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QUAMME, Lars Theodor LARSEN, Clara Oline 24 Sep 1902 Fountain marriage record
QUAMME, Peder ALBERTSON, Karine Marie 28 Oct 1896 Fountain marriage record
QUINT, Orrin MORRISON, Hannah 04 Feb 1868 Mauston reg of marriage #01792

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RADELL, William H. OERTEL, Louise 02 Sep 1882 New Lisbon
RAESE, Herman RASCH, Anna 28 Nov 1901 Summit marriage record
RAESE, Wilhelm F. A. POLEIN, Anna Maria E. 05 Aug 1899 Wonewoc marriage record
RAFFERTY, Michael ARNTZ, Bertha Mary 12 Jan 1887 Lyndon marriage record
RAMBERG, Frank Everson KNUDSDTR., Anne 10 Feb 1876 New Lisbon marriage record
RANDALL, Arthur L. EBERHART, Sharon 02 Jun 1951 New Lisbon   New Lisbon Times - 07 Jun 1951
RANDALL, Clarence Grant WEST, Edith 15 Jan 1899 Necedah Courthouse record
RANDALL, George H. RUNKEL, Alma C. 25 Jun 1884 Reg of Marriage Vol. 01 pg 0438
RANDALL, Merle HARTSELL, Lotus 27 Dec 1915 Chehallis, WA Juneau Co Chronicle 20 Jan 1916
RANDALL, William WILCOX, Cordelia 04 May1863 New Lisbon
RANNEY, Sheldon F. JUDEVINE, Hattie 16 Apr 1882 Fountain Twp
READING, Albert S. WELLS, Ella May 09 Jul 1902
REINHOLT, Gust CASS, Irene (see below) 04 Nov 1915 Mauston Mauston Star - 04 Nov 1915
REMINGTON, William N. CLARK, Helen 16 Sep 1863 Mauston marriage record
REQUE, Peter J. LARSON, Sigrid 26 Jun 1870 Fountain marriage record
RETZLAFF, Arnold LEVERENZ, Martha 24 Jun 1933 Elroy Martha's obit 18 Sep 2002
REW, Richard SMITH, Henrietta M. 24 Jan 1860 Fountain marriage record from Clarinda R. Troemel
REYNOLDS, Charles CRAMER(KROHMER), Freidie 27 Jun 1884 New Lisbon Reg of marriage, Vol 5, P. 39
REYNOLDS, Steward MINET, Arvilla 14 Nov1863 Fountain marriage record
REYNOLDS, William D. WELLS, Nellie A. 22 Jul 1889
RHOADES, James H. AUSTIN, Olive D. 04 Jul 1858 Seven Mile Creek Mauston Star - 09Jul1858
RHODES, H. L. BRACKETT, Emogene 07 May 1868 Mauston Reg of Marriage #01821
RICE, Amos UTTER, Harriet J. 29 Oct 1871 Lemonweir
RICH, Fred SEAGER, Pearl L. 28 Apr 1895 Juneau Co. Chronicle 01 May 1895
RICH, Rolland WATTS, Jessie ?? Nov 1914 Juneau Co Chronicle 5 Nov 1914
RICHER, Fred Jerome EVERSON, Bertha 22 Jun 1905 Plymouth marriage record
RIDER, Adelbert E. LOOMIS, Adda E. 22 Oct 1879 Mauston
RISTOW, August JACOBSON, Mathilda C. 28 Dec 1892 Necedah C. Jacobson & mar. rec.
RISTOW, Charles JONES, Cora 29 Nov 1899 New Lisbon
RITCHART, Johnston C. BACON, Jennie 26 Jan 1866
 ROARK, John SISLEY, Mary Ann 22 Oct 1857 Juneau Co. J. Craine & marr. rec. vol. 01 p. 0098
 ROARK, John MUNDY, Sophia 12 Oct 1862 Juneau Co. Marriage record vol. 01, p. 0045
ROBINSON, Charles C. WILSON, Ida May 1896
ROBINSON, Charles E. HEATH, Mary Estella 11 Sep 1901 New Lisbon
ROBINSON, Frederick FLUNO, Mary E. 29 Feb 1892
ROBINSON, George WELLS, Emily 15 Aug 1891
ROBISON, Amos V. LEE, Mary Ann 29 Mar 1875 Mauston
ROCKWOOD, Justin Palmer FLETCHER, Olive 29 Dec 1898 Lemonweir marriage record
