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Juneau Co., Wi - Queries99

JUNEAU CO., WI. - 2000 - 2002
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Last Update - 12/22/99   

My name is Greg BORAMAN. I live in London,England. I found the entries regarding the original settlers named BORAMAN, and was shocked because my surname is so rare in the U.K that I know personally all the living BORAMAN'S in the country. If there are still any Boramans' out there (where ever you guys are !)  I would love to hear from them. Thanks, GSB  Dec 21, 1999

I am looking for any information on the DEGARMO family that migrated to Wonewoc area from New York in about 1858. Any help on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Cecil Peloquin, Lake Oswego, Oregon
Dec 21, 1999

Am looking for siblings of John KELLY born CO Galway, Ireland son of Edmund or John KELLY and Mary McCORMICK in 1826.   He was married to Anne CONWAY born May 25, 1826 in Ballycroy Co., Mayo,  Ireland daughter of Neil CONWAY and Mary CLEARY.
John KELLY and Anne CONWAY were married in St. Patrick's St Louis, MO  on Aug 31, 1856. Witnessess were Bartly KELLY and Mary HYNES.
Bartly Bartholomew KELLY, son of  Thomas D and Ellen KELLY, married Bridget HYNES daughter of Owen D HYNES and Mary KELLY on Jan.11, 1857. Witnesses were Pat HYNES and Mary TUCKER.
Jay Gallagher  Dec 12, 1999

I am looking for my gggrandfather Joseph Fisher (Fischer) and his wife Theresa Neururer Fisher (Fischer) who lived in Juneau Co. Wisconsin. I have found him on the census in 1860,1870 and 1880 and have determined he was born in 1815 in Germany or Prussia. I know he came to the Union Center (Wonowoc) area in 1854. He was married to Theresa Neururer who was born in approximately 1822 in Germany or Austria. He helped found St. Theresa Catholic Church in Union Center in 1863 and he and his wife were very devout catholics. I found them both on the 1860 census along with a Heinrich age 75 and Sophia Fisher (Fischer) age 70 who lived with them at the time. They were listed as from Prussia. Joseph and Theresa had 3 children listed. My ggrandmother Mary was born in 1863. On the 1870 and 1880 census there were only Joseph and Mary listed so I have no idea what happened to the rest of the family. Mary married George Henry Wendlen on Oct. 24, 1884. From then on I have quite a bit of information. Any help on Joseph, Theresa or Heinrich and Sophia or Theresas parents would be greatly appreciated as every other way I go I come to a dead end. Thank you.
Al Costich  Dec 11, 1999

If someone has access to an 1870 census of Juneau County, Plymouth in particular, I would appreciate a look-up for Lewis Baker. I am interested in information about his children. The 1860 Census had one child less than a year old. When he arrived in South Dakota to homestead in 1879, he had four children. I need their names etc. Thanks, Cecil Peloquin

Andrew Austin Thompson, 1816-1888 settled in Sec. 16, Lindina Township in 1854. He and many family members are buried in an abandoned cemetery, behind the present day Moriarty Farm, 4 miles west of Mauston on Hwy 82. Family members have tried to somewhat restore the cemetery, and have gotten replacement markers for Civil War Veterans and a few others. The cemetery was completely destroyed about 1960. Besides my 4th gr. grandfather listed above, there were perhaps 50 graves, we are not aware of any records, but the graveyard appears to have been used by the Seventh Day Adventist Community in that area, beginning in 1858. If anyone is searching burial sites for any of the following Surnames, please contact me, as they may also be buried in the Thompson Cemetery. This list comes from families listed as living nearby, and from the memories of folks still living who had visited the cemetery in the 1930s or 40s. WOOD, ROGERS, GOODENOUGH, TIFFANY, RUSSELL, TRUMBLE, WARD, COWLES, MOSIER, COLE and PHELPS.
Recently someone placed a grave stone in there with the name McCARTY. We have no knowledge of this family. Thank you.  Denny Thompson Dec 6, 1999

Vau Dell / Vaudell / Vaudelle

Looking for anything on my family.  Henery B Vaudell b. 1815- d. 1891 in New Lisbon. m. 1883
William Walter Vaudell / Vau Dell b. 1889 m. 1915 Fern LAMSON
Otto Vaudell b. 1887 - d. 1959 m. Amanda WOLLENSON.   Thanks Dennis Vau Dell Nov 28, 1999
I am researching the surname Baker. My records indicate that my ancestors settled into that area around 1857. Josiah Baker had the first 5 of his children in Juneau, WI. He was born Aug. 11, 1833 in Hanover PA. Died Nov. 8, 1934 in Abbotsford, WI. Thank you, Tina Chaney  Nov 26, 1999

James Keena and his wife Mary (Hendrickson) came to Wisconsin between 1840  and 1845. All their children were born in Ireland, the youngest born in 1840. They bought land in Wisconsin in 1845. Their children: Anna born abt 1826, married Patrick Garrigan; Bridget born abt 1828, married Martin Lavin; Mary born abt 1830, married Michael Leonard; Jane born abt 1831; Matthew born May 19, 1835, married Sara Ann Carpenter (these were my gg grandparents); Catherine born May 19, 1835, married James Trainer; Margaret born March 7, 1839, married James Geraghty; Patrick born 1840, possibly married Amelia. They lived around the Lyndon Station area. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to share what I have with other Keena descendants. Thank you! Sue  Nov 24, 1999


Seeking information on Edna A. GENS/GEUS b. abt 1911. She was a stenographer in 1935 in Juneau and had been for 4 years. She gave birth to a son in Daytona Beach, FL on April 11, 1935. Sue Snodgrass  Nov 24, 1999

I have found my Hopkins family on the 1860 census in the town of Mauston. George C. Hopkins, age 44, farmer, born in Vermont. Wife Rebecca, age 41, born in PA. Children, Perry, Ann, Bennett, Olive and Mary, all born in WI. There are two children missing on this census, Vollney? and Millard. This family moved to Mauston from Marcellon Twp in Columbia county WI. If anyone has any info on this family please contact me. Thank You, Nola Parkey    Nov 2, 1999


My great-grandfather, Thomas Taylor, came to Necedah in 1876. His brothers John and Arthur were already in the area. I believe an uncle William was also living here, having arrived before 1850. Any info on these people would be appreciated. Judy Pisano  Oct 30,1999


