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Juneau County Genealogy Surnames WiGenweb

  Juneau Co.,  WI Surnames List  

Please email me with your surnames being researched in Juneau County!    

Surname Person researching Township or other details
ADAMS Wendy Murkve Lyndon Station
ADLER [email protected] John and his sons John, David and George lived in Mauston in the mid to late 1800's.
AGER [email protected]
AGRIMSDTR. K. Wiegert Fountain 1870 - ?
AGRIMSON/GRIMSON Kathy Krajewski Knute - Twn of Fountain 1895
AHRENS John Ahrens Blaschke Fountain township on the Lemonweir creek 1885- 1920
AKIN Felicia Wiser Hazelton
Lemonwier, Mauston, Plymouth and Elroy in the late 1800's
ALFORD VB Johnson Cyrus L. listed in 1890 Veterans Schedule, Elroy, Juneau Co. 1880, he is enumerated in Baraboo, Sauk Co.
ALFRED Bruce Fry Bert - farmed in Armenia Twp in the early 1900's
ALLEN James W. Harney
Barbara Shima
Lemonweir Twp. and Mauston City. 1866-1920
AMBERG Becky Carter Located in Elroy area - town of Plymouth
ANDERSON Patricia Anderson Pruitt
Pat Skinner McCord
Camp Douglas area
Plymouth & Fountain Twp
ANGLIM Marykate Kaszonyi Patrick and wife, Ellen bought 80 acres near Seven Mile Creek,May 15, 1857.
ANGUS Cheryl Charles Henry Angus b. Sept. 27, 1840, St. Johnsville, NY, died Dec. 30, 1929, Viola, IA, buried Lancaster, Grant WI. Wife Mary A. Ward, died Nov. 8, 1919 MN.
ARMSTRONG Sheri Ann   Necedah
ARQUETTE Marlene Larkin Victoria was married to Mitchell Arquette Jr, lived in Necedah about 1860 - 1886
ATKINS Mary Lukosavich
[email protected]
Donna DeVan Duncan
Rosanna b. 1829 Eng. William b.1825 Eng., George b. 1834 Eng. Amelia b. 1836 NY.
ATKINSON Trudy Spanier
AUSTIN Michelle James Lindina
AVERY L.S.Tremain-Forbes
AYERS Douglas VanHorn Almon Perry & Anna (Carpenter). He was a state assembly- man from Quincy representing Juneau and Adams Counties (when they were combined) in 1858. I have an autiobiogra- phy written by his daughter Mary Speedy Ayers White. Interested in info about the environment there in the 1800's. He and Anna are my GGGGrandparents.
BABCOCK Ann McAllister
Harold Newkirk
Brian McDevitt
Kitty Hayes
Barbara Shima
Marilyn Young
BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Lindina, lots of info to share
Lindina Twp
Mauston and Wonewoc

BABCOCK, John Jean M. Hathaway b.26 Jul 1780, Leyden, Mass. d.28 Nov.1865, Mauston
BADER Betty (Bader) Kryka
BAERWALD Sandra Heding Thomsen
BAGNALL Marjorie McNown Zwickel Have lots of info on the Bagnall's and willing to share.
BAIERL [email protected] Johann settled in the Co. 1850s. Poss. departed area before 1880. son, John left early 1870s
BAINS Joni Leffler
BAKER Tina Chaney left Juneau Co. and moved to Dane Co. Trying to find Josiah P Bakers parents.
BANDFIELD Harold Newkirk Mauston ?
BANKS Tom Wright Lyndon Station/Kildare
BARBER [email protected] Elizabeth, Samuel, Emma
BARNES Harold Newkirk Mauston
BARNHARST [email protected]
BARR Barbara Shima Anson, wife Barbara and some of the children on the 1880 Summit census.
BARTON Kim Riesgraf Lyman W. & wife Mary Herriman Barton settled in Lyndon Station around 1852. They purchased a 75 acre farm. They came with 2 sons, Ethelbert (b. 1850) & Frank (b. 1852) from Lowell, Mass. Two more sons were born on the farm, Lyman (1853)  & Clifton (b. 1857). Their sons Frank & Clifton married sisters from another pioneering family that settled in Lyndon Stations, Sarah & Ida Fassett.
BAUM Michael E. Schiltz Katrina Anna (Hannah)  m: to August Lautz. Father's name was John.
BAUMGART Sandra Murphy John B. and Amelia their child Emil & his wife Ethel (Morey) their child William and siblings.
BAXTER Joan Thompson Perry Victor Thompson & Mary E. Baxter m. 1880 in Juneau Co.
BEAL Ken Spangler Charles Beal married Charlotte Buss
BEDELL Harold Newkirk Mauston
BEEBE Betty Beebe Yates V.
BEHNKE Linda Pingel
BELCHER Catherine Honaker Necedah & Orange
BELDING Carol Anderson
BELL John C. Murphy
BeeJay Luke-Liezen
1848/1850-1930 Wonewoc Area
BEMIS Sherry Martin Abner and Emily
BENDER Shirley Smith Elroy
BENNETT Arlene Bennett
BeeJay Luke-Liezen
other surnames: Howland, Baumgart, Olson
BENSON Becky Carter
BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Settled in Elroy area - town of Plymouth
BERGMAN Sherri McDevitt Bergman Charles, b.1858, Stockholm, Sweden, emig ?, m: Jenny Swenson, b. 1867, maybe Borsa, Sweden, emig. abt 1875. 5 child.: Bernard, b, abt 1894, twins Ruth & Esther, b. 1896, George C., b 12 Sep 1899 in Orange, WI, & Russell T., b. 14 Nov 1904 in Hancock, MI.
BESTOW Louwanna M. Young Frederick S. 1853 - 
BETTENDORF Harold Newkirk Mauston
BIELEFELDT Anita Bielefeldt Carter
BIERBAUER Peter Fauerbach
TR Smith

Haven Borgias
Andreas m: Anna Sackmeister. Supposedly d: in Wonewoc 17 Dec 1906 & Andreas d: 1898.
Have a short family history of the Biermeiers of Norwalk, Elroy, & Wonewoc, the late 1860's to 1930's
BIGALKE Gordy Bigalke
BIRGE Geri Chandler
BIRR Anthony Birr August and Ferdinand
BITTNER James Bittner Walter Bittner, who, with his family, arrived in Juneau County in the early 1920s.
BJORAGER K. Wiegert Fountain 1870 - ?
BLACKBURN Marilyn Campbell Mauston
BLAKE [email protected] John, Seven Mile Creek 1860's - 1910's...related to Twoomeys of same time and area
BLANCHFIELD Su S-B Oliver E. (d: 18 Oct 1890, Necedah) 1st wife, Lucy (Humphrey) 2nd wife: Naomi (Valentine)
BLANKENBURG Robin Sinkhorn Fred & Caroline from Elroy
BLANKENHEIM Helen Bunnow Peter, Sophie and children - Helen, George, Louis, Robert, and Earl
BLISH Debra Ripp
[email protected]
Summit, Wonewoc, Mauston
BLOOD Thomas C. Ehlert
Michael D. Blood
Alvira. Wife of Fred Cornell, 1857-1898. See CORNELL
George Tyler Blood & his son Hiram Nathaniel Blood. Hiram was my Great Grandfather
BLUM Heather Stabo Henry Blum married Alvina Jenuseh Ruskosky
BOARD Karen Board Moran George Board received a swamp grant in Wonewoc Twsp on 11 Sep 1857.  Children married into Alexander, Allen, Gallea, Johnson,Nash, Neuman (Newman), Phillips, & Tracy families.
BOARDMAN/BORDMAN  Christina Boardman
Christina Boyer

BODEN Jennifer Boden Finley area
BOEHM Darrell Franke
BOGART Tom Wright Lyndon Station/Kildare
BOGETT Tom Wright Lyndon Station/Kildare
BOLD Kelly Roth Camp Douglas, 1880-1906
BORAMAN Dennis Boraman Francis & Orra, farmers in Seven Mile Creek -1898. Web site:
BORDALEN Jackie Hufschmid See Family Genealogy page
BORRMANN Anita August & Augusta
BOUNDS Pat Bounds or Pat
BOY Sharon Kleine
Pat Skinner McCord
BOYINGTON Steven Knemeyer
BOYNTON Felicia Wiser Hazelton Lemonwier, Mauston, Plymouth and Elroy in the late 1800's
BRADY T. Nicolaas Twnshps Lyndon and Kildare
BRANDT [email protected]
BRAUND   T. Van Hoosan Pourner Fountain, Orange, Plymouth 1860 to 1920
BREEN Susan Langus Mauston
BROEZELL (BROZEL) [email protected] Mauston area (Ed, m: Carrie Hale)
 BROKOPP Melvin Case William Brokopp [Brockopp, Berkoff] is Frank Christian Brokopp a son. William's home in 1920 was Lindina, 1900 Plymouth. Immigrated 1870 from Germany. Looking for parents of Frank Christian Brokopp, m: Emma Peck, children Francis, Bernard, Alvin [Alvine], Kenneth.
BRONSON Lon Mortensen Nelson Bronson d: 9 Dec 1898, wife Susan d: 28 Jan 1910. George Meredith d: 15 Sep '07, Ella Mae Bronson Meredith d: 21 Jun '43, Delos Bronson Meredith d: 22 Aug '48. All were New Lisbon area residents
BROOKS Sherry Martin Peter & Gertrude
BROWN Michele Nelson
Clarence Brown
[email protected]
Richard Brown

Clarence Sylvester married Mary Jane Dehaven
Maude Brown * Mauston [Squire Noble King- Necedah]
Frank H., b: 1874, m: Ella J. STRICKLAND 17 Feb 1904. New Lisbon area
BROWNELL Mary Sue Lobenstein Ezekiel; Germantown Twp. B: New York State abt1814; m: Adeline Pratt 1837
in Rock Co. WI; died in 1874 in Juneau Co.
BUBLITZ Gordy Bigalke
BUCHEN, Ernst Gordon Smith Mauston
BUDNIK Kimberly Proffitt Alex & Rose; Necedah area
BUGLASS Wendy Murkve Lemonweir & Mauston
BUNKER Trudy Spanier
BUNNELL Kitty Fisher Melvin
BURCH Judy Hladky-Sheridan
BURKE Rita Burke Henricks Wernerville and then Necedah
BURLINGAME BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Kathy Gies
BURNS John Kammerer
[email protected]

around Lyndon Station, near Kildare
BURRITT, Grandison Dot Bellmer Mauston from 1853; child: Charles, Johnson, Sarah,William, Ronland, John, Ellen, Marcus
BUSS Ken Spangler Charlotte Buss married Charles Beal
BYERS Nancy Sargent Joseph, Carrie and children were Virginai Albert, William, Frank and Helen
BYINGTON Therese Olson
BYRNES Gerry Byrnes William m: Emilie Raetzmann. Emilie had a hat/millinery shop in Elroy in the late 1890’s 
BYRNES/BURNS John Kammerer Union Center, Wonewoc Twp
CADY Jack Cady
Lois Hinton Palecek

(Ellen A.)
CAFFERTY Mike Barrett
Debbie Turner
Margaret (great grandmother) - b: 23 Sep 1854 Bradford, Canada - d: 23 May 1928 Elroy
Michael Patrick (great great grandfather) - dob:1806 Ireland - dod: 1887 Elroy
CALL Tina Nowicki
CALLAGHAN Margaret Schaad poss. 1860 and 1868 and later between1880 and 1892
CALLAHAN Joe Callahan


Settled near Lemonwier abt 1854, moved to MN abt 1865. Surname 1860 census O'Callahan, but it's Callahan on rec. after 1860. Father: Patrick, mother: Margaret (Sweeney), children Johanna, Eugene, John, Joseph (grandfather), William & Dennis (aka Noble) - last 4 born in WI

John and Margaret (nee Liddy) b. Ireland. Children: Margaret, Bridget (b. Ireland 1840s), John, Mary & Ella (b. NY 1850s)
CAMPBELL Lynn Fowler
[email protected]

