Kenosha County Biographical Sketches

Kenosha County Biographical Sketches



BERNARD LA MARSH, of the firm of Truesdell & Co. was born in Germany, and came to Chicago in 1858. In 1874, he came to Kenosha, and, in I878, became a member of his present firm.

EGBERT M. LEE (deceased); born in 1835; moved to Wisconsin, and, at an early date, he was engaged in the lumber business, making his headquarters at Minneapolis. At the breaking-out of the rebellion, he held a very important position in the Quartermaster Department, Nashville, Tenn., having several hundred clerks under him. May, 1871, went to Duluth; July, the same year, moved to Minneapolis, and engaged in the lumber business, where he died Jan. 12. 1872. His body was brought to Kenosha for burial. He was a member of the Odd Fellows and Masonic fraternities. Married, November, 1870, Miss Carrie Lewis, of Hartford, Conn. Democrat.

URBAN J. LEWIS, Cashier of D. Head & Co.'s Bank; is a native of England, but, came with his parents to this country when 5 years of age. He lived first in Plymouth, Richland Co., Ohio, and came to Kenosha in March, 1875. He has been engaged in banking for six years.

JOSEPH I. LIETING, proprietor Garden City House; born in Germany in 1838; came to Wisconsin in 1846, locating at Kenosha, where he clerked for Head, Campbell & Co., L. C. Hyde, Brown & Weeks, and others. In 1858, went to Chicago, and engaged in the hotel business, clerking at the Continental and other houses; he then opened hotel on Kinzie and Wells streets, in Chicago. In 1874, returned to Kenosha; Oct. 18, 1875, he opened the Garden City Hotel. Married, February, 1875, Miss Josephine Camp, a native of Germany. They have had two children. Family are members oftbe Catholic Church.

F. H. LYMAN, of the firm of F. W. Lyman & Son, boots and shoes; was born in Goshen, Hampshire Co., Mass., June 26, 1845. His father, F. W. Lyman, came to Kenosha in 1843 his family following in 1845. F. H. graduated at the Michigan University in the Class of 1868, and, in 1869, entered into partnership with his father. He married Sarah Eliza Bond Feb. 16, 1876 - she was born in Kenosha. They have one daughter- Rosalie Bond Lyman, Mr. Lyman is a member of the Congregational Church, and Mrs. Lyman of the Episcopal.

FREDERICK W. LYMAN, manufacturer and wholesale and retail dealer in boots, and shoes; came to Kenosha June 12, 1843, where he has since been engaged in his present business; added the manufacturing department in 1853; three years previously, he built the first tannery at the mouth of Jerome Creek, which was burned in 1857. Mr. Lyman was, for a number of years, Director of the Western & Rockford Railroad; was a member of the School Board for ten years. He married in Goshen, Mass., Feb. 8, 1844, Sarah W. Naramore; have five children - Frank H., Agnes S, now Mrs. Herbert M. Leo, of Kansas City; Elizabeth B., now Mrs. Frank Slosson; Fred. C. and Richard S.


JOHN LAMB, dealer in real estate, Sec. 7; P.O. Kenosha; born August 15, 1799, at Kingston, Herefordshire, England, where his profession was that of wool merchant, or, as it is called in England, wool stapler; went to Canada in 1839, and resided there for nine years, returning to England in 1848, where he and his family remained for four years; came to America in 1852, and settled in Pleasant Prairie, where he owns about 250 acres of land, and 295 acres in the adjoining township of Somers; he also owns seven farms, besides wild lands and city lots in Minnesota. Married Miss Elizabeth Turner, of Kingston, England, April 8, 1825; she died in March, 1834. they had four children - Elizabeth, who died in infancy; John, William, and a second daughter, also named Elizabeth. On June 21, 1836, he married Mrs. Ann Mary Wilcox, of Kingston, England; she had one daughter - Mary Anna, who married Mr. Stanbridge May 15, 1861, and died in February, 1864, leaving one child - M.E. Lamb Stanbridge, born April 9, 1863; Mr. Lamb's eldest son, John, died in Canada in May, 1842; the second son, William, opened a real estate office in Winona, Minn., in 1856, but he died March 9, 1872, and his father is now carrying on the business. Mr. L's daughter Elizabeth died June 30, 1853, in Kenosha. Mr. and Mrs. Lamb are members of the Second Congregational Church, of Pleasant Prairie, where there is a flourishing congregation, which meets in the Lamb Schoolhouse, in which, during the week, instruction is imparted to nearly forty scholars.