John George (known as George F.) Gerbig was born in Germany on 4 May 1826. He was from Erlenbuch, Grossherzuegtsen (sp?) Hessen, Germany.  There is evidence indicating that he married Dorthea Maria Herman in Watertown, Jefferson County, WI on 30 Nov 1849.
George married Johanna Emilie Auguste Heise from Wetzmuz (Wetzmuez) bei Greisenberg, Pommern on 19 Feb 1851 in Watertown, Jefferson County, WI. There were 13 children born to this couple. George died in Watertown, Jefferson County, WI 20 Apr 1901. Johanna died in Camp Douglas, Orange Township, Juneau Co., WI on 12 Sep 1906 at her daughter's house. Her daughter's name was Mrs. Frank H. (Clara) Buffmeier (or Buffmire). Looking for any siblings of either George Gerbig or Johanna Heise Gerbig. Please send email and also reply here. Thanks. Marie   Oct 29, 1999

A mystery. Seeking a solution. For some time I searched for the grave of my GGgrandfather James Egan. I knew he had lived in Town of Kildare in the 1850's, married a lady named Catherine (family name unknown), and had four children-- Willam, Catherine, Elizabeth and James. I also knew he moved to Steele County Minnesota sometime before 1870 where Catherine probably died. He is next noted living in the home of Patrick Havey with no wife and no children in 1880. He is not noted again until 1910 when he is living in the home of his daughter  Catherine Tracy. He died in 1912 and was born between 1818-1830. His obit says he was 92 when he died. I searched St Mary's cemetary looking for his grave but could only find an Elizabeth Egan nee Kennedy who died Aug 29, 1870 age 22 a native of Townland of Crimblin, County Tipperary. NO Grandpa. About 2 weeks ago I was in St Mary's cemetary and visited Elizabeths grave again and Lo and Behold right next to her stone was a stone for James Egan 1818-1912. That stone was not there when I visited the gravesite about 5 years ago. And the stone looks relatively knew. Who put it there??? Anybody know???  Any info that can be provided on James Egan would be appreciated as I plan to visit Ireland in April of 2000. And would like to visit the Egan part of the old sod. Thanks for any help. T. M. Tracy  Oct 26, 1999

I am looking for the death certificate of Jane Leonard who died February 7, 1860 in Juneau County...lived in Kildare, WI, buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Lydon Station. Also her son, John, who died in 1902, same area. Relatives tell me none exist, however, I find that hard to believe especially for John. Jane's may hold crucial info. as to relatives in Ireland. (Hope to visit Ireland in 2000 so finding info is becoming more urgent. Gravestone of Jane says Kildare, however, researchers of this family have been hitting roadblocks on her maiden name. Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. [email protected]  Oct 21, 1999

I am searching for the parents of my ggggrandfather Lewis Dwight Baker.  He lived in Plymouth, Juneau County at the time of the 1860 census. At the same time, the only other Baker there was "M. M. Baker" and his family. He is written up as part of  the fact sheet about Plymouth. I would sure like to find out more about him. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading my note.
Cecil Peloquin, Lake Oswego, OR   Oct 21, 1999

I found in our families possession two books by Stewart FORBES. One is called "Christmastide" T.K.Dunn & Son Printers, Elroy, WI with no copy write date and the other is "Songs and poems of the Rustic Bard" Elroy, Wisconsin, Spicer & Buschman, Printers, LaCrosse, Wis. 1890. In the back of one book is this written message: This book came into my possession thru the division of Keystone books- thinking Aunt Vete had best right to it I am giving it to her. After she is thru with it in case neither Winnie or Alice want it I would be glad to have it back. But you children are to have first choice if you care for it.- your cousin, Hazel Oliver.
I am trying to find out the importance of these books. Be it a relation to Stewart Forbes or the printers or Keystone books. These books are in the HEATH Families possession. Chas.W.T. Heath was married to Emma Francis Fowler in Plymouth, Sept. 4, 1870. They had three children born in Plymouth or Elroy. Clarence, Lillian, b.1872 and Albert, b. 1874. CWT and Emma divorced and CWT remarried Arvilla Hannah Nash at Norwalk, Monroe Co., WI on Dec. 11 1880. CWT and Arvilla resided at Kendall, Monroe Co., WI and they had three children: Millie b. cir. 1887, Winslow b. 1892 and Alice b. 1900. CWT was the editor of the newspaper in Kendall for many years in the late 1890's early 1900's. He retired due to failing eyesight and moved to the Dakota's in 1909. Any help would be appreciated! Michele Heath Oct 20, 1999


I am currently researching my family which is centered around Elroy and the Town of Wonewoc Thompson and Hepp (Grandparents and parents lived and live on Millards Prairie) and Vieth and Worden who lived for some time in the Elroy area any assistance would be appreciated. Dale B Thompson or email (Graduated 1960 Royall HS)  Oct 11, 1999

I am doing research on the Johnson and Salter families. The Johnson's lived in Orange, WI. before moving to Adams County. Any Information on them would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail address is [email protected] Thank you! Oct 11, 1999


I am researching my various family histories... Tremain/Tremaine, John in and around Mauston & Lindinia
Root, Sylvester in and around Mauston
McIntyre, Andrew in and around Mauston & Lindinia
Nelson, Ole Andrew in and around Mauston & Lindinia
Avery, Benjamin/Frank W. in and around Mauston, Elroy & Kendall
Wolfgram, Arthur August in and around Mauston, Elroy & Kendall
I would appreciate any information possible. Many thanks. Laura S. Tremain-Forbes
Oct 4, 1999


I am looking for information on the Krauss or Marshall families that lived in Juneau County in the 1880's. David and Ella Krauss (maiden name Marshall) gave birth to my great-grandfather Henry Adam Krauss on 9 July 1887, the specific town is unknown at this time. Any information would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]  Sep 29, 1999


Would like to correspond with descendants of Richer Family of Juneau Co, WI. I am preparing family hisotry of John Killian Richer of Berlin, Rensselaer Co, NY and need more information about the Juneau Co Richers. Thanks.  [email protected]   Sep 29, 1999


NELSON-searching for descendants of Cordele BURGESS and her husband Harv NELSON. She was last known living in 1913 at Kilbourn City. Cordele is a sister of my great grandfather, Isaac Henry BURGESS. The town may be also known as Kilban City.
Eugene Nielson  Sep 29, 1999

I found recently graduation pictures for the following people. They are the New Lisbon H.S. graduating class of 1908.   So, I have the names and the faces, I just don't know whose is which, with the exception of my grandmother W. Flagg. Anyway, I'll scan these photos and email them to anyone with an interest.