James H., Charles R., Mauston 1890-1920
CAPSTICK Helen Huffman George married Margaret Handley, children: Mary, Margaret and Agnes
CAREY (Kerry, Cary) Mary Sue Lobenstein William; Germantown Twp. b: Ireland abt1792; m: Ellen X; lived in Shields Twsp, Dodge Co. in 1850; Germantown Twp by 1855; d: bet.1860 - 1870 in Juneau Co.
CARLSON David Fellows Ever Field, dau. Margaret
CARPENTER Maureen Schuelke Victor & Alice (Powers) m: Lemonweir 1870.
CARR T. Van Hoosan Pourner Plymouth
CARRIG Margaret Schaad Bridget Carrig(g), nee Callahan b. Ireland. Parents John & Margaret (Liddy) Callahan.
CARROLL Terry Kemper
[email protected]
Kildare Twp arrived 1848
around Lyndon Station, near Kildare
CARY William R. Williams Mauston & Lemonweir 1860 to 1908
CASH [email protected]
[email protected]
Jeff Drake
Willis Newell - b. 09 Aug 1880 New Lisbon
Wm. H. H. - m. ca 1865 New Lisbon., d. 1924 New Lisbon, 1861 New Lisbon from OH
CATTLE Margo George Wilhelm Edward is my great great grandfather, 1860 census with 3 daughters. Moved from England to Mauston bet. 1851 & 1860. Dau. Catherine George is my great grandmother, born around 1858 in Juneau Co.
CAVERHILL Holly Sprise Kobza Email address is no good
CHAMBERLAIN James Chamberlain Seven Mile Creek
CHASE Darrylin Joseph A Chase b abt 1820 in Ohio and wife Esther.
Laura Johnson
Lon Mortensen

Orange/New Lisbon area
CHURCH, Charles P. Thad M. Taylor Wonewoc
CLAFLIN Larry Onsager
Lorraine Hand
CLARK Bev Velvick Zuerlein
Brian McDevitt
Brian Duffy or work
Marilyn Young
Debbie Kitzke

BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Fountain Twp., possibly Mauston
Lindina Twp
Juneau Co.

John William Edward - b. 9/5/1877, wife : Katherine Mullowney m. Abt 1898, 8 children final residence: Mauston
CLAWSON Harold Newkirk Mauston, New Lisbon
CLEARY Chuck Dembroski Elroy
CLEMONS Gary Donaldson
Jackie Maggiore
Linda K. Sonnenberg
especially Darius from 1850-1900, Civil War Vet
Plymouth, Elroy - 1850s-1880
Charles, sons, Carl, Glenn, Leroy/Roy, dau. Pluma m: Sumner Fogle. Sumner had a dau. from a previous marriage named Irene Nelda FOGLE, b: abt 1916.
CLICKNER Terry Nichols
[email protected]

Lemonweir area
CLOSE Pat Crosby Necedah - John and Mary (Shea)
COLEMAN Harold Newkirk
Rosemary Walsh
J. Sherman
Mauston/Seven Mile Creek
Lemonweir & Seven Mile Creek
COLLINS [email protected]
COLVIN Jeanne W. Jessie Oscar
COMER Judy Comer-Schultz Peter ("PJ"), owned Comer's Drug Store in Mauston, lived on Division St.1890-1931
COMLEY/COMLY/Cumly Debra DeLong Jane Comley died bet. 1870 & 1872, and William died aft 1880, is in the 1880 census. Would like to find death records.
CONANT Steven Knemeyer
CONWAY Therese Olson Elroy
COOK JoAnn Lindenlaub B: 1853/1854 in WI, d: 3 Dec 1904. Parents should be John & Ellen (Mckay). Don't know if Richard was buried in Reedsburg,  may have died there.
COON Carol Anderson
CORAM/Curham/Corham Diana Pfeiffer lived in Elroy with his wife Rozelda from 1888 thru at least 1893 when my grandmother, Mary was b: 2/1/1893. Some other of their children were born there.
CORNELL Thomas C. Ehlert Fred. Husband of Alvira Blood. Children: Maude, Gert, Bert, Fred, Ira, Burr, & Alvira, 1878-1897. Lived in Elory ca 1900
CORNISH Marjorie McNown Zwickel Have lots of info on the Cornish's and willing to share.
CORRIGAN Pat Corrigan Cotter
George Corrigan
Joni Leffler
Chuck Dembroski
Colleen Moen
Julie Coushman
[email protected]



Patrick & Ann - Elroy from about the 1860's to about 1895
James Bernard Corrigan, of Doona, County Mayo, Ireland. Dau: Ana Corrigan
CORSAW Ruth Corsaw They were in Wonewoc/Union Center from abt 1870-at least 1900.
COSGROVE Kim Sanchez
COSTLEY JoAnn Lindenlaub
Kitty Hayes

New Lisbon
COTE Marjorie McNown Zwickel Have lots of info on the Cote's and willing to share.
Joni Leffler
Jeff Drake
Linda Mayenschein

(see GenConnect query)
COWEE, George Larry Onsager
COX Karen Whereatt married Whereatt
COYER, Ed Larry Onsager Lemonweir
CRAINE Harold Newkirk
John Craine
Mauston, New Lisbon
CRANFIELD Kelly Roth Lisbon 1860 - 1900
CRAWFORD JoAnn Lindenlaub
CROWLEY Therese Olson
Joni Leffler
Linda Mayenschein
CURE Gordy Bigalke
CURRAN Brian Duffy or work
CURTIS Laurel Hoffman
Mike Keiffer
Lindina Twp
email address is no good
CWIKLINSKI [email protected] Necedah
DALLMAN Julie Dorothy (Mauston, Wonewoc & Elroy area)
DALTON Judy Comer-Schultz desc. of John and Mary Elizabeth (Comer) - John and son killed in 1908 cyclone
DAMPIER Pat Virzi George, Armenia Township
DANIELS Judy Ulch Wonewoc area
DANKERT, William Sue Merrick M: Mary Zimmerman. Last known information was youngest daughter, Dora, born in Mather in 1888. Mary remarried and bore a son in 1890. What happened to William?
DARLING Sue Waite-Langley
DARROW Dean Hagen
George Patrick
Summit Twp

Descendants lived off Patrick road between Road I and 58.
DAVIS Mrs Linda Stucker
DECKER Laura Richard Plymouth Twp.
DECORAH Larry Kirkwood Necedah
DEHLER Joyce Schellenger Wonewoc area
DELANEY Dale Brommerich
Bernie Delaney
Edgar V. b:23Nov1894,Ontario, WI; d: Elroy 1May1960, parents John & Sarah Jones
Camp Douglas
DELAP Pat Nielsen George born 1821, wife Ellen, daughter Emma, Martha, son Charles. Georges parents?
DELMORE [email protected] Luke settled in the area in the 1850s & left in the 1870s.  Dau., Anna married John Baierl
DeMARS Sherry Martin William m: Rosa E. Rule. Rosa b. 1884, d. 1952, buried Ranney Cemetery, Hustler.
DENBY Roz Collins
DENSETerry M. Lanke
DENZIENS Liz Maynard Mauston - in the 1930 census, Fred, Louise and Harry
DesBOUILLONS Marcia Ann Kuehl Necedah, Armenia
DeVAN Donna DeVan Duncan
DIBB Phil Dibb Lisbon, Clearfield & Fountain Twps
DILLON Vicki Pierce
DLASK James Dlask Juneau & LaCrosse Co.
DOCKERTY Carol Anderson
DOCKSTADER Karen Grinolds
DOERING Therese Olson
DONAHUE Susan Langus
Linda L. Clements
Mauston and Lemonweir
Mary E. b. c1857 in Lyndon?, James b. c1822 Ireland
DONNELLY Bob Masters
Linda L. Clements
John, arr 1860 from Eastern US, lived in Mauston
Margaret b. 1829 Ireland, John b. c1798 Ireland
DORE Carol W. Gustafson
Linda L. Clements

Patrick - b. 1855, Agnes - b. 1883 in Lyndon, John b. 1829
DOUGLAS(S) [email protected]
DOWDNEY Tom Stevens
Kitty Fisher

Hulda Dowdney Bunnell to Juneau Co. 1860's
DOYLE Joni Leffler
Jeff Drake
Nancy Straub

Doyles were neighbors of Hiram & Caroline Wright in Lemonweir 1860 census. Do Doyle rel. have any info on the Wright family?
DRAKE Tom Wright
DRISCOLL Harold Newkirk Mauston/Seven Mile Creek
DUBOIS George Patrick descendants lived off Patrick road between Road I and 58.
Janice Streeter
Dorie Quist
Mark Petitt - Email address is no good

Town of Lisbon, New Lisbon and Mauston
DUEL Rick Hall (see query for 2000)
DUELL Pat Nielsen Mable (Johnson)
DUHIG (DUFFY) Brian Duffy or work Michael, John & Maurice - Plymouth & Lindinia Twps
DUNLAP Tom Wright Lyndon Station/Kildare
DUNN Penni Rogers Lyndon Station
DUPLESS Matt Kabele
Jim Allen
Matt Kabele - email address is no good
DUVAL Lorraine Hand
DU VALL Bart Maddrell I am looking for the parents of Mary Herbst Du Vall and Frederick Du Vall
DUXBURY Trudy Spanier
DVORAK Lil Peterka
DWYER/DeWIRE Kevin Dwyer

Mick Dwyer

George Henry & wife Mary (nee Staniforth). Res. Mauston. Son of Tim & Rachel DeWire. surname changed to Dwyer.

Tim Dewire born ca 1814 in Ireland, settled in Wis & and IL area. His son was my grandfather George Henry who settled in Mauston after his marriage to Mary Staniforth on Nov. 1, 1873, settled in Mauston. George born in Lake Co, IL in 1848. Looking for Tim & Rachel Dewire, George's father and his wife Rachel from Vermont.Want to know where Tim & Rachel lived, buried and their siblings might be.
DYER Corinne Musto Mauston, Lindina, Vernon, Sauk
DYSON Trudy Spanier
DZIEWIOR Barbara Moved to the area in the early 1900s from Chicago. Originated from Prussia/Germany.
Deanna Morgan
EATON Lynelle Asberry Decendents of John and Catherine (Miller) Eaton
EBERLEIN Jeanne E. Burmeister
TR Smith
Skip Murray
Caroline m: Friederich Martin. Sister, Sophia m: Carl Weyhrauch
(Incorrect email address for TR Smith) 

EDBLAD Leonore Neumann
EDER Joyce Schellenger Wonewoc area
EDGERTON Tina Nowicki
EDWARDS Jean Edwards John Bastian Edwards of Mauston
EGGERS, Catherine Terry Thompson Wonewoc-Will only answer those related (d:1/17/1914)
ELIAS Sheryl Beireis Phillip Elias died after 1900 in Lemomweir. His wife Ellen Matilda (Houghtaling), children Lillie A and Fredrick H.
ELLIS Pat Bounds or Pat
John Kammerer
ELMER/ELLMER K. Lee Elmer Searching for any detailed info regarding Johann as well as the party he immigrated with from Bad Goisern, Salzkammergut, Austria in 1853. According to info, he and his family immigrated from Bad Goisern, Salzkammergut, Austria 10 Aug 1853, arrived New York 19 Oct 1853. Settled in Kilburn Township. In 1864 they moved to the area of Wells, MN.
EMERSON, John Larry Onsager Lemonweir
EMERY/EMORY Sandra Heding Thomsen ggggrandmother Emily (Emery) Hedding. Two of her brothers (John and Isaac) may have immigrated to the Juneau Co. area from New York.
EMMONS [email protected]
Ken Spangler

son-in-law of Charles Beal & Charlotte (Buss)
ERICSON Brian Duffy Eric, Tn of Plymouth - City of Elroy and Kenny
ETHAN J. C. Carlson Amelia and Homer, near Elroy or Hillsboro
EVANS Kay Scholtz
Kitty Hayes
New Lisbon
EVERSON Pat Skinner McCord Plymouth Twp.
FAIRCHILD Dorothy W. Henry R. J., M.D., wife Olive Elder. She was b: Armstrong, Westmoreland or Venango Co., PA. One child Leonard Thompson. Living in WI in 1905.
FARLEY Bruce R. Bucholtz
Bambi Koch

