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New Diggings on the Fever 1824 - 1864

Margaret S. Carter

I would like to Thank Margaret S. Carter's Children for granting permission for this publication to be placed on the USGenWeb's Lafayette County Homepage.  It is a great book and one I think you will enjoy reading.  Mrs. Margaret Carter has done a wonderful service to each and everyone of us by putting into words what the People, Place, and Times where like when our ancestors lived in Lafayette County, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.  

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Copyright, 1959
Mrs. F. J. Carter

The book , "New Diggings on the Fever 1824-1864" and "New Diggings Is An Old Diggings" is printed as one book.  It can still be purchased from:
Southwest Graphics, Box 96, Darlington, WI  53530  


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About the Author  

Pages - V

Of Names and places  
Pages - 1-7

Into "The New Diggins"  
Pages 8 - 14

"...A Great Itching for Privilege"  
Pages 15 - 19

Hard Times and Indian Troubles
Pages 20 - 24

"... To Secure A Home..."  
Pages 25 -30

From Diggings to Smelter  
Pages 31 - 33

A "Land Office Business"  
Pages 34 - 40

An Old Journal  
Pages 41 - 47

The Territory and the First Census  
Pages 48 - 52

"...Full of Money and Becoming Wealthy"  
Pages 53 - 59

"The Hub of a Busy Wheel of Industry"  
Pages 60 - 66

The "Littel Mound" Schoolhouse  
Pages 67 - 73

"We Are Becoming Quite A Moral, Respectable Community"  
Pages 74 - 79

"...Order Out of Chaos" - Sale of Reserved Lands  
Pages 80- 84

New Diggings and the "Forty-Niners"  
Pages 85 - 90

New Diggings in the 1850'S  
Pages 91 - 97

From Native Born to English and Irish  
Pages 98 - 102

Notes on Text  
Pages 103 - 109

Patrons' Directory in Plat Book of Lafayette County - 1895
Pages 111 - 112

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