Kenosha County Biographical Sketches

Kenosha County Biographical Sketches



DR. ASAHEL FARR, physician and surgeon, and proprietor of "Union Drug Store;" is a native of Waterford, Caledonia Co., Vt.; he was fitted for college at Phillips' Academy, in Danville, Vt., and is a graduate of Dartmouth College; received his degree from the medical department in 1846; he commenced practice at Johnsville, Vt., and came to Kenosha April 15, 1854, and, from that time, has been engaged in his profession here, adding the drug-business to it for a period of seventeen years. Dr. Farr was a member of the Assembly in 1872, and of the Senate in 1876; he was, for several years, President of the Board of Education, and seven years Mayor of the city. The Doctor owns a farm of 317 acres at Pleasant Prairie, generally known as the Morgan Farm.

JOHN FASSBINDER, saloon-keeper; born in Racine Co. in 1848; came to Kenosha in 1872, where he worked for C. Muntzenberger for eight months; afterward in Pettit's malt-house for three years; in 1875, clerked for John Schmitt; continued for four years; May 1, 1879, bought out John Gannerman's saloon, on Main street. He married, in April, 1879, Miss Eva Thielen, a native of Pleasant Prairie, Wis. Members Catholic Church.

WILLIAM F. FISHER, firm of Fisher, Lentz & Co. dry goods and groceries; born in Wisconsin Dec. 1, 1848; received his early education in Somers; at the age of 15, he went to Racine and remained two years; then came to Kenosha and finished his education. In 1865, clerked for S. Doan, remaining with him for eleven years; in 1877, went to Chicago, where he was engaged in the wholesale department of Field, Leiter & Co. for one year; returned to Kenosha and formed a partnership with P. Lentz and M. N. Funck. Married, Oct. 21, 1874, Miss Rosalie Muntzenberger, a native of Wisconsin. They have one son - William F. Members of the German Lutheran Church.

S. FISK, millinery business; born in Kenosha in 1844; went East in 1865 and engaged in millinery business in Vermont; returned to Kenosha in 1868; established a millinery bouse on Market street, where he is now doing business. Member of the F. & A. M. society, and of the Episcopal Church.

MRS. HANNAH M. FLUSKEY; born in Westfield, Mass., in 1809; her family removed to New York State in 1821; remained there until 1835. She married, at Rome, N. Y., Mr. Fluskey. Her maiden name was Sheppard. In 1835, they came to Wisconsin, Mr. Fluskey engaging in business at Milwaukee, as hatter and auctioneer, he having followed the business of hatter previous to his coming West. They had three children - William L., born in Wisconsin in 1839; came to Kenosha in 1866, and engaged in farming and fruit-growing; followed that until 1870, when he engaged in real estate and insurance, which business he followed until his death, in December, 1875. He married in 1874, in Winnebago Co., Mrs. Sarah M. McKillip, who, with her husband, mother and her only child, Mary, is now living in Kenosha.

ORLANDO FOSTER, manufacturer of shoes, and proprietor of hotel; also, mechanic; was born in Oneida Co., N. Y., in 1809. Came to Wisconsin in June, 1836, and located in Kenosha, then called Pike River. Married Miss Pamelia Dodge in 1850, whose native place was Cayuga Co., N. Y. Names of children - William. W., John D., Albert 0., Charles D., Mary P. Members of Congregational and Episcopal Churches.

ERNST FRANKE, butcher born in Saxony, Germany, in 1843; came to America in 1854; to Kenosha in 1860, and engaged in fishing; followed that until 1876, then opened a market and butcher shop, which business he still continues. Married, in 1870, Miss Maggie Jensen, native of Holstein, Germany; have three children - James, Julia and Charley.

CHARLES FRANTZ, Postmaster; is a native of Germany; came to Kenosha in 1855; he was engaged in clerking and in agricultural pursuits until September, 1861, when he enlisted in Co. C, 9th Wis. V. I.; at first served as recruiting officer; when he joined his regiment, was promoted to First Lieutenant; he was afterward promoted to Captain of Co. G, and as such, was mustered out May 15, 1865; he was eleven months in a rebel prison at Tyler, Tex., and two months at Princeton, Ark. After his return home, he was, in 1866, elected City Treasurer, served three years in succession; in the fall of 1868, was elected Register of deeds; resignedthat position when he was appointed Postmaster, an office to which he has be re-appointed; Mr. Frantz was Chairman of the Republican County Committee for several years and has been Alderman one term.

