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O'BRIEN, Effie May UTTER, William 13 Apr 1900 Elroy
O'BRIEN, Mary GALVIN, Henry 21 Nov 1877 Lyndon marriage record
O'BRIEN, Rosalie SIMONS, Clarence A. 27 Feb 1893 Necedah marriage record
O'CONNOR, Eliza MAHONY, Jerimiah 29 Apr 1867 Mauston reg of marriage #01582
O'CONNER, Blanche JACOBSON, Frank 12 Jun 1913 Mauston Clay Jacobson
O'CONNOR, Mary Jane MEINDL, John 27 Nov 1900
ODDS, Carrie NELSON, Nels 10 Feb 1865 Lindina marriage record
ODDSDTR., Lisabeth BJERNSEN, Eivind 13 May 1873 Fountain marriage record
ODELL, Agnes E. COYER, Edgar H. 11 Dec 1892 Mauston marriage record
ODELL, Alice SMITH, Patrick 25 Nov1875 Mauston marriage record
ODELL, Emma Belle TRACEY, Berret J. 24 Jun 1882 Lemonweir marriage record
ODELL, Ida E. GUYNN, Michael B. 04 Jul 1874 Mauston marriage record
ODELL, Iva Grace SEITZ, Edward 30 Jul 1902 Mauston marriage record
ODELL, Lena CROSS, Morris Allison 25 Sep 1902 Mauston marriage record
ODELL, Mildred CLARK, Charles I. 19 May 1894 Mauston marriage record
ODELL, Myrtle SONNENBERG, Frank 28 Jan 1903 Mauston marriage record
ODELL, Nettie CLICKNER, Harvey 27 Apr 1889 Lemonweir marriage record
ODELL, Sarah GRIGNON, William 20 Jul 1905 Necedah marriage record
OERTEL, Louise RADELL, William H. 02 Sep 1882 New Lisbon
OERTEL, Minnie SMART, William Henry 25 Mar 1886 Germantown Reg of Marriage
O'GALLEA, Calista OLESON, Henry L. 07 Sep 1893 Elroy marriage record
OLAUSEN, Helen Marie SIGURDSEN, Simon 12 Nov 1902 Lisbon marriage rcord
OLESEN, Anna BRAUND, Merrick 19 Feb 1891 Elroy marriage record
OLESON, Anna WARD, Henry 23 Mar 1891 New Lisbon marriage record
OLESON, Anna OLSON, Peter 25 Sep 1885 New Lisbon marriage record
OLESON, Annie Christena WILSON, Silas S. 30 Nov 1898 Necedah marriage record
OLESON, Bertha TERRILSON, Charles 04 apr 1892 New Lisbon marriage record
OLESON, Christina KNUDTSON, Knudt 19 Jun 1865 New Lisbon marriage record
OLESON, Christina PHARIS, George 22 May 1871 New Lisbon marriage record
OLESEN, Christine HENDRICKSON, Fred 27 Oct 1876 New Lisbon marriage record
OLESON, Jennie HANSON, Adolph 03 Jul 1895 Necedah marriage record
OLESON, Lizzie BENSON, Barney 03 May 1894 New Lisbon marriage record
OLESON, Lydia May GEARY, James 15 Dec 1897 New Lisbon marriage record
OLESON, Mary HILL, Charles L. 07 Oct 1893 Elroy
OLESON, Mary SOUTHERN, William 01 May 1894 Mauston marriage record
OLESEN, Mary ERICKSON, John 4 Dec 1879 New Lisbon marriage record
OLESON, Ella M. DUGAR, George 18 Jun 1871 Necedah marriage record
OLESON, Olean HANSEN, Hans E. 11 Oct 1873 New Lisbon marriage record
OLESON, Ragnhild SEVERSON, Martin 11 Sep 1869 marriage record
OLESON, Sarah BABCOCK, J. E. 07 Mar 1901 Mauston marriage record
OLESEN, Thea Amelia HENDRIKSEN, Oscar Adolf 27 Nov 1873 New Lisbon marriage record
OLSDATTER, Britha JOHNSON, John J. 09 Jun 1867 Fountain marriage record
OLSDATTER, Guro THORSEN, Sjur 6 Jul 1876 New Lisbon marriage record
OLSDATTER, Herberg ARNASON, Thormod 20 Nov 1876 Fountain marriage record
OLSDATTER, Kjerti KRAMME, Nils Nilsen 5 Jun 1876 Fountain marriage record
OLSDATTER, Krista MOSING, Niels Bottleson 26 Sep 1874 New Lisbon marriage record
OLSDATTER, Martha LARSEN, Jacob 06 Sep 1873 New Lisbon marriage record
OLSDATTER, Martha BRATLAND, Helge Olsen 06 Jun 1873 New Lisbon marriage record
OLSEN, Barbara MARTINSEN, Lauritz 22 Apr 1883 Fountain marriage record
