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Lafayette County Wisconsin Lookups

Lafayette County Wisconsin

Lookup Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to do lookups in reference books on Lafayette County, Wisconsin.  If you own such a book, please contact Dori Leekley   and your reference will be listed.

USGenWeb's policy prohibits lookup volunteers from infringing on copyright, so please do not ask for quantities of information, information on multiple people, or Xerox copies of pages from the books.


  1. Feel free to request a look-up from the listed books below.

  2. Please limit your request to only 1 or 2 names per e-mail.  

  3. In the subject line please enter 'Lafayette Cnty Lookup' to make sure request is not overlooked.

  4. Please reference the book that request is for.

  5. Please give as much information as possible for the request.

Obituary Lookups!!   ONLY Families listed below!!  In Subject line PLEASE write the SURNAME you are searching for!  

I have an extensive file of obituaries for various family lines on my computer. I would be willing to do Obituary Lookups for those seeking such material.

James A. Nethery

The family lines that I have are:


  "Lafayette County History  1881" .......................... Rose DeRocher  
  CD's  1-7   The first seven CD's from WFT. ........................Mike Birkett  
  Did your Ancestor come from the "Red River Colony 1821?"
    I have a list of pioneers and marriages.............................
Rose DeRocher  
  Lookups for New Diggings area.................
I have crossed indexed my great grandfather's personal diary for the years 1863-1878 and he mentions many (300 at least) names of persons in the New Diggings/Vinegar Hill area. From the Jo Daviess webpage I have heard from at least 20 people and looked up names for them in the diary.

Thank you, Susan Hart-- Josephine Susan Hart

  "DOWN FAYETTE MEMORY LANE, 1776-1976".   Penny Niles                  
  Gail Kopp

I have a copy of the "Earliest History of Woodford, Wisconsin" and am willing to perform lookups.                       

Vital Records  
  ---  This book can be
bought at the

Lafayette County Genealogy Workshop
P.O. Box 443
Shullsburg, Wisconsin  53586

Lafayette County Marriage Index 1847 - 1990 Groom's Book.......Dori Leekley

Lafayette County Marriage Index 1847 - 1990 Bride's Book.........Dori Leekley

Lafayette County Courthouse
626 Main Street
Darlington, Wisconsin  53530

(608/ 776-4820)

1.  Register of Deeds:  Registration of births, deaths, and marriages, financial statements, bill of sale, deeds, mortgages, land contracts, and Veteran's discharges see or call Joseph Boll, Register of Deeds  (608/ 776-4838)

  CD # 110 --  Social Security Death Index from 1937-1995,
Mike Birkett  
   Carol Stout Buttery  

My grandfather Chris E. Nelson for many years owned the Nelson Funeral Home in Darlington, Wisconsin

"funeral books" dating from 1925 into 1947.   Many records have minimal information but many have a great deal of information. Some of them have obituaries attached.    I will do look ups - and mostly in Darlington township, with a few in Fayette, Wiota, Lamont, Waldwick.  


  I have a listing of the Old Argyle Cemetery and I am willing to do look ups on it ........................... Nancy Wood        


  Monica Farrey Odani    

I have the following WSGS cemetery listings and will do look-ups:

  1. Benton:
    Primitive Methodist,
    St. Patrick's,

  2. Shullsburg:
    Old St. Matthew's,

  3. New Diggings:
    Leadmine #1 & #2 (Primitive Methodist)

  4. Elk Grove:
    Old Elk Grove,
    St. Peter's,
    Strawberry Diggings #1 & #2

Probate Records - Probate Office  --   This book can be bought at the

Lafayette County Genealogy Workshop
P.O. Box 443
Shullsburg, Wisconsin  53586

Index to Probate Records
Earliest Record through 1989...Dori Leekley
The earliest probate records found start in the year 1847.   The original records are on file at the:

Lafayette County Courthouse,  636 Main St., Darlington, WI  53530.  

When requesting a lookup for Probate, please refer back to this page for layout of answer.  Thank You!

Last name//First name//Year// What form //Probate #.    
The records before 1920 will not have the year listed.  I will place an * in its place.  

E  =  Estate
G  = Guardianship
I  =  Incompetent

Census Index on CD's
CD #39     1860 U.S. Census Index:   WISCONSIN

CD # 47    1850  U.S. Census Index:  Iowa, Ill., Mich., Mo., Minn., Wisc.

CD #148   1830-1839 U.S. Census Index:  GREAT LAKES, SOUTH,   MID-ATLANTIC

CD # 153  1840  U.S. Census Index:  Mid-West, Great Lakes

CD #154   1820-1829 U.S. Census Index: Great Lakes, South, Mid-Atlantic

William F. Roberts  *  E-mail address is not working

WFT  (World Family Tree)  

CD # 318 -- 1860 Census Records, Selected States which include Wis, and IA.   ........................Mike Birkett  


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