Andrew C. of New Lisbon
FARRELL Judy Pisano Necedah
FAUERBACH Peter Fauerbach
TR Smith

(Incorrect email address for TR Smith) 
FEIERABEND [email protected] Oscar, Wilheim, Osvald, Mathilda, migrated from IL abt 1910 New Lisbon, Orange Twp
FEIGHT Judy Ulch Adam married Anastacia McCormick
FERDON Sharron Hanson 1850-1910
FERGUSON Michele Nelson
[email protected]

FIENE Mark & Eileen Madden Oscar (1877) & Belle (nee Lawrence) (1883)
FIKE Pat Skinner McCord New Lisbon & Wonewoc
FINE Kim Fine Meyer Godfrey, married Martha Harris in Juneau Co. 1965
FINN R. Thompson Farmed in summit and Lindina Co. 1855-
FIRLUS Julie Weyer Peter - Came from Germany in abt 1890, lived in Wonewoc, Elroy, and surrounding areas.
FISH Sue Waite-Langley
FISHER/FISCHER Sheryl Beireis Jon, wife Mary Ann(Vaughn) and son John in the Germantown 1860 Census. Albert D. died 1864 in Mauston. Anna A who also died 1864 in Mauston.
FISHER Shirley Sharkey Joseph Fisher and his wife (Theresa Neururer)
FISKE Debra Ripp Summit, Wonewoc, Mauston
FITZGERALD Terry Sullivan Lyndon Station
FITZPATRICK Harold Newkirk
Judy Comer-Schultz
Linda Snyder Shipman
Union Center/Wonewoc/Mauston
Mary Ann (b.1/24/1825) m: Jedediah Lane Sr in St Andrews Quebec, 10/6/1845
Lindinia, Elroy, Union Center, Lemonweir, Wonewoc, Mauston
FLAGG Sue Waite-Langley
FLETCHER Larry Onsager
Linda McLean-Hill
Oliver from Lemonweir
FLOOD John Flood
Brian Duffy or work

John H. from Plymouth Twp
FLUNO Harold Newkirk
Tom Stevens email no good
Bea Boprey

George W.
FLYNN Susan Langus Mauston
FOELKER/VOELKER Skippy Ferdinand and Mary
FOGLE Kim Walters Cynthia Lawton Fogle, born 1857
FORBES Ken Spangler son-in-law of Charles Beal & Charlotte (Buss)
FOREMAN Michelle
FOSTER Bobbie Bradley lived in Juneau Co. in 1880
FOWLER Dave Rickard
Pat France
Ken Spangler

I have researched this family of Fowler's Prairie and Elroy for over 20 years.
son-in-law of Charles Beal & Charlotte (Buss)
FOX Harold Newkirk
Brian Duffy or work
Rylee Wedekind
[email protected]
Andrew from Summit Twp
Thomas and Margaret (Brady) Fox - Mauston. Daughter Lillie married George Pelton
FRANCE Robbi Hoy Moses France from Necedah
FRANKE Darrell Franke
FRANTAL Nancy Luther
FRASL Patrick King
FRICKS Patrick King
FRY Allen Osborne
Pat France
Honest Frederick & Albert Marshall
Mabel m:  Tweeter
FRYE Peggy Stenberg Armenia Twp
FRYER Matt Kind Juneau, Adams & Monroe Cos. The family I'm looking at lived in Juneau Co, & some moved to Tomahawk in Lincoln Co.
Looking for inforegarding my g-grandfather: Nicholas Fuchs, b. IL 1860.  Spouse Minnie (Wilhelmina) b. 1861 Germany. Children: Joseph b. 1882, Catherine (Katherine) b. 1886, Alexander (Nicholas Martin) b.1889, Charles b. 1892, Ida b. 1896. Census indicated that Nicholas was a farmer, Joseph farm laborer, Alexander & Charles at school. Surname Fuchs is often changed to FOX, so children may have used the Fox name while attending school.  
FULLER Deborah Spyker
GAFFNEY   Rob Warnock Katherine who married James Warnock of Necedah
GAINES June Sultan Christian & Katherine (Elmer) -supp. lived in Juneau Co. appr. 1853 - 1863. Several child. born there.
GAHAGAN Therese Olson Elroy
GALLAGHER Therese Olson
Joni Leffler
GALLIGAN [email protected] Listed in teh 1870 Marion census
GALLUP Janice Gibel
GALVIN Harold Newkirk
Larry Onsager
Betty (Bader) Kryka
GANSER Kay Fleming Wonewoc, Union Center
GARA/GARRA abbeyroad
GARDAHL Julie Weyer John - Came from Germany in abt 1890, lived in Wonewoc, Elroy, and surrounding areas.
GARDNER Larry Gardner
Rhonda (Gardner) Foss
Lewis & Julia - Fountain
Louis M. and Mary. Lived in Lemonweir, Juneau Co. in 1917. Children lived in Mauston.
GARLAND Beth Herman-Ukasick
Brian Duffy or work
Kathryn Randall
Pat Leonard Rinebarger

Peter - Wonewoc & Union Center
Peter - Union Center, Elroy, Lindina, Summit, Seven Mile Creek twps
Owen born Ireland abt 1806, d: Kildare 1881. Wife Catharine REILEY born abt 1822 Ireland d: Juneau Co, bef 1880. Children: Patrick, Margaret, William, Ellen GREEN, Anna, Rose, Michael, Eliza REILLEY, and John (wife Anna MC CONNAD)
GARVIN Judith Garvin Butler Found in Necedah, in 1860 they had 12 children, 1 son, named: Martin J., 11 daughters. Married into the Ryan, Sloan, Welch, Ward & Wilbur families. Later moved to Janesville, WI
GAWEL Judy Hladky-Sheridan
GEHLER [email protected]
GEHNS/GAINES June Sultan Mary Gehns Passer, b: Juneau Co. 5 Mar 1861 Parents: Christian & Katrina. Original surname something like Groachen or Grouchson.
GENSMER [email protected]
GEORGE Harold Newkirk
Linda Snyder Shipman
Margo George Wilhelm
Donna Rae Lipert

Lindinia, Elroy, Union Center, Lemonweir, Wonewoc, Mauston
Daniel, David, Franklin, David, and William
David George born 1795 NH
GERAGHTY David M. Modlinski
Sue York
GIBBONS Chet Gibbons Juneau and Sauk Co. and their affiliation with the Friends (Quacker) Church.
GIBSON, Jesse & Hilda [email protected] Camp Douglas
GILE Carla
GILES Donna Rae Lipert Paul Giles born 6 Aug 1806 NH.
GILLINGHAM Allen Osborne in and around Necedah
GILMORE, Wilson Larry Onsager Lemonweir
GOFF [email protected]
GOLDEN Jeff Golden Wonewoc
GOLLNICK Pat Morehouse Mauston and Necedah
GOOD Michele Nelson
GOODENOUGH Anne N. Philiben
[email protected]
Lindina and Lisbon
GOROCHOW Katherine Gorshow Rose Klitsner married Abraham Gorochow in 1909 in WI. Surname changed to to Gorshow & Gorchow.
GRAF Patrick King
GRAY Laura Stene John & Mary, children: Emma, Charles, Laura, Ida, Luella, Bert & Della
Leona Greene
Pat Leonard Rinebarger

Benj. b. 1822 Canada d. 8-23-1904 m. Mary E Myers
William b County Kildare, Ireland 1822, d: Lyndon Station 1905. Wife Ellen GARRIGAN b 1842 NJ, d 1920 Lyndon Station. Children: William, John, Joseph, James, Patrick, Catherine LEONARD, Michael and Thomas
GREENBERG Cathy Milgrom researching my great grandfather & family , lived in Necedah & had a store Greenberg & Sons
GREFE Pat Skinner McCord
Barb Macgillivray

Henry Grefe, had a sister, Elizabeth, whose 1st husband was Henry J. Hauer (see Hauer).
GREGORY Laurel Hoffman
GRIFFA Joyce Schellenger Wonewoc area
GRIMES Joni Leffler
GRIMSHAW Terry Micks Camp Douglas
GRINOLDS Karen Grinolds
Darrell Franke
GRUNOW [email protected]
GULLICKSON Jackie Hufschmid See Family Genealogy page
GULMIRE Linda Kennedy Clarey
GUMZ John Macomber
HACKENSON Gary McPherson Hackenson, Clara. M: James Baxter Penewell 19 Jun 1881 in Juneau Co.. She was b:Oct 1859 in Norway, immigrated 1862 looking for info on her parents. I have lots of info on the Penewells if anyone is interested.
HAGEL Kim Sanchez
HALE [email protected] William C. -  Lindina, Mauston area
HAMBLIN Jackie Maggiore esp. Elijah, Alvah - Plymouth, Elroy, Mauston 1850s-1880
HAMBURG Terry Thompson See Family Genealogy page
HAMMOND Mary Buchholz
Pat Skinner McCord
James W. Harney
Alice Barstow

Lemonweir Twp. and Mauston City. 1866-1920
Charles, son Joseph (d: 1876 in Juneau Co.), m: Martha Ann Hudson

HAND Lorraine Hand
HANDREKIN/Henderkin David M. Modlinski
HANOLD Cathy Jacob
HANSEN Lon Mortensen
HARKIN Dave Keeney Bernard & Margaret, children Jane, Catherine, Patrick W., John, Margaret, Bernard, & Mary
HARPOLD Darlene Burke Vinton (d: 29 Mar1899, buried in Hustler) & Mary Ellen, lived in area around 1890-1900

Michael Harrington and Bridget O'Boyle. They married in 1887 or 1888 in Elroy
HARRIS Lon Mortensen
HART [email protected]
HARTY Carol W. Gustafson
HAUER Barb Macgillivray Henry J. Hauer married Elizabeth Grefe. Mr. Hauer d: 1903, 3 yrs after their marriage. Two children were born: John & Carl. Elizabeth remarried a Cowley & moved to Keota, Colorado. She took Carl with her while John remained in WI raised by family members.
HAUEN David M. Becker Thormod, moved to Mauston around 1862-63. Dau. Magda b: 21Nov1851 Suldal, Norway
HAVEY [email protected] around Lyndon Station, near Kildare
HAWKINS Harold Newkirk
Chuck Werkowski
town of Fountain - Haakon and Metta Haakonsen Lysne
HAYDEN Russ Prust New Lisbon and Camp Douglas
HAYES J. Sherman Lyndon Station
HEATH Donna DeVan Duncan
HED(D)ING Sandra Heding Thomsen
HEEREY Diane Shakal Michael - Lemonweir & Mauston; mid 1850's to 1904. John J. -  Lemonweir & Mauston; 1856 to 1940's, worked for railroad
HEESCH Grace Ann Heesch parents were Jerome and Gertude
HELLPAP, Wilda M. Jamie Buttner b. 13 Aug 1913 - d. 31 Oct 1980 @ Wonewoc
HELMER John Gassler
HENRY BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Larry (Henry) Boller

Felix & Mary (Conway) Henry
HEPP Dale B Thompson (see query)
HERBST Sharon Kleine
HERNIMAN Linda Payne Lisbon, Fountain, Mauston
HERRETT Linda Pingel
HERRIOTT Lynelle Asberry Decendents of John and Agnes (Hay) Herriot
HERZOG Susan Nokes

Marcia Clark

Michael Simonson
William b: Oct 1842 Switzerland. Immig. 1864 (1900 Census).Wife Kundigunda nee Roniter, Feb1845-2 Jan 1915. Children born in Wonewoc: Joseph H., Herman, Mary, William Emil, Emmeline. In Wonewoc from 1864-1906, moved for a brief stay in Ramsey Co., ND, final stay in Pelican Rapids, Ottertail Co., MN.

Lived in Wonewoc Twp 1890-1915. B: Oct /Nov 1842 in Moehlin, Aargau Canton, Switzerland to Michael Herzog & Maria Anna Stocker. William's wife Kunigunda Roniger was b: in Herten, Loerrach Co., Baden (Germany) 21 Feb 1844.