OLSEN, Bertha Karina ANDERSON, R. 21 Jul 1868 Lisbon Reg of Marriage #1843
OLSEN, Ingeborg SVENDSEN, Martin 10 Nov 1878 Fountain marriage record
OLSEN, Margit Helene LARSEN, Martin Theodor 16 Apr 1903 Lisbon marriage record
OLSEN, Oline MOE, Andrew Larsensen 21 Jun 1883 Fountain marriage record
OLSON, Anna HEIMAN, H. W. 22 Jun 1902 Mauston marriage record
OLSON, Annie ZENKE, Reinhold 15 Aug 1900 Fountain marriage record
OLSON, Dora E. LYNN, Bert H. 28 Aug 1889 Camp Douglas marriage record
OLSON, Ella D. SERRURIER, Richard 26 Jun 1895 New Lisbon marriage record
OLSON, Ester OIEN, Halvor Aslaksen 11 Mar 1902 Lisbon Twp marriage record
OLSON, Hilda L. THOMPSON, Albert 20 Oct 1900 Fountain marriage record
OLSON, Judy A. HERREWIG, Joseph D. 14 Feb 1970 Wonewoc J. Herrewig
OLSON, Lina SYVERSON, John J. 21 Mar 1897 Armenia marriage record
OLSON, Martha Johanna ORMSON, Knud 06 Nov 1892 Fountain marriage record
OLSON, Martha KNUTSON, Ole 08 Jul 1897 Fountain marriage record
OLSON, Martha HENSBERG, Anton (Stensberg) 30 Oct 1898 Miner marriage record
OLSON, Nettie JOHNSON, Fred E. 14 Jun 1905 Camp Douglas marriage record
OLSON, Sara Olena EVANS, Joseph Leslie 02 Mar 1905 Cutler marriage record
OLSON, Valborg KRISTENSON, Bjamn 26 May 1895 Fountain marriage record
OLVE, Marritt CARLSON, Ole 05 Oct 1872 Necedah marriage record
ONSAGER, Annie M. ANASON, Minus 07 Jun 1900 Fountain marriage record
ONSAGER, Ellena O. SHEAR, Walter O. 28 Jun 1899 Fountain marriage record
ONSAGER, Kari Pauline LARSEN, Emil Otto 10 Jun 1903 Fountain marriage record
ONSAGER, Sophia Gurine JOHNSON, Gunder 07 Jun 1900 Fountain marriage record
OPTIZ, Lillian McCALLUM, Claude 30 Aug 1902 Mauston
ORMSON, Auggie BJORNSON, John 25 Nov 1869 Lisbon Twp marriage record
ORMSON, Emma Matilda LAWRENCE, Louis Everinicis 29 Apr 1903 Lisbon marriage record
ORMSON, Ingeborg LARSON, Lars J. 03 Apr 1884 Lemonweir
ORMSON, Kari PAULSON, Paul 27 Nov 1887 Fountain marriage record
ORWIG, Siri Olsdtr. HALVERSON, Albert 29 May1877 New Lisbon marriage record
OSBORN, Bertha Adele KNUDSON, Andrew 14 Oct 1898 Elroy marriage record
OSBORN, Mary Ann WOOD, Joshua 31 Dec 1857 Lindina marriage record
OSMANDSEN, Inger KNUDSEN, Osmund 02 Nov 1867 Lisbon Twp marriage record
OSMUNDSDTR., Anna BAKKA, Anders Anderson 25 Dec 1872 Plymouth marriage record
OSMUNDSDTR. Ingeberg BORDALEN, Olaf K. 06 Apr 1871 Fountain marriage record
OSMUNDSON, Anna HALVORSON, Niels 12 Jan 1887 Lemonweir marriage record
OSMUNDSON, Annie NOSSET, Ole Anderson 15 May 1884 Fountain marriage record
OSMUNDSON, Louisa LARSEN, Gabriel 18 Nov 1881 Fountain marriage record
OSMUNDSON, Martha BUTTS, Frank 20 Apr 1903 Elroy marriage record
OSMUNDSDTR., Martha HELGESEN, Knud 29 Jan 1874 New Lisbon marriage record
OSMUNDSON, Mrs. Sarah JOHNSON, Ole 26 Dec 1864 New Lisbon marriage record

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PAGET, Eliza HOFFMEISTER, Paul 25 Dec 1872 vol 1 p. 197 L. Palecek
PAINE, Margaret KERSTEAN, Sebastian 29 May 1868 Mauston Reg of Marriage #1812
PARKER, Ellen BIRES, William 17 Apr 1884 Mauston
PARKER, Mary F. FOWLER, Henry 24 Jun 1861 marriage record
PARSHALL, Sarah Ann MATHERS, Moses 14 Apr 1861 Kildare marriage record
PARSONS, Nettie VINCENT, Edgar L. 29 Oct 1867 Lyndon Reg. of Marriage #01778
PARTON, Mae TEACHOUT, Clarence 26 May 1897
PATTERSON, Catherine KNAPP, James J. 12 Sep 1857 Werner marriage record
PAULSEN, Maren Kjerstsen OLSEN, Peder 12 Jun 1880 Orange marriage record