I also have a nice picture of Julian Winslow Flagg, leaning against a tree with my father (Donald R. Kewin age abt 18 mo.) in his lap and Ggrandpa's dog nearby.. Julian has a ton of descendants in Wisconsin and I will email this to anybody who requests it.

New Lisbon High School Class of 1908
Winnifred Flagg, Alice S. Frohmader, Henry Gibson, Louis Hansen, Maude Harris, Chas. A. Leicht, Jr., Rachel B. Macomber, Carl J. Marsh, Anna M. Otto, Emma E. Purvis, George R. Sinclair, Myrle L. Witz   Bill Kewin   Sep 29, 1999

I am researching the Hilker surname, specifically William Hilker born probably in the 1860s and Elizabeth Schultz Hilker, born in 1873 or 1874. Both were supposedly born in Germantown. Am looking for their siblings names and parents' names. Thanks. Elmer Ablert Hilker, Jr., Palmetto, FL  Sep 29, 1999

I am researching my family (Hilker) and have discovered that both of my grandparents were born in Germantown WI. The problem is I don't know whether it is Germantown in Juneau or Washington County.
The names are William Hilker and Elizabeth Schultz. Elizabeth was born approximately 1873 or 74. William Hilker was probably born in the 1860s. He had a brother Ed and sisters Annie and Dora Hilker. There may be one more sister. Don't know William or Elixabeth's parents' first names or any other info about them. William's father or uncle might be Henry Hilker. William and Elizabeth farmed in Mondovi in the late 1800s and early 1900s before moving to Appleton when their kids went to Lawrence College, and then moved to Atlanta in 1930 or 31. It would be nice to know if I am on the right track. Thanks for your help. Elmer Hilker, Jr.  Sep 4, 1999


Searching for Kegler family or any body who married in to the Kegler family around 1880.  
Also searching for information on Peter and Viola Kegler left Wonewoc, Wisc around 1882 with his cousin Joe Kegler for Atholl, South Dakota had 3 small daughters Bertha Helen and my great grand mother Rose Kegler - Travis.  Any info is appreciated thanks.

Hello again, I am searching for more info on the Kegler name is there any body who could tell me if there are any birth / death certificates for the following ???
Helen Kegler born approx 1872  - Bertha Kegler born approx 1875
Joseph Kegler born approx 1878 also maybe a death certificate ??? as he is not listed
Edward Cunningham
 Sep. 1 & 4, 99

I am researching on the TERLSON surname.  My 3greatgrandfather was Gundar Terlson and he had some property in Juneau Co.  I am trying to get more information on him.I have a website at  Sol Terlson Kennedy   Aug 26, 1999


I am looking for Leonard..Jane who died in 1865? and a son John. It is believed that they came from Kildare Ireland. Possibly brother and mother of Patrick John Leonard who lived in Racine County near Franksville. I believe they are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery. I am looking for place of birth (was Kildare the county or city) and who their parents and siblings. Any help would be appreciated.   sharjimbreslain  Aug 23, 1999


Looking for information on George West b. 1852 WI, he married Mary Ann Sell. They lived in Germantown Twp. Children: Byron b. 1875, Eideth b. 1877, Alissa b. 1878, Myrtle b. 1880. Barbara LaMont  Aug 20, 1999

Am looking for information on George W. SHISLER and his wife Phoebe. They are listed on the 1880 census for Seven Mile Creek. Am interested in any information. Where they lived, what he did for a living etc.  Pam Bylczynski  Aug 16, 1999
Researching Marie Magdalene Jorgensen born New Lisbon aug 14 1857 died 1897 in Racine, Wi. She married Peter Jensen born Solberg Denmark died Racine, Wi.   Marie Magdalene was 2nd wife.
Also researching Jorgen Rammelhoj and his wife name unknown both born in Vensyssel Denmark and both died in New Lisbon these were Marie Magdalene parents.
Also researching Peter Jensen born in Solberg,  Denmark, came to America 1871 ( New Lisbon) Moved to Racine, Wi 1873  Ted Jensen  Aug 9, 1999

Owen help . . . Louise Owen Gregg notes show that after their marriage Ethan Allen Owen & Amelia Bates moved to a farm near Elroy, Wi. and in later years he lived with his son Homer near Hilsboro or Union, Vernon Cty, WI [1860'S]. Does anyone have more help for this study ?
JC  Aug 9, 1999

FLAGG - KEWIN - 10th WI Light Artillery
My name is Bill Kewin and I am researching the Kewin and Flagg surnames. My grandfather was James E. Kewin, son of Charles and Mary(Cany), son of Thomas and DeGratia. My grandmother was Winnifred Flagg, daughter of Julian Winslow and Nancy Darling. The Kewins were from "Hustler" and the Flagg's "New Lisbon". Also am interested in corresponding with people knowledgeable of the "10th Wisconsin Light Artillery". Thanks, Bill Kewin, Rowlett Tx.
Aug. 5, 1999

I'm looking for info on William Henry Lake born 1842 in Armenia, Juneau, WI. Married Olive Mosur born 1846 in Armenia, Juneau, WI. Daughter was Nellie Helen Lake (my g-grandmother). I'm trying to find Williams parent names and  where they were from. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd be happy to share the info. I have. Thank you! Sue  Aug 1, 1999