AUGUST LAMBRECHT, farmer, Sec. 19; P.O. Kenosha; born Sept. 24, 1831, in Prussia; came to America in 1862 and located in Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha County, Wis., on the farm he now occupies, consisting of 300 acreas, on which he raises all kinds of stock and grain. Married Miss Mary Lambrecht, of Prussia, in the fall of 1856, and has eight children - Bertha, born July 21, 1857; Josephine, Oct. 3, 1859; William, June 27, 1862; Henry, Sept. 30, 1865; Minnie, Aug. 7, 1867; Annie, June 10, 1869; Rosa, June 25, 1871; Frank, Sept. 10, 1873. He and his family are members of the Lutheran Church.

VIGTA LINDQUIST, miller, Sec. 4; P.O. Truesdell Station; born May 11, 1838, in Sweden; went to Denmark when 12 years old, and learned his business; came to Pleasant Prairie in 1869; bought about one acre of land and built his mill and house upon it, and is now doing a good business. Married Miss Johanna Paulton, of Denmark, July 9, 1875. He and his family are members of the Lutheran Church. His father, who was also born in Sweden, lives with them, and is now about 67 years old.

PETER LIPPERT, farmer, Sec. 14; P.O. Kenosha; born Oct. 27, 1837, in Prussia, where he was a farmer and butcher; came to America and settled in Albany, N.Y., in 1857, and while there worked in a malt-house; in the fall of the same year he came to Racine County, and worked on Peter Rosan's farm; and managed Mr. Cutting's farm for him for three years, whilst Mr. C. was in the army; worked for W. Stanley in Pleasant Prairie, and, in 1868, bought the farm he now owns of 120 acres. He married Miss Helena Tobey, of Pleasant Prairie, in November, 1862, and has seven children - William, Helena, Kate, Annie, John, Peter and Mary. Mr. Lippert is now serving his third year as Roadmaster of Pleasant Prairie. He and his family are members of the German Catholic Church.

JOHN LUCAS, farmer, Sec. 4, and proprietor of the Farmer's Home Hotel, Truesdell Station; P.O. Kenosha; born May 19, 1836, in Radnorshire, Wales; came to Paris, Kenosha Co., in 1843; to Pleasant Prairie in 1853, and worked for L.C. Holt three and one-half years, then went back to Paris to his parents for two years, during which time he owned and operated a threshing machine, at the same time managing his farm. In the fall of 1858, was severely hurt by a runaway team. In the spring of 1859, was elected Assessor of Paris Township, and served two years. In 1860, went to college at Coshocton Co., Ohio, for one year, then came to Pleasant Prairie, bought a farm, worked it two years, sold it and went to work as a carpenter in Kenosha and elsewhere for four years. In 1865, bought eighty acres of the Gideon Truesdell farm, and worked it till 1870, when he was elected Sheriff of Kenosha County, for 1871-1872; afterward returned to his farm, still working as carpenter for two years, and was re-elected Sheriff in the fall of 1874, serving two years; then after managing his farm for one year, rented it, and moved into his hotel, which he had bought in 1874. Married Miss Sarah J. Everall, of Ohio, June 15, 1860; she died May 4, 1861. On March 7, 1864, he married Miss Angeline Dabbs, of Pleasant Prairie; have five children - John C., born Oct. 7, 1865; Floyd G., Nov 26, 1867; Mabel L., Feb 27, 1870; Lottie L., June 26, 1872; Schuyler B., March 19, 1874. Mr. Lucas has also been Assessor of Pleasant Prairie nine years at different periods; Chariman of the Board of Supervisors one year; Under Sheriff of Kenosha County, two years; Deputy Sheriff of Kenosha County, four years; is now serving his seventh year as Justice of the Peace, and is County Coroner. He is a member of Lodge No. 47, Masons. Mr. L. and his family are members of the Congregational Church.


JOHN C. LEACH, farmer, Sec. 5; P.O. Kenosha; born in New York in 1827; came West in 1851, locating in Kenosha Co.; he engaged in farming, which he followed until 1870, when he left his farm, returning in 1872, since which time he has remained on the farm; 1858 to 1860, he was Assessor for the town of Somers; was a member of the Town Board of Supervisors from 1873 to 1876, Town Treasurer in 1876, and is Town Treasurer at present; is a member of the M.E. Church. Married, in Kenosha, in 1855, Miss Mary C. Greene, a native of Vermont; they have three children, two boys and one girl - William H., Hattie M., and Edward J. Mr. Leach owns eighty and a half acres.

