Kenosha County Biographical Sketches

Kenosha County Biographical Sketches



REV. JOHN CASEY, father in Catholic Church; was born in County Tipperary, Ireland came to Wisconsin in 1855, and located in Rock Co. Removed to Kenosha in 1876.

MRS. EMILY CHASE, florist; was born in Pike, now Wyoming Co., N. Y., in December, 1835; maiden name, Miss Emily Root. Married Mr. James M. Chase in October, 1849, in Pike, Wyoming Co., N. Y. Came to Wisconsin in October, 1849, and located in Kenosha. Has had five children, three now living -Jennie, Chester B. and Clarence. Members of Methodist Church. Mrs. Chase and husband, Mr. James Chase, are prominent florists, and are quite successful in their business, having, large and pleasant grounds, with every facility for growing the rarest and finest flowers; their plants are healthy and luxuriant; one especially, a century plant, merits particular attention, and is a subject of curiosity to all lovers of the beautiful and rare; this magnificent plant was a gift of Mr. Ludwig, of Milwaukee, in the year 1855, it being then about thirty-seven years old; Mrs. Chase has nurtured this plant for twenty-four years, and is, of course, very muoh attached to it; the botanists say it will probably bloom this year, 1879; the height of the plant is now about fourteen feet, and the lower leaves are eight feet long, the trunk being about three feet through; the entire weight is estimated to be about six thousand pounds; the whole plant is luxuriant in the extreme, the leaves coated with the bloom of health; it is the genuine American century plant (Agave).

HURLBUT B. CHEEVER, carpenter; born in Oneida Co., N. Y., in 1831; came West in 1855, and located in Lake Co., Ill.; came to Kenosha in 1871 ; engaged in the business of carpenter and joiner, which he still follows. He married, in the spring of 1858, Miss Mary M. Simmons, a native of Fulton Co., N. Y.; has three children -Mary E., Charles H. and William R. Member of the Temple of Honor Temperance Society; members of the Methodist Church.

ALBERT G. COLE, attorney; is a native of Adams, Jefferson Co., N. Y., and, when 9 years of age, went to reside in Pulaski, Oswego Co., in the same State; when 15 years of age, he attended the Rensselaer Academy at Mexico, Oswego Co., where he also read law, and was admitted to the bar in 1840, in New York City; he began practice in Mexico, and removed to Burlington, Racine Co., in 1846, where he resided until he came, in 1863, to Kenosha. He has been Justice of the Peace a great many times; in 1848, he was a member of the Constitutional Convention, and a captain of militia. He married Harriet L. Clark Oct. 14, 1840; they have had five sons, four living. Frank D. enlisted in Co. F, 2d Wis. V. I., immediately after the first call for troops in 1861, and was killed at - the battle of Gainesville, Va., Aug. 28, 1862. Albert S. enlisted at the same time with his brother, as a private, and at the close of the war was mustered out as Major; he was wiih the signal corps with Sherman in his march to the sea, and, when he left the service, was a member of the Iron Brigade. Theodore C. is an attorney, residing at Great Bend, Kan.; Horace G. is a mechanic in Kenosha; and Elrick C. is also an attorney at Great Bend, Kan., and ex-Circuit Clerk of Kenosha Co.

WILLIAM CREANEY, contractor and builder; born in County Down, Ireland; located in Kenosha Jan. 19, 1849, and engaged in business as contractor and builder; built, in 1849, the Brighton Catholic Church, which is still standing; also built many other churches and public buildings; among them, St. Mark's Catholic, St. Matthew's Catholic, St. George's Episcopal, the Grant House, and numerous dwellings. Married, in 1847, Mary Ann O'Hare, a native of Ireland; have had ten children.

DAVID CROSIT, carriage manufacturer; came to Wisconsin in 1835, and located in Kenosba; was born in Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y.; left there in 1812. Was a member of the Board of Supervisors of Racine Co., and acting Mayor of Kenosha in the absence of the regularly elected Mayor. Married Achsah M. Dodge in Oswego Co., N. Y., Oct. 8, 1829; she was born in the above named county; their children are S. J., Maggie A., James J., Mary Ellen and Mary Frances. Members of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church of Kenosha.