I am looking for information on the SANFORD G. TAYLOR family. Sanford was born in Van Buren Co., MI and died September 10, 1917 in Lindina Twp., Juneau Co. He first married N.E. HUNT in 1870, second marriage to DELLA HEATH IN 1886, Juneau Co. Della was born in Watertown, Jefferson Co., Wi and died March 21, 1900. Sanford TAYLOR'S third marriage was to HANNAH E. CATTLE, daughter of EDWARD CATTLE and SARAH HARRISON. Sanford TAYLOR and N. HUNT had one child Alden TAYLOR. Sanford TAYLOR's marriage to DELLA HEATH had 3 children: Emory, Williard, and Wilma TAYLOR. Wilma TAYLOR married CLAUD DYER. Sanford TAYLOR's marriage to third wife had 5 children: CHESTER, ELOISE, EVERETT, MADALENE, and GARRETT TAYLOR. GARRETT TAYLOR married VERA A. DUCKWORTH and they had one son, HAROLD TAYLOR. Anyone having information on this family, please contact me. I have information to share. I was raised on the TAYLOR farm. Thank you so much. Pat Skinner-McCord  Jul 31, 1999

Lund, Lars Elroy, WI b.1845,Norway d.1925, Elroy
Lund, Anna Ellerene, nee Schroder Elroy,WI b.1842, Mosjoen, Norway
Schroder, Anton Teodor Elroy, WI b.1854, Mosjoen, Norway
Caroline Strohl  July 16, 1999

I am looking for information on the PATTERSON family in Juneau County, Wisconsin. According to the 1898 marriage license for my great-grand-parents, Charles D. Patterson and Grace M. Velvick, his parents were Samuel and Mary Stevens Patterson and his residence Seven Mile Creek, Juneau County. I recently found Samuel Patterson listed in Patron's Directory of Seven Mile Creek Township for the same year. I would appreciate any leads. Thanks. Terry M. Travis   July 14, 1999

Interest in finding information on James H. WELLS. He was living in New Libon in 1861. Did he have children? He was a son of Erastus WELLS. Caroline Sims   July 11, 1999

I am looking for my ancestors from the Juneau County. My mother was Ada Shelby, her mother was Mae Shelby. My mother was born in Baraboo. Her sisters were Clara, Lucy, a brother Harold, and not sure others. Would like to know if anyone knows anything about any of them. My mother lived in Wonewoc--Was married to Harold Schneider "Tootie" Schneider. She was born in 1917. Any information would help. Thanks Delores "Schneider" Harrison    June 28, 1999    


Looking for any information on the Gatz family who came to the U.S. in 1881 and resided in Marion, Juneau County, WI and appear on the 1900, 1910 and 1920 census. Parents were Ludwig Gatz and Magdalena Pesall and they had six children and three lived. I have only found Mary Magdelina Gatz who married Bernard August Michalke and Albert Gatz who married Josephine Gatz. Ludwig was a farmer and Albert and his family were still residing in Marion in 1920 with the following family members - Frank E. Gatz, Louis B. Gatz, Charles Gatz, Mary Gatz, Anton Gatz, George Gatz, John Gatz and Martha Gatz. Would appreciate any information on this family and will share what I have.   Thanks,  Frank R. Tetzlaff,  Pensacola, FL  
June 15, 1999

Seeking to contact Vera Brown Ristow (or others in her family) who was a niece of Florence E. (Scoville) Strickland. Other names in search would be James Brown, Vernice Brown Schaefer, Illa Brown, Harley Brown, (all known to be adults in 1939). All of the above were Nieces or Nephews of Ella J. (Strickland) Brown who died Jan 1, 1948. I have photographs and family history to share.  Need help in identification of several photographs. Please contact me if any of the above names are known to you. Wilber Scoville May 28, 1999

Hyland, Union Center married Byrnes (female) in 1920's. Also any info on Ann Larkin or decendents also of Union Center.  J. Kammerer  May 31, 1999


I am seeking information on the Charles P. Church family who appear on the 1860 Census for Wonewoc Township. They had moved to Wisconsin sometime after 1850 from Clinton County in upper New York state. There were five children, Edgar, Melvin, Charles M., Niles, and Alma.  
I haven't been able to find them after 1860, although I know Charles M. served with the First Wisconsin Cavalry in the Civil War, married Elvira E. Simmons in Racine County in 1866. Charles M. later moved to Watertown, South Dakota where he buiit and operated the Northwestern Hotel in 1878. Thad Taylor May 31, 1999

I am looking for any info on the name Bender, Balwin or Baldwin. They ended up in Elroy. Not sure where before that. Would love any info you may have.
Thanks. Shirley Smith  May 17, 1999

I am searching for Ole Anderson who died in or near Camp Douglas about 1926. He was born in Vestfold, Norway in 1850 and immigrated to America during the 1870s. I think perhaps I have spotted the correct Ole Anderson as being from New Lisbon Township from the 1880 census records in the 'People of Norwegian Ancestory' in Wisconsin, by Vesterheim Genealogical Center in Madison. That Ole Anderson listed there is #43742. Web site  I would like very much to locate him and find contact with any descendants. He is my great uncle. Thank you for any assistance. Patricia Anderson Pruitt  May 12, 1999


I am searching for information on my great uncle, Ole Anderson. He immigrated to Wisconsin from Norway and was born in 1850. He lived in or near Camp Douglas and died there about 1926. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew him and/or any of his descendants. Patricia Anderson Pruitt Apr. 25, 1999 

Seek any info on Emaline STAGER 1848-1925 who died at Union Center.  Bill Mitchell
Apr 25, 1999

Looking for Lambert Van Tilbing (approx 1900) and any other members of the Van Tilbing and Lizar families. Would appreciate your help or a point in the right direction. Thanks in advance. Larry. Apr 25, 1999

Looking for information on EMMA WOOF-ELLIS, who was adopted by CLARA ELLIS in 1915. Her parents were HENRY WOOF & CATHERINE GEE from Black River Falls in Jackson Co. After her father died in 1911, her mother was forced to give up some of the children for adoption. Emma married JAMES BOUNDS in UNION CENTER and had the following children born there: CARL BOUNDS, BARRY BOUNDS & BARBARA BOUNDS. They relocated Oregon. [email protected] or [email protected]
Apr 18, 1999


My GGGgrandfather, John Henry Flood died in Elroy in 1911, at age 101. Obituaries in the Elroy Tribune note his burial in St. Patrick's cemetery in Elroy. Searches of the cemetery map indicate no John Flood, although two of his children are there. According to the same obituary, his wife Winifred had died some twenty years earlier. The closest we have come to finding her is a grave marker in the Union Center catholic church emetery, listing 'Monica, wife of John H. Flood.' I would appreciate any assistance with getting to the heart of this mystery. Is Monica actually Winifred? Was John H. Flood actually buried in Union Center rather than Elroy? John Flood
Apr 18, 1999

