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INGALLS, Edgar D. COWEE, Nettie Elnora 28 Oct 1885 Mauston marriage record
IVERSON, Halvor BJORNSON, Margit 07 Jun 1870 Fountain marriage record

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JACKSON, Alcinous J. SCHULTZ, Ester M. 01 Dec 1858 Mauston Mauston Star - 08Dec1858
JACKSON, Andrew EASTMAN, Lydia Ann 03 Jul 1867 Seven Mile Creek reg. of marriage #01755
JACKSON, Jacob E. FIELD, Beulah 10 Oct 1900 Elroy marriage record
JACOBSON, Frank O'CONNER, Blanche 12 Jun 1913 Mauston C. Jacobson
JAMESON, Osmund B. HALVERSON, Sarah 23 Oct 1868 Lisbon marriage record
JANSEN, Knute (Johnson) GULLIXON, Sarah (Gullickson) 17 Sep 1896 Lisbon marriage record
JENNINGS, Arthur Lee ROBISON, Martha Roe 30 Jul 1899 Fountain
JENNINGS, Peter HURSON, Catherine 25 Jul 1867 Mauston
JERMAN, George Theodor QUAMME, Randi Theodor 03 Oct 1900 Fountain marriage record
JIMSON, Jim NELSON, Mary 23 Nov 1883 Elroy marriage record
JOHNSON, Albert JACOBSON, Guro 23 Apr 1869 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSON, Carl TOMAN, Nora L. 02 Dec 1900 New Lisbon
JOHNSON, Even JOHNSDTR., Elizabeth 22 Nov 1877 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSON, F. SULLIVAN, Ellen 2? Oct 1866 Hillsborough reg of marriage #01876
JOHNSON, Fred E. OLSON, Nettie 14 Jun 1905 Camp Douglas marriage record
JOHNSON, George W. HIGGS, Phoebe E. 25 Dec 1889 Clearfield
JOHNSON, George W. MUTCH, Violet E. 24 Apr 1901 Plymouth
JOHNSON, Gunder ONSGER, Sophia Gurine 07 Jun 1900 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSON, Halvor JACKSON, Sarah 29 Dec 1865 New Lisbon marriage record
JOHNSON, Halvor LARSDTR., Britha 27 Nov 1873 New Lisbon marriage record
JOHNSON, James LARSEN, Huldah Maria 27 Dec 1890 Germantown marriage record
JOHNSON, Johannes QUAMME, Anna Bertine 28 Jun 1903 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSON, John NELSON, Karine 19 Nov 1895 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSON, John SEVERSON, Anna 14 May 1901 Plymouth marriage record
JOHNSON, John C. MUTCH, Jane 23 Jun 1891 Juneau Co. marriage record
JOHNSON, John H. QUAMME, Ingeborg Jacobine 18 Mar 1891 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSON, John J. CLEVELAND, Bloomy Jane 27 Feb 1858 New Lisbon marriage record
JOHNSON, John J. OLSDATTER, Britha 09 Jun 1867 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSON, John LARSEN, Hannah 04 Jul 1890 Elroy marriage record
JOHNSON, John Olai HALVORSON, Kari 23 Jun 1901 Fountain Reg. of Marriage
JOHNSON, Joseph WOOD, Marthe H. 22 Mar 1886 Fountain Reg of Marriage
JOHNSON, Leonard Bernhard WOOD, Myrtle 29 Feb 1928 Fountain news article
JOHNSON, Linus E. WILSON, Laura Alida 25 Dec 1894
JOHNSON, Nils YOUNG, Cora M. 04 Mar 1889 Lisbon Twp. marriage record
JOHNSON, Nils NYGAARD, Lena 28 Nov 1900 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSON, Olaf Martin FINNE, Anna Louisa 11 Sep 1869 marriage record
JOHNSON, Ole OSMUNDSON, Mrs. Sarah 26 Dec 1864 New Lisbon marriage record
JOHNSON, Ole ANDERSON, Mary 9 Apr 1879 Armenia marriage record
JOHNSON, Ole JOHNSON, Hellen 02 Dec 1899 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSON, Ole Henry GAFFNEY, Mary 28 Dec 1896 Elroy marriage record
JOHNSON, Peter HALES, Myra M. 05 Jul 1891 Mauston marriage record
JOHNSON, Ray K. BOGERT, Maude A. 27 Mar 1901 New Lisbon
JOHNSON, Theodore McMILLAN, Ina C. 16 Oct 1892
JONES, George McBAIN, Hattie 18 Jan 1900 New Lisbon
JONES, Levi L. SMITH, Sibyl A. 29 Aug 1868 Fountain Reg of Marriage #01852
JONES, Rufus F. KLINKER, Elizabeth   Nov 1884
JONSEN, Johan ASKINDSDTR., Guro 12 Jul 1875 Plymouth marriage record
JUVE, Halvor O. EVERSON, Martha 13 Nov 1875 Lemonweir marriage record
JUVE, Tarje Olesen HELGESDTR., Anne 29 May 1874 New Lisbon marriage record
JUVE, Thomas O. CROGHAN, Alma 28 Feb 1898 Necedah marriage record

Source: marriage record, contributed by Larry Onsager. Taken from the Juneau Co. Marriage records on microfilm for 1857-1907.

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