ALBERT CLUTE, farmer, Sec.18; P.O. Kenosha; born Sept 25, 1818 at Waterford, Saratoga Co., N.Y.; moved to Livingston Co., N.Y., in 1851; farmed both places; came to Kenosha and settled in Pleasant Prairie in 1867; he farms about one hundred and seventy acres of land, raising the usual farm produce. Married Miss Mary Utley, of Oneida Co., N.Y., Nov. 29, 1841; she died April 4, 1854; they had five children - Caroline, born Dec. 9 1842, died Oct. 17, 1844; S. Utley, born April 1, 1845; Catherine C., Sept 13, 1847; Emily C., Dec 26, 1850; Mary U., March 23, 1854. On the 5th of July, 1855, he married Miss Sarah M. Pynne, of Schnectady, N.Y.; have four children - Elizabeth A., born Dec 23, 1857; Louisa M., June 12, 1859; Alida H., Oct. 27, 1862; Hattie W., April 19, 1865. Mrs. Clute is a member of the Congregational Church.

JOHN L. CLUTE, brother of Albert, also a farmer; was born March 22, 1820, in Waterford, Saratoga Co., N.Y.; he moved to Livingston Co., N.Y., and lived there three years; came to Kenosha about 1861, and bought his farm of ninety acres, in 1873, which he cultivates himself and raises the usual produce.


None with the letter "C"


THOMAS C. COTTING, farmer, Sec. 7; P.O. Bristol; born April 29, 1815, in Worcester Co., Mass.; went with his parents when quite young, by wagon, to Chester, Windsor Co., Vt., and worked for his father as a mechanic; his mother died here in 1826; in 1828, went to Rutland Co., Vt., worked on a farm part of the time; while there, learned the carpenter trade; in the spring of 1835, went to Lowell, Mass., thence to Boston, summer of 1836; in the fall of that year, to New York via Providence; thence to Albany; same fall started West with his brother, Charles J. Cotting; first located in Buffalo; took steamboat for Toledo, through Michigan to St. Joseph by land, and across the lake to Chicago, where he landed Nov. 7, 1836, and worked there as a carpenter, his brother following his trade of millwright; in April, 1837, came to Bristol Township, then called Racine Co., and squatted on eighty acres of his present farm, which he afterward bought when lands came into the market; on arrival, it was all wild land, and Mr. Cotting has thoroughly cleared and cultivated it; he now owns 234 acres of the best land in the township; raises all kinds of stock and grain. On April 19, 1843, he married Miss Jane Burgess, of Salem Township, and erected a cabin in three days, into which they moved, and had room to accomodate two boarders; they have three children - Ann Eliza, Irene A. and Charles L. Mr. C. completed his second house, one and a half stories, 19x25 feet, in 1844, and was one of the first to build on a stone foundation, which was considered quite a curiosity in those days; he erected his present homestead in 1871, and has it handsomely furnished throughout; Mr. Cotting has acquired his property by legitimate farming, thereby proving the fallacy of the statements made by those who say that farming does not pay unless combined with other pursuits. He was Supervisor of Bristol one year, Assessor of Bristol one year, Pathmaster several years, Clerk of District Schools several years.

PHILO CURTIS, farmer, Sec. 30; P.O. Bristol; born April 5, 1828, in COlumbia Co., N.Y., and worked there as a carpenter and builder till the spring of 1849, when he came to Wisconsin and worked a farm in Bristol Township on shares with the man who owned it; he bought the farm in 1864, and now owns 282 acres of land, raising wheat, corn, oats, potatoes, sheep, cattle and hogs; he also makes butter for the markets. Married Miss Mary Hunt, of Bristol, in June 1852; she died Aug. 14, 1865; leaving three children - Emma V., born Oct. 29, 1853; Mary A., Sept. 5, 1856, and Cyrus A., Aug. 12, 1860. He has been Clerk of School District and serves as Pathmaster in turn.


