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a Generation of Kansas Pioneers in Atchison, Brown & Doniphan Counties

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Richard Wilson, "", The Kansans and Whence They Came, Internet: . (Accessed ).
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Part I: The Kansans

Part I is about the generations of my ancestors who lived in Kansas. I refer to them as "The Kansans". This section begins with my own family and continues back to the early Kansas settlers. It includes:

[This section is mostly offline due to the information it contains about living and recently deceased individuals.]

Part II: Whence They Came

Family NarrativeReisepassFamily Photos

Part II is about the generation of my Kansas pioneer ancestors. They were all among the earliest to settle in Atchison, Brown, & Doniphan Counties, each settling between 1855 - 1875. Each chapter begins with one of these ancestors and continues back through their ancestry as far as is known to explain from where, or "whence", they came. It includes:

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Part III: Associated Families

Part III is about families associated with the families in Part II. Each chapter begins with another early Kansas pioneer. It includes:

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Part IV: Further Research

Part IV is about unresolved research. It includes:

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Family Histories (Part II) & Further Research Queries (Part IV)

# Family Synopsis Links
1 Wilson Family
Aug 2017
James L. Wilson: The Wilson family moved from Pennsylvania to southern Indiana before one son, William, continued into and across Missouri to Holt County. From there James Lee Wilson became one of the first settlers of Brown County, Kansas.
Includes: Wilson, Varner, Fitzwater, Duncan, Proctor, Ridge.
Wilson Research
Aug 2017
Whither did the children of William Wilson and Mary Ann Varner go
Includes: Wilson, Varner, Woodcock, Oswell, Craig, Williams, Mullins &c.
There is an additional database of family sheets relating to this query.
< Research: Research: 1. Wm & Polly Wilson >
< Research: Research: 2. Lewis Wilson >
Who are the siblings of Lewis Wilson
Includes: Wilson, Henson, Lowe, Simon, Nesbitt, Datchman, Baird &c.
2 Ridge Family
Oct 2017
Amelia/Permelia Ridge: From Pulaski County, Kentucky, the Ridge family moved its way across Missouri before settling in Kansas.
Includes: Ridge, Aker, Norton, Hilton, Wilson.
3 Rutherford Family
Aug 2017
William H. Rutherford: From Gallia County, Ohio, the Rutherford family moved to frontier Iowa, backtracked to Illinois, and finally settled in Kansas.
Includes: Rutherford, Deavers, Springer, Hampton.
< Rutherford: Rutherford: family history, documents >
Rutherford Research
Aug 2017
Is Isaac Rutherford of Gallia County, Ohio, the father of John Rutherford of Davis County, Iowa
Includes: Rutherford/Retherford, Deavers, Kyner, Throckmorton, Scott, Hughs, Railsback, Sears &c.
There is an additional database of family sheets relating to this query.
< Research: Research: 1. Isaac Rutherford >
< Research: Research: 2. Nancy Deavers >
< Surnames: Rutherfords of OH >
Are Nancy J. Deavers and Cloa Ann Deavers, both of Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois, sisters
Includes: Rutherford, Deavers, McCulley &c.
4 Springer Family
Aug 2017
Mary Ann Springer: From Pennsylvania, the Springer family first moved to Ohio, then to Illinois, and finally to Kansas.
Includes: Springer, Heidlebaugh, Rutherford.
5 Barber Family
Aug 2017
Charles W. Barber: Of Mayflower ancestry, the Barber family remained in Rhode Island and Connecticut for more than two hundred years until several brothers and cousins joined an uncle in Kansas.
Includes: Barber, White, Bradley, Stanton, Tefft, Soule.
6 Bradley Family
Aug 2017
Ann E. Bradley: From North Carolina, the Bradley family first moved to Kentucky where they became allied with the family of Daniel Boone. They then moved on to Missouri and finally Kansas.
Includes: Bradley, Barber, Hunt, Cockrill, Boone, Keeling.
7 Freeman Family
Aug 2017
John F. Freeman: From Adams County, Pennsylvania, the Freeman family relocated to central Kansas before settling in Atchison County, Kansas.
Includes: Freeman, Kesselring, Thoman, Fase.
Freeman Research
Aug 2017
Where and when was Joseph Freeman of Adams County, Pennsylvania born
Includes: Freeman, Kesselring &c.
< Research: Research: 1. Joseph Freeman >
< Research: Research: 2. David Freeman >
< Research: Research: 3. Samuel Freeman >
Who was David Freeman, the neighbor of Joseph Freeman in Adams County, Pennsylvania
Includes: Freeman.
Is Samuel E. Freeman of Adams County, Pennsylvania and Dickinson County, Kansas part of the same family as the first postmaster of Portland, Maine
Includes: Freeman of Pennsylvania, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey &c.
8 Fase Family
Aug 2017
Amanda E. Fase: From Maryland, then Pennsylvania, the Fase family relocated to central Kansas before finally settling in Atchison County, Kansas.
Includes: Fase, Starner, Freeman.
9 Weik Family
Aug 2017
Christian Weik: From Hertmannsweiler and Nellmersbach, Württemberg, members of the Weik family first lived in Missouri before settling in Kansas.
Includes: Weik, Dautel, Müller, Pfleiderer, Prinz, Thaden, Holzhey, Leonberger, Peisker.
10 Peisker Family
Aug 2017
Johanna Peisker: From Schurgast in the Prussian region of Silesia, members of the Peisker family settled in Kansas with many others from their area.
Includes: Peisker, Pohl, Biller, Glamann/Glaman, Weik.
Peisker Research
Aug 2017
How are other Peiskers in Doniphan County, Kansas, related to the sisters Johanna Peisker and Amelie Peisker of Schurgast, Silesia, Prussia
Includes: Peisker, Peuker, Handke, Schilg, Scholz, Schwope, Winkler, Klinnert, Geppert, Weik, Ernst &c.
There is an additional database of family sheets relating to this query.
< Research: Research: Schurgast emigrants >
< Surnames: Schurgast, Prussia >
11 Eylar Family
Sep 2017
Aaron R. Eylar: From Württemberg, the Eylar family lived in Pennsylvania and Ohio before some settled in Kansas.
Includes: Eyler/Eylar, Rosenmuller/Rosemiller, Fenton, Sample, Horner, Bunn, Parr.
11a Fenton Family
(extended family)
Oct 2017 NEW
Elizabeth Fenton: Family of both wives of Joseph Eylar, Jr. The Fenton family moved from eastern to western Pennsylvania before continuing on into Kentucky and Ohio. From there some of the family moved to Kansas.
Includes: Fenton, Eyler/Eylar, Field, Dicks, Lawrence.
12 Horner Family
Aug 2017
Matilda Horner: From Baltimore, Maryland, the Horner family first moved to Pennsylvania, then Ohio, before one member settled in Kansas.
Includes: Horner, Lawrence, Eylar.
13 Brox Family
Aug 2017
John Brox/Johann Prax: From Altwaldek, Bohemia, Austria, the Brox family moved directly to Kansas where they remained.
Includes: Prax/Brox/Prox, Antl, Klaschka, Küller, Kößler/Kessler.
Brox-Kessler Family
Aug 2017
Which Austrians in Atchison County, Kansas, were from the group of Bohemian villages north of Zwittau, Austria, and which of these were related to John Brox or Anna Kessler
Includes: Antl, Prax/Prox/Brox, Drimmel, Frodl, Gergele, Keeler, Kößler/Kessler, Myers, Philipp, Schlinger, Wohletz/Woletz, Zölfel/Zelfel/Zalfler, Zeit &c.
There is an additional database of family sheets relating to this query.
< Research: Research: Zwittau emigrants >
< Surnames: Zwittau, Bohemia >
14 Kessler Family
Sep 2017
Anna Kessler/Kößler: From Altwaldek, Bohemia, Austria, members of the Kessler family moved separately to Kansas.
Includes: ßler/Kessler, Prax/Brox, Gergele, Frodl.
15 Flachsbarth Family
Aug 2017
William/Wilhelm Flachsbarth: From Germany, William Flachsbarth first lived elsewhere in North America before he settled in Kansas.
Includes: Flachsbarth, Kleinwort.
< Flachsbarth: Flachsbarth: family history, documents >
Flachsbarth Research
Aug 2017
Where in Germany was Wilhelm Flachsbarth born, and how did he get to Kansas
Includes: Flachsbarth, Kleinwort &c.
16 Kleinwort Family
Aug 2017
Elizabeth/Elise H. Kleinwort: From Hamburg, Elise Kleinwort lived in Wyoming and Colorado before she settled in Kansas.
Includes: Kleinwort, Holtmann, Ladiges, Groth, Hinck, Dürkop, Eckert, Henninger, Flachsbarth, Rath.

