Merrill G. A. R. Post 131 Roster of 1884

The following is a roster of GAR Post 131 of Merrill - Lincoln County. The date of charter was June 24, 1884. This information comes from the Soldiers and Citizens Album, Vol 1, published in 1888, and was sent to me by Steve Michaels, of the Sons of Union Veterans. There is no listing of the units of these men. The Commander was D. L. Anderson, Adjt, J. F. Canon. Members were:

Adams, John T.  

Anderson, J. R  

Anson, N. L.  

Averill, William

Barr, J. H.

Barr, William

Bishop, R

Boyer, H. W.

Boyer, Louis

Brush, J. M.

Burdick, Albert

Canon, J. F.

Canon, S. R.

Carl, Edward

Coon, James K. P.

Dean, D. E.

Dewer, P. E.

Drew, R. S

Forsyth, Luther

Green, J. W.

Hamlin, Geo. H.

Hanover, F. A.

Hart, James

Hathaway, Giles B.

Henrichs, Valentine

Judd, R. M.

Lamore, A.

Langhoff, John

Langley, George

Lee, Frank

Luce, B. F.

Manning, G. R.

Merrifield, S.

Mitchel, Joseph

Pond, L. Phillip

Prosser, G. W.

Quick, J. J.

Roe, Hiram

Secord, John B.

Sherrin, Frank

Shortread, William

Smith, Richard

Stiner, N. S.

Stinson, Merritt

Swope, Miles

Torry, E. N.

Tyner, L. C.

Wallace, C. H.

Walther, Herman

Washburn, G. A.

Wiley, Spencer

Wright, H. W.

Young, J. E.

Zipp, Phillip

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