday, his time having expired. Officer Smeach, of Hanover, went to Gettysburg Friday afternoon and arrested Face on a warrant charging him with bigamy and adultery.

11 Nov 1898, p.11.

A Hugger Arrested.

For several weeks, quite an excitement has been created in various sections of Hanover, by a person or persons known as "Jack, the Hugger," who would accost or attack ladies on the street, during the evening. The scoundril could never be apprehended, and it became the belief of many that the person was only jokingly endeavoring to frighten the ladies.
On Saturday evening, however, from different sections of the town, come reports that ladies had been stopped. On Abbottstown Street, a young lady was stopped, but she dealt him several blows with an umbrella and screamed "Murder," which frightened off the assailant.
A number of other ladies were also attacked on other streets. Five cases were reported to the police, but in spite of their efforts they were unable to locate the offender.
About 9 o'clock, Theodore Eckert, Claire Young and Harry Bang were walking along West Chestnut Street near the residence of Rufus C. Sheads, when they saw a man attack a lady and at once caught him. The boys handled the stranger rather roughly, and brought him up to town and delivered him into the hands of officer McKinney, who placed him in the lock-up. The man gave his name as Lewis Face, of Mt. Rock, and was intoxicated. He was left in the lock-up until Monday morning, when he was taken before Justice Sell, and a charge of assault and battery with attempt preferred against him.
It of course remains to be proven whether Face is the man guilty of the assaults in all sections of the town, on Saturday evening. It is considered doubtful whether he is the man committing the assaults upon ladies during the past few weeks. - Herald.

Face had a hearing before Squire Sell on Monday evening when several ladies testified that he was the party who attacked them, he was therefore committed to the York county jail to await the action of the Grand-jury.
Lewis Face, the defendant, is a son of Philip Face, formerly a resident of Union township, Adams county, but now residing in Kansas. He was twice married, being some forty years of age, and claims his present residence at Mt. Rock, Adams county. November 30, 1897, he was arrested by officer Smeach, who made the information by direction of District Attorney Strawbridge, of York county, on a charge of knowingly marrying the wife of another man. The woman concerned in this case was Mrs. Juliana C. Shuman, alias Juliana C. Small, formerly of Sugartown, this county. He was given a hearing before Justice Sell, Dec. 11, 1897, on this charge, and committed for the action of the grand jury. The grand jury returned a true bill, and Face was tried at the January term, 1898, found guilty and sentenced to six months in jail and costs of suit. He served altogether about 7 months imprisonment on this charge.
Face resided near this place when married to Julia Shuman.

Gettysburg Compiler, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

10 Jan 1899, p.2.

The trial of Lewis Face, the Hanover "hugger," has been set for to-day, at York.

17 Jan 1899, p.3.

Local and General.

The Hanover Record, in its court proceedings of last week, says: Lewis Face, of Mount Rock, Adams county, who assaulted a number of women on the streets of Hanover at various times during last December, was next arraigned. He became generally known as "Jack the Hugger," but at last was captured on the evening of Dec. 17 by a number of boys, who delivered him into the hands of Chief of Police McKinney. The witnesses in the case were all present, but were not called upon to testify, because the "Hugger" plead guilty to assault and battery with intent to ravish, and was sentenced to two and one-half years' imprisonment in the Eastern penitentiary.


Salina Union, Salina, Kansas.

13 Feb 1905, p.4.


She passed Away at Her Home in Abilene Saturday Evening.

Mrs. B. C. Sholl died at her home in Abilene Saturday evening about 7:30 o'clock, after a short illness. Mrs. Sholl had been in this city visiting her relatives no longer than two weeks ago and after going home she was taken ill and all efforts to overcome the malady were without avail. She was about 58 years old and leaves a husband and ten children.
The deceased was the mother of Mrs. Ed Buchanon (sic) and Will Sholl, of this city, who went to Abilene Saturday evening to attend at the bedside of their mother. Some of the children of Mrs. Sholl live in California and the funeral services will be delayed until their arrival. Mrs. Sholl was well known in Salina. She was a member of the United Brethren church and was always a power for good, an active worker for the faith and in charitable undertakings. Her many friends in this city will grieve for the loss of this estimable lady and extend their sympathy to her bereaved relatives.

