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CADY, Rev, Benjamin J. FOWLER, Iva R. 10 Dec 1888 Elroy Elroy Tribune 13 Dec 1888
CADY, Edwin Lewis CUTLAND, Elizabeth 25 Nov1855 Mauston
CAFFERTY, Peter J. ROBINSON, Mary M. 11 Jun 1914 New Lisbon
CALLAHAN, Michael ROBINSON, Margaret 02 Sep 1866 Twn of Lisbon
CAMPBELL, Gideon Summer FULLER, " Clarah" B. 08 Dec 1886 Mauston marriage record
CAPSTICK, George SPAULDING, Alice 29 Mar 1863 New Lisbon
CARLSON, Iver STEEN, Lula G. 06 Mar 1890 Lindina marriage record
CARLSON, Ole OLVE, Marritt 05 Oct 1872 Necedah marriage record
CARPENTER, James J.  ROSE, Jane 04 Oct 1899 Lemonweir marriage record
CARR, unk  (see below) SEIFERT, Mrs. Nellie ?? Dec 1900 Hustler New Lisbon Times 02 Jan 1901
CARTER, James SMITH, Mary 2? Nov 1867 Mauston reg of marriage #01890
CASE, John W. McLAUGHLIN, Wheeler? 24 Oct 1868 New Lisbon Reg of Marriage #01899
CASE, I. D. BYA, Della 03 Nov 1881 Necedah Necedah Signal 03 Nov 1881
CASH, Charles Frederick MIHLBAUER, Anna Cecelia 18 Oct 1893 New Lisbon [email protected]
CASH, W. H. H. HARRIS, Alma L. 30 Aug 1899 Mauston marriage record
CASS, Lewis BAILEY, Mary A. 16 Jan 1859 Mauston marriage record
CAVERHILL, William FINNEY, Mary 13 Jul 1868 New Lisbon Reg of Marriage #01835
CHADWICK, Theodore G. ROBINSON, Jane A. 14 Jul 1867 Lindina Reg of Marriage #01759
CHAMBERLAIN, Albert BARNEY, Ellen S. 31 Dec 1868 New Lisbon Reg of Marriage #01921
CHAMBERLIN, Alvah WALKER, Mary 08 Feb 1857 marriage record
CHAMPNEY, Richard F. MACOMBER, Annie B. 17 Nov1875 New Lisbon
CHASE, Joseph A. GUNDERSON, Esther 13 Nov1857 New Lisbon
CHESTER, Oliver B. LAWRENCE, Mary F. 22 May1858 New Lisbon
CHILSON, Joseph Verne REYNOLDS, Margaret J. 02 Apr 1902 Lemonweir Mauston Star 10 Apr 1902
CHRISTENSEN, Andrew LONIE, Caroline 12 Apr 1881
CHRISTMAN, Aaron POTTER, Susan 04 Apr 1860 Summit marriage record
CLAFLIN, Charles N. SALSBURY, Aletha C. 12 May1861 Lemonweir marriage record
CLAFLIN, John BALDWIN, Fannie 19 Nov 1902 Mauston marriage record
CLAFLIN, Ransom S. WRIGHT, Ellen 04 Jul 1870 Mauston marriage record
CLAFLIN, Syranus WRIGHT, Eliza C. 04 Jul 1870 Mauston marriage record
CLAFLIN, William FALES, Sabra 26 Sep 1875 Mauston marriage record
CLARY, Michael CORRIGAN, Beezey 25 Nov 1886 LaCrosse Elroy Tribune 02 Dec 1886
CLARK, Charles I. ODELL, Mildred 19 May 1894 Mauston marriage record
CLARK, Justus B. BADER, Anna 13 Jul 1868 Mauston Reg of Marriage #01832
CLARK, Noah VELVICK, Caroline 24 Feb 1856 Fountain Twp
CLARK, William F. JOHNSON, Esther 01 Dec 1892 New Lisbon marriage record
CLEMENTSEN, Carl MIKKELSDTR., Hedvig 21 Apr 1874 Fountain marriage record
CLEMONS, Augustus SALSBURY, Sarah 28 Jun 1868 Plymouth Reg of marriage #01829
CLEMONS, Darius A. TORREY, Emeline 26 Dec 1866
CLEWS, John KNUDSON, Margaret 26 May1863 Fountain marriage record
CLICKNER, Harvey ODELL, Nettie 27 Apr 1889 Lemonweir marriage record
CLICKNER, Jessie M. SVOBODA, Francis 21 Apr 1913 Mauston Juneau Co. Chronicle-24 Apr 1913
COLE, George W. LEONARD, Sarah M. 29 Sep 1868 Lindina Reg of Marriage #01851
COLE, George H. TRUMBLE, Eliza J. 31 Mar 1887 New Lisbon
COLLINS, George R. DOUGLASS, Emma Dora 30 Jun 1891 Vol 5 pg 191 #78
COMER, Peter J. LANE, Alice L. 01 Oct 1891 Mauston Mauston Star 01Oct1891
COOK, Alph??? GILLITT, Emma 06 Dec 1868 New Lisbon reg of marriage #01910
COON, William Satcliff WELLS, Minnie Cloe 11 Oct 1893
CORRIGAN, James B. CORRIGAN, Mary 28 Dec 1878 Union Center
CORRIGAN, James Lawrence RYNES, Rosalia 06 Jan 1898 Union Center
CORRIGAN, John Francis COONEY, Mary Ann 07 Jan 1874 Mauston
CORRIGAN, Peter KILBANE, Mary Margaret 24 Dec 1876 Wonewoc
CORTEN, Ralph BARRINGER, Jennie 18 Oct 1911 Courthouse records
COUGHLIN, Owen HASS, Evelyn 04 Aug 1920 Mauston newspaper - Aug 5, 1920
COUGHLIN, Patrick CORRIGAN, Ann 1866 Union Center
COURTS, Edwin Oscar REYNOLDS, Anna 30 Oct 1872 New Lisbon newspaper
COURTS, Edwin Oscar PEARSON, Mary Jan 1896 New Lisbon
COWEE, George GALVIN, Mary 03 Jul 1865 Lemonweir marriage record
COYER, Edgar H. ODELL, Agnes E. 11 Dec 1892 Mauston marriage record
COYER, Edward SHANKS, Barbara 14 Jun 1865 Summit marriage record
CRAINE, Henry EDDEN, Helene B. 30 Jun 1905 Lindina marriage record
CRANDALL, James C. PERRY, Mary J. 15 May 1900 New Lisbon
CRAWFORD, Alexander WILCOX, Melissa Eliza 01 Feb 1856 New Lisbon
CRAWFORD, Charles Augusta DeJEAN, Helen Madora 13 Feb 1864 Kildare D. Wolbach
CROSS, Morris Allison ODELL, Lena 25 Sep 1902 Mauston marriage record
CULBERTSON, Samuel M. EATON, Ruida 18 Jan 1880 Vol 3 pg 90
CUMMINGS, Oscar K. VAN ALSTINE, Ollie T. 08 Sep 1894 Kilbourn newspaper 13 Sep 1894
CUMMINGS, Wm. Henry ANDERSON, Mary Sophia 28 Aug 1892 New Lisbon marriage record
CURE, Adelbert CORNWELL, Emma 27 Mar 1901 Lemonweir
CURRY, Joseph Alexander HERRIMAN, Julia Emma 03 Jul 1867 Juneau Co. Reg of Marriage #01758
CURTIS, Ernest M. LATHROP, Elizabeth 1869
CURTIS, Morvin S. LOOMIS, Hattie Maria 14 Nov1880 Mauston
CUTSFORTH, Joseph Wood STAPLES, Clara Elizabeth 01 Jun 1868 Lyndon Reg of Marriage #01834