My grandmother is Erma Herzog, daughter of Joseph Herzog and Clara Laubscher.
HEVEY Terry Kemper Kildare Twp arrived in 1849 from County Kildare, Ireland
HILKER Elmer Albert Hilker, Jr. Germantown (see query)
HILL M. Appleby Linnie Jeneva b.Jan.1865 & Henry David b.Feb.1869 New Lisbon
HINES Russ Prust
HINTON, Thomas Maurice M. Stewart
Lois Hinton Palecek
Kitty Fisher
came to Juneau Co. in 1853

HINTZMAN Laura Abood
Dave Jessel
HLADKY Judy Hladky-Sheridan
HOARD Arlene Hoard James Alan m: Abby Laforge. James M m: Amanda. William m: Olive.  He was a builder. They lived in Necedah
HODGE Kathy Arendt Abram & Eva Hodge
HOISINGTON Harriette Jensen
HOLGATE Evelyn Young Mauston
HOLMES T. Van Hoosan Pourner Fountain in 1860
HOPKINS Kathleen Hopkins Smith George Clement, was a wagon maker. Lived there in 1863-4 his wife died there Feb. 2, 1864 her name was Rebecca Tuttle Hopkins. need death record or obit. also any other Hopkins.
HORNER Charlotte M. Meyer Mauston
HORSINGTON Harriette Jensen
HORTON Jackie Franklin
Patricia Sanderson
HOWLAND Pat Skinner McCord Lisbon Twp. and New Lisbon
HOWLEY Joni Leffler
HREHORCZAK/HACHORZICKMichael or Mike  married to Frances who lived in Lisbon in 1930 they are on the 1930 census
HUEBSCHER Susan Marie. Wife of Benedict Laubscher. This couple lived in Wonewoc in 1874. Children: Clara, Fred and William born bet 1869-1874 in Wonewoc.
HULL Marjorie McNown Zwickel Have lots of info on the Hull's and willing to share.
HURD Frank Dean New Lisbon
HURST Robert Pratt Anthony Irish b 1850. m Mary Ann Smith in 1873 in Tomah and had 1 child Helen. They divorced by 1876 in Remington, Wood Co.& he disappeared to Chicago?
HUTCHINS, Dwight Larry Onsager Lemonweir
HYDE Eileen
Debra Sanders

Cyrus W. [1820] Cyrus Oscar Sr.1947 [Sarah Elizabeth -d: 1934] *Sylvia Elizabeth Delap /Wood[William]-divorced-1st husband in Juneau Co. Earl Klein not sure if this is my great- grandfathers birthday 2 Mar 1894[Ill] Died in 1963[WI] there was a Peter Klein [22 Apr 1901] Mauston, don't know if they were brothers?
HYSLOP Nick Hyslop Specifically William G. Hyslop, d: 4/2/1949 in Mauston, WI & Ella Quinn (Hyslop) d: Oct 1940 in Camp Douglas.  Also interested in any Quinns in that area. Like to obtain obit for William G. & Ella Quinn (Hyslop). They lived in Camp Douglas from at least 1933-1940.
IGGULDEN [email protected] Orpha, George, Elizabeth
IHDE Marcia Gehl Dorothea, Josephine, Paul, Leo, John, Rosalind
Harold Newkirk
Pat Skinner McCord
Donna Rae Lipert

Diantha Ingalls born 1828 NY.
IVERSON K. Wiegert Fountain 1870 - ?
JACKSON Trudy Spanier
James W. Harney
Deanna Morgan

Lemonweir Twp. and Mauston City. 1866-1920
Seven Mile Creek area
JACOB Cathy Jacob
JACOBSON Clay Jacobson Peter and Mary lived in Fountain twp on Jacobsen Rd , 1874 to 1920's with 17 children.
JAYNS/JANES Richard Field
JENNINGS, Patrick Robert Jennings New Lisbon
JENSEN Peter Malinosky

Han, lived in Necedah around 1890-1910
JERANEK Mark Jeranek
JESSEL Laura Abood
Dave Jessel

JOHNSON Jackie Hufschmid
Selma Bonewald
Even  & Johanna of the Twn of Fountain
Town of Orange late 1880's-1890's
JONES Elizabeth Bergen
Robert L. Ward
Mary Stark

Susan Hoch

Levi L. - came from Wood Co., WI 
John B., d: 22 Apr 1909. Sarah Jane (Miller), d: 15 Aug 1908. Elizabeth (Doan), d: 13
Sept 1887. John B., d: 21 May 1866. Lived in Camp Douglas in 1860 & 1880 census.
Benjamin F. b: 1884, m: Grace Cates
JORANDBY James Bittner
JOSLIN Rhonda Christ
Pat Virzi
Jean E. Brown
Ida M. from Armenia
Armenia, Mary Elizabeth Gideon married into the Joslin family.
JURKOWSKI Darrell Franke
KAASA K. Wiegert Fountain 1870 - ?
KALLIES Paula Schuessler Louis/Lewis & Sophia
KAPTAIN Mary Harper
KATING Judy Pisano Necedah
KEARNEY (Carney) Rita Burke Henricks farmed in Fountain near Rileys and Omaha tunnel
KEATING Al Sullivan
Pat Crosby
Martin who married Johanna, children: Stephen, Mary and Martin
Necedah- John and Jane (Keating) Taylor
KEEGAN Rosemary Walsh Seven Mile Creek
KEEN [email protected] Julius, Orpha
KEENA David M. Modlinski
Sue York

Came to Kildare Twp, summer 1849
KELLER/KELLAR Linda Piechowski Keller, changed to Kellar. Came to Juneau after 1850 census (located on Columbus, Columbia census in 1850 as first time in Wis from NY). 1860 census in Plymouth Twp. John m: Catherine Casler (d: before migration to Wis). John Vet war of 1812 buried in Fowler Prairie Cemetery. Son James. Children of James & Mary Jane Rumbeau - Franklin Genoa, Michael, Nancy, Rowland D., Rachael, Melissa, Casper. James H. left Juneau Co. to homestead North in Barron Co. late 1870's early 1880's.
KELLEY [email protected]
Pat Skinner McCord
Elroy - William & Bridget
KELLY Randy Stenson Mauston & area. Iinterested in the desc. of Terrance Kelly.
KENNEDY Renee Graham Lief
Betty (Bader) Kryka

John G. Kennedy

Lillian Alice b: 1913 Lyndon Station.
Necedah, eventually, New Lisbon--c.1850 & after. Would like info re: Patrick, Daniel, Dennis, &  Margaret . Not at all sure if they are from the same family of origin.
Lawrence Thomas of  New Lisbon. Parents are George &  Josephine. Looking for info on siblings & parents of George and Josephine.

Patrick Kennedy, his wife, Mary (Plowery or Plowry) Kennedy, both were born in Ireland and settled in Juneau County, WI   Mary is believed to have been born in 1835  (I would love to learn WHERE in Ireland they were born.) Lillian (Kennedy) Leggett born in Juneau County around  1860  and died in Des Moines IA Lillian married Hackalea "Leslie" Leggett
KENT Diantha (Scovell) Neinfeldt
KERRIGAN Therese Olson
Joni Leffler
KERWIN Rosemary Walsh Camp Douglas
KIGGENS Rosemary Walsh Camp Douglas
KILBANE Therese Olson
Joni Leffler
Colleen Moen
Linda Mayenschein

KILMER Harold Newkirk Mauston
KINDER Lynn Fowler
KING Patrick King
Wayne King
Jan Johnson

BeeJay Luke-Liezen
P. Morehouse
Stephen King & Squire Noble King
William, Camp Douglas ca 1950's -60's? Parents: Edgar & Florence (Wallace) of Sparta. Florence m: James Thurston.

KINGSLEY Debra Ripp Summit, Wonewoc, Mauston
KINGSTON Linda Cox Necedah area
KIRKWOOD Larry Kirkwood Necedah
KLECKA Edward C. Klecka Karl, Bohemia-from Chicago, wife Marie, 9 kids Mary, Charles, Joseph, Sylvia, Helen, Gladys, Lydia, Ann, & Edward. Bought Valley View Farm in early 1900s.
KLINE [email protected] Charles married Elisebath McGran (Mc Graw)? son Earl C married Sylvia E De Lapp May5 1912
KLIPSTEIN [email protected] Frederick & family lived in Elroy 1898-1912
KNAPP Ed Wonewoc & surrounding areas
KNICKELBEIN Terry Micks Necedah and New Lisbon
KOBEL Cynthia Kobel Yonan William Andrew married to Betty Kovel
KOCH [email protected]
KOK-ALBLAS Donna Rust Carl & Bertha Jane (Rust) b. 18 Sep 1888 - 4 children, resided in Camp Douglas on or abt 1920. Children are; Rachel b. 10 Mar 1915, Clyde b. 8 Mar 1916, Hilda & Hulda, twins, Claude b. 26 July 1920 at Camp Douglas.
KONOPASEK Al Freitag Frank had a farm near Mauston about 1868 to 1882. Wife Mary and six daughters Anna, Mary, Magdalene, Frances, Agnes, Josephine. Sold the farm to a family named Allen.
KORACH George Patrick descendants lived off Patrick road between Road I and 58.
KOVEL Cynthia Kobel Yonan Leon lived on Highway 21
KRANSKI/SKY Chris Maglio Armenia Twp, John, Julia (Prill), children: Stella Kurezewski, Walter, Annie Pisula, Helen Kurkowski, Rose Sawadski, Frank(in Nekoosa)Michael, Martha Boldt, & Mary Zolesky
KREYER, Karl & Ernistine Roberta Sahr lived around Lyndon Station

Janice Streeter
In New Lisbon abt 1868. Gustavus D. Krohmer, b: 2/17/1835; d: 9/4/1899; Crescentia Egle, b: 12/10/1842; d: 11/6/1899. 6 children: 1) Freida m: Charles H. Reynolds; 2) Louise (single); 3) Fred C. m: Nellie Teachout & Aaste L. Halverson; 4) Rose C. m: Edwin T. Meredith; 5) George H. m: Lenah M. Duckworth; 6) August G. m: Gunhilda Hanson.
KRUPP [email protected] Louis, b in Essen Germany, m: Amelia Erhart, par: of Kate Adelaide Krupp, b: 14 Mar 1882 in Elroy, d: 02 Dec 1959 in McKinley, Polk Co, WI.
KRUSCHKE Barbara Smith
Terry M. Lanke
LAACK Elaine Bell
Sara Strunk
[email protected]
Pat Skinner McCord

Herman & child.: Wm, Henry, Augusta, Marie, Elizabeth, Martha & Anna
Arthur (Mauston, Wonewoc & Elroy area)

LAMBERT Steve Lambert
Eileen Arndt
LANE Judy Comer-Schultz
Marilyn Young
Alice (daughter of Jedidiah) married to "PJ" Comer, Mauston
LANGDON [email protected]
LANGE Terry Thompson See Family Genealogy page
LANGENDORF Pat Skinner McCord
Terry M. Lanke
LANKEYTerry M. Lanke
LARKIN John Kammerer Wonewoc
LARSON Donald J. Senzig, Jr. decendants of Lawrence
LaSARGE Pat Skinner McCord New Lisbon
LATHROP Deborah Spyker
LATHROP, Minnie Isabel [email protected] b: Jan. 17, 1859 - Mauston
LAUBSCHER Susan Nokes Benidict LAUBSCHER (March 1836-??) and wife Marie nee HUEBSCHER 1839-??
LAUTZ Michael E. Schiltz August, twn of Lisbon - 1875 census with wife & dau.  marriage on 30 Mar 1873 to Katrina Anna (Hannah) Baum. In 1880 they moved to LaCrosse. She d: Feb 1881 & he remarried.
LAVIN Sue York
LAW Donna DeVan Duncan
LAWRENCE Harold Newkirk
Mark & Eileen Madden
Steve Nimbar
Juneau Co.?
Bella married Oscar Fiene
Sylvester owned land in New Lisbon twn 16N 3E sec 7 in 1854 and died in IA 1862
LEBERG Russ Witte grandfather's oldest sister was b: 1906, ggrandfather was A(E)mil Leberg. I have not made a connection to the Leberg's of Juneau Co, but would like to try
LEE Jackie Hufschmid
Donna Wiltz

