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Townships and other locations in Lincoln County, WI

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This map is taken from "Wisconsin, Its Counties, Townships and Villages", published by Origins.

A brief history of the formation of Lincoln County.

Population Lincoln County 1875 = 895

In 1874 Gov. Wm. Taylor decreed that Lincoln County be established.March 4, 1874, Lincoln County contained Iron, Vilas, Price, Oneida, Lincoln and Langlade Counties. Total land area 2,750,000 acres.When Lincoln County was formed from the above Counties, it was attached to Marathon County for Judicial purposes. However a clamor arose for Lincoln County to have its OWN judge, and on April, 6, 1875, F. C. Weed was elected the first county judge.

All areas in Lincoln County were known as the Town of Jenny but in time the boundaries became the present town of Merrill when the town of Jenny became the City of Merrill, Wisconsin.The first new towns of Pine River, Corning, and Rock Falls (Originally Skanawan) were established in 1876.In 1881, came the town of Scott.Russell was formed in 1885.Harrison came into being in 1889. The town of Tomahawk was created in 1898 from a portion of Rock Falls. King was established around the turn of the century. On Nov. 19, 1902, the town of Birch was established. Bradley and Somo were set off from parts of tomahawk in 1903 and 1905 respectively.Also, in 1903, portions of Pine River and Russell were detached to form the town of Schley.Wilson was set off from a section of Somo in 1912 and Skanawan from King at the same time.The last township to be set up was Harding, which was taken from the town of Scott.These are the political configurations of today.

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