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DAHLBY, Edwin M. ALSBACHER, Lena 05 Oct 1891 Mauston marriage record
DAMASKE, Wilhelm RAESE, Ida 08 Oct 1894 Mauston marriage reocrd
DAUBER, Charles C. HOLVERSON, Carrie 22 Dec 1890 New Lisbon marriage record
DAVIDSON, Joseph Henry PHELPS, Marion M. 10 Apr 1864 New Lisbon Reg of Marraige #01847
DAVIE, Bruce SWANSON, Anna 30 Nov 1895 Wonewoc marriage record
DAVIS, Elmer M. GRANGER, Lulu M. 20 Aug 1905 Mauston marriage record vol. 3, page 42
DAVIS, Thomas MILLER, Mary Ann 08 Apr 1868 Seven Mile Creek
DAVIS, Wm. LEUCK, Amelia nee Schultz 16 Jul 1889 Mauston marriage record
DAWES, Charles DAWES (DUNCAN), Amerilla 03 Oct 1867 Necedah Reg. of Marriage #01776
DAWLEY, Dennis F. SANDERSON, Mrs. Frances 05 Feb 1890 Mauston Mauston Star 06Feb1890
DAY, Addison WARNER, Mary M. 11 Oct 1868 Lemonweir Reg of Marriage #01901
DECHAMP, Joseph WESTERN, Tillie 26 Oct 1896 Wonewoc marriage record
DECORAH, Moses SMOKE, Mary 10 May 1905 Mauston marriage record (see below)
DEGROODT, Charles W. SHEARS, Mary A. 31 Dec 1881 Mauston Mauston Star - 05 Jan 1882
DE JEAN, Volney HARDING, Elizabeth 21 Jun 1857 marriage record
DESMOND, Daniel J. DONNELLY, Mary 29 Jan 1902 Elroy marriage certificate
DEVAN, Frank E. (see below) ATKINS, Helen B. 01 Dec 1886 Mauston Mauston Star 02 Dec 1886
DILLON, George PIERCE, Rachel Ann 27 Mar 1858
DISSMORE, George ROGERS, Mary E. 12 Sep 1859 Lindina Twp
DIX, Judson M. BALL, Gertrude E. 15 Sep 1887 Elroy
DOCKERTY, Alexander ROGERS, Margaret Josephine 07 Mar1876 Camp Douglas C. Anderson
DODGE, Merle ROBINSON, ELLEN 28 Sep 1918 Tressia Wells Demaskie
DODGE, Merl RECOY, Florence ?? Nov 1914 Juneau Co Chronicle 5 Nov 1914
DODSWORTH, George MUTCH, Lillie 22 Mar 1899 Elroy
DONLIN, John BURNS, Bridget Ann 24 Feb 1879 Mauston Mauston Star 27 Feb 1879
DOWDEN, Andrew GREELEY, Eva 11 Aug 1895 Wonewoc Juneau Co. Courthouse Ann Pape
DOWDEN, George TRACY, Roxanna C. 04 Jun 1893 Wonewoc Juneau Co. Courthouse Ann Pape
DOYLE, Jay W. KEAT, Anna 15 Feb 1905 Spooner, WI New Lisbon Times 22 Feb 1905
DUCKWORTH, Wayne R. SCHWEDRSKY, Lorraine A. 05 Nov 1946 Lyndon Station Dorie Quist
DUCKWORTH, William TOMPKINS, Jerusha 24 Jun 1888 New Lisbon
DUCKWORTH, William REVELS, Ida 13 Sep 1903 New Lisbon Dorie Quist
DUFFY, Francis Henry NOONAN, Bridgett Agatha 24 Oct 1910 Wonewoc Brian Duffy
DUFFY, Morris FLOOD, Mrs. Margaret 22 Feb 1879 Mauston Mauston Star 27 Feb 1879
DUGAR, George OLESON, Ella M. 18 Jun 1871 Necedah marriage record
DUHIG (Duffy), Michael FLOOD, Jane 17 Nov 1863 New Lisbon Brian Duffy
DUNCAN, Arthur MUTCH, Rose 15 Apr 1891 Elroy
DUNN, Herbert H. CARTER, Hattie Belle 06 Apr 1884 Elroy
DUSTIN, Albert H. TAYLOR, Mary Jane 10 Aug 1859 New Lisbon marriage record
DUTTON, Williard (Lisbon) MORGAN, Mrs. Sarah Weed 30 Apr 1882 Orange Wonewoc Enter. 10 May 1882
DYER, Frank GALVIN, Elsie 23 Mar 1898 Mauston marriage record