Twn of Fountain, New Lisbon
My aunt Margaret was married to Edward Christensen until in the 1920's. They lived in Necedah per 1920 census. They divorced sometime between 1920-1930, by 1930 she married Charles Henry Lee. I am interested in their marriage or anything anyone may know.
LEIST John Macomber Charles & Alvina
LEMMER Cheryl Lemmer Amling in and around Mauston
Terry M. Lanke
LEONARD sharjimbreslain
David M. Modlinski
Sue York
Pat Leonard Rinebarger

John b in County Kildare, Ireland 1892, d Lyndon Station 18 April 1902. Wife Bridget KILMARTIN b Tipperary, Ireland, d 14 1883 in Lyndon Station. Son James b 1856 & d 1934 Lyndon Station married to Catherine GREEN
LEWIS Marilyn Jones
Linda McLean-Hill
LINCOLN Beth Forbes Elroy
LINDLEY  NEWSunny Lindley Johnson
Victor F and, Vera, rural New Lisbon
LINHART Deborah Hobson/Visgar
KC Duncan

Linhart or Leonard or Lenhard. Spelled all three ways in the 1860, 70, and 1880 census. John Linhart & wife Gertrude Dindord (or possibly Zindord). Anything would be useful.
LINNIHAN/LINIHAN/ LINEHAN/LENAHAN/ LINAHAN Mike Linnihan Daniel and children, Daniel, John, Margaret, Michael and Timothy came to Kildare, Juneau Co. about 1856 before coming to Waseca, MN.
LLOYD Lon Mortensen
LOBDELL Oma Rose Need proof that Daniel C. (b. 1878) is actually Daniel Clyde Lobdell, son of Franklin & Derenda (Mallow). Only Daniel C. appears in 1880, w/family but find no linkage of "Clyde" as their son. Sauk Co. records are clear that Clyde is the son of the above couple.
LOBENSTEIN Mary Sue Lobenstein
Rita Burke Henricks
Andrew; Germantown Twp. b: Austria 1836; m: Anna Boehm ca1863; d: 1923 JuneauCo
Andrew farmed near Wernerville died in Necedah at daughter Mary Burke's house.
LOEFFLER Elaine Schrock Wonewoc late 1800's
LONG Harry Miller
LUBINSKI John Gassler
LUKE BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Diane Midkiff
Kathy Gies
P. Morehouse
Summit (9 children b: 1852-1868)
LUND, Lars Caroline Strohl see query
LUPIENT Sandy Coggeshall Emily Catherine Lupient (b. 1851) & Joshua Wallace Porter (b. 1841)
LUTZ Therese Olson
Pat Skinner McCord

New Lisbon & Germantown
MACOMBER JoAnn Lindenlaub
Sheila German
MADDEN Mark & Eileen Madden Ronald (1932), Norman (1910), Deama (1914), David (1874), Lucy Rogers (1882)
MAGERL Pam Wilson
 MAKI Essi Trygg Great aunt Emma lived in Necedah until 1930. Married to Otto Maki, 4 children: John b.1912, Hilda b. 1914, George b. 1915, Robert b. 1918.
MALLO Cheryl Larson
MARDE(I)NN Judy Hansen
MARK Selma Bonewald Cutler 1900's
MARONAY Tim Maronay John Maronay 1838-1907 m: Sussana Beeman. 8 children b: WI (Dunn & Juneau Co). Looking for John’s father (could be George P., from Ireland).
MARTIN Jackie Hufschmid
Karen Weiss
Skip Murray
Diantha (Scovell) Neinfeldt
Emil & Ernestine from the Twn of Fountain
1870 - 1920. Necedah, Lindina, New Lisbon, Mauston, Orange

MARVIN Sharron Hanson 1850-1910
MASON Pam Frederic Kildare, Lemonweir, Mauston, Camp Douglas
MATTESON Sherry Martin
Judy Ulch
Monroe and Alice
Wonewoc area, Horatio Nelson Matteson and wife Eliza Ray. They had 12 children.
Wonewoc area.
MATTHEWS/Mathews David M. Modlinski
MAYENSCHEIN Linda Mayenschein all towns, especially Elroy, Mauston, and Lemonweir
McALLISTER Brian Duffy or work
McBAIN Joni Leffler
Bob Jones
Carol McBain

Fountain Twp in 1910 census, looking for William, m: Theresa Toman
McCAFFREY Bruce R. Bucholtz
Pat Skinner McCord
Laura Stene
Lemonweir, Lindina Twp's, Elroy
Emma (nee Gray) & Douglas "Duke"
McCANN Joni Leffler

[email protected]

Ann McCann Meyer

Peter & Margaret, Thomas, James, Ann, Michael, Stephen,Margaret, Patrick. Peter Jr, d: Madison, Wi., John & Mary lived in MN. John m: Bridget Heaney. Mary m: John Wallace Moore
James b: Ireland S: of Peter & Margaret of Plymouth, Married a lady named Mary abt 1867, May have lived in New Lisbon or Ontario, WI. Margaret Ann, b: abt 1855 dau of Peter & Maggie, no info of her after she left Juneau Co. Thomas listed on the 1880 census living alone.

McCann family and  McHugh family,  Especially any records of Marriage or death School for children  and any other  information on these families,

McCONNELL LaVonne Aldag Thomas & Wilson who lived in Kingston Twp. Am interested in Wilson & descendents.
McCORMICK Gloria Kennedy
McCRACKEN L. McCracken
McGINTY Joni Leffler
McGOWN [email protected]
McHUGH Therese Olson
Joni Leffler
Ann McCann Meyer

Would  like to  know any information about Ed McHugh and his family  I understand that he arrived in Plymouth about  1850

McINTYRE L.S.Tremain-Forbes
McKEGNEY Tom McKegney Michael and Margaret Droghan McKegney from their start in Necedah about 1874. There were 10 children born there and most stayed nearby until 1920 or so.
McKOON Linda Snyder Shipman Lindinia, Elroy, Union Center, Lemonweir, Wonewoc, Mauston.
McLAIN Lynne Davidson desc.of Julia & John (Elroy, New Lisbon, Lemonweir.) child: James, Oscar, Peter, Sophie, Emma, Ed & Inga
McLA(O)UGHLIN Joni Leffler
Patrick King
McLEAN Linda McLean-Hill
McLEOD Bonnie McLeod Johnson Duncan & Carrie. Children: Leon, Edna and Keith
Michele Nelson
Lisbon 1853-1894
McNOWN Louise Hansen
Marjorie McNown Zwickel
New Lisbon
Have info on the McNown's and willing to share.
MEAD Wilber Scoville
Janice Streeter
New Lisbon
MELICHAR Peggy Stenberg Armenia Twp
MELLOR Dianne Jeranek
R. Thompson
Todd Thomas
Mauston area
Farmed in Summit and Lindina Townships, 1855-
William, m: Mary J. Duel
MENKE John Gassler
MEREDITH Lon Mortensen
MEYER [email protected] Herman, b: 4 Jul 1855 in Germany and d: 12 Mar1939.
MEYERS Debra Ripp
Gerry Byrnes
Summit, Wonewoc, Mauston
MIELNECZEK Judy Hladky-Sheridan
MIHLBAUER [email protected]
Joyce Schellenger
Marcia Clark
Wonewoc area
MILESJames D. WilsonEllen b1853 in WI
MILLARD Tom Stevens
Harold Newkirk

MINARD Joan Cool New Lisbon
MINCHIN/MINCHUN Peter Malinosky from Lemonwier
MINOR Harold Newkirk Juneau Co.
MISLIVECEK Debbie Turner Adolph (uncle) - b: 1914 - d: 22 Jul 1945 Hillsboro, WI
Wencil - b: 11 Aug 1865 Vlkovice, Czechoslovakia - d: 16 Jul 1954 Hillsboro, WI
MISTELE Darrell Franke
MITCHELL Nancy H. Carter
MOE Chuck Werkowski town of Fountain, E. & W. Lemonweir, Ole O/Mary O. Moe of Camp Douglas & Clifton
MOHNS Reynold Mohns H. Reynold & bro.: William & August; sisters: Bertha  & Amellia. Lived in Elroy.
MOKLEIV John Buck, Jr. Lindina
MONSKEY Therese Olson

Allan Smith

Specifically Emmerette Dolcia, b. 20 Jan 1855, Dellona, Sauk Co.D: 7 Oct 1947. Buried: Spring Grove Cemetary, Wisconsin Dells. Wife of Hiram Nathaniel Blood.

Henry M. & wife, Alice (Black). Henry was to have been born 05 Feb 1842 in Freetown Corners, Courtland Co., NY and died 24 May 1928 in Camp Douglas, Juneau Co., WI. Alice was born in Dec. 1928 in Scotland and died abt 1931 in Camp Douglas. I am trying to determine if this information is accurate and if anything more is known about them.
MOONEY Larry Kirkwood
Nancy Straub

Neighbors of Hiram & Caroline Wright of Lemonweir in 1860. Do Mooney rel. have any info on the Wright family?
MOREHOUSE Pat Morehouse Mauston and Necedah
MOREY BeeJay Luke-Liezen
MORGAN Debbie Turner Hazel (grandmother) - dob: 5 Aug 1896 Winona, MN - dod: 23 Dec 1936 Hillsboro, WI
George E. (great grandfather)  - dob: 5 Aug 1866 Elroy - dod: 20 Aug 1953 Elroy
John(gggrandfather)-b: 13 Feb1840 March, Canada - d: 10 Dec 1910 Caldwell, Canyon, ID
George (great great great grandfather ) - dob: abt. 1814 March, Canada
MORIARTY Pat Skinner McCord
MORRIS Lynelle Asberry Moses A. and Margaret (Coleman) Morris
MORRISON [email protected]
MORROW Kim Sanchez
MORTENSEN Lon Mortensen
MUDGET [email protected]

Cheryl Calbick
Jonathan,William & Abigail Mudget. In the 1880 census for Lemonweir. Abigail was classified as idiotic. Jonathan was my g-grandmother's father, her name was Sophronia, but at that time she was living in Waushara Co.with an unknown family named Snyder.

Gr Gr Grandfather Jonathan Mudget (t) lived in Lemonweir in 1870 with William Mudgett and Jonathan's sister Abigail who was listed as idiotic in the 1870 census. His sister was in the Northern State Hospital for the Insane (Winnebago State Hospital, now) in 1880, no mention of Jonathan in that census. I wonder if he died in that area during those 10 years. He was 50 years old. Any info would sure be appreciated.  His daughter (my Gr Grandmother Sophronia) was in Plainfield, Waushara, Wisconsin living with the Henry Snyder family.
MULHOLLAND Jeff Sheffield

Margaret Louise Mulholland, born Wonewoc about 1882. Moved to Lake Co., IL & married John James Moran. Looking for parents' names, birth information, and ancestry.
MULLOWNEY Debbie Kitzke Patrick - b. 1823 Immig. from Ireland abt 1852, 1900 census was township of Lemonweir, wife= Maryann Clark? 11 children
MURPHY Dianne Jeranek
Gail Murphy
Margaret Schaad
R. Thompson
Mauston area
Stephen & Ellen - Wonewoc/Elroy area
poss. 1860 and 1868 and later between1880 and 1892
Farmed in Lindina Township, Juneau Co. 1857-
MURRAY Jim Honer
Gilbert Murray
Joel Melahn
Lindina and Seven Mile Creek
Edward W. Jr., b. Necedah, 1868, d. Spokane 1938. Possibly the son of Edward (1832-?)
John, moved from NY to a farm near Lyndon Station abt 1853,lived there for 30 yrs.
MUTCH John Mutch
Pat Skinner McCord
went to Caldwell, ID 15 Mar1909
MYERS Marilyn Jones
NAGLUS Debra Ripp Summit, Wonewoc, Mauston
NELSON L.S.Tremain-Forbes
[email protected]
Sheryl Beireis

lived in Camp Douglas from 1895-1920
William, whose wife Palmyra (Saddoris) died in Lindina & children Melvin, Rosa M & Franklin L.
NEMITZ Harold Newkirk Juneau Co.
NETTLEBECK Glenda Swink Albert Nettebeck. He died in Juneau Co. in 1898.
NEUGENT Sharron Hanson 1850-1910
Don Peters
Shirley Sharkey
R. Casey
Mary Neururer Hart
immigrated about 1860 with his older sister.
siblings of Paul and Maryane (Weber) Neururer.
Theresa married Joseph Fisher.
William, buried at Union Center May 4, 1897 m: Elizabeth
Saterninus Neururer and Mary Moeckel? Neururer
Dan Neustadter
NEVE Donna Rae Lipert James, born 1814 in England
NEWKIRK Harold Newkirk
Pat Skinner McCord
Barbara Shima
Linda Snyder Shipman
Lemonweir, Lindina, Summit Twp.

