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1998 Queries-Lincoln County

Date: 98-03-13 22:49:08 EST

Lorrie Moore    I am researching the ALLARD surname in the Tomahawk area. EIDE  is the married name, Frances Allard is the maiden name. I do know that Frances was in this area in 1948 because she had a daughter, Pauline Marie at this time. I believe Frances had a sister named Berny Allard who in turn married a Bart HUBERTY. I believe she also had another sisternamed Zoie. Does anyone out there know of any of these names in the Tomahawk area? Please respond. Thanks, Lorrie Moore

Kevin Schwartz 98-02-13

I am looking for the following names , mostly located around Tomahawk.  I would appreciate any information about these surnames: ARNESON, BARTZ, BUSCHE, CALLAHAN, EGELKROUT, LIKWARTZ, SALVESON, SCHOONE, STEINHAFEL, TAFELSKI. Thanks in advance for any info!

David Clelland 98-01-20 00:05:08 EST

I am looking for information on the family of Robert and Anne Brownlie CLELLAND who sailed into New York in 1909. Two daughters died in Tomahawk, WI--Marion and Janette. Married names for these daughters are unknown. Another daughter Anne Clelland Jones Ney died in February 1980. Any information on these people would be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Derringer 98-01-20

I am looking for the resting place of a cousin of mine. I don;t even know when he died or where he is buried.  His name is John DERRINGER- he supposedly died and was buried around the Tomahawk area.  Any help locating this person or other DERRINGER' S would be appreciated.

Gary Romsaas  Date: 98-06-04 21:53:14 EDT

I am looking for descendants of Torger and Ronnaug Erickson, who spent the last years of their lives in Merrill, Lincoln County, WI. Connecting names are ERICKSON, CHRISTIANSON, STEPHENSON, EVJUE, MEANS, DOUVILLE, AND ROMSAAS.

Ralph L. Seefeld  Date: 98-04-02 19:33:04 EST

Seeking living relatives of Otto H. HEIL , b. 28 Oct 1883 in Waterloo, Jefferson, Wisconsin, d. 25 Oct 1955 in Tomahawk, Lincoln, Wisconsin. He married Adella Emma SEEFELD, b. 29 Jul 1880, d. Jun 1962 in Tomahawk, Lincoln, Wisconsin. They had no children. Related names: Erwin HEIL and Herbert HEIL, relationships unknown

Ralph Seefeld

Anne Hoyt  98-02-17

I am looking for information about Guy R. HOYT, born Feb. 1885 in Lincoln township. He may have been adopted by Ellen Hoyt of Dane County.  Other HOYT's are Ellen Hoyt, b. 1854, R. C. Hoyt, James E. Hoyt, William Hoyt.

Sharon Kleider Sopolsky  Date: 98-04-09 14:47:30 EDT

I am currently researching the Frank and Mathilda KUNZ family. In the 1900 census they appeared in the Town of Pine River, Lincoln County. In the 1910 census they moved to the Village of Hustisford, Dodge County. According to their census records, they were born in Wisconsin.

Sharon Kleider Sopolsky

Date: 98-05-10 20:11:52 EDT

Donna Slahor

Researching LINDGRENand RADKE names. Grace Lindgren Radke b.28 June 1914 in Chicago, IL married a Lloyd Radke. They moved to Gleason, Lincoln Cty, WI. She died 25 Jan 1993. I am looking for information on her husband Lloyd Radke and whether they ever had children.

Linda Heron 98-05-25 12:06:11 EDT

My ancestors, Elizabeth and Henry G. MCDONALD are in the 1900 census for Merrill, and they lived on Ohio St. They lived there for several years and raised four children, Mary E. b. April 1893, Henry E., b. March 1897, Beatrice I, b. Jan 1899, and Elizabeth, b. April,1900.  Does anyone have any information and where Henry and Elizabeth were married, or where they were raised?  

Cheryl Smith EhlersDate: 98-01-08 19:41:03 EST

SMITH, MICHAEL lived in Tomahawk, Tripoli in 1921 with wife Eliza (Wolfe, Williamson), she is listed with several maiden names. They had a son in 1901 name Edward M. Smith who lived in Rhinelander. SEEKING City directories with their listing 1921-1927 and 1930-1938. I need to know if they are in them. So I can nail a time frame down for their many travels. Also SEEKING: Methodist Church names in 1923. Cheryl Smith Ehlers, [email protected]

Wendy Knoll -- 98-02-23 01:23:20 EST

I am seeking information on any ZIEMENDORF name from Lincoln County, more specifically the Merrill and Tomahawk areas. I am looking for descendant's of FREDRICH & HENRIETTA (JANES) ZIEMENDORF. FREDERICK was b. 27 March 1866 in Port Washington, WI and died 28 June 1937 in Clark County; married HENRIETTA JANES 31 May 1893 in Sherwood, WI. Children were MAMIE (ZIEMENDORF) WALLACE, MYRTLE (ZIEMENDORF) VICKER, and WILLARD A. ZIEMENDORF, b. 17 Sept. 1899 in Merrill, FREDERICK W. ZIEMENDORF, b. 7 Jan. 1902 in Merrill, WI. The family, or ancestor's of this family owned and operated the ZIEMENDORF GROCERY store in Tomahawk City (or Jersey City?). I have a picture of the store with the name in the window, on the back it is labeled Tomahawk City or Jersey City ?, dated Jan. 8, 1916. Any and all help or leads are deeply appreciated.

Thank you, Wendy

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