MAURICE N. FUNCK, of the firm of Fisher. Lentz & Co., dry goods and groceries; born in Luxembourg in 1847 came to Wisconsin in 1871, locating at Kenosha, where he clerked for Mr. Earnst for five years and Lee Fellows one year; in 1876, formed partnership with P. Lentz and opened a general store; Jan. 21, 1879, W. F. Fisher was admitted to the firm. Married, April 17, 1877, Miss Gertrude Myer, a native of Prussia; they have had one daughter - Lizzie A., who died at Kenosha. Member of the Catholic Church; Mr. Funck is a Democrat.


JOHN FAY, farmer, Sec. 22; P.O. Kenosha; born Oct. 26, 1837, in New York State; came to Bristol Township, Kenosha Co., Wis., in 1844, with his father, but his mother dying, he went to Brighton and lived with an aunt until he was 16 years old; was educated at the district schools; worked for different people for a time, then went to Southern Illinois and Syracuse, Mo.; thence down the Missouri River into Arkansas, and worked on the Little Rock & Memphis R.R.; returned to Kenosha in May, 1860; went back to Little Rock in the fall of the year. In 1861, had great difficulty in getting through rebel lines, finally succeeding by hiding in the hold of a ship and starving for two days. In the fall of 1862, went to Syracuse, N.Y., and was foreman of a salt works for four years; then returned to Kenosha. Married Miss Elizabeth Doherty, of Pleasant Prairie, on Oct. 22, 1868; has five children - Mary Ellen, Jane, Rosa, Francis and Charles. Mr. Fay now rents sixty acres of land and raises all kinds of stock and grain.

ALVAN G. FRENCH, farmer, Sec. 3; P.O. Kenosha; born Sept. 9, 1801, in Stratford, Coos Co., N.H., where he worked on his father's farm until he was 34 years old. In 1835, he went to Chicago and Kankakee to look for a suitable location; in the summer of that year, came to Wisconsin, and settled in Pleasant Prairie; bought his farm of 320 acres and built the second log house in this township; he now lives in a handsome homestead which he has since erected. He raises all kinds of grain and stock. Married Miss Nancy Stevens, of Vermont, May 27, 1837; have had five children - Arvilla, born Dec, 18, 1839; Loretta, July 16, 1841; Walter L., Aug. 26, 1843; Althea, Nov, 10, 1845, died Sept. 27, 1856; Ella L., Oct. 22, 1850. He was Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Racine and Kenosha Counties before the division, for two years; Roadmaster of Pleasant Prairie several years; School Clerk of Pleasant Prairie, two years. Mr. French is a strong temperance man.

GEORGE D. FOOT, deceased; born Feb. 1, 1805, in Salem, N.Y.; came to Wisconsin in April, 1837, and located on Pleasant Prairie; bought his farm of eighty acres in 1839. Married Miss Sophia Hooker, of Utica, N.Y., Sept. 20, 1838. He died Oct. 9, 1846, leaving nine children - John H., Rachel A., Charlotte A., George W., Emma, Henry M., Jane, Charles P., and Emily. Henry served in the war for three years, with the 17th Ill. V.I., and other regiments. Charles served three years in the 1st Regt., Wis. V.I. Mrs. Foot owns the farm, and her son, George W., manages it for her. George W. Foot married Miss Jane Hoasted, of Bristol Township, Oct. 4, 1871. The family resides in Sec. 21; P.O. Kenosha.

JOHN FOX, farmer, Sec. 11; P.O. Kenosha; born Oct. 8, 1808, in Warwickshire, England; came to America in the fall of 1834; lived in Jefferson Co., about six years, and then came to Pleasant Prairie; bought his farm of 250 acres in 1855, and raises all kinds of stock and grain; the ground is well timbered; on his arrival it was all covered with hazel brush and small timber, but now is in good cultivation. He built the house and barns himself. Married Miss Margaret Duggan, of Ireland, Jan. 8, 1836, and has had eight children, seven now living - Jane, William, Mary, who died; Edwin, Albert, Walter, Alice and Hattie. William Fox was Roadmaster and Clerk of school district for several years. He is a member of the Episcopal Church, and Mrs. Fox of St. Mark's Catholic Church.