Looking for any info on JOHN STEARNS & SAPHRONIA ADAMS STEARNS. They had three children EVA , JAMES b. 30 May 1856 in Juneau Co. and ELMER. SAPHORNIA remarried WILLIAM SMITH and had 7 children. WALTER, ALICE, JONAS, SABIN, FREDRICK, JOHN, and SYLVESTER. Looking for what town in Juneau Co. they were from and also John and Saphronia's parents. Thanks in advance for any help. Margaret Baxter
Apr 10 1999

Searching for Fish My gggrandfather George W. Fish born Jan 12,1823 in NY married Harriet A. Teachout in 1844. She was also born in NY. George spent  the last forty years of his life in Clearfield Twp. and died Feb, 12,1902.  They had Alice L. Fish who married Frederick Max Theodore Emil Serrurier,  William F. Fish who married Gertrude M. Robison, Adaline Fish and George Fish--I don't know spouses names. Hope we can help each other. Sharon Apr 10, 1999

I am looking for Information on...... Rupert Rhoades--- Father of Mary, Perry. Zula & Lula Rhoades (Twins).... Married to Lulia Bacon.......Mother of these children Rupert Rhoades born on Jan.28th,1862 / Died - Dec.30th, 1938 Lulia Rhoades (BACON) born on Sept.6th 1872 / Died - July 22, 1918 Was remarried sometime later to another woman.....
Looking also for:
Charles Perry Bacon - Born March12th, 1827 (? no idea where) Met and married a Mrs. Francis Treevalle-Treevale-Freevale (Canadian) (???)  Spelling in doubt---- Lived on Beaver Island before marrage (?) and they were married in Elk Rapids, Michigan and Left Beaver Island at that point....(? I believe) Beaver Island Was Morman and Indian.... They were not Mormans.... I am Daughter of Lula (Rhoades) Wruck.... Mothers Full name..... Lulia P. Rhoades
Email : Kristi Hintz  or --- Mail to : Kristi Hintz, W211 N11739 HillTop Circle, GermanTown, WI 53022 Thank You  Apr 9, 1999

Researching the MELICHAR-FRY(E) Families of Juneau County. Before 1900 until after 1910, James b. 1846 Austria(Bohemia) & Katherine (CHWATAL) b. 1855 Austria(Bohemia) MELICHAR, m. about 1873. Their children were Frances b. 1880, m. John NOVOTNY in 1903; Elizabeth b. 1883; Charles James b. 1885, d. 1950 WI, m. Lola Marie Fry b. 1896 WI, d. 1964 WI; James b. 1887; Roman b. 1891, all born Czechoslovakia; & Augusta b. 1893 IL. James & Katherine came to US around 1892. They spent some time in IL. Lived in Necedah Village in 1900 and then Armenia TWP in 1905 & 1910 censuses. Charles & Lola eventually moved near La Valle, Sauk County and then near Port Washington, Ozaukee County where they were living when they died. I am interested in any information on this family. Thanks :) E-mail
Apr 6, 1999

I am looking for information on my Grandfather Horace Stillman RYMAN who lived in this area prior to his death in 1905. He was born to Loomis B. and Esther (MORILLE ANNIS) RYMAN in 1878 in Rockbridge WI. I believe he is buried in this area also. I am also looking for information on my Grandmother Nancy Estella SALISBURY RYMAN. She was married to my Grandfather Horrace Stillman RYMAN Feb 14.1901 in Richland Center.  My Grandfather went by the name of STILLMAN. My Grandmother Estella RYMAN remarried after STILLMAN'S death. She married his brother Asa in 1909. I believe she may have left the area at that time. Any information on where Horrace Stillman RYMAN may be buried would be very much appreciated. My E-Mail address is [email protected] March 24, 1999
I have Curtises in Lindina township from George Curtis (I) who moved there in 1856, through his descendants to the present day Lawrence Curtis at the corner of Dlask Rd and Curtis Rd just southwest of Mauston, and to Mrs. Martha Otto in the city of Mauston. (Lawrence Curtis and Martha Otto are second cousins once removed to me.)  The Gregorys are connected to the Curtises thusly: Lycia M. Gregory married George Curtis (Jr.) 24 Dec. 1876 at Mauston. Her parents' names were Ezra Gregory and Martha __?__. Lycia Gregory was born 27 Mar 1858 and died 12 Feb 1939 at Merrill WI. I'd like to learn more about the Gregory family.
Thank you's to all who can help in the search. Laurel Hoffman 3/16/99

I am researching the surname HOLMES and KARR. My great, great, great grandfather is buried in Zindorf Cemetery along with 2 children. Their names are Henry P. Holmes died June 16, 1883, Edwin Holmes died July 31, 1881, and Carrie Holmes died July 12, 1884. I'm looking for information on Rebecca Carrier ( his wife ) who died in New Lisbon in 1870. Any information on her family would really be appreciated.  Thank you. Dan Holmes.  March 13, 1999
Charles P. EHLE was born on 16 Jun 1818 in New York. W.Lenihan). Lived in Lisbon Twp, Juneau Co. Wisc.  He was married to Sarah Sallie Ann FANCHER on 19 Nov 1850. Sarah Sallie Ann FANCHER was born about 1830 in New York. Charles P. EHLE and Sarah Sallie Ann FANCHER had the following children:
+2 i. Charles S. EHLE.
+3 ii. Ann Eliza EHLE.
+4 iii. Helen EHLE.
+5 iv. Willard W. EHLE.
6 v. Albert E. EHLE was born about 1863.
7 vi. Sherman A. EHLE was born about 1867 in Wisconsin.
8 vii. Mattie EHLE was born about 1869.
+9 viii. Homer F. EHLE.
I don't know exactly when he would have been in Juneau County, but he was near Clark County about 1880 and showed up on an index there. Darci  Mar. 12, 1999

Looking for cousins that are connected to the FRANKE surname.
The surnames that I'm researching are; PRAHL, STANGOR and KUEHNER.
The first names of the Franke men are, William, Charles F. and Frederick.
Thanks, Cory Franke Tarrants   March 12, 1999

