Biography of Willis Hyde

Biography of Willis Hyde

This biography appears on pages 238-239 in
"Soldiers' and Citizens' Album of Biographical Record containing personal
sketches of Army Men and Citizens Prominent in loyalty to the Union"
Published in 1890

Willis Hyde, Genoa Junction, Wis., Member of G. A. R. Post No. 27, at Geneva, was born in Warren Co., New York, Jan. 24, 1847, and is the son of Newton and Lola Ann (Willis) Hyde. The son was brought up on his father's farm, attending school when not required on the farm. He accompanied his parents to Wisconsin in 1850 and there resided on a farm until 1859, when they went to Boone Co., Ill., and he was with them there until he determined to enlist, when he returned to Wisconsin to carry out his resolution, being but 17 years old. Jan. 20, 1864, he enlisted at Lake Geneva in Company K, 7th Wisconsin Infantry, "Iron Brigade," a fact which displays the quality of his pluck, as that organization was one always certain to be where war was thickest. He was mustered at Madison and joined his regiment at Culpeper, Va., and he was in the hospital at Judiciary Square, Washington, and afterward at Chestnut Street hospital in Philadelphia, ill with bilious intermittent fever and mumps until the battles on the Weldon railroad, in which he was for the first time in action. He was afterwards in the duties of his command at the siege of Petersburg, and in February fought at Hatcher's Run, and, about the middle of the month, went to City Point to be ordered back to old quarters where the regiment was, with the 6th Wisconsin, and, afterwards, with the 91st New Yrork, constituted "The 1st Provisional Brigade." March 29, 1865, they were in line of battle preparatory to the fight of Gravelly Run, which was fought on the 31st, and they were again in action on April 1st at Five Forks, and followed the rebels to Appomattox, where Mr. Hyde had the satisfation of being a witness of the surrender of Lee and the collapse of the confederacy. After the Grand Review in May, the regiment was assigned to the command of General Logan as the "Provisional Division," and they reported to "Black Jack" June 22d at Louisville. Mr. Hyde was mustered out July 3, 1865, and Jeffersonville, Ind. He was promoted to Corporal in the course of his service, in which he saw some of the most important of the war.

He returned after muster out to Blaine, Boone Co., Ill., and in the winter of 1866-7 the family removed to Sharon, Walworth Co., Wis., and Mr. Hyde enetered the employ of the C. & N. W. R. R. corporation, remaining with them about 10 years, when he removed to Genoa Junction, and has since remained in their employ as foreman of a section.

He was married Sept. 1, 1872, at Allen's Grove, Wis., to Florence, daughter of Cyrus and Lydia (Bruce) Lippitt, a native of Darien, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Hyde have two children, named Hattie M., (born at Darien, Wis., Sept. 5, 1873) and Earl D., (born April 10, 1884). Mr Hyde is a trusted and esteemed man and is pleasantly located at Genoa Junction.

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