ROCKWOOD, William W. SHUTES, Elizabeth 13 Sep 1857 Seven Mile Creek Mauston Star 18Sep1857
ROGERS, Chas. H. CLAFLIN, Luella 30 Nov1864 Lindina marriage record
ROGERS, George G. SAGER, Adaline 21 Feb 1868 Mauston reg of marriage #01793
ROGERS, James H. HASTINGS, Ella D. 01 Sep 1867 Mauston Reg. of Marriage #01768
ROGERS, Joshua WEBBER, Amanda 14 Jun 1868 Summit
ROGERS, Ulysses B. REDLICH, Gertrude M. 22 Nov1890 C. Anderson
ROOT, Bert UNDERBURG, Jennie 14 Sep 1889 Juneau Co. Vol. 02 P. 0060 WI Marriage Reg.
ROSA, Caleb SCOTT, Estella 1874
ROSIER, Albert G. SHERMAN, Mattie H. 08 May 1901 Plymouth
ROTH, Jacob SEVERSON, Hannah 25 Nov 1895 Wonewoc marriage record
ROUNDS, Daniel ROBINSON, Jame 07 May 1868 Lyndon reg of marriage #01826
ROWE, Henry NORTHCOTT, Hannah 02 Mar 1868 Mauston reg of marriage #01797
ROWE, Herbert J. MEADE, Minerva B. 12 Aug 1901 New Lisbon
ROWLAND, Eben CASH, Elva E. 28 Jul 1867 Plymouth Twp Reg of Marriage #01764
RUDOLPH, Frank J. MUCK, Margaret 07 Jul 1896 Mauston [email protected]
RUDOLPH, Frank J. MAY, Anna 19 Nov 1907 Mauston [email protected]
RUDOLPH, William PERZ, Mary 10 May 1910 Mauston [email protected]
RUDOLPH, William R. LUBINSKI, Helen E. 10 May 1944 Mauston [email protected]
RUH, August Peter MINETT, Caddie Eliessine 28 Jun 1899 New Lisbon marriage record
RUH, John Bernhard CHAMPNEY, Harriet Elizabeth 21 Aug 1902 Lisbon marriage record
RULE, George C WILSON, Effie Irene 04 Oct 1899
RUNKEL, Phillip GUNDLACH, Charlotte 09 Sep 1857 Germantown marriage record
RUNKEL, William C. EBERLEIN, Augusta M. (Clara) 29 Mar 1891 Juneau Co. marr. record vol. 2, page 100
RUTTER, Louis ROW, Jemina 03 Jul 1869 New Lisbon marriage certificate

Source: marriage record, contributed by Larry Onsager. Taken from the Juneau Co. Marriage records on microfilm for 1857-1907.

From the Mauston Star, Nov 4, 1915, Page 1
At the home of the bride's parents at Cherry Farm, on Wednesday, October 13 occurred the marriage of Miss Irene CASS and Mr. Gust REINHOLT. The marriage ceremony was performed in the presence of a few near relatives of the bride and groom, by Rev. Aug. Schult, pastor of the German Lutheran church of this city.

The bride, who is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John L. CASS, is an accomplished young lady and is a graduate of the Mauston High school. She has lived near this city for the past four years and has taught several terms of school in the county and has a large circle of friends.

The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Theo REINHOLT of Stanton. He has conducted a livery business here the past summer coming here from Kasmer near which place he has farmed for several years. He is an exemplary man of sterling qualities.

These happy young people will be at home on a farm near Pingree, North Dakota, which the groom has rented. The Republican joins with a host of friends here in wishing them health, wealth and happiness--Republican, Stanton, North Dakota.  contributed by Joan Benner

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