I am looking for information on my grandfather and great-grandfather. Norris Louis Schilling attended Necedah schools. He was born in 1909, but I am unsure when he moved to Necedah. His father was Morris Schilling and may have owned some typed of store in the 1920's. He was married to Jennie Nevenzel. any information, dates, stories etc. would be wonderful. Tammy Smith   Mar. 2, '99


Can you tell me where I can find the birth record of my gr grandfather born in 1859 in Juneau county. His name was Peter E. Johnson his parents were Johannes and Oline Peterson. Where would these records be found ? Soon after Peter was born the family moved to Dane County Rutland Township Stoughton Wi. would there be land records of his parents in Juneau county ? I do not have the Norwegian family farm name and can not trace them back to Norway till I know where in Norway they were from. I have so little information to work with I was hoping I could find some information in Juneau Co. Thank you for any help you give me.
Mary LaMore   Feb 28, '99
I´m looking for the descendants of Mrs. Christian Becker, maiden name Stofflet, mother Mary Ann Stofflet, maiden name Thauer. I`m glad to share my information on the Thauer family in Germany. gtbs  Feb 28, '99
My name is Dave Rickard , and I am looking for information on the Rickard family and their relatives who settled in Juneau County during the last quarter of the 19th century. John Jacob Rickard and his wife Katherine Davy moved to Millard Prairie in 1875 and established a farm
there. They settled on the Grant Farm.
They had three children Hezekiah, Mary and Henry. Henry died in a farming accident . he was married to a Mary Dodsworth, He had three children.(that's about all I know about him.) Hezekiah moved back to NY state to the Town of Danube in Herkimer County and I am descended from his line.
According to the Newspaper accounts surround the death of John Jacob Rickard and his wife there are several names mentions: Ira Pearsall (who John lived with near the end of his life, Mrs. David Morell Fowler of Fowlers Prairie, Mrs. M. M. Fowler, and Mrs. Augustus Remier of
Galesburg Ill.
If anyone reading this knows anything about these folks I would love to hear from you. I don't know what happened to these folks or if they left any decedents. Thanks -Dave  Feb 28, 99

My name is Lois Neururer Kakes and I am researching the Neururer family who was believed to lived in the Juneau Co area in the late 1880's. My grandfather Alois Neururer came to the USA when he was 11 years old with an older sister. Please if anyone can help me email me Feb 28, 99

Seeking info on OLESON families of Juneau County, WI from the 1860's on to the present. Seeking to determine if my Thomas OLSON might be Thomas OLESON of Juneau County, born abt. 1863. Parents of both Thomas's were reported as Ben and Sarah. The OLESON's lived at one time in Fountain, WI and some of them later moved to Elroy, WI. My Thomas lived in Altoona, WI until he died there in 1902. Thank you very much. Reid Olson Feb 24, 1999


I am trying to find any information on CLARENCE W. TRAIN . He lived in Juneau Co. Need parents , brothers,sisters,children, etc. Also any info on Percy TRAIN. He was trained as a geologist, and engineer. Spent much time in Nevada.  Any help appreciated. Thank you. W.W.Williams  Feb 23, 1999


According to some family records Jens Peder Sorensen from Denmark and Kirstine had a son Peter Jensen they lived in New Lisbon, if you have any information on that family I would appreciate the info.

Peter married Marie Magdalene Jorgensen daughter of Jorgen Rammelhoj sp?  Marie born in New Lisbon and died in Racine Wisconsin.  Her father Jorgen Rammelhoj born in Denmark and died in New Lisbon. If you have any information on that family I would also like to here from you.
Any info you have on that area in the 1840's or 1860's please advise. Ted Jensen, 201 N Daisy Court, Plainfield IL. 60544  Feb 23, 1999

I am researching family who had relatives in New Lisbon Wisconsin. They were: Ragnar Pedersen md Dagny ______ b. abt 1884 died 1940 Chicago, Illinois
children: Harold, Helene b. Crookston, Minnesota, Hjordis b. 1905 (Aunt Jay), Ragnar (Uncle Rug), Rachel (my grandmother) b. 1903 in Oslo, Norway, Harry M b. Oslo, Norway 1911
They came over on a ship from Norway in 1913. Of course the name Peterson, Petersen, Pedersen, Pederson, there were many spellings and the sons spelled their names differently as well, so makes tracing a little difficult. I have photos of Wisconsin cousins on a farm (on the right, their very tall relatives) and have attached these in hopes that this house and or family look familiar (see Family Pictures).  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks from Arizona, Joy Dugan Lacombe  Feb 20, 1999

I am trying to identify the Juneau County members of Company D,  15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. Does anyone have additional  information on these men. Who were their parents, wives, children, where did they come from in Norway, etc.
John Bever, enlisted from New Lisbon, Oct 28, 1861; discharged Apr 10, 1863; disability.

John Gulbrandsen, enlisted from New Lisbon, Oct 28, 1861; Wounded, Chickamauga; Mustered out, Feb 13, 1865.

Martin Halvorsen, enlisted from New Lisbon, Oct 28, 1861; Prisoner Stone River; wounded Resaca; trans. to 24th Wis Inf, Mar 9, 1865; Mustered out, May 1, 1865, term expired.

Halvor Halvorsen, enlisted from New Lisbon, Oct 28, 1861; Killed  Sep 19, 1863, Chickamauga, GA.

Christian Halvorsen, enlisted from New Lisbon, Oct 28, 1861; Corporal; Wounded Stone River and New Hope Church;  discharged, Nov 2, 1864, wounds.

Christian Ingebrethsen, enlisted from New Lisbon, Nov 2, 1861;  died Feb 18, 1862, Madison, Wis, disease.

Ole Jacobsen, enlisted from New Lisbon, Dec 23, 1861; Corporal;  prisoner Stone River and Chickamauga; died Jun 15, 1864, Andersonville, GA

Hans Pedersen, enlisted from New Lisbon, Oct 28, 1861; Died Sep 23, 1862, Columbus, KY, disease.