Lindinia, Elroy, Union Center, Lemonweir, Wonewoc, Mauston.
NEWLUN Neil D. Newlun
NICHOLS Terry Nichols
[email protected]

m: Anna Marie Olson in 1913
NIEBUHR [email protected]
NILES Mark Wright Prentice b:1879 in Juneau Co. Father was Stillman Niles
NIMBAR Steve Nimbar
NINNEMAN Larry Onsager Summit
NOBLE [email protected]
BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Carl, Elsie, Camp Douglas 1890-1918
NOE Carla
NOONAN Brian Duffy or work
Pat Skinner McCord
Patrick & Michael from Wonewoc & Union Center
NORTHCOTT Gordy Bigalke
NORTON (Norten, Naughtin) Mary Sue Lobenstein
TR Smith
Thomas; Germantown Twp. b: Ireland 1819 to 1824, m: Mary Carey. d: 1899 Juneau Co.
(Incorrect email address for TR Smith) 
NOWICKI Tina Nowicki
O'BOYLE Merle Michael Harrington and Bridget O'Boyle. They married in 1887 or 1888 in Elroy
O'CONNOR O'Connor's
Beth Orsi

James and Bridget, Canada in 1856-57, settled in Plymouth. Originally from Limerick Ireland
ODELL Larry Onsager
BeeJay Luke-Liezen
OEHLERS Thomas C. Ehlert Hilda Bertha. Wife of Aldebert CORNELL (1889 - )
OERTEL [email protected]
O'GARA/O'GARRA abbeyroad Bartholomew Bartly b. 4 Jun 1797, Sligo, Ireland (Seven Mile Creek, Mauston, Lyndon Sta)
Patrick b. 1829 Connaught, Sligo, Ireland (Seven Mile Creek, Mauston, Lyndon Station)
Peter b. (approx) 1824, Sligo, Ireland (Seven Mile Creek, Mauston,Lyndon Station)
OLLERER Curt Ollerer Township of Kildare on Cty HH
OLMSTEAD Julie Olney
Ronald E. Olmstead
mostly from Camp Douglas
Moved to WI late1850's from IL, to Juneau Co early 1860's
B. Stensberg
[email protected]
Chuck Werkowski

Ole T., Christina, 1920 in Mauston
Paul Olson and children Inga and Olaus. Father to Paul name Ola Bjornson from Sandvik
town of Plymouth, town of Fountain Ola Olsson/Kari Thorsdtr. Husum
OLSON, Knute [email protected] m: Raginald Halverson
O'NEILJeanette MillerI am researching the following family who reportedly homesteaded near Nacedah in Juneau County about 1857, after immigrating from Ireland in 1851.  O'Neil, Mick (Michael)  DOB 1802 and O'Neil, Ann (wife of Michael)  1803. Children: Ann  DOB 1823, Peter DOB 1929, Mick DOB 1833, Edward DOB 1836, Margaret DOB 1838, Mary Ann DOB 1840, James DOB  March 1843. 
O'NEILL Allyn Campbell
Nancy H. Carter
Bo Gavin
Frank, born in 1861.
ONSAGER Larry Onsager Lindina, Mauston
ORMSON [email protected] Elroy and Kendall, also Fountain Luthern Church.
O'ROURCK Debbie Turner James H. (father) - dob: 3-5-1927 Juneau Co. - dod: 9-26-2002 Rockford, IL
ORVILLA BeeJay Luke-Liezen
OSBORN Wilma Willman Mauston, Lindina area's was in civil war .....wife...Elizabeth (Betsy)
O'SHEA Pat Crosby Necedah - Pat and Eliza (Dolphin)
OSTERAA Inger J. Th�rmer Many relatives have imigrated to the USA. Their last name was OSTERA, the Norwegian version was �STERAA. First name was Erik Arnold. I believe it happened first in 1930-35 and the second time in 1947. Erik Arnold Osteraa was my uncle and he had 3 children, my cousins. Erik, Finn and Peggy. Finn was a pilot in the US Airforce. Erik was an air-plane mekanic and Peggy married a Gonzalez in Los Angeles.
OTIS James W. Harney Lemonweir Twp. and Mauston City. 1866-1920
OTTO Eric B. Johnson Mauston and Lindina from the mid 1800's on.
PAGE Donna Rae Lipert Mary Page born 3 March 1796 NH.
PARKER Sheila Jubera Gideon Pitts Parker, Asel J. Parker, William C. Parker, Charles E. Parker & Nellie Parker
PARKS Maurice M. Stewart
Lois Palecek
John, settled in town of Fountain in 1849
Family of Samuel and Hannah (Jurden) Parks
PATRICK George Patrick descendants lived off Patrick road between Road I and 58.
PAULSON Susan Bigelow Ole & Elizabeth in Elroy
PEARSALL Dave Rickard
Kaeleen Pearsall
PEARSON Dianne S. Hampton New Lisbon, arriving 1850's
PECK Evelyn Elder or email Benson Peck
PEETZKE/PETZKE [email protected] Elroy
PELTON Rylee Wedekind Jason and Chloe (McIntyre) - Particularly the McIntyre line - 1850s
PENEWELL/PENNEWELL Joan Penewell logging industry & worked on the RRs, moved abt from one co. to another. Abt 1840-1920
PERKINS Emily Bethke Necedah
PERRIN Kitty Hayes New Lisbon and Mauston
PETERS, Heinrich Terry Thompson Wonewoc-will only answer those that are related d: 3/12/1918
PETERS Don Peters siblings of John and Margaret (Kinzinger) Peters
PETERSEN Janet Carlin-Edgren Lawrence Hans b: 1884 near Camp Douglas. Also listed as Hans Laurits. Brother William lived in Wyeville. Parents born in Denmark. Father: Hans Petersen -Mother: Karen Hanson.
Diane Brune
Johannes, wife Oline, son Peter
Arthur & Loretta, Orange Twp
PETRICH George Patrick descendants lived off Patrick road between Road I and 58.
PFAFF Darrell Franke
PFEIFER John McDonald Lemonweir Twp
PHARO Terry Nichols
Rylee Wedekind
Lemonweir Twp
George and Francelia (Emery) Pharo. - Particularly the Emery line
PHILLIPS BeeJay Luke-Liezen
PICKERING Trudy Spanier
PIECHOCKI [email protected] settled in Mauston from Europe abt 1870
PIERCE Mrs Linda Stucker
Vicki Pierce
Pat Skinner McCord
Kathy Peterson
Mary Ann Pierce O'Connell
BeeJay Luke-Liezen

LemonweirTwp., Mauston, and more
lived in Mauston and Summit
PIGEON Pat Skinner McCord New Lisbon
PISZCZEK Gloria Walter & Helen, lived on farm near Necedah in the 1940's
POOLE/POOL/PULL John Poole Necedah 1903 - 1912 (?) Joseph Pull (Pool, Poole) Family
Lyndon Station -1920's thru 1970's. Poole, Michael, William.
PIXLEY [email protected]
POORMAN Carol Anderson
PORTER Larry Onsager
Sandy Coggeshall
Marcia Huntley Maloney
Frederick from Lemonweir
Joshua Wallace Porter (b. 1841) & Emily Catherine Lupient (b.1851)
POTTER Patrick King
Pat Skinner McCord
POWERS Rosemary Walsh Seven Mile Creek
PRATT howes115
D. R Pratt

John Wesley Pratt & Lorenzo Dow Pratt families of the Mauston/New Lisbon area
PRAY Harold Newkirk
BeeJay Luke-Liezen
PRELL Richard Prell Geroge - Moved to Germantown abt 1855
PRESTON Linda Shurtleff Alonzo Preston and he lived in the Necedah area in the 1890's.
PREVEY Elizabeth Bergen
Bryan Joyce

Francis Prevey
PRICE Trudy Spanier
PRIEST Marilyn Young
PROSSER William R. Williams
Betty (Bader) Kryka
Mauston & Lemonweir 1860-1908
Necedah - Daniel & Mary (Kennedy)
PULFORD Enella Gullatt
QUINN John Kammerer
Rita Burke Henricks
Plymouth Twp (nee Walsh)
Ed immigrated from Canada in 1904 and worked at the Omaha tunnel
RAASA K. Wiegert Fountain 1870 - ?
RADKE Julie Carl F. (Mauston, Wonewoc & Elroy areaw)
RAETZMANN Gerry Byrnes Henry had a saloon in Elroy.
RANDALL Harold Newkirk
Dee Owens
Gwen Torr
Tim Randall (address no good)
Neil Nelson
Rita Seeley
Peggy Miller

Jacob Earl b: in Elroy 4 Jun 1857, son of James and Hannah
Benjamin, Noyce, (Norris), Louis, Arthur, Timothy
Benjamin Randall and his family, particularily his son George Randall

RATZBURG Ryan Sweeney
Henry & Anna, son was Martin
Judy Ulch
Wonewoc area
Wonewoc area
RAYMOND Martha Cauthen
READ Phil Dibb Lisbon & Orange
REETZ Larry Onsager Lindina, New Lisbon
REGELSPERGER TR Smith (Incorrect email address for TR Smith) 
REIDY Jeff Drake
REMINGTON Ann McAllister
Kitty Fisher
Lindina, lots of info to share
RERANI, Catherine Judy Comer-Schultz   age 5 in 1860 Census, living w/Comer's in Summit; adopted?
RETTAMMEL Richard Rettammel
REVELS BeeJay Luke-Liezen
REYNOLDS [email protected]
Catherine Honaker
Ezra & Elizabeth
Necedah & Orange
RICE Richard A. Rice namely William B. Rice, 1827 - ? and his wife, Jane 1842 - 1888.
RICH William L. Timm William H.
RICHARDSON Steve Richardson
Julie Richardson
Steven Knemeyer
RICHER [email protected]
RICKARD Dave Rickard
RIDDLESTINE Brittany Lange Seven Mile Creek
RIEDEL Cathy Jacob
RILE BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Pat Skinner McCord
Mary Ann Pierce O'Connell
Rita Burke Henricks
Kildare and Lyndon Station

lived in Mauston and Summit
John Riley - farmed in Plymouth and Fountain
RITLAND Norm Ritland
ROARK Becky Tracy
Marjorie McNown Zwickel
John, Mary & children - Sarah, John & George (Incorrect email address)

ROBERTS TR Smith (Incorrect email address)
ROBERTSON Rylee Wedekind John and Charlotte (Thompson) Robertson
ROBISON Jerry Glawe New Lisbon
ROCKWOOD Terry Nichols
Linda McLean-Hill
ROGERS Nancy Ames
Allyn Campbell
Anne N. Philiben
Carol Anderson
Paula Rogers Huff
Brian Duffy
Kelly Loveless

Mauston, Lemonweir and Lindina

Phillip and Catherine  from Wonewoc
ROGGE(N) Debbie (Rogge) Sivley Lyndon Station
ROGNIGER Susan Catharina-born in Germany Nov 1829; immigrated in 1864 w/ dau Kundigunda & son-in-law, William Herzog; lived in Wonewoc in 1900. Son may have been Friedrick.
ROMIG Anita Bielefeldt Carter
RONIGER Marcia Clark Katharina lived in Wonewoc Twp 1890-1901. B: 18 Apr 1823 in Herten, Loerrach Co., Baden (Germany) to Mathias Roniger and his wife Kunigunda Gersbach. Katharina's dau. Kunigunda m: William Herzog. Katharina m: Herman Baurichter, Sr. in Watertown, WI in 1865. After his death in 1873, Katharina lived with Kunigunda & William in Woodland Twp, Sauk, WI until 1890.
RONITER Susan Nokes
ROOT L.S.Tremain-Forbes
ROSE Larry Onsager
[email protected]
John - Lemonweir
ROSS Colleen Curran John & Caroline from Orange Twp

Joan Anderson
(Incorrect email address)

G-grandmother & g-grandfather lived near the river in Adams Co.  Robert & Maggie (Roth) Dammert.  News article mentioned they were visiting Maggie’s sister in Germantown in 1899 when there was a tragic accident in which Robert & Maggie’s young son was killed.  Trying to find information regarding Maggie’s sister.  Their father’s name was Peter Roth.  Mother unknown.  According to the article, Maggie’s sister lived in Germantown in 1899.