WILLIAM CRANE, farmer, Sec. 16; P.O. Paris; born in Somersetshire, Eng., in October 1834; his father, William Crane, came to America with his family in 1848; located in Racine Co., Wis. and engaged in business as carpenter and builder, also conducted a farm until his death April 11, 1862. William Crane, Jr., was raised on his father's farm, and in 1875 purchased, in Paris, the farm of 255 acres that he now resides upon. He married in Racine Co., April 11, 1860, Miss Ann Sparks, a native of England; has six children - Sophia, born Dec. 15, 1860; Clifford, Oct. 21, 1862; Charles B., April 6, 1864; Caroline, June 6, 1867; Mary J., May 31, 1869; William H., March 3, 1875. Mr. Crane is owner of 255 acres.

JAMES CRANEY, farmer, Sec. 25; P.O. Kenosha; born in Paris, Kenosha Co., Oct. 15, 1841; his father, John Craney, having come to Kenosha Co. in 1839, and engaged in farming, which Mr. James Craney has always followed; he has been Clerk of the School Board most of the time for the past seventeen years. He married, Feb. 11, 1867, at Kenosha, Miss Mary Devlin, a native of Ireland; he has five children - John E., Lawrence P., Jeremiah A., Anna (who died June 4, 1874), James and William. Members of the Roman Catholic Church. Mr. Craney is owner of 123 acres.

JEREMIAH A. CRANEY, farmer, Sec. 25; P.O. Kenosha; born in Paris, Kenosha Co., Aug 27, 1843. His father, John Craney, was born in County Down, Ireland, in 1813; came to Kenosha Co. in 1839, being among the earliest settlers; he located on the farm he now occupies in Paris Township. Jeremiah A. Craney was raised on his father's farm. Married in Kenosha, Sept. 29, 1874, Miss Rose A. Ryan, also a native of Paris Township. Members of the Catholic Church. Mr. Craney has two children - Mary, born Nov. 12, 1875; and Joanna L., Nov 26, 1877. Mr. Craney is owner of eighty acres.

JOHN CRANEY, farmer, Sec. 25; P.O. Kenosha; born in County Down, Ireland, in 1813; he came to America in 1832, locating in Canada; remained until 1838, when he came West, remaining in Illinois for a short time; came to Kenosha Co., where, in 1839, he purchased land in Paris Township, and engaged in farming; is one of Kenosha Co.'s early settlers. Married in Upper Canada, in 1837, Miss Johanna O'Leary, a native of Ireland; they have eight children living - Ellen M., born March 7, 1840; James, Oct. 15, 1841; Jeremiah, Aug 27, 1843; Rosanna, July 28, 1845; Mary E., July 30, 1849; Margaret, June 10, 1851; Sarah A., June 2, 1853; John, Aug. 17, 1855, died Aug. 26, 1857; William J., Jan. 26, 1856; Rosanna, Sept. 21, 1838, died Dec. 12, 1838. Mr. Craney owns 320 acres of land.


JOHN CALLAGHAN, farmer, Sec. 19; P.O. Brighton; he was born in County Cork, Ireland, in 1831; he first came to Wisconsin in 1849, and lived in Burlington Township, where he worked on a farm till 1851, then moved to Brighton Township, where he was employed on different farms. In 1856, he married, in Burlington village, Miss Ellen Flannagan; she was born in County Cork in 1835; they have never had any children. In 1858, Mr. Callaghan, with his wife, moved to Minnesota, where he located on a farm; lived there until 1864, then returned to Wisconsin and bought the farm on which he is now living. He has been very industrious; he owns forty acres of fertile land, situated on Sec. 19, handsomely improved, with stables, granary and comfortable house. Members of the Brighton Roman Catholic Church.