GEORGE F. LEET, farmer, Sec. 10; P.O. Kenosha; born Kenosha Co., Wis., in 1838; his father, Mr. Charles Leet, settled in Kenosha in 1837, having visited Kenosha and purchased land the previous year; returned for his family to Delaware Co., N.Y. Mr. Charles Leet died Feb. 11, 1874, since which time George F. Leet has managed the farm. Mr. Leet, in 1863, went from Somers to Waukegan, Ill., where he, in 1864, enlisted in the 2d Regt. Light Art., Co. M; afterward transferred to Co.C. He served with the regiment until mustered out in August, 1865, when he returned to Kenosha and engaged as a clerk in a dry goods and grocery store until 1867, when he purchased from his father the farm he now occupies. He has two children living, having lost one - Leverett - who died in 1871; those living are Fred W., and Edward H. His wife, who was Miss Jessie Smith, was born in Kenosha Co. He married in 1868. He is the owner of 200 acres of land.


None with the letter "L"


None with the letter "L"


LOTT LEACH, farmer; P.O. Salem; he was born in Brighton Township Aug. 2, 1852; he received a fair common-school education; when young, assisted his father in working the farm. Mr. Leach understands farming, and is now engaged with Mr. Clapp Miner. Mr. Leach married, June 1, 1875, Miss Nettie Wheeler. She was born in Burlington Township in 1857. They have one son - Mellville, born April 24, 1876. Mr. Leach is an active, industrious young man.

WM. LEACH, farmer, Sec. 7; P.O. Burlington; born in Yorkshire, England, Aug. 31, 1814. He came to Wisconsin with his brother Aaron Leach, in 1842. They located and lived together in Brighton Township; engaged at farming; worked the same farm for six years, then separated. William moved to another part of the township, located and began work for himself. He has industriously followed farming until within a few years; has accumulated considerable property. He first married, in Yorkshire, England, Nov. 7, 1837, Miss Sarah Whitaker, a native of the same place. They had no children. His wife died June 4, 1875. He married again, in June, 1876, Mrs. Sarah Leach, a native of England. His nephew, John Leach, is living with him, and has the management of the farm. He married, in 1873, Miss Agnes McDonald, a native of Brighton Township. They have three children - Charlie, born Jan. 18, 1876; William, March 9, 1875; Stella Ann, June 13, 1878. Mr. William Leach owns 347 acres of land, well improved; members of the Bible Christian Church.


None with the letter "L"


None with the letter "L"


BERNARD LAIS, merchant and Postmaster, Wheatland; born Sept. 23, 1827, in Prussia; came to Wisconsin in November, 1857; located in Wheatland, where he bought a farm of eighty acres of good land, on which he lived and worked industriously until 1867, at which time he sold the farm and married, in 1867, Mrs. Phoena Krippman, the widow of Henry Krippman, by whom she had four children, three of whom are now living - John, August and Emma Krippman; by this marriage, they have three children - Anna, Tilda and Clara Lais. At the time Mr. Lais was married, he succeeded Henry Krippman in the mercantile business; carries a general line of goods - boots and shoes, dry goods, groceries, hardware, etc. Members of the Wheatland Catholic Church.

CHARLES LEMMERHERT, farmer, Sec. 7; P.O. Slade's Corner; was born in Germany in 1832; came to Wisconsin in 1859. Married in 1860; wife was born in Germany. They have eight children living; lost one. Mr. and Mrs. L. are members of the Lutheran Church. Mr. L. owns 117 acres of land.

B.H. LOHAUS, Sr., farmer, Secs. 10 and 11; P.O. Wheatland; born in Westphalia, Prussia, Jan. 4, 1815. Married, in Prussia, in May 1846, Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth Olive, a native of the same place; have five children - Henry, Mary, Wilhelm, Bernhard and Caroline. Mr. Lohaus and wife came to Wisconsin in 1847; bought a farm in Wheatland Township, where he has since lived. His first wife died in 1864; he married again in November, 1866, in Wheatland Township, Miss Anna Krozt, who was born in Germany in 1825; they had two children, one living - John. Mr. Lohaus is the owner of eighty acres of fine land, nicely improved. Members of the Wheatland Catholic Church.

HENRY LOHAUS, farmer, Sec. 2; P.O. Wheatland; born in Burlington Township, Oct. 15, 1849; son of Bernard H. and Catherine Lohaus. Henry assisted his father in working the farm till February, 1873, then bought a farm of seventy-seven acres of land, fairly improved, and comfortable house, in which he is living; has commenced building a larger residence. Mr. Lohaus married in Wheatland, Feb. 15, 1873, Miss Mary Overcamp, who was born in Stanford, Germany, Sept. 21, 1851; they have three children - Christian, born Nov. 15, 1874; Henry, Oct. 15, 1875; George, Nov. 28, 1878. His wife is a member of the Lutheran Church; he of the Wheatland Catholic Church.

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