Census of 1890

I would like to thank Mary Saggio who provided Shelley Green with a copy of the 1890 census.  Mary is responsible for providing the Rootsweb archives with a complete copy of the census, with page numbers, film numbers, disabilities and other information.  See my Lincoln county Main page, and the "Search the Archive" section.


This is a list of names of the Civil War Veterans found in the 1890 census of Lincoln County, a SPECIAL SCHEDULE OF SURVIVING SOLDIERS, SAILORS AND MARINES AND WIDOWS ETC. during the war of the rebellion, enumerated in June, 1890. This list only contains the names of those who are NOT listed in the census of 1895 and 1905, which are on another page. The complete census will be on the Archives of rootsweb.com. Instructions for getting the forms to request information are on the 1895-1905 page also.

Also, please keep in mind that the census forms are sometimes very hard to read, and the names are spelled the way they were written or at least as deciphered by me! If there is no rank given, the men were privates.

If you have any information that will correct errors, please e-mail me, Sharon Karow


Name , Rank if other than Private, and Unit

Allen, Andres A.  - Sgt, Co. H., 30th Wis Inf.

Allen, Dana E.   - Corp; Co K., 95th NY Vet. Vol

Allen, Edward D.  - Corp Co. K., 85th NY Vet vol.

Anderson, Joseph R.  - Co. L., 1 Wis. H. A.

Armstrong, Arnold

Bachand, Charles P. Co. D., 175 NY Inf.

Baker, George  -Ill Inf

Balliet, Fred  - Co. B., 46 Wis Inf.

Barr, James Henry  - Sgt., Co. B, 4th ILL Cav.

Barr, William  - Wagoner, Co. H., 25 Iowa Inf.

Batch, Frank  - Sgt., Co C., 29th Ind. Inf.

Beal, Thomas  - 2nd Lt., Co D., 17th NY Inf.

Behrens, Christian  - Co. D., 1 Batt. 13

Beyer, Henry W.  - Co. K., 14 Wis.

Bishop, Rufus  - Lt. Art., Vol

Bohay, George  - Co C or G, 20 Wis. Inf.

Bonis, Albert W. Co. A., 27th Iowa Vol.

Bouchard, Joseph  Co. I., 1 Wis Inf. and Co. F., 21 Wis Inf

Bowen, James B. - Co. B., 4th Wis. Vol Inf.

Brazee, Cortin J. - Musician, Co G., 5 Wis.

Bristley, Joseph - Co. F. 45 Wis. Inf

Brown, George W. - Co. B., 134 ILL Inf.

Brown, Henry L. - Co. A., 167 Ohio vol.

Brown, John - Co. F. , 45 ILL Inf.

Brush, James M - Co. H. 30 Wis. Inf.

Burdick, Albert - Corp., Co. F., 4 Wis

Cain, William - Co. B., 38 Wis. Inf.

Campbell, Elizer - Co. M., 1 Wis Cav.

Carbonaux, Alexander - Co G., 50th Wis. and Sgt., Co. B., ? Wis. Inf.

Carr, James K. P. - Co C., 8 NY Inf.

Chamberlain, Abel ( Widow Eleonor L.) - Co. I., 96 NY Inf.

Chandler, Dan O - Musician Co. H., 12 Wis. Inf.

Clark ?

Clark, Henry - Co. F, 18th Wis. Inf.

Colburn, Henry - Co. F., 14 Wis. Inf

Coon, David - Co. K., 36 Wis. Inf.

Cottrell, Perry M. - Co. G., 194 NY vol.

Cowan, Olive M. - Co. D., 12 Wis. Inf.

Desiciles, Joseph - Co. C., 3 Wis. Inf.

Empey, William J. ( Widow Cornelia)  - Sgt., Co. H., 3 Wis. Cav.

Farr, David D.   - Corp., Co C., 2 Maine vol.

Fish, Alfred W.

Fountain, Isaasc  -  US ?

Gold, Myron H. - 15 Ill Vol.

Goodier, George - Co. D., 141 ILL Vol. Inf.

Goodle, William H. - Co. I., 92 ILL Inf.

Graham, Ziba J. - 1st lt, Co. C. 16 Mich Inf.

Hall, Byron E. - Light Co., 1 Wis. Vol.

Hassell, James - Co K., 4 Wis. Cav.

Hathaway, Henry E. - Co. D., 11 Mich. Inf.

Hewitt, John F. C- o. A., 44 NY Vol

Hillard, Lawson - Corp Co. K., 193 NY

Hilton, Emerson B. - Co. M., 19 NY Ind. Battery

Hocut ( no other name given on census) - 173 Wis.

Hunter, Cascion - Co. K., 20 Wis. Vol.

