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New Diggings Is An Old Diggings - Forward

Margaret S. Carter


This is only the beginning of what might be written about New Diggings' colorful past, but it is, to the best of my knowledge, a truthful picture so far as it goes.  It comes as the result of some research begun in the fall of 1945, when a class of pupils in New Diggings High School decided to look into the past and record the history of some local landmarks.

Interest in the material found led to organization of classes in Local History.  In the spring of 1947 these classes became a Junior Historical Society which was chartered by the State Historical society.

During the past few months the Juniors have been aided by an adult committee consisting of the following members:  Edna Dare, Eleanor Alderson, Florence Rock, Lucy Symons, Catherine Stephens, Beatrice Redfern, John Robbins, Frank Hall and Lloyd Newman.  This committee invites correspondence with anyone who may have further informtion concerning New Diggings' early families or history.  We would like to file this material for future use, - possibly for future editions of the history of New Diggings.

We are very grateful to the people who have loaned us clippings, pictures and other material.  We would also like to thank the State Historical Society, Aurand's Press and The Wisconsin State Journal for permitting us to use Chandler's Map, the Tourist's Map and the St. Augustine's Church Pictures.  

Margaret S. Carter

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  "New Diggings Is An Old Diggings"

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