John Warp, enlisted from New Lisbon, Oct 28, 1861; wounded and prisoner, Stone River; Mustered out, Feb 13, 1865.
Thanks, Larry Onsager   Feb. 20, 1999

Seeking information on the GALLUP family which lived in Juneau county from about 1855 to 1880. Andrew GALLUP was born in June 1830 in New York. He was married to Emaline Gray in NY or Wis about 1853. Their children were born in Wisconsin. John GALLUP was born May 1855 in Mauston; Maria GALLUP was born about 1858 and George W. GALLUP was born March 1867. There was one other child born and still living in 1900 but name is unknown. Andrew filed a land claim in Dec 1855 for land in Juneau County. Francis and Gideon GALLUP filed land claims in 1855 and 1858 for land near Andrew's. John moved to Rock Co. before 1880 where he married (1) ? Boyce and had one son; (2) Louise Lasher and had 7 children. He died in 1927 in Janesville. George GALLUP was living in Sharon, Wis in 1900. He had been married and divorced and had two daughters. Andrew and Emaline were living with George in Sharon, Wisconsin in 1900. Any information would be appreciated. Janis Gibel  Feb 8, 1999

Looking for any information on the family of George KNUDTSON (died 1967) married to Daisy LEWIS (died around 1979). They had 3 sons and one daughter - Robert, Wilfred, Gordon and Winefred.  I  am looking for any history I can find on them. Robert was my father andhe died in 1995. Wilfred was county treasurer for years and he died about 1996 0R 97. I would like to find out anything I could about them even past family hisotry before George and Daisy. Thanks Marcia KNUDTSON ROSS  Feb. 2, 1999

Elizabeth Anna Stark was born in 1898 in Orange. She was the daughter of Charles Stark and Mathilda Johnson. She married Edward Sobczyk in Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota and remained there for her lifetime. Does anyone have any information on Charles Stark and Mathilda Johnson? Contact:  Jason Bordeaux  Feb 2, 1998

Seeking information on the STURDIVANT family. CLARA STURDIVANT was born in Elroy, in 1862. She was the daughter of EBBERT B. STURDIVANT and JULIA STURDIVANT.
David Ostrum  Feb. 2, 1999

Looking for info on Benjamin R JOHNSON and wife, Emmaline BENNETT.  Benjamin R.3 JOHNSON born April 04, 1831 Pennsylvania, and died December 12, 1897 Juneau Co. Wi.  He married Emmaline BENNETT March 01, 1854 in Jay County, Indiana. She is the daughter of Charles BENNETT and Phoebe (Nee?). Children are:
i. Robert W. JOHNSON, b. November 22, 1854, Jay County, Indiana; d. July 15, 1861, Jay County, Indiana.
ii. Garrott JOHNSON, b. 1856.
iii. Martha J. JOHNSON, b. 1858.
iv. John H. JOHNSON, b. 1860.
v. James JOHNSON, b. 1862.
vi. Margaret JOHNSON, b. 1866.
vii. Mary E. JOHNSON, b. 1875, Vernon County, Wisconsin; d. Bef. 1961, Vernon County, Wisconsin; m. Charles S RIDDLE, January 24, 1904, Vernon County, Wisconsin.
Am willing to share info on this family. I need children's information and the death date of Emmaline and buriel places of Ben and Emmaline. Thanks, Selma   Feb. 2, 1999
Am seeking information on a John Williams. He lived in Wisconsin until his death on December 12, 1913. I believe that he was buried in Rio, WI. He had several children Fannie (Mrs. Fowler); Estella (Mrs. Whitford); Mary (Mrs. Martin); Bessie (Mrs. Segerson); Ray, Frank, John and Guy. (If my information is correct) Guy may have lived in Missoula, MT. John was the brother to my great-grandmother, Ann Williams Bader. Their mother was Elizabeth Jones Williams-Hoyt. Her second husband being John C.(?) Hoyt. He had half-sisters Lyda and Mary Hoyt Butterfield (Mrs. Blanchard). I believe that his mother, at least one sister, Mary, his uncle a John J. Jones and grandfather John Jones are buried in Cambria. If anyone has any information concerning this family, I would certainly appreciate hearing from you. My e-mail address is [email protected] or [email protected]. Jeanette Nichols - Garland, TX  Jan. 10, 1999

Need birth/marrage/death info on Grace Wilcox b. 3/6/1894 Elroy, WI, Juneau County who married Kenneth Earl Gardner b. 3/8/1892 Victory, WI, Vernon County and later divorced. They had one son Earl Basil Gardner b. 10/31/1916 Butte, MT.  Larry Gardner  Jan. 9, 1999

I have been doing research on the Corrigans from Elroy, WI. My paternal grandmother was born in Elroy. My great-great grandfather is Patrick Corrigan. He was born in Ireland in 1835. His wife Annie was born in Ireland in 1839. Their eldest son Patrick was born in Ireland in 1858. They emigrated to the US in 1860 and settled in Elroy. They had six other children Sarah (b.1865), James (b.1868), John (b.1871), Barnett (b.1874), Bridget (b.1874, Michael (b.1880). Patrick Corrigan married in 189, in Elroy I believe, according to the 1900 census. I do not know his wifes name as it is illegible on the census form. She is listed as having been born in Pennsylvania. Any help on this matter (her full maiden name) would be greatly appreciated.  
David Brown  Jan 9, 1999

Would like info on the LUKE families that were in Juneau Co. Wi. 150`s through 1870`s. Thanks, Rita Welch   Jan. 7, 1999


Need information on Lewis Gardner and his wife Julia A. Gardner. Both died in  New Lisbon, WI.  Lewis b. 1818 d. 1/18/1883   Julia A. b. 1804 d. 6/09/1879.  They had two sons, Robert Fulton Gardner b. 3/10/1841 Canton OH d.10/13/1925 Grand Rapids MI  -   Levi Sargent Gardner b. 1837 New Lisbon WI d. 8/30/1862 Civil War  Larry Gardner  Jan. 7, 1999