Hutchins, Otis - Co. B., 2 NY Vol.

Isbell, Henry C., (widow Mary A.)-  Co. B., 3 Wis. Vol.

Ives, S. S. - Co H., 6 Penn. Inf.

Jesse, Joseph - Corp, Co. F., 12 Wis Inf.

Jones, Lenord - Co. B., 41 Wis. Vol. Inf.

Jordan, John 2nd Lt.,-  Co D., 34 Ohio Vol.

Juneau, Louis ( widow Emeline) - L. A., Wis.

Kelly, Patrick US ?

Kendall, Charles M. - Co. K., 29 Wis. Inf.

Kennedy, Benjamin - Co. H., 19 Wis. Inf.

King, William t. -Co B., 29 Wis. Inf.

Kline, James E. (widow Margaret) - Co. D., 16 Penna. Ca

Knauf, John Sgt. - Co A., 27 Mich. Inf.

LaCount, Louis B. - Co A., 5 Wis. Inf.

Lambert, Frank - Co A., 15 ? Inf.

Lee, Edwin R. - Co. G., 3 Wis. Inf.

LeMere (Lamere) Amos - Co C., 21 Wis. Vol.

Lincoln, Ceylon C. - Co. D., 35 Wis. Inf.

Lindebuh, Charles-  Corp. Co. H., 9 IND vol.

Luce, Benjamin F. H. - Co. G., 5 Wis. Inf.

Lynch, Lawrence - Co. G., 32 Wis. Inf.

Malrouny, Charles - Co. B., 47 Wis. Inf. and Co. F., 4th Wis. Inf

Manning, S. Rodman - Co. K., 14 Wis. Vol Inf

McCarthy, John H. - Co. G., 18 ILL inf.

McCullone, Hiram - Co. C. ?

McEvilla, Henry - Co. B., 96 NY Inf.

McNeil, Donald  - Co. A., 7th Maine Inf.

Merrifield, Samuel 1-68 PAVol.

Meyiera, Anlone - Co G., 32 Wis. Inf.

Morris, George ( widow Ravena) - Co. F., 22 Mich. Inf.

Muelling, Ernst - Co I;., 3rd Wis. Inf.

Murphy, John - Co. C., 46 Wis. Inf.

Parker, Nehemiah - Sgt., Co. C., ? Wis.

Peake, Thomas DeWitt - Co. D. 67 IND Inf.

Perry, James M. Co. - A., 7 Wis. Inf. ( 2 terms)

Powers, John A. - Co. C., 40 Wis. Inf.

Prosser, George W. - Co. H., 47 Wis. Vol.

Quick, John J.

Rice, Brester - Co. D., 6th Wis

Robertson, John (widow Maria)-  Co. G., 50 NY Vol.

Roe, Hiram ( widow Ellen) (see Scott, Daniel) -  no unit given

Rolfe, Lewis H. - None listed

Rossman, John - Co A., 9 Wis. Inf

Samphein, Peter - Co. C and Co. H, 3 MS Cav.

Sanford, George ( widow Harrietta) -  Co. E., 21st Wis. Inf.

Sarvis, Hiram -  Co. B., 46 Wis. Inf.

Scott, Daniel ( Widow Ellen Roe) (See Roe, Hiram) -  Co G., 30 Wis. Inf.

Searl, Alonzo W. -  Co. C., 52 Wis. Inf.

Shafer, Frederick N.  - Co D., 61 Penna Inf.

Shoemaker, John P. - Co. D., NY Vol.

Stewart, Silas P. (the companies are as listed on the census)

          Co. K., 10th ? Vol. and Co. E., Ma. US and Co B., 22nd Ins. I

Stiner, Nathan  - Co. B., 26 ILL Inf.

Sweet, George E. -Co. J., 184th NY Inf.

Sweet, John W. - Co. I., 184 NY Vol.

Tompkins, Frank - Co. G., 185 NY Inf.

Torrey, Ezra N- . Sgt., Co a., 27 Wis vol.

Vandenberg, John - Co. I., 158 NY Vol.

Waite, James - Co. G., 67 O (?) Inf.

Wallace, Charles - Corp., Co. D., 41 Ill Inf.

Wells, Charles - 8 Wis. Battery

White, Morris  - Co. A., 9 Kansas Cav.

White, Orlo P.- Co. H, 5 MINN Inf. and Co. C., 9 MINN

Whitney, Elias I. - Co. A., 38 Wis. Vol.

Wiley, John - Provost Marshall

Wiley, Spencer Co. - J., 32 Wis Inf.

Wilson, David H. - Co C., 6 NY Cav.

Wisbrich, Frank - Co. K.and Co. B., 9 Wis.

Wright, Henry W. - Co. K., 7th Cav Mass Vol.

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