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EASTMAN, Reuben WALKER, Mary A. 18 Aug 1867 Seven Mile Creek Reg. of Marriage #01770
EATON, Clarence J. MOORE, Mary Lou 11 Mar 1883 Vol 5 pg 11
EATON, Martin H. MONROE, Katy 06 Nov 1881 Vol 3 pg 153
EBERHART, Alexander George MASS, Carrie (should be NESS) 20 May 1891 New Lisbon marriage record
EBERLEIN, Fred BEAN, Frances 11 Feb 1900 Germantown marriage record vol 2 page 349
EDQUIST, E. BENNETT, Angeline 04 Jul 1858 Mauston Mauston Star - July 1858
EDSON, William B. ALLDS, Anna A. 31 Dec 1884 New Lisbon
EDWARDS, Emerson B. BOCKHOUSE, Grace E. 03 Apr 1890 Mauston Mauston Star 10 Apr 1890
ELLEFSEN, Kittle TORGRIMSON, Maggeli 03 Dec 1869 marriage record
EMERSON, Frank LARSON, Dora 08 Apr 1903 Elroy marriage record
EMERSON, Fred PHARO, Iva 11 Mar 1903 Mauston marriage record
EMERSON, John W. PORTER, Rosa Lavinia 25 Dec 1871 Lemonweir marriage record
ENGEL, Raymond CRAWFORD, Beatrice 01 Sep 1928 Elroy Ray's obit dated Jan 1996
ENGELBRETHSEN, Johan JOHANNESEN, Maria 11 Sep 1877 Necedah marriage record
ENKRO, Ole INKS, Martha 18 May 1901 Armenia marriage record
ERICKSON, John OLESEN, Mary 4 Dec 1879 New Lisbon marriage record
ETLEFSON, Nick ALLEN, Ida 13 Aug 1900 Valley Junction marriage record
EVANS, Joseph Leslie OLSON, Sara Olena 02 Mar 1905 Cutler Twp marriage record
EVENSON, Matt J. HOLME, Louisa E. 24 Apr 1892 Necedah marriage record
EVERSON, Wesley H. STEIDY, Hattie A. 06 Jul 1890 Plymouth marriage record
EVERSON, William STANTON, Bertha May 18 Dec 1904 marriage record

- F -

FAGAN, Thomas C. TAYLOR, Katherine Gertrude 14 Jun 1917 Lyndon Station? K. Fagan's obit 27 Nov 1947
FARNWORTH, Thomas WEED, Marietta 01 Sep 1867 Orange Twp Reg. of Marriage #01769
FARRELL, D. D. WHITE, Margaret 16 Feb 1887 Fountain
FATNES, Paul Johnson LARSON, Agnes Helene 26 Jun 1894 Fountain marriage record
FELLAND, Theodore O. HAUER, Clara C. 22 Nov 1899 Lindina marriage record
FERDON, Timothy M. SHEPLEY, Clara E. (from Necedah) 18 May 1875 Tomah Tomah Journal 22 May 1875
FESSEY, Joseph ANDREWS, Philena 14 Jan 1868 Mauston reg of marriage #01789
FIELD, Ferdinand JOHNSON, Christine E. 22 Jun 1903 Elroy marriage record
FINCH, Elmer DOUGLASS, Amy V. 14 Dec 1895 Vol 5 pg 306 #140
FINGER, Ferdinand BARRETT, Mary E.      Nov 1889 New Lisbon
FINN, Thomas, Jr. TREMAIN, Eva 17 Dec 1892 Lindina marriage record
FISCHER, Frank A. GRAY, Luella May 27 Feb 1899 Mauston marriage record
FISH, Benjamin F. SALTER, Mary Ester 24 Oct 1893 Clearfield
FISH, Charles RICHMOND, Lucia 28 Oct 1896 New Lisbon
FISHER, Joseph WHITE, Anna 25 Apr 1867 Mauston reg of marriage #01881
FISHER, Wm. Nelson SADORIS, Palmyra 12 Sep 1869 Lindina marriage record
FISK, Charles H. BELL, Emy A. 24 Jul 1867 Wonewoc Reg of Marriage #01760
FLAHERTY, John W. GILMORE, Geneva B. 20 Oct 1892 Necedah marriage record
FLETCHER, Wyman D. ROSE, Ellen 17 May 1886 New Lisbon marriage record
FLETCHER, Eugene HOILE, Mary Ann 25 Jul 1880 Werner marriage record
FLICK, Howard WESTLAKE, Carrie nee NELSON 22 Nov 1896 Liston Twp marriage record
FLORAND, Lars Gunderson MO, Mari Larsdtr. 14 Feb 1880 Fountain marriage record
FOGLE, Jesse P. ? HASTING, Hatty P.? (hard to read) 07 Dec 1868 Lindina Reg of marriage #01911
FOSBINGER, William J. RISDON, Eleanor 06 Nov1869 Mauston
FOSTER, George J. NORTON, Anna P. 15 May1858 Lindina marriage record
FOWLER, Daniel WHICHEN, Harriet N. 01 May1860 New Lisbon marriage record
FOWLER, Henry PARKER, Mary F. 24 Jun 1861 marriage record
FOX, Jesse F. THOMPSON, Augusta 01 Jan 1874 Lindina marriage record
FOX, John COWLES, Emma 30 Apr 1895 Lyndon Juneau Co. Chronicle 1 May 1895
FRANK, Lewis E. ALLABY, Hanora 11 Jun 1914 Courthouse records
FRANKE, Charles W. LANGENDORF, Arlene 20 Jun 1959 New Lisbon CWF
FREUDENTHAL, Herman G. MARIOTTE, Elizabeth Celeste 22 Aug 1931 Elroy Nancy Mariotte Stalzer
FROHMADER, Michael FALTZ, Bertha 08 Mar 1878 Mauston
FRY, J. C. HODGES, Sarah 11 Aug 1867 Summit Reg. of Marriage #01765
FRY, Warren ALLEN, Sarah 21 Jun 1857 Mauston Star - 01Jul1857
FULLER, Albert ADLER, Annie 18 Jul 1868 Lemonweir marriage record
FULLER, Charles LEFFINGWELL, Julia E. 15 Nov 1868 Plymouth reg of marriage #01907
FULLER, Charles D. EATON, Matilda E. 12 Jun 1878 Vol 3. pg 24
FULLER, Charley BENTLY, Dell 12 Jun 1888 Mauston Mauston Star - 14 Jun 1888
FULLER, Dennis JOHNSON, Betsy 02 Feb 1873 Lindina marriage record
FULLER, Edwin IVERSON, Helge 23 Jun 1881 Plymouth marriage record
FULLER, Miles W. SMITH, Ella E. 10 Nov 1868 Mauston reg of marriage #01904
FULLER, Willie SORDOKLE, Emma 28 Feb 1901 Wonewoc marriage record

Source: marriage record, contributed by Larry Onsager. Taken from the Juneau Co. Marriage records on microfilm for 1857-1907.

From the Mauston Star June 14, 1888 Page 1: Charley FULLER, leader of the Tourist Band, took upon himself a wife, Miss Dell BENTLY, last Tuesday. They went to Chicago for a wedding trip. contributed by Joan Benner

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