13 Feb 1905, p.3.

Mrs. Ed. Buchanan and Will Sholl were called to Abilene Saturday evening by the death of their mother, Mrs B. C. Sholl. Mrs. Sholl had been ill only three or four days before her death. Mrs. Lockridge, of Lincoln, was with her mother at the time of her death, which was due to erysipelas. Mrs. Sholl had been visiting in Salina and returned home just the Monday before her death. She leaves ten children and a husband. Two sons in California and one in Souix (sic) City Iowa will be communicated with before the funeral will be arranged.

Abilene Daily Chronicle, Abilene, Kansas.

12 Feb 1909, p.4.


Mrs. Katherine Face was born April 10, 1831 and died February 3, 1909, aged 77 years, 9 months and 23 days. She came with her husband from Pennsylvania to Kansas in 1876. They resided near Manchester until 1896 when they moved to Abilene where they have since lived. To this union were born six daughters and four sons, namely, Mrs. Amanda Freeman of Atchison, Lewis of Maryland, John of Abilene, Alfred of Kansas City, Mrs. Ella Faux of Pennsylvania, Mrs. Agnes Livingston of Salina, Mrs. Emma Menges of Abilene, Mrs. Laura Tolbert of Colorado, David of Salina, Mrs. Belinda Sholl deceased.
Besides the children, the aged husband, fifty-four grand-children and twenty-five great grand-children survive her.
She had been a member of the Lutheran church for many years. Although suffering from ill health for several years, yet the end came unexpectedly, after an attack of la grippe [influenza]. Mrs. Face will be missed by a wide circle of friends who extend their sympathy to the family in their bereavement.

2 Nov 1909, p.2.

Phillip Face Passes Away.

Phillip Face, one of Abilene's old and respected citizens, died at his home on Eighth and Olive streets Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock, aged 81 years. Mr. Face had lived in Abilene nearly sixteen years.
The funeral will be held from the home Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock.

Neighborhood News

The Atchison Weekly Globe, Atchison, Kansas.

6 Jan 1910.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Freeman, living south of town, furnished Christmas dinner for forty-two people. Nine of them were their children and twenty-one were grandchildren.


The Atchison Daily Globe, Atchison, Kansas.

23 Feb 1940.

Mrs. John Freeman Dies

Mrs. John F. Freeman, 87, a Kansas pioneer woman and a resident of Atchison county 45 years, died at 1:50 o'clock this morning at her home on the Atchison Leavenworth road, just south of the city. She had been ill since Monday with a congestion of the lungs. Death was due to a heart attack.
Funeral services will be held at 1 o'clock Monday afternoon from the Sawin & Douglass chapel with the Rev. Loyal Northcott officiating. Burial will be in Oak Hill cemetery.
Amanda E. Fase, daughter of Phillip and Kathern Fase, was born January 5, 1853, in Adams county, near Hanover, Pa. She was married to John F. Freeman at Point Town [Pinetown], Pa., December 2, 1873. In August, 1877, the couple took up a homestead in Dickinson county, Kas., 30 miles from Abilene, and lived on it until coming to Atchison county in 1895.
Mrs. Freeman was the mother of 10 children. She was a member of the Christian church and a fine woman.
Surviving are her husband, who is also 87; five daughtrs [sic], Mrs. Jennie Tice, Topeka, Mrs. Grace Clark, St. Joseph, Mrs. Ada Garrison, Nyssa, Ore., Mrs. Laura Chapman, Atchison, and Mrs. Florence Barber, Riverside, Calif.; 40 grandchildren and 68 great-grandchildren.


  1. [The Fase family bible is currently in the possession of Lynda Fernandez, a step-descendant of David Sterner Fase. The book is printed in German and has a copyright date of 1844.]
  2. [Philip's surname if usually found in records spelled as Face, while his descendants are most often found as Fase.]
  3. [Rev. D.P. Rosenmiller was a nephew of Mary Ann Rosenmuller/Rosenmiller, wife of Joseph Eyler, Sr. See Eylar Family History.]
  4. [Belinda Fase's tombstone shows that she was born 3 Dec 1851. The family bible shows that she was born 3 Nov 1850 and baptized 25 Dec 1850.]