Source: marriage record, contributed by Larry Onsager. Taken from the Juneau Co. Marriage records on microfilm for 1857-1907.

From the New Lisbon Times, Wed January 2 1901, P1 "Camp Douglas" news column: The marriage of Mrs. Nellie SEIFERT to Mr. CARR of Hustler took place a few days ago, Rev. St. Claire of Hustler officiating. contributed by Joan Benner

From the Mauston Star Jan 5 1882 Page 1: Married: DeGROODT-SHEARS--In Mauston, December 31 1881, at the residence of J. H. ALLISON, by Rev. G. W. L. BROWN, Mr. Charles W. DeGROODT, of Chicago, and Miss Mary A. SHEARS, of Hillsborough. contributed by Joan Benner

From the Mauston Star, Thursday Dec 2, 1886, Page 1
MARRIED    DEVAN-ATKINS--At the residence of the bride's parents, in Mauston, by Rev. W. R. Irish, Dec. 1, 1886, Mr. Frank E. DEVAN, of La Grace Dakota, and Miss Helen B. ATKINS, of Mauston.

The marriage took place at 4 o'clock, yesterday afternoon, only the immedaite relations being present. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. BRADLEY acted as bride's man and bride's maid. The happy couple left on the same evening for Milwaukee, to visit relatives and friends, will return on Saturday, and will receive her friends at the residence of her parents Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 6 and 7, and will on Wednesday evening depart for their home in the west. The young folks, who have always resided in Mauston have the best wishes of our people for their future happiness.
contributed by Joan Benner

Moses Decorah
residence: farmer in Lemonweir Township
birthplace: Packwaukee, Wisconsin
parents: Foster Decorah and Mary

Mary Smoke
birthplace: Necedah Township
parents: Smoke Smoke and Emma
married: May 10, 1905, Mauston, by C. Lyon, J. P.
witnesses: William Van Wie and C. A. Adler
contributed by Larry Onsager

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