FREDRICK FISCHER, farmer, Sec. 14; P.O. Kenosha; born in Hanover in 1823, and came to Kenosha Co., in 1848, where he was employed in farm work; in 1852, he purchased the farm he now occupies. He is a member of the Lutheran Church. Married, in New York, Miss Louise Snyder, who died in 1853, leaving three children; married again, in Kenosha, in 1853, Miss F. Englehardt, a native of Hanover. Mr. Fischer is owner of forty acres.


GERMOND V. FOWLER, farmer, Sec. 25; P.O. Woodworth; born March 18, 1815, in Dutchess Co., N.Y.; went to Onondaga Co. and worked with his father as a farmer; came to Kenosha in the fall of 1847, and located in Bristol Township in the spring of 1848; bought a farm of 160 acres; has sold it all but forty acres, which he farms himself. Married Mrs. Alice Burwell, of Pleasant Prairie, July 7, 1873. She is a member of the Episcopal Church.


MATTHEW FONK, farmer, Sec. 19; P.O. Paris; born in Paris Township, Kenosha Co., Dec. 16, 1846; his father, Philip Fonk, came to Kenosha Co. in the spring of 1846, locating in the township of Paris, where he engaged in farming, which he followed until his retirement from active pursuits in 1875. Matthew Fonk was raised on his father's farm, and has always followed farming; he is now working his own farm in Paris Township, consisting of 210 acres. Married in Kenosha Co. Jan. 10, 1871, Eva Corol, a native of France; Mr. Fonk has four children - Annie R., born Oct. 10, 1871; Virginia M., in 1872; Maggie E., Aug. 20, 1873; Mary, Jan. 29, 1878.

CHARLES M. FOWLER, farmer, Sec. 33; P.O. Bristol; born in Connecticut Dec. 30, 1796; came West in 1838, and purchased land at the Government land sale; March, 1839, he went back to Connecticut; came West again in 1848; brought his family, and settled on the farm he now occupies in 1850. Married in Northford, Conn., in 1824, Miss Emily Cook, a native of that place; Mr. Fowler has four children living - Anna L., born Sept. 6, 1826; Ellen, June 2, 1830; Jeannette, Nov. 19, 1832; John D., June 26, 1835; two died - Emily, born Dec. 28, 1836 (died June 28, 1853); Charlotte M., born Nov. 9, 1841 (died June 19, 1845); Mrs. Emily Fowler died Nov. 15, 1874, aged 72 years. Mr. Fowler is owner of 580 acres of land.


None with the letter "F"


None with the letter "F"


DR. THOMAS D. FORD; P.O. Wilmot; born in the town of Antioch, Lake Co., Ill., Feb. 6, 1848. His father, Mr. E. Ford, having lived here for many years, went to California, and engaged in mining till attacked with cholera, and died in San Francisco in 1853; his mother is still living; is now 54 years old. The Doctor enlisted, in 1864, in Co. K., 134 Ill. V.I., and served in the Western army, mostly in Kentucky and Tennessee; was transferred to the 8th Ky., Heavy Art.; mustered out in December, 1864, at Chicago. After a course of study in the academy at Waukegan, Ill., he studied medicine with Dr. D.B. Taylor, of Wilburn, Ill; entered Rush Medical College, Chicago, in 1869, and graduated Feb. 1, 1871; after graduation, he practiced medicine one year in Minnesota, then for some time at Benham's Corners, Wis; afterward settled in Wilmot, where he now resides; has charge of a drug-store, and has a good practice. The Doctor married March 9, 1871, Miss Helen E. Shumway, a native of Warren, Ill.; has two children - Guy Stanton and Frank Leland.


N. FINK, farmer, Sec. 31; P.O. Burlington; was born in Germany in 1808; came to Wisconsin in 1848. Married same year. His wife was born in Germany. They have three children living and have lost six. Mr. and Mrs. Fink are members of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. F. owns 203 acres of land.

LEROY FOSDICK, farmer, Sec. 9; P.O. Bassett's Station; was born in Wheatland in 1849; is a son of Lyman Fosdick, who was among the earliest settlers of the town, and died July 3, 1877. Mr. Fosdick has always followed farming. He owns 120 acres of land.

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