CHARLES CHOAK, farmer, Sec. 22; P.O. Kansasville; he was born in Cornwall, England, in 1841; he came with his parents to Wisconsin in 1853; they located in Brighton and began farming; Charles lived at home until 1861, when he enlisted in the 1st W.V.I., Co. C; he was in all the battles his regiment participated in; he was wounded at the Battle of Jonesboro, where he had his finger shot off; was mustered out in Milwaukee, Wis., in 1865, when he returned to his home and parents. He married, in April, 1867, Miss Lotta Weaver, born in Brighton; they have three children - Evered, born Oct. 22, 1868; Ellinor, Aug. 6, 1871; Florence Nellie, Feb. 20, 1875. He was elected and served as Treasurer of the School Board at different times, giving satisfaction to the community. He owns 146 acres of fine land, all under cultivation, finely improved, good barns, a new, pretty house, comfortable home, etc.

WILLIAM CHOAK, farmer, Sec. 22; P.O. Brighton; he was born in Cornwall, England, in July 1815; located where he is now living, and engaged at farming, which occupation he has industriously followed since. He married, in England, in 1837, Miss Patty Harry, a native of Cornwall, England; they have eight children living - Charley, born 1841; Lavinia, 1845; Louisa, 1846; William, 1849; Emeline, 1851; Sarah, 1855; Alfred E., 1858; Laura A., 1860. Mr. Choak was elected member of the School Board, and served twelve consecutive years, giving satisfaction to the community. He owns 200 acres of land; 160 acres situated on Sec. 22, and 40 acres on Sec. 2; the land is all very good, most of it under cultivation, well improved, large barns, etc., a comfortable house and pleasant home. Member of the Brighton Methodist Church.


None with the letter "C"


A.D. CORNWELL, retired farmer; came to the township May 22, 1844; located on Sec. 5; resided there until 1869, when he moved to Sec. 10, where he had purchased a farm two years previously; resided there until he came to Salem Station, early in 1878; he still owns both farms - 320 acres located on Secs. 5 and 6, and 120 acres in Secs. 10 and 15. Mr. Cornwell is a native of the town of Locke, Cayuga Co., N.Y.; he was born March 31, 1820. Married Cordelia Tichkor June 13, 1841; she was born in the town of Venice, Cayuga Co., N.Y.; they have had eight children; lost one son - Charles T., who died in hospital at Nashville, Tenn., in September, 1864; he enlisted in the 1st Wis. Cav. in February of that year. The living children are Julia M., now Mrs. Wm. F. Johnson, of this township; Ellen A., now Mrs. Albert M. Wicks, of Brighton, Wis.; Edwin A., at present a resident of Racine; Frank E., residing on his father's farm, Sec. 10; Adelbert R., residing on the old homestead, Sec. 5; Flora A., now Mrs. Wm. R. Turner, of Bristol, this county, and Dora N., who resides with her parents.

A.R. CORNWELL, farmer, Secs. 5 and 6; P.O. Salem; born Aug. 3, 1854, at the Corwell homestead, which he now inherits from his father, consisting of 320 acres under good cultivation. Married Miss Lilly Bailey in 1876, daughter of Mr. Alex. Bailey, of Salem; she was born Jan. 27, 1855; have one child, born Nov. 1, 1876. Attend Congregational Church.

JOHN CRONK, farmer, Sec. 23; P.O. Salem; born in New York State in 1831; came to Wisconsin in 1850, locating at Wheatland four years, then moved to Randall and went to farming 120 acres on Sec. 23, his present homestead. Married, in 1852, Miss Lucy Hildon, of Columbia Co., N.Y.; had five children - Sarah E., born June, 1853; Rota A., July, 1855; Cora B., November 1857; Sheldon M., August 1859; Carolina M., January 1863. Members Congregational Church; Republican. Pathmaster a couple of terms.

WALKER CURTIS, farmer, Secs. 22 and 23; P.O. Salem; born Salem Township in the fall of 1852; the early part of his life was spent in his father's employ, and, on his death, in the spring of 1872, succeeded him to the farm, 440 acres, pretty much under cultivation; also heavy dealer in stock and dairy produce. Married, in the spring of 1878, Miss Katie Beimer, of Kenosha Co. Has held the office of Pathmaster. Republican.


None with the letter "C"

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