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Town - County Locator
Translating Dictionaries
Birthdate Calculator
National Archives and Records Administration Soundex Machine
Schooner Genealogy Company - RootStamps - Handy rubber stamps for researchers
Charts from Ancestors - PBS
Cousins Charts
Internet Archive Way Back Machine
This site is great for tracking down the genealogy data that was posted to a site at one time but was taken down.
You can still find that info as it used to appear by using the "Way Back Machine"
Put in the URL (usually obtained from your bookmarks) and you can find web sites that are no longer up and running.

Wisconsin Links

University of Michigan Digital Library Production Service
Full text, searchable, books
Wisconsin Gazetteer, John Warren Hunt, 1858
Wisconsin and its Resources, James S. Ritchie, 1853
An Illustrated History of the State of Wisconsin, Charles R. Tuttle, 1875

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Wisconsin Biography Index and Biography Exchange

Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc.
Wisconsin officers who have been killed in the line of duty while serving

University of Wisconsin-Madison Historical Alumni Directory
An alumni directory spanning class years 1849 to 1919 is now online

The Orphan Train: Wisconsin Orphans - From the Files of the Children's Aid Society of New York
On July 25, 1856, a group of orphans left New York to Delavan and Sharon, (Walworth County), WI, and Racine (Racine County), WI. For more information, visit the "Orphan Train" web site.

Wisconsin Biography Index and Biography Exchange

A Wisconsin Heritage - featuring photos of vintage Wisconsin schoolhouses

Newspaper Resources in Wisconsin - Wisconsin Local History Network

State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1901 Transcription

Wisconsin Historical Society (formerly the State Historical Society of Wisconsin)

Wisconsin Register of Deeds listed by County

Wisconsin County Vital Records

Legacy Wisconsin newspaper obituaries search

British Interest Group of Wisconsin and Illinois

Wisconsin Genealogical Council, Inc.

Wisconsin Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Daughters of the American Colonists

Wisconsin Society United States Daughters of the War of 1812

Wisconsin Sons of the American Revolution

Sons of the Revolution in the State of Wisconsin (SR)

Society Hill: Wisconsin Societies

Ancestors: Resource Guide - Wisconsin

International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - Wisconsin Cemetery Project

Wisconsin - Its Story and Biography 1848-1913

Ethnic Groups in Wisconsin: Historical Background

Origins Genealogy Bookstore - Janesville, WI

Wisconsin Slovak Historical Society

Some Pre-1907 WI Marriage Records

Step into History - Wisconsin

Cyndi's List - Wisconsin Links

Emerald Reflections, the monthly publication of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

National/International Links

National Archives

National Genealogical Society

Military burials by state

American Family Immigration History Center

DAR Library

Daughters of the American Revolution

DAR - Patriot Index Lookup Service

Research in the U. S. National Archives, Washington, DC

Danish Emigration Archives

Genealogy Bookstore

Ranks, Professions, Occupations and Trades

List of occupations

Archaic Medical Terms

Genealogy Today

The Poorhouse Story

Ancestors - PBS


African American and African Ancestored Genealogy


International Internet Genealogical Society

ePodunk - Celebrating the Power of Place

Modern Woodmen of America life insurance records

This tidbit of info is from Joan Brenner, County Co-ordinator for Adams and Marquette Co., Wisconsin to all Wisconsin Co-ordinators to share with their researchers:

Condensed from the Spring 2002 issue of the Modern Woodmen Magazine.

Many of us have found Modern Woodmen mentioned in an obituary or have found "MWA" on a tombstone.

Modern Woodmen of America life insurance records are available to help verify information and can help you continue in the right direction on your family research. Now, you can contact the MWA corporate librarian to check death benefit claim records 1884 - 1946 via e-mail: [email protected]

Include your ancestor's name, date of death and place of residence if known, as well as your full contact information.

Death benefit claim records are a secondary source and typically provide
the following:
*Name of Insured
*Date of Certificate
*MWA Camp Number and Location
*Date of Death
*Cause of Death

Requests for information for deaths after 1946 may or may not be released, and will be reviewed to protect confidentiality of the living family members. Requests are answered in the order they are received and there is no fee for this service.

Passenger Lists

Passenger Lists

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

Ships and Vessels

Maritime Wisconsin Newspaper Database
Great Lakes Vessels Online Index
U.S. Great Lakes Vessel Enrolments
Great Ocean Liners
Immigrant Ships - Louis S. Alfano
Lloyd's Registry of Shipping
Steamship Historical Society of America
Mystic Seaport Museum
Mariners Museum
Peabody Essex Museum - Maritime Arts and History Archives

Social Security Death Index

Social Security Death Index

Guide to Freedom of Information Act Requests - Social Security Administration

As printed in the MCGS newsletter

Many questions have come up as people refer to the Social Security Death Index. The following Social Security program dates answer most of them: 14 Aug 1935 Social Security law passed. 1 Dec 1936 - First card issued.

1937-1939 - Approximately 35 million numbers assigned to workers who qualified before 1 Jan 1937.

1951 - Coverage extended to domestic and farm workers, temporary federal employees, the self-employed and residents of U.S. territories.

1955 - Americans working for U.S. companies abroad and self-employed farmers covered.

1956 - Most self-employed professionals other than doctors covered.

1961 - SSNs required by IRS to identify taxpayers.

1965 - Medicare program enacted. Doctors covered.

1973 - SS numbers issued centrally. First three digits determined by zip code of applicant's address.

1984 - All federal employees hired after 1 Jan and employees of non-profit organizations covered.

FAMILY FINDINGS, 7:4, May 1997, quarterly newsletter, published by the Wisconsin Jewish Genealogical Society, 9280 N. Fairway Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53217.

Beware of Genealogy Scams - Keep yourself safe

Unfortunately there are people out there with fraudulent Genealogy web sites. Before spending any large amounts of money for a subscription, check the web sites below to see if the company has been reported to authorities as offering services that they are collecting money for but are offered elsewhere for free. These companies have been known to steal data off of free genealogy web sites and sell it!

Genealogy Hall of Shame
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Cyndi's List - Consumer Protection

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