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History Is Made At Kewaunee, Wisconsin

One of the most historical spots in the northwest, a spot where once stood one of the principle villages of the Potawatomies in which a band of the former were entirely exterminated, a spot where Jean Nicolet first met the natives in 1634, the camping grounds of De Tone, LaSalle, Hennepin, St. Cosme, and many others, as well as the site where Jacques Vieau erected his first trading post in 1795 and where Father Marquette said his First Mass in this section on All Saints Day, November 1, 1674 - that was the spot marked on November 1, 1923, by the history class of Kewaunee High School with an appropriate marker on which was inscribed the following:


Served Holy Mass on This Spot

November 1, 1674

Erected by the History Class, K.H.S., 1923

Looking for current events and happenings in Kewaunee?  Look on the Newspapers page.   Contains links to all Kewaunee Co. Newspapers.

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Archives Part of the USGenWeb Archives Project.  See what others have submitted.  Submit your own information.
Auctions See what Kewaunee, Algoma, or Ahnapee related items are available on Ebay.  Good historical stuff goes through once in awhile.
Baptism Records First German Evangelical Lutheran Church This group settled in Manitowoc but later moved to Kewaunee County.  Includes name, parents and birthdate.
Baptisms and Births from the Spiritualist Circle Record Book The Spiritualist Circle was a new age religion in the 1800's.  Includes child's name, date of birth, and parents.
Birth Index-State Pre-1907 (partial) Lists name of child, date of birth, reel, and record number of birth record kept in Madison.
Birth Records- St. Johannes Pre-1911 list of births from this German church in Sandy Bay.  Lists name of child, parents and birthdate.
Birth Records-State Pre-1907 Includes information gathered from state held birth records.  Includes child's name parents, date of birth, and record #.
Car Owners, 1906 A list of who owned a motor vehicle in 1906.   Includes their name, type of vehicle and city they lived in.
Cemetery Transcriptions (1999) This is an updated list of cemetery transcriptions for Kewaunee County.  Includes 45 cemeteries.
Cemetery Transcriptions (1978 version) Cemetery transcriptions from the book "Cemetery transcriptions of Kewaunee County" written in 1978.  39 cemeteries.
Century Farms This is a list of farms that stayed in the same family for at least 100 years.  This list is from 1978, thus not as accurate today.
Census Includes a link to the USGenWeb Census-1870.  Partial 1860 Ahnapee Census & 1890 Veteran's schedule.
Churches of Kewaunee County A list of churches presently in Kewaunee County.  Lists names, addresses and phone numbers.
Cities and Towns of Kewaunee County Lists cities and towns in Kewaunee County along with population, latitude, longitude, and type of record.
Civil War Roster Link to roster of Wisconsin volunteers, War of Rebellion, 1861-1865.  Includes regiment and company. (and another link)
Civil War- Those who Died A list from a newspaper article by Geo. Wing of those were died during the Civil War.
Death Index-County 1874-1900 Lists name, date of death, book, page and entry number of record kept at County Courthouse
Death Index-State Pre-1907 (partial) Lists name and date of death from record held in Madison.  This is an ongoing project.
Death Records- St. Johannes List of births from this German church in Sandy Bay.  Lists name, date of birth, date of death and place.
Families of Kewaunee County A list of links other researchers have submitted to their Kewaunee County family related web site.
Family Reunions Lists family reunions for Kewaunee County families.  You can submit your own family reunion as well.
Historical Societies and other resources Lists local Historical Societies and clubs that pertain to Kewaunee County.  Has contact info and some links.
History of Kewaunee County From "Official Directory of Kewaunee County"  Thanks to Edward J Dorner, County Clerk, for use of these pages.
History of Kewaunee Co.- Late 60's From "Official Directory of Kewaunee County"  Thanks to Edward J Dorner, County Clerk, for use of these pages.
Kewaunee High School c/o 1920 Class and Football Team Photograph Here is a class picture of Kewaunee High School's class of 1920.  Includes the principle and names of students.
"Lets Get Acquainted" Index Index of a series of articles published in the Algoma Record Herald 1941-1948.  Articles were brief bios of citizens.
Libraries Lists area libraries addresses, phone numbers, hours, research availability and any notes you may find helpful.
Lookups Lists people who have volunteered their resources to help other researchers locate Kewaunee County Information.
Map of Kewaunee County- 1895 Link to the LivGenMi map of Kewaunee County.   Also has links to other WI and US maps.
Maritime History History of ships, ports, piers, captains and shipwrecks of Kewaunee County. Includes date and short description.
Marriage Index-County Pre 1909 (listed by husband) Lists groom, bride, date of marriage and book record is kept at county courthouse.  Alphabetical by groom.
Marriage Index-County Pre 1909 (listed by wife) Lists bride, groom, date of marriage and book record is kept at county courthouse.  Alphabetical by bride.
Marriage Index-State Pre-1907 (partial) Lists name, date of marriage, volume, page, and sequence number of record held in Madison.
Marriage Records-State Pre-1907 Includes information gathered from state held marriage records.  Include bride, groom, parents, date of marriage.
Mailing List Subscribe to mail or digest mode by sending an email with the word 'subscribe' in the body of the message.
"The Monument"   Biography Index Index of Biographies of Kewaunee County residents spanning the period of 1834 to 1934.
Newspaper Article Index This is an index of all articles from the Algoma Record-Herald. 1873-1950 and Luxemburg News 1909-1950.
Newspaper Clippings Newspaper articles researchers have submitted to the page.  Includes marriage announcements and news type articles.
Newspapers Lists the newspapers of Luxemburg, Kewaunee and Algoma.  Includes addresses and phone numbers.
Obituary index from Algoma Record Herald Index obituaries published in the Algoma Record Herald.  Includes name, age, and date appeared in paper.
Obituary index from Kewaunee Enterprise Obits published in  the Kewaunee Enterprise.  Includes name, age, and date appeared in paper.
Officers of Kewaunee County Lists names and years of term of those holding various offices of Kewaunee County since 1857.
Pictures Pictures of Kewaunee County families and individuals.  Not a large collection on the page.
Plat Maps Plat maps of each township from 1876.   Maps show where families live and relatively how large their lots were.
Post Offices 1821-1917 Lists post offices of Kewaunee County.   Includes first postmaster and date post office opened.  List only goes to L.
Profile of Kewaunee County From "Official Directory of Kewaunee County"  Thanks to Edward J Dorner, County Clerk, for use of these pages.
Research sources in Kewaunee County Lists numerous resources for finding valuable records and information in Kewaunee County.
Surname Registry

A-M    N-Z

Surnames other people are researching in Kewaunee County.  Also lists instructions for submitting your own surnames.
Where to write for vital records Includes addresses, available dates, and fees for obtaining vital records in Wisconsin. County and state.

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