ROWE JoAnn Lindenlaub
Kitty Hayes
Martha Cauthen
Janice Streeter

New Lisbon
Town of Lisbon and possibly Mauston
RUDOLPH John Gassler
RUECKEMANN /Rickeman TR Smith (Incorrect email address for TR Smith) 
RUF Pat Skinner McCord
RULE Sherry Martin
RULESTAD [email protected]
Dan Neustadter
Henry & family, particularity his dau. Alma Runkel
RUTTER Claudette Lohr
Martha Cauthen

RUZICKA [email protected] Lived in Kildare and Mauston 1873-1885(?)
RYNES George Corrigan Elroy
SALCHENBERGER [email protected]
SANDERS Pat Morehouse Mauston and Necedah
SANDERSON [email protected]
Patricia Sanderson
Karen Sinde

Howard and Lyman
SANDS, Harry Clayton Mary Throop
SANECKI Tina Nowicki
SANTAS Michele Nelson Wonewoc
SAULSBURY Pat Skinner McCord Plymouth Twp
SCANLON Erica DeCoursey Seven Mile Creek, Lyndon Station, Kildare early 1850's to early 1900's
SCHARFENBERG Harold Newkirk Mauston
Nancy Bell
SCHILLING John Gassler
SCHLIESSMANN TR Smith (Incorrect email address for TR Smith) 
SCHMIDT Bert Gamble

[email protected]

Frank J. b: 2/2/1838 d: 10/17/1917 married Rosa (Piechel) b: 12/13/1852 d: 2/14/1924.
They were born in Austria, came to the US in 1869 with Anton & Amelia Pfeifer. My ggrandparents. 6 children - Louis, Mathilda, Edward, Robert, Bertha and Emma.
Lived in Kildare and Mauston 1873-1885(?)
SCHLICHT Ron Schlicht My Great-grandfather John Schlicht was born in 1868 in Wisconsin and married his first wife (Emma who was born in 1874 and immigrated to the U.S. in 1895). They had two sons named Carl (1900) and Walter (1904). Emma died and he re-married (Theresa immigrated to the U.S. in 1906). They had a 3rd son named John (1910). Their second son, Walter, is my grandfather. They lived in either Elroy or Fountain in Juneau County. I can not find any census records of them prior to 1900. I am trying to locate records for John Schlicht prior to 1900. Who were his parents? Where was he born? Where did he grow up?
SCHNELL TR Smith (Incorrect email address for TR Smith) 
SCHRIVER [email protected]
SCHROCK Elaine Schrock Wonewoc area late 1800's
SCHRODER, Theodor Caroline Schroder
SCHUBERT Darrell Franke
SCHULTZ Julie Ferdinand (Mauston, Wonewoc & Elroy areas)
SCHWAB Debbie (Rogge) Sivley
SCHWEDRSKY/Schwedersky Dorie Quist Seven Mile Creek, Lyndon Station, Mauston
SCOTT Jean E. Brown Gideon Knowlton Scott and Barbara (Wood) Scott
SCOVILLE Harold Newkirk
Wilber Scoville
[email protected]
Diantha (Scovell) Neinfeldt
Duckworth Hill & New Lisbon
A. H. - Mauston area
SCRIBBINS Patrick King
Rich Scribbins
Chris Heal
Lon Mortensen

SCULLY Kathryn Randall Mauston & Lyndon Station, Seven Mile Creek, Lindina, Summit, & surrounding areas
SEAGER Adele Austin Seeking descendants of Albert and Marantha Seager of Juneau Co. (in 1870-1900 census) in Necedah, Lisbon and Summit. Is Marantha's maiden name Davenport? Can anyone help with her ancestors? (I believe her father to be Paul D. Davenport)
Kathy Gies
BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Wonewoc Twp and Elroy
SEEBECKER/SIEBECKER Harold Newkirk Mauston
SEELEY Rita Seeley
SEIDEL Laura Stene Frank
SEIDLE Karen Arnott Charles Augustus & Hannah (Brookman) SEIDLE, Sr/Germantown, Juneau Co. (ie: approx: 1870). At least two sons: Charles A. Seidle, Jr & Frank Seidle.
SEITZ John Gassler
SENOGLES Dave Senogles
SENZIG Donald J. Senzig, Jr. decendants of Nicolas
SERRURIER Mary Lou Stoddard Theodore & Johanna
SEVERANCE Harold Newkirk Mauston
SHARP Wilma Willman Orange twp. wife.....Tabitha.....son John Richard Sharp
SHELDON Penni Rogers Lyndon Station
SHERIDAN Joni Leffler
SCHERAN/Sheran/Sherin K. Wiegert Fountain 1870 - ?
SHERMAN Patti Martin
Ken Spangler
son-in-law of Charles Beal & Charlotte (Buss)
SHIPLEY BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Sharron Hanson

SHOBLAD (Sjoblad) Jean E. Brown Nanna Shoblad married William Gideon Scott
SHORTS Donna Shorts They lived in Wonewoc and Seven Mile Creek.
SHULT [email protected]
SHUTES Linda McLean-Hill
SIAS Terry Nichols
SIEBECKER Gary Rebholz Mathias Siebecker & Christina Stahl Siebecker, settled in Lindina township about 1860.
SIEKERT George Siekert Looking for a connection between the Mauston Siekerts & Lyndon Station Siekerts. Carl, wife, son Emil, & his father-in-law emmigrated in 1891 & settled in the Lyndon Station area. Emil was my grandfather.
SISLEY Marjorie McNown Zwickel Have lots of info on the Sisley's and willing to share.
SKINNER Pat Skinner McCord Lindina Twp, Orange Twp, Plymouth Twp & Necedah
SKLEPOVITCH Wayne Kile Sam 1871-1953 and Rose 1887-1940 buried in Mauston
SLAMA Nancy Luther
SMART Harold Newkirk
Peter Malinosky

SMITH John Buck, Jr.
Thomas C. Ehlert
Jackie Smith
Robert L. Ward
originally from Jefferson Co.
lived in Elroy ca 1900
Andrew, Agnes & family (see query)
Henry O. - came from Racine Co.
SMOTHERS Marilyn Campbell Mauston
SOERFASS Sharon Dugan Lyndon Station - date back to the last 1800's with John Soerfass being buried possibly in the Catholic cemetery.
SOLCHENBERGER Michele Nelson Wonewoc area
SONNENBERG Chuck Werkowski town of Summit - Jacob/Anna Neske Sonnenberg
SORENSEN Harry Miller
Barbara Ellen Brown

Warren William, b Necedah early 1900's
SOUTHERN JoAnn Lindenlaub
Kitty Hayes

New Lisbon
SOUTHWORTH JoAnn Lindenlaub
SPARBY Dave W. Stout
[email protected]
SPARS [email protected]
SPEAR Felicia Wiser Hazelton Lemonwier, Mauston, Plymouth and Elroy in the late 1800's
SPICE Rhonda Christ Armenia
SPIES Pat Skinner McCord New Lisbon
SPOONER Felicia Wiser Hazelton Lemonwier, Mauston, Plymouth and Elroy in the late 1800's
SPRAGUE K. W. Sprague Angelo H. b: 1867/70
ST. CLAIR Delores (Pfaff) Felland Thompson Searching for the St. Clair family - especially Charles Ritmond St. Clair - married to Lydia Scoivlle. They are my Grandparents.
STACHOWIAK Judy Jaeschke great grandfather Lawrence (1861-1949) & wife Victoria Czerwinski (1863-99) & children lived in Twn of Marion, abt 1891 to 1899. In the 1895 WI Census the name was spelled "Stackowvack." Lawrence & family moved back to Milwaukee after his wife & infant son died in 1899 in Wonewoc. Why did they move to Juneau Co from Milwaukee & moved back to Milwaukee. Lawrence was a carpenter & farmer. Victoria may have had relatives in Juneau Co. Lawrence & Victoria lived on a farm owned by Phillip Dolan in nearby twp to Wonewoc which may have been Union Center or Marion. Victoria & infant son Clemens were buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Union Center
STAERZ Bridget Boyle Stephen, who built farm on Rck/Staerz Road in 1906. Joseph & John then bought from him and farmed until 1947. Joseph Jr. then bought farm and ran it until 1964. Richard Rick married his daughter Donna and purchased farm and owns it today. Over 100 years in the same family.
STAGER Bill Mitchell
STALKER Vicki Pierce
Pat Skinner McCord

Lemonweir & Plymouth Twp
STANBRIDGE J. Stanbridge William Henry - 19th Wis Vol. Co G
STANGLER Kim Sanchez
STANTON Joni Leffler
STEDMAN, Burch   Quentin Stedman
STEFFEN Harold Newkirk
[email protected]
STELLING Robert & Dolores Wyant Walter R. Jr b: 7 Jul 1923 Port Washington, Ozuakee Co, d: 23 Mar 2002 New Lisbon. Also William, Alice, Margaret, Reinhardt b: abt 1908. Reinhardt was father of Walter R. Sr.
STENSBERG B. Stensberg
STENSON\STINSON Richard K. Green Necedah (see query)
STEVENS Barbara Smith
STEWART Maurice M. Stewart
Dee Owens
Rita Seeley
STICKNEY Sherry Martin
STILLSON Tom Stevens
Frank Stillson
STIMPSON [email protected]
STIVERS Christine Meier Perry Richard, owned land in Necedah & lived there approx. 1865 until his death in 1910
STODDARD BeeJay Luke-Liezen
STOUT Peggy Stenberg Armenia
STOWASSER Nancy Burns Joseph, married to Maria Jane Langendorf of Cutler
STREET Barbara Smith
STRICKLAND Wilber Scoville New Lisbon & area
STRINGER Kathy & Myra Henry, Roy, and Edith - lived in Armenia about 1895-1899 maybe earlier & later too.
STUHR Christina Boardman Roe
SULLIVAN J. Sherman Lemonweir
SUSSEK Harold Newkirk Mauston
SVEINSON/SVENDSON K. Wiegert Fountain - 1870 - ?
SWEENEY Pat Skinner McCord
SWEET [email protected] New Lisbon
SWENSON [email protected]
TAFT Barbara Smith
TALG Leah Day Settled in the Wonewoc area. Several sons lived in Wonewoc. Fredrick Willhelm and his wife Clara Steinbach settled in Hustler. Dau., Dora married a Schultz, one son, Willie. Talg names in Wonewoc would include Freidrich and his wife Elisabeth, Carl, Charley, Louis.
TATU Bernie Delaney Camp Douglas
TAYLOR Judy Pisano
Pat Skinner McCord
Pat Crosby
Lindina Twp
John & Jane (Keating), Thomas & Annie (Farrell), Arthur & Mary (Powers), Wm. & Mary,
TERLSON Sol Terlson Kennedy see query
THALHEIM [email protected]
THAYER Jennifer Lambert Mauston
THOENES Carter Thoenes 1856 Henry Thoenes died in Wonewoc on 27 Sep 1936 (My grandfather). He had 14 children. Not sure when the family moved from Plum Valley in Woodland, Sauk, WI to Wonewoc.
THOMAS Todd Thomas Ervin A.
THOMPSON Harold Newkirk
Dale B Thompson
Denny Thompson
Rylee Wedekind
Joan Thompson Perry
Millards Prairie (see query)

