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Lafayette County Cemeteries

 Lafayette County Cemeteries

The Cemetery list was taken from "Ancestral Diggin's" a quarterly newsletter of the Lafayette County genealogy workshop.  If there is a Cemetery that has been missed, Please contact  Dori Leekley

Please remember that the following information is only a starting point for your research!

You should "Verify" all information found.  Visit the actual cemetery where your ancestor is buried, obtain birth and death records, baptismals and/or other documents that will help you to cross examine your finds!

 I have had the great pleasure in visiting Lafayette County for a week and was able to read some of the following Cemeteries.  When time permits, I will place them online.  If you have an "Ancestor" who was buried in a Lafayette County Cemetery, Please send me the information and I will list it under the appropiate cemetery.


Carol Stout Buttery      Thank You Carol!!   

My grandfather Chris E. Nelson for many years owned the Nelson Funeral Home in Darlington, Wisconsin

"funeral books" dating from 1925 into 1947.   Many records have minimal information but many have a great deal of information. Some of them have obituaries attached.    I will do look ups - mostly in Darlington township, with a few in Fayette, Wiota, Lamont, Waldwick.

Dori Leekley  Please search this link, CEMETERY SURNAMES to see if your surname is listed.  Then email me with your surname plus the pages that they are listed on.  I will then send you the information for that surname.    ONLY  "ONE" SURNAME PER EMAIL!  

This is only a partial list .  More names will be added as time permits.

Argyle Township:
  • Beam Ridge
  • Apple Grove Luth. Cemetery
  • Everson Farm Cemetery
  • Lunda-Sowl-Threadgold-
    Mud Branch Cemetery
  • Woodlawn Prot. Cemetery
  • Yellowstone Luth. Cemetery
  • Calvary Cemetery
  • Old Argyle Cemetery
    ((I have a listing of the Old Argyle Cemetery and I am willing to do look ups on it ........................... Nancy Wood  ))      
Fayette Township:
  • St Micheal's Catholic
  • Fayette Village Cemetery
  • Leach Cemetery
  • County Line
    Buckingham Cem.
  • Wildermuth Children
Shullsburg Township:
Belmont Township:
  • Bethel Grove Cemetery
  • Westrope Cemetery
  • Cottage Inn Cemetery
  • Barber-Rhea Cemetery
  • Resurrection Cath. Cemetery
  • Strawberry Diggings Cemetery ??
  • Belmont Community
  • Belmont Village Cemetery
Gratiot Township:
  • West Wiota Luth. Cemetery
  • St. Joseph's Cath. Cemetery
  • Methodist Cemetery
  • Kingsley Meth. Cem.
  • Satterlee-Oak Grove
  • Finnish-Seffrood Cem.
Wayne Township:  
  • Hoffman-Pinney Cemetery
  • Three Stones
  • LaDue Cemetery
  • South Wayne-
    Union Cemetery
  • Eastman Cemetery
  • Blaisdell-Rockwell-
    Hasley-Hasty Cem.
  • Zion-Graham Cem.
  • Brown Cemetery
Benton Township: Kendall Township: White Oaks Springs Township:
  • (Old)White Oaks Springs Village Cemetery
  • Littlefair Cemetery
  • March-Monticello-
    White Oak Springs
  • Cholera Victims Cemetery
  • Blackstone Cemetery
  • Nourse Cemetery
  • Methodist Cemetery
Blanchard Township:
  • Graceland Cemetery
  • Ula Norwegian Cemetery
  • Kammerude-Yankee Hollow Cemetery
Lamont Township: Willow Springs Township:
  • Holy Assumption Cath. Cemetery
  • Willow Springs-Union-
    St. Defiance Cem.
  • Sheldon Cemetery
  • Pillings-Ray Cemetery
  • Hall Cemetery
  • Tresner Cemetery
Darlington Township: Monticello Township:
  • Mount Hope Cemetery
  • West Ella Highland Cemetery
  • Thompson-Rowe-Watts Cem.
  • Wiley Cemetery
  • White Cemetery
Wiota Township:
  • Youngblood-Tree Cemetery
  • Schellinger-Lamb Cem.
  • Trinity-Johnson Cem.
  • East Wiota Luth. /
    Cherry Branch Cem.
  • Miller Cemtery  
  • Newton-Chapman Cem.
  • Houghtaling-Andrews
  • Wehinger-King Cem.
  • Seffrood Cemetery
  • Catherine Barry Farm
  • Pickett Cemetery
  • Rood Cemetery
Elk Grove Township:
  • Old Elk Grove Cemetery
  • Bashford Cemetery
  • Strawberry Diggings #2
    Meth. Epis. Cemetery
  • Strawberry Diggings #1
    Prim. Meth. Cemetery
  • St. Peter's Cath. Cemetery
  • McNett's East-Old Collette's Grove-Old Meth. Cemetery
  • McNett's West-
    Old Cong. Cemetery
New Diggings Township:
  • Shawneetown Cemetery
  • Leadmine Meth. Epis. Cem.
  • Leadmine Prim. Meth. Cem.
  • Looney Cemetery
  • Masonic Cemetery
  • Field Cemetery
  • Shawnee-Shawneetown Cemetery
. Seymour:
  • Wardsville Prim. Meth. Cemetery
  • Pleasant View Cemetery
  • Our Lady of Hope-St. Mary's
    Cath. Cemetery
  • P.S. I know of one pitiful little and worn stone in Seymore (but can't recall off hand if it was in a cemetery you mentioned. I recall at the time C:1983-4) that it was a little known cemetery --- Located a Felix Hebenstreit a lone stone of an infant . Mary Katherine K Hebenstreit-Halbrook


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