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Here are some Excerps taken from the "Home Intelligencer" newspaper published in Mineral Point, Wi. 1859-1865.

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Benton Mining Times    
From: Monica Farrey Odani
M Odani

      Wanted to let the list know that I sent Cindy Johnson a series of articles I copied from The Pick & Gad newspaper (published in Shullsburg) from 1891-1892 about a murder that occured just outside Darlington and the subsequent lynching of the killer. The killer was taken from the Lafayette Co. Jail and hung from a nearby tree. A few of the lynchers were eventually tried but found not guilty due to temporary insanity and sent to Mendota "Insane Asylum" in Madison for a short time.

Cindy has posted the articles at the ALHN WI site at:

The original victim was named James Meighan and the man lynched was named Anton Siebolt. A number of other names are mentioned - the lynchers, the jury, etc.

Thanks to Cindy for posting it and check it out - were your ancestors involved?

Paul Lyne

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