By 1880 the family of (Wm.) HENRY COLEMAN b.c. 1827 NY s/o WILLIAM and FANNY HERRICK COLEMAN had moved to Summit, Juneau Co. He was married to HELEN BYINGTON b. 1835 Chittenden Co. VT. She was the d/o LEVERETT BYINGTON and SALLY MARTIN TYLER of VT. Leverett's 2 brothers, HARLEY BYINGTON and EDGAR T. BYINGTON were already living in Summit. We really have tons of BYINGTON history to help people with.  Henry and Helen’s children:
(1) VILROY COLEMAN b. 1853 Waushara Co. m. JOHN COLEMAN s/o Stephen Coleman and SARAH VAN HORN; Need information on Sarah's father' Isaac Van Horn
(2) WILLIAM COLEMAN b. 1858 m. Effie STRAIT/STOUT; Would like to know more about the Stouts and was her name somehow also Strait?
(3) HARRIET (HATTIE) COLEMAN b. 1861 m. ? EASTMAN and JOHN PRESTON; Would like to know more about her 2 or 3 sons by marriage to ? Eastman raised the boys.
(6) FRED COLEMAN unmarried;
(7) CLARENCE EUGENE (GENE) COLEMAN b. 1870 Linwood, Portage Co. m. LETTIE ST. CLAIR d/o JOHN WESLEY ST. CLAIR and RHODA MOREY; Need information on the MOREY relatives.
(8) WINNIFRED COLEMAN m. EMMA MCCOLLAM d/o RHODA ANN ST. CLAIR and GEORGE MCCOLLOM; Would like to contact people that know about his descendants.
(9) JESS COLEMAN unmarried ?.
Visit the Coleman website. If you find that you are related, be sure to check in with us. Some of this information is obsolete and some theoretical especially for children of Jacob Coleman b. 1790. Laurel- Portland, OR  Jan. 3, 1999
Looking for parents and siblings of RHODA MOREY b. 1802 RI and d/o STEPHEN MOREY/MORRY/MORE. Were in Rockford, Crawford Co, PA by 1820. Rhoda m. 1st CHARLES MCCLELLAND and had ORVILLE and JOEL MCCLELLAND who was in 1850 in Dane Co and 1870 at Summit Juneau Co. Then m. JOSHUA ST. CLAIR b. 1802 Erie Co., PA s/o JOHN SINKLER/SINCLEAR and ABIGAIL CLARK. Their children:
(1) ENOCH ST. CLAIR d. young
(2) FRANKLIN ST. CLAIR b. 1824 m. SARAH CASPER res. Juneau Co. Would like to contact descendants of Franklin and of the Caspers.
(4) PHYLANDER ST. CLAIR res. White Fish Bay, fisherman drown Lake MI. Did he have descendants? (5) CHARLES L. ST. CLAIR b. 1833 Rockdale, Crawford Co., PA m. Caroline Dana. res. Summit, Juneau -Would like to contact descendants of Charles St. Clair
(6) MELINDA F. ST. CLAIR b. PA 1835 m. GEORGE CURTIS and DANIEL/ DAVID J. MILLER who was in Co. K 6th WI (Iron Brigade) Would like to contact descendants of Daniel Miller.
(7) JOHN WESLEY ST. CLAIR b. 2837 PA d. Seven Mile Creek, Juneau Co. 1882. Member of Co. K, 6th WI (Iron Brigade). m. MARY ANN JUDD b. 1847 Canada d/o ARZA JUDD and MATILDA STEVENS;
(8) SUSAN M. b. 1838 Rockdale d. 1888 unmarried.
(1) ARZA JUDD was not the s/o ARZA JUDD Sr. b. 1766, but was his nephew s/o ALEXANDER JUDD and ARVILLA BLACKMAN.
(2) JOSHUA ST. CLAIR’S brother JOSEPH ST. CLAIR m. ELIZABETH. he died 1867 in JUNEAU OR SAUK co. widow, Elizabeth, on the 1870 Seven Mile, Juneau census living next to her husband’s nephew, John Wesley St. Clair.
(3) JOSHUA’s sister, ABIGAIL ST. CLAIR b. 1798 VT m. ? CASPER. Their son SAMUEL CASPER, lived at Strong’s Prairie, Adams Co., WI. In 1880 she was living with grandson ?, CLARK ST. CLAIR m. to SARAH MILLER in LaValle, Sauk Co.
(4) Joshua, Joseph and Abigail had one more brother in WI, LEONARD ST. CLAIR b. 1793 VT m. SARAH ST. JOHN. He died in Waupaca Co.
(5) I think that RUSSELL ANDREW’S wife Caroline NOBLE b. 1827 and ALEXANDER JUDD NOBLE b. 1826 Canada are the children of MARY JUDD and SETH NOBLE and that Mary is Arza’s sister. Alexander was in Co. K 6th WI and buried a few feet from Arza in Barney Cemetery. Caroline Noble Andrew is on the 1860 Summit census living next to Joshua St. Clair. She is buried in Big Creek cemetery, Sauk Co. Her daughter’s picture in the St. Clair album.
(6) I believe that RHODA MOREY had a brother STEPHEN MOREY JR b. 1794-97 RI who came to Medina, Dane Co with wife Catherine and children: Patience, Silas, Harriet, William, and Paulina. I have a picture from Rhoda’s son’s album naming him as "Uncle Stephen Mory"
(7) I believe Rhoda had other siblings, Levi, and Polly and possibly LORENZO MOREY. Picture in St. Clair album of a HARVEY MOREY. Who was he?
(8) St. Clair/Sinkler/Sinclair line researched back to 600 AD. Anyone on this St. Clair line has an ancestor named Prince Henry St. Clair who arrived on 2 June 1398 in Nova Scotia with 200-300 men on 10 or 12 ships to set up a new colony of Knights Templars. Due to circumstances, it failed to get started. His story is recorded in the letters of his Venetian navigator and in the legends of the Mi’Kmaq Indians plus many other proofs. Children in NS, VT, and MA are now studying about this event as a fact of history. There were hundred of Europeans in North America before Columbus left home. Remember Leif Erickson was here around 1000. In fact, one of Prince Henry’s grandsons, John Escorcio Drummond was related by marriage to the wife of Columbus. So Columbus well knew about Henry’s trip 94 years before. The Sinclar Clan operates a couple of websites that will help you gain new insights to the many St. Clair/Sinclair relatives’ history.
(9) The Byington line is researched back to 1066, the Judd back to 1600’s in England and Stevens to 1700 Wales.
(10) Visit the Coleman website. If you find that you are related, be sure to check in with us. Some of this information is obsolete and some theoretical especially for children of Jacob Coleman b. 1790. You may have just the key to the missing information. Laurel -Portland, OR  Jan. 3, 1999

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