PAULSON, Bertha BENSON, Lars 18 Oct 1890 New Lisbon marriage rcord
PAWSON, Sarah HEWSON, Benjamin 16 Dec 1858 Lemonweir marriage record
PEARSALL, Grace SHERMAN, Fred B. ?? Dec 1900
PEARSON, Mary COURTS, Edwin Oscar Jan 1896 New Lisbon
PECK, Mary A. HIGGINS, George C. 20 Dec 1871 vol 1 p. 179 L. Palecek
PEDERSEN, Karen GUNDERSON, Julius 09 Nov 1890 Necedah marriage record
PENNIMAN, Lucille PARKER, Benjamin F. 03 Feb 1868 Mauston reg of marriage #01791
PERKINS, Helenah Marie LYKE, Byron Porter 12 Sep 1897 Necedah marriage record
PERRY, Mary J. CRANDALL, James C. 15 May 1900 New Lisbon
PERZ, Mary RUDOLPH, William 10 May 1910 Mauston [email protected]
PETERSON, Betsy ABERLIN, Charles 27 Jan 1879 Necedah marriage record
PETERSON, Elizabeth NELSON, Nels Peter 20 Nov 1900
PETERSON, Eva Julia BRUX, Rudolph Arthur 21 Nov 1951 Mauston
PETERSON, Fago B. NYHUS, Halvor 12 Jul 1883 New Lisbon marriage record
PETERSON, Olina HANSON, Peter 29 Apr 1870 Armenia marriage record
PETERSON, Rose Henrietta ARQUETTE, Wm. 04 Dec 1896 Necedah marriage record
PETIT, Angeline NISKEM, George 04 Apr 1868 Armenia Reg of marriage #01809
PIERCE, Nettie E. LAKE, Charles E. 2 Dec 1878 Elroy Elroy Plaintalker 20 Dec 1878
PHALIN, Lucy ALmira PECK, Robert Martin 11 Oct 1868 Lindina reg of marriage #01906
PHARO, Iva EMERSON, Fred 11 Mar 1903 Mauston marriage record
PHELPS, Marion M. DAVIDSON, Joseph Henry 10 Apr 1864 New Lisbon Reg of Marriage #01847
PIERCE, Rachel Ann DILLON, George 27 Mar 1858
PIERCE, Serviah GOULD, Carloes 15 Mat 1856 Lyndon Reg of Marriage #01833
PIGEON, Margaret HOWLAND, William 21 Mar 1881 P. McCord
PIGEON, Margaret SPIES, Charles A. 27 Oct 1883 P. McCord
PIGEON, Zoie Dora LUTZ, Christopher abt 1884 P. McCord
PIKLE, Amelia ARTZ, John J. 09 Jun 1878
PLATT, Francis A. PLUMMER, Samuel C. 22 Oct 1868 Lindina Reg of Marriage #01897
PLUMMER, Abbie J. BRYANT, George W. 20 Nov 1867 Lemonweir reg of marriage #01787
POLEIN, Anna Maria E. RAESE, Wilhelm F. A. 05 Aug 1899 Wonewoc marriage record
POLENSKI, Betsey SCOTT, Wallace L. 31 Mar 1868 Armenia reg of marraige #01808
PONDS, Juliette PEGLER, George 31 Mar 1868 Lemonweir reg of marriage #01804
PORTER, Chloe L. HUTCHINS, Rodney 17 Jan 1890 Mauston marriage record
PORTER, Emma GALVIN, Edmund 05 Apr 1868 Lemonweir marriage record
PORTER, Grace I. McMILLAN, Lewis Adelbert 27 Sep 1903 Elroy marriage record
PORTER, Lois V. GILMORE, Wilson M. 04 Jan 1888 Mauston marriage record
PORTER, Mary Isabelle LAKE, George 08 Nov 1899 Armenia marriage record
PORTER, Rosa Lavinia EMERSON, John W. 25 Dec 1871 Lemonweir marriage record
POTTER, Susan CHRISTMAN, Aaron 04 Apr 1860 Summit marriage record
POWERS, Mary TAYLOR, Arthur 08 Jul 1878 Mauston
PRAY, Angeline May LUKE, Daryll McKnight 20 May 1942 Mauston B.Luke-Liezen
PRAY, Jeanette (Morey) BURLINGAME, George F. 27 Aug 1893 Necedah B. Luke-Liezen
PRAY, Mayjorie Ruth VOZNAK, Frank Joseph 20 Jun 1946 Necedah B. Luke-Liezen
PRICE, Mary HAIRE, Fitzhugh S. 22 May 1885
PRIEST, Emma Lansdon HINTON, William Wallace 08 Oct 1889 Mauston marriage certificate
PROVONSAL, Charlotte HURD, Seneca 20 May1858 Necedah marriage record
PROVONSIL, Charlot GREENO, Enio 12 Jul 1868 Necedah Reg of Marriage #1841
PRUMERS, Karoline W. P. LANGE, Adolph Edward 22 Dec 1898 Wonewoc

Source: marriage record, contributed by Larry Onsager. Taken from the Juneau Co. Marriage records on microfilm for 1857-1907.

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