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INERSDTR., Dorthea OSMUNDSEN, Tallah 11 Jan 1875 Plymouth marriage record
INKS, Martha ENKRO, Ole 18 May 1901 Armenia marriage record
IVERSDTR., Jovond GUGARIN, Halvor Verleson 17 Jan 1880 New Lisbon marriage record
IVERSON, Helge FULLER, Edwin 23 Jun 1881 Plymouth marriage record
IVERSON, Joraand WETLEY, Halvor 17 Jan 1880 Lemonweir
IVERSON, Tillie Bertha SEVERSON, Severin 23 Oct 1901 Lisbon marriage record

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JACKSON, Sarah JOHNSON, Halvor 29 Dec 1865 New Lisbon marriage record
JACOBSEN, Britha HALVORSEN, Halvor 17 Mar 1884 Plymouth marriage record
JACOBSEN, Mary HALVORSEN, Halvor K. 25 Dec 1877 New Lisbon marriage record
JACOBSON, Emma S. KEWIN, Ernest 04 Feb 1903 New Lisbon Clay Jacobson
JACOBSON, Guro JOHNSON, Albert 23 Apr 1869 Fountain marriage record
JACOBSON, Hilda NORTHCOTT, Glenn M. 18 Nov 1912 New Lisbon Clay Jacobson
JACOBSON, Mathilda C. RISTOW, August 28 Dec 1892 Necedah C Jacobson & mar rec
JAKOBSDTR., Kristiana GROTHE, Peter Jensen 8 Nov 1876 Fountain marriage record
JANES, Mrs. Mary GRAY, Morris 29 Oct 1882 Necedah Necedah Signal 2 Nov 1882
JENSON, Sarah BRAUND, Ernest 21 Oct 1898 Elroy marriage record
JERMONSON, Anna Elisa NEVESTVEDT, Ole Bjornson 14 Mar 1899 Lisbon marriage record
JESSOP, Fannie AIMY, Lynn 27 Sep 1891 Necedah Necedah Republican 02 Oct 1891
JOHNSDTR., Elizabeth JOHNSON, Even 22 Nov 1877 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSDTR., Margit OLESON, Nils 16 Jun 1873 Necedah marriage record
JOHANNESEN, Maria ENGELBRETHSEN, Johan 11 Sep 1877 Necedah marriage record
JOHNSON, Anna BOYNTON, Henry T. 11 Dec 1897 New Lisbon marriage record
JOHNSON, Betsy FULLER, Dennis 02 Feb 1873 Lindina marriage record
JOHNSON, Christine SHELLY, Iver E. 18 Dec 1887 Plymouth marriage record
JOHNSON, Christine E. FIELD, Ferdinand 22 Jun 1903 Elroy marriage record
JOHNSON, Clara NYGAARD, Bert 17 Mar 1906 Lisbon Twp marriage record
JOHNSON, Eleanor HURLBUTT, Alfred 29 Nov 1888 Elroy marriage record
JOHNSON, Eliza OLSON, Knut 25 Feb 1890 New Lisbon marriage record
JOHNSON, Esther CLARK, William F. 01 Dec 1892 New Lisbon marriage record
JOHNSON, Hellen JOHNSON, Ole 02 Dec 1899 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSON, Hilda Bertine McCOMB, Robert Grant 15 Jul 1903 Lisbon marriage record
JOHNSON, Ingeborg OSMUNDSEN, Svend 13 Apr 1884 Fountain marriage record
JOHNSON, Lotta PRICE, Edward Earl 21 Sep 1899 Elroy marriage record
JOHNSON, Margerette WETHLEY, Oley 06 Jul 1885 Plymouth marriage record
JOHNSON, Martha STEEN, Perry H. 03 Jul 1894 Lindina marriage record
JOHNSON, Martha Agnes HALVORSEN, Halvor E. 13 Apr 1902 Plymouth marriage record
JOHNSON, Stella BRIGGS, W. H. 22 Jan 1890 Elroy marriage record
JOHNSTON, Janet ANDERSON, Hans Emmanuel 27 Sep 1891 Mather marriage record
JONES, Cora RISTOW, Charles 29 Nov 1899 New Lisbon
JONES, Elizabeth WHEREATT, Albert E. 14 Sep 1887 Fountain
JONES, Emma AUDLEY, Herbert Beech 26 Nov 1890
JONES, Laura BARTLETT, J. L. 14 Oct 1915 Mauston Mauston Star - 21 Oct 1915
JONES, Louisa M. NORTHCOTT, John H. 18 Jun 1902 Mauston
JONES, Martha HUBBARD, George 25 Sep 1868 Summit Reg of Marriage #01857
JONES, Minnie O. WARD, Charles E.   26 Nov 1899 New Lisbon
JORDAN, Anna M. (Mrs.) WHITE, Henry D. 04 Oct 1880 Mauston Marriage Certificate
JORGENSEN, Ingeborg LEE, O. A. 17 Jan 1883 Fountain marriage record
JUDD, Lottie HALLIDAY, Ellsworth E. 23 Oct 1899 Mauston marriage record
JUDD, Lucy MOWERS, John H. 28 Sep 1868 Mauston Reg of Marriage #01850
JUDEVINE, Hattie RANNEY, Sheldon F. 16 Apr 1882 Fountain

Source: marriage record, contributed by Larry Onsager. Taken from the Juneau Co. Marriage records on microfilm for 1857-1907.

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