John and Charlotte (Thompson) Robertson
Victor Thompson & Mary E. Baxter m. 1880 in Juneau Co.
THURBER [email protected]
TIEDEMANN Mrs Linda Stucker
Marilyn Jones
Denny Thompson
M. Miller

Eliza Tiffany, nee Stambridge, wife of Clinton Tiffany 1848 Armenia. Clinton d: 1889. Eliza from NY, born 21 Jun1832, grew up in Pine Island, Mn.
TINNEY Holly Sprise Kobza Email address is no good
TOBIAS Pat Nielsen Agnes and Sadie. adoped by? Birth parents Amos Tobias and Sarah Smith.
TOMAN Carol McBain Homer Silverter & Jennie L lived in the New Lisbon area per 1905 census.
Children: Theresa, Rhoda, Leona, Gladys, Grace, John, & Bernard
TOWERS Barbara Buckles Walter & Jean - Mauston
TRAANI K. Wiegert Fountain Twp 1870 - ?
TRACY Terry Kemper
[email protected]
Kildare Twp arrived 1850
around Lyndon Statin , near Kildare
TRAIN William R. Williams
Marjorie McNown Zwickel
Mauston & Lemonweir 1860-1908 Email address is no good

TRAINER Sue York Town of Kildare, Board of Supervisors Rep. until 1888
TRAMBLIE [email protected] Phillip & Anna. 4 child.: Ora, Maud, William & Harold. Lived in Elroy per 1895 census.
TRAVENICK Peg Christman Elroy
TREAKLE, Lavinah Lois Hinton Palecek
TREML John Gassler
TUCKER Karen Weiss
Todd Thomas
1870-1920 Necedah, Lindina, New Lisbon, Mauston, Orange
TURNER Kathy Krajewski Town of Fountain (Albert & Jennie children Emily, Engline, Mattie 1900)
TWEETER Pat France New Lisbon 1915-30. Husband's 1st name unk., wife was Mabel (Fry). 3 children; Jessie, Eva and unk
TWITON/TVEDTEN William Moore Twiton (modern spelling) Ole Olsen Tvedten (1831-1885) and desc. in WI, MN, MI.
TWOOMEY Terry Sullivan Seven Mile Creek
UNDERBERG Peggy Cacciamatta Jennie m.1889 Bert Root; Emma m.1891 Fayette Robinson; Mary m.1888 Erwin Wood, all of Marion Twp.
UTTER Harold Newkirk
Vicki Pierce
Pat Skinner McCord
Linda Snyder Shipman
Donna Rae Lipert
Mauston, Elroy, New Lisbon

Lemonweir & Plymouth Twp
Lindinia, Elroy, Union Center, Lemonweir, Wonewoc, Mauston.
Denison Dixon Utter born 1824 NY
VALLEAU Rich Turnblom Web Page
VANDERHOOF Nick Vanderhoof Mauston
VAN HOOSAN/EN T. Van Hoosan Pourner Fountain, Orange, Plymouth 1860-1910
VANTASSEL Sam Randolph (Family 3 Elroy 1880 Census). George W. and Mary M. w/ a daughter Dorcas, who is most likely my Grandmother.
VAUDELL/VauDell/Vaudelle [email protected]
VELVICK Bev Velvick Zuerlein Fountain Twp., possibly Mauston
VIETH Dale B Thompson (see query)
VISGAR Cindy Visgar
Deborah Hobson/Visgar
VOBORSKY Nancy Voborsky- Fettis Armenia township by James Rudolf & Rose (Melichar)Voborsky; late 1880's.
VOIGT Dorie Quist Seven Mile Creek, Mauston area
VOIGTSCHILD Dale Martin Have info on August Franz Ludwid & Wilhelmine Grefe. Attempting to tie Frederick and his family to this relationship, which family folklore indicates would be a brother to August. There is some connection to a Barr surname (sister to August). We have found a Carl who would be almost 20 years older than August & Frederick. Also found a Voigtschild from the area who we cannot place in the family genealogy.
VOLLMER Pat Skinner McCord
VOLTZ/VOLZ Harold Newkirk
Nick Vanderhoof
BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Mauston  and Necedah

VON DORNBERG TR Smith (Incorrect email address for TR Smith) 
WACHAL Patricia Wenzel
WALKER Elaine Mauston
WALLACE Jan Howard, died in Elroy, married to Grace GORDON
WALLING Carol McBain Christina -m: Edward Elwood McBain, July 4, 1877
WALPORT Patrick Turner
WALSH John Kammerer
Rosemary Walsh
Susan Langus
Lorane Walsh
Thomas, infant son Edward, placed in care of John Lauth.
WARD Robert L. Ward
Darrell Franke
Charles E., came from Adams Co., WI
WARME Patricia Warme Freeburg
Brittany Lange

Seven Mile Creek
WARNER Linda Mary Sophia Warner born 4 Apr 1842. Had 2 brothers, Wellington (Wesley) & John, Jr. Mary appeared in the 1850 census in Laona twp, Winnebago Co, IL. Married Nehemiah Morse on 4 Sep 1856 at Avon, Rock, WI. She was 14, he was 31. She had Frank F on 4 Jun 1857 in Winnebago Co. On 2 Dec 1858 she had John D. 9 Mar 1860 she had Eva M. in Summit, Juneau Co. In the 1860 WI census, the Morse family was living with her brother Wesley, Abigail (sister-in-law) & their son, Adelbert. After Nehemiah died Mary married Levi Lawrence on 14 Oct 1868 in Mauston. They were living in Germantown, Juneau Co. Mary had 2 daughters with Levi, Inez Augusta & Alma Grace. They moved to Colorado and were in the 1885 CO census. Mary Sophia was buried in the Red Butte Cemetery, Aspen, Pitkin Co, CO.
WARNOCK Rod Warnock James Francis from Necedah (lumberman)
WARREN [email protected]
WEBBER Dean Hagen
WEBER Jim Allen
WEILAND [email protected] Charles J and his wife Wilhelmina "Minnie" Weiland. They were in Plymouth townsp
WELLS Harold Newkirk
Caroline Sims
Sara Strunk
Donna Rae Lipert
Jean Edwards
Mauston and Elroy

Sarah married LAACK, Herman
John Wells, born 11 Sep 1828 Germany
Simeon Levi Wells of Mauston
WENDELN/WENDEL Shirley Sharkey Johann Heinrich WENDELN (also spelled WENDEL) lived in Wonewoc in 1900 & 1910
WENZEL Jason Wenzel Looking for info on Herman Wenzel. B: Prkston 10 May 1894 D: 18 Mar 1970 in Camp Douglas, WI.
WERMUTH Pat Skinner McCord
WEST Thomas C. Ehlert
Barbara LaMont
lived in Elroy ca 1900.Arthur. Husband of Maude CORNEL, father of Leo (1901 - )
Necedah (George Levy & Mary Ann Sell)
WESTCOTT BeeJay Luke-Liezen
WHEREATT Tony Knight
Karen Whereatt
Orange and Fountain towns
WHITE Jeff Golden
Debra Ripp
Pam Wilson
Summit, Wonewoc, Mauston
Germantown - Zanoni
WHITINGER Judy Hladky-Sheridan
WIGHTMAN [email protected]
WILCOX Ann McAllister Lindina, lots of info to share
JoAnn Lindenlaub
Harold Newkirk
Elizabeth Bergen
Catherine Honaker
BeeJay Luke-Liezen

WILFORD [email protected]
WILLARD Debra Ripp Summit, Wonewoc, Mauston
WILLEY/WILLY/WILLIE Diantha (Scovell) Neinfeldt
WILLIAMS Lynn Fowler

Judy Comer-Schultz

Glen Williams

Linda McLean-Hill

Dan Neustadter
William m: Margaret Collins (d: childbirth ca 1910, leaving 7 children.) Mauston
Necedah-Lute class of 1899 NHS member of 1st Necedah baseball team
WILLIAMS, Charles William R. Williams Mauston & Lemonweir 1860-1908
WILLIAMSON Carolyn Johnson Mauston (email address is no good)
WILLISJames D. WilsonFredric, wife Ellen Miles daughter Anna lived in Elroy
WILSEY Kelly Loveless
WILSON Sarah E. Wilson

Shirley Pond Albert

Judy Filius
Joseph, Charlotte, William, Arthur, Edgar and Lillie. In 1880 Armenia census

Henry, wife Philipine (Zimmer/Zimmerman), dau Ella (married Benjamin WHITAKER)

Ira Melville, born in June 1888. I believe his parents were James WILSON and Ada WILLIAMS.
WIND Stephiainie Robert &  Christian, mother was Ingie Olsen. Daus: Clara, Esther Mabel, son died in infancy
WINGE Jennifer Boden Finley area
WINKER Tim Winker Joseph W., John H., and William H. all farmed in the Necedah area beginning in the 1890s.
WINN Jaimee William B. Winn
WINSOR Kitty Fisher William
WIRTH, Frederick Larry Onsager Summit
WISE Tom Wright
WOLFGRAM L.S.Tremain-Forbes
WONDERLY JoAnn Lindenlaub
WOOD M. Appleby
Peggy Cacciamatta
Wilma Willman
Jackie Hufschmid
Margie Christenson
Norman, Truman, Charles, Alba, Lydia & Rhoda. Children of Jason & Phoebe
James & Betty, Marion Twp.
Lindina area. Joshua & Mary Ann, child: George and Almina, father: Marmaduke
James & Martin Wood married Gullickson sisters
Joshua, looking for any info, also looking for a death date for Joshua’s father, Marmaduke
WOOF Pat Bounds or Pat
WORDEN Dale B Thompson
Jan Murphy
(see query)
WRIGHT Kn Harold Newkirk
Patrick King
Tom Wright
Nancy Straub
Lon Mortensen
Todd Thomas
Christina Boardman Roe
Christina Boyer

Lyndon Station-Clinton & Alice, Frank M. & Sybil, William & Jane
Hiram & Caroline lived in Lemonweir, dau. was Carrie

David & Susan (Neal)
WRUCK Kelly Jake Grandmother, Ruth Wruck Jake, grew up on Duckworth Ridge in New Lisbon. Parents: Robert Charles & Hannah (Northcott )
YAGER Barbara (Yager) Sears Carl F Yager and Fred R Yager and their families from the Germantown area.
YATES Beth Herman-Ukasick
YELLICK Diana Lucier Lived in Kildare. Frank b: 1814/20 in France, d: 1888. M: Clara Blaschka b: 1829 in Germany, d: 1892. Child: Frank b: 1853/54, Clara b: 1855/58, Otto b: 1857/59. Theodore A. b: Feb 1860 m: Flora Bergemann 18 Jul 1892 in Kildare. Kate b: 1860/63. Joseph b: May 1863/66 m: Julia McNull on 2 Aug 1899 in Milwaukee Co. Pauline b: 11 Dec 1867 m: 1st hus- last name Arron. 2 child: Christian Emery b: in Lyndon Station on 11 Jul 1886 & Lillian Marie in Dec 1888/1889. M: 2nd hus.- Hubert F DeLaruelle on 13 Feb 1897 in Merrill, Lincoln Co. 2 child: Rennie b: Mar 1898 in WI and Lola in 1905 in Washington State.
YORK Michelle James Lindina
YOUNG Sheri Ann
BeeJay Luke-Liezen
Pat Skinner McCord

Lisbon Twp., New Lisbon, and more
YOUNGS Terry Micks Camp Douglas
ZASTROW Kathleen Koepp Charles August Zastrow b. 1856 Hundskopf, Dramburg Pomern Prussia. Married Carolina Metz in Stetsonville 11 Feb 1882
ZELLINGER Paul Zelinger
[email protected]
Anton Zelinger (Zellinger) & wife Barbara VonEder emig. in 1871, settled in Mauston.
Lived in Kildare and Mauston 1873-1885(?)
ZIENERT TR Smith (Incorrect email address for TR Smith) 
Terry M. Lanke
(Incorrect email address for TR Smith)
ZUBKE, Barney [email protected] Relatove of Frank Zubke – Milwaukee, WI

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