St. Alphonsus Catholic Church

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church

Source: "The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties" (Chicago: 1879)

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ST. ALPHONSO'S CATHOLIC CHURCH is situated in Wheatland Township. The church was built in January, 1852, and neatly fitted up. The entire cost was about $5,000. The first Priest, Father Martin Weiss, took charge in February, 1852,served as Pastor till April, 1854, when he resigned and was succeeded by Rev. Father Hauselbauer, who took charge in February, 1855, and served till December 1855. He was succeeded by the Rev. Father Berkman, in April, 1856, who remained here until December, 1856, at which time he resigned. In December, 1856, he was succeeded by Rev. Charles Schrautenbach, who served as Pastor till February, 1857; then he was succeeded by Father Igedus Marschal, who remained in charge till March, 1858; resigned and was succeeded by Father James Stehle, who served till February, 1859. Then came Father Joseph Lutz, in March, 1859. He remained as Pastor till December, 1862; resigned and was succeeded by Father Hauselbauer, who served till June, 1863. Then came Father Henry Korphage, who remained here till January, 1866, at which time he was succeeded by Father Franz Deipreinbach, who served till July, 1867. Then came Father Henry Korphage again, and he served till July, 1870. Then came Father Marschal again, and he served till April, 1872; he was then succeeded by Father Nicholas Zimmer, who remained in charge till May, 1874. In May, 1874, he was succeeded by Father Leonard Blum, who remained as Pastor till September, 1876. He is now Pastor of the Brighton Catholic Church. In September 1876, the present Pastor, Father Andrews Gestach, took charge, and is now filling the position of Pastor. He was born in Austria Nov. 15, 1826; educated at the Austrian University, Salisburg Seminary, where he graduated. He served as a Priest in Brixen, Austria, from the 25th of July, 1852, till 1876, at which time he came to Wisconsin and took charge of St. Alphonso's Church. The Wheatland Catholic Church congregation consists of one hundred families, or about 500 devoted members. The congregation is in a prosperous condition. They have lately built a new residence for their Pastor. In 1875, they built a new Catholic Schoolhouse, adjoining the Church. The school is taught by the Sisters of Notre Dame. They have about eighty pupils in attendance. In the summer of 1878, the Church built a pretty house, in which the teachers are living.

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