Biographies of Kenoshans in the Wisconsin Blue Book, 1885

Biographies of Kenoshans in the Wisconsin Blue Book, 1885

Biography of ROBERT GRAHAM

This biography appears on page 417 in
Wisconsin Blue Book (1885)

State Superintendent
ROBERT GRAHAM, of Oshkosh, Winnebago county, was born in Putnam, Washington county, N. Y., July, 24, 1828; received an academic and normal school education; is, by profession, a teacher; came to Wisconsin in 1861, and settled at Kenosha; ten years later he removed to Oshkosh, taking a position as teacher in the normal school, where he has since remained; he was captain of Company C., 39th Wis. Vol. Infantry from May, 1864; was county superintendent of schools in Washington county, N. Y., county superintendent of Kenosha county, Wisconsin, and was a candidate for the position of state superintendent in 1873 and 1875; was nominated in 1881 by the republicans, democrats and prohibitionists, receiving 164,115 votes against 7,175 for J. A. Gaynor, greenbacker. He was re-elected as a republican in 1884, receiving 170,406 votes against 20,985 for W. D. Parker, democrat, 122,675 for Isaac Stewart, democrat, and 4,322 for H. S. Brown, greenbacker.

Biography of WALTER S. MAXWELL

This biography appears on page 420 in
Wisconsin Blue Book (1885)

WALTER S. MAXWELL (Rep.) -P. 0. address, Kenosha - was born in Jackson, Washington county, N. Y., September 12,1836; was educated in the common and normal schools; is a farmer; came to Wisconsin in 1850 and settled at Somers, where he has continued to reside; served as supervisor of his town various times, and as chairman in 1874, '75, '76, '77, '78, '79, '80, '81 and '84, and as chairman of county board in 1884; was a member of assembly in 1877, '81, and in '83; was elected state senator in 1884, receiving 5,920 votes, against 3,620 for Andrew Kull, Jr., democrat, and 493 for Cooley E. Wing, prohibitionist.


This biography appears on page 433 in
Wisconsin Blue Book (1885)

ANDREW PATTERSON (Rep.), of Fox River, was born in Ireland, December 15, 1831; received a common school education; is by occupation a farmer; came to Wisconsin in 1844, and settled in Kenosha county, in different parts of which he has resided since; was chairman of the town board of supervisors in 1873; was elected member of assembly for 1885, receiving 1,933 votes against 1,354 for George H. Kroncke, democrat.

Biography of ERNST G. TIMME

This biography appears on page 416 in
Wisconsin Blue Book (1885)

ERNST G. TIMME, of Kenosha, Kenosha county, was born in Werden, Rhine Province of Prussia, June 21, 1843; received a common school education before the war, and graduated from a commercial college at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1865. He is by occupation a teacher and clerk; came to Wisconsin in 1848 and settled at Wheatland, Kenosha county, where he resided until 1866; enlisted in August, 1861, as a private in Co. C, 1st Wis. Vol. Infantry; took part in the battles of Perryville, Stone River, Hoover Gap and all of the minor engagements of the 14th army corps, until the battle of Chickamauga., on the second day of which, -September 20, 1863 -while resisting an attempt to take a battery, he lost his left arm. For gallantry displayed in this engagement he was commissioned as captain by brevet, but after eight months in the hospital he was honorably discharged, the amputated arm not healing until a year later. He has held various local offices, and held the position of county clerk of Kenosha county from January, 1867, to January 1, 1882; was a prominent candidate for the office of secretary of state in the republican convention in 1877, and was elected as a republican to that office in 1881, receiving 83,071 votes against 70,141 for Michael Johnson, democrat, 11,643 votes for Edmund Bartlett, prohibitionist, and 6,747 for Wilson Hopkins, greenbacker. He was re-elected in 1884, receiving 163,062 votes against 144,197 for Hugh J. Gallagher, democrat, 8,313 for E. G. Durant, prohibitionist, and 4,350 for G. W. Jones, greenbacker.

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