World War I


First Seventy-Four Names Drawn in This County From Which Quota Will Be Chosen

The following is the unofficial list of the first seventy-four names drawn in the draft and arranged in the order in which they will be examined:

  1. Wm. DeLap, New Lisbon
  2. Archie Bones, Elroy
  3. Louis B. Hanson, New Lisbon
  4. George Taske, Union Center
  5. John W. Nichols,  New Lisbon
  6. Floyd Russell,  Mather
  7. Leo M. Sherin,  Elroy
  8. Asher Pettibone,  Mauston
  9. Albert Lee Marsh,  Elroy
  10. R. L. Greenwood , Camp Douglas
  11. John Smart,  New Lisbon
  12. Warren H. Rich,  Mauston
  13. Frank Nickel,  Lyndon
  14. Henry Sarnow,  Mauston
  15. Joe Fessey,  Wonewoc
  16. Theo. F. Hendricks,  Finley
  17. John de Lille,  Lyndon
  18. Fred Havey,  Lyndon
  19. Edmon Deimore,  Lyndon
  20. Howard Wallace,  Elroy
  21. Francis Hamil  ,Mauston
  22. A. R. Anderson , Union Center
  23. Henry Schmidt , Mauston
  24. Roy Richarts , New Lisbon
  25. Otto Krier,  Lyndon
  26. Silas M. Roth  ,Mauston
  27. Ervin Piskey , Wonewoc
  28. A. C. Wright , Necedah
  29. Earl K. Kimball,  Elroy
  30. Louis Heff,  Hustler
  31. Anton Tatzel , Lyndon
  32. Henry Volz , LaValle
  33. Anton Jeska , Necedah
  34. Paul Waltnam,  Lyndon
  35. Victor Jacobson,  Hustler
  36. Wm. McKegney,  Necedah
  37. Harry G. Briggs,  Mauston
  38. Tunis Brandt,  Finley
  39. Walter Thompson,  Mauston
  40. Leslie Trumble,  Mauston
  41. Brice H. Myer , Elroy
  42. Emil Huebner , Reedsburg
  43. Frank Mohns,  Elroy
  44. Sam Allen,  Mauston
  45. Roy E. Bullis,  New Lisbon
  46. Ed Littlejohn , Mautson
  47. Omar White,  Wonewoc
  48. Paul Penshorn,  Wonewoc
  49. Robt. Kieffer,  Mauston
  50. Rudolph Mika,  Mauston
  51. William Gillingham,  Necedah
  52. Chas. Kaiser,  Kilbourn
  53. Charles J. Timbers,  Mauston
  54. Frank Wright,  Lyndon
  55. Roy McElvray,  Hustler
  56. Floyd Severance, Wonewoc
  57. Chas. C. Hanson,  New Lisbon
  58. Henry Schaefer,  Elroy
  59. Peter Larson,  New Lisbon
  60. Paul C. Wagner,  Elroy
  61. Geo. Kreps,  Mauston
  62. Jacob Roalkoam,  Elroy
  63. L. C. Moe,  Camp Douglas
  64. John Czaplinski , Necedah
  65. Dick Hooyboer,  Necedah
  66. E. G. Huebner,  Lyndon
  67. Thos. Era , Glendale
  68. Tom Burrows , New Lisbon
  69. H. F. Haase,  Mauston
  70. Herman Ratsch,  Wonewoc
  71. John Wolff,  Mauston
  72. Herb Sanders,  Elroy
  73. Charles Knutson,  Elroy
  74. F. A. Christensen,  Necedah

Source: Elroy Leader dated Thursday, August 2, 1917

Juneau County Men Who Died in Service

Names of men from Juneau County who died in the service of the United States during the World War and during the Spanish War as given by the Adjutant General's office, and furnished to us by Register of Deeds H. M. Ruh.

World War

  1. Gaylord Anderson Bradley, Mauston
  2. Nels Peter Carlsen, Orange
  3. Harry Albert Chamberlain, Mauston
  4. Otis Ferguson Clark, Wonewoc
  5. John A. Cleary, Elroy
  6. Michael James Cleary, Elroy
  7. Drayton Mills Curtis, Mauston
  8. Robert Decorah, Masuton
  9. Benjamin Harvey DeLap, New Lisbon
  10. Albert H. Fletcher, Camp Douglas
  11. Wyman C. Fletcher, Mauston
  12. Ray Frazier, New Lisbon
  13. Hugh Victor Galvin, Mauston
  14. Clark Elman Gibney, Elroy
  15. Earl Philip Guilligan, Camp Douglas
  16. Wallace M. Havey, Lyndon Station
  17. Ben Jones, Camp Douglas
  18. Ernest D. Kegler, New Lisbon
  19. John Martin Koehn, New Lisbon
  20. Joseph Kroehesky, Mauston
  21. Nils A. Lawrence, Elroy
  22. William Luehsinger, Wonewoc
  23. Harry W. Manska, Elroy
  24. George W. Marx Jr., Elroy
  25. William R. Mason, Camp Douglas
  26. Bud Morris, Mauston
  27. Ben Nelson, Elroy
  28. Lynn Odell, Mauston
  29. Truelove P. Past, New Lisbon
  30. Peter P. Pfeifer, Mauston
  31. John James Post, Mauston
  32. Theodore Retammel, Lyndon
  33. Richard I. Russell, Mather
  34. James Ruzicka, Germantown
  35. Willie Schriver, Elroy
  36. Gerald William Schwartzburg, Mauston
  37. Hugo Seeling, Wonewoc
  38. Mike Standingwater, Mather
  39. Joseph E. Webster, Mauston
  40. ???? Wendland, Lyndon
  41. Robert W. Williams, Camp Douglas
  42. Lewis H. Wilson, Mauston
  43. Jesse Wonderly, New Lisbon
  44. Frank M. Wright, Lyndon

Spanish War

  1. John W. Delapp, Mauston
  2. Fred R. Goodhouse, Mauston

EDITOR'S NOTE - The above casualty list includes only names of those men who enlisted or registered in this county for service at the time of the World War and Spanish American War. It does not include the many casualties of men of Co. D., Mauston, who lived outside of this county, nor of men who died outside of service.

Other ex-service men of the World War who are buried in the New Lisbon Cemetery are: Leslie Macomber, Herman Terlson, Floyd Jewell, Louis Franks, Floyd Witz and Arthur Stieg.

Source:  New Lisbon Times dated Jan. 27, 1927

World War I - Nearby Cities Hit

Surrounding towns have been hard hit the past week for the casualty list has shown that some of the boys known here have heroically given their lives on the battlefield in Germany.

Killed in Action

  1. Earl GUILLIGAN, Wis.
  2. Leon COLES, Mauston
  3. Harry STOWASSER, Necedah
  4. John FUCHS, Tomah
  5. Lieut. B. R. RICE, Sparta  Severly Wounded
  6. Paul HEWITT, Necedah
  7. Charles LEICHT, Jr., New Lisbon
  8. Elmer M. POKRAND, Sparta
  9. Robert DECORAH, Mauston
  10. Corp. Roy WETTSTEIN, Baraboo
  11. Mech. Willis McCRAY, Reedburg

Report has reached this city that Edgar REDLIN, a member of CO. D, 128 Infantry was slightly gassed in France.

Source:   Elroy Leader dated Thursday, August 22, 1918