Family Histories of Associated Families (Part III)

# Family Synopsis Links
1a Proctor Family
Aug 2017
Barilla Proctor: Family of the first wife of James L. Wilson. From Kentucky, the Proctor family lived in Missouri before settling in Kansas. Moses P. Proctor was elected first treasurer of Brown County, Kansas, in 1857.
Includes: Proctor, Duncan, Wilson, Bridgman/Bridgeman.
9a Klostermeier Family
(in-law family)
May 2016
Family of a son-in-law of Christian Weik and related other ways as well. Henry F. Klostermeier was a successful Atchison, Kansas, businessman.
Includes: Klostermeier, Weik.
< Klostermeier: Klostermeier: family history, documents >
9b Hekelnkaemper Family
(in-law family)
Jul 2016
Family of a son-in-law of Christian Weik. William Hekelnkaemper was a successful Atchison, Kansas, businessman and father-in-law of Lydia Weik.
Includes: Hekelnkaemper, Houk, Weik, Ostertag, Dempster, & more.
< Hekelnkaemper: Hekelnkaemper: family history, documents >
10a Glamann Family
Aug 2017
Christian Glamann: Family of the first husband of Johanna Peisker. From Neukalen in Mecklenburg-Schwerin, two brothers of the Glamann family settled in separate parts of Kansas.
Includes: Glamann/Glaman, Lehmann, Weilshäuser, Peisker.
16a Henninger Family
Aug 2017
Michael Henninger: Family of the first husband of Elise Kleinwort. From Baden, lived in St. Louis, Missouri, and Colorado before moving to Kansas.
Includes: Henninger, Karcher, Kleinwort, Stephan, Jahn, & more.