Deceased Veterans Saluted:
List of deceased Veterans buried in Mauston and Lyndon Station area
cemeteries this past year from May 25, 1998 to May 31, 1999.
Name of Veteran Service Era Date of Death/Place Cemetery Comments/Buried By:
Kenneth W. Wodke WWII 16 May 1998, Mauston, Wi. St Bridget's Cem., Cazenovia next-of-kin Lucille P Wodke, widow, Mauston, Wi.
Richard A Barnes Peacetime Service 5 June1998, Mauston,Wi. Evergreen Cem., Mauston, Wi. next-of-kin Margaret J. Barnes, widow, Mauston, Wi..
Harold J. Funmaker Peacetime Service 17 Jun 1998, Baraboo, Wi. Decorah Cem., Black River Falls, Wi. next-of-kin Carol Naquayouma, Daughter, of Lyndon Station, Wi.
Donald L. Arntz Peacetime Service 20  Jun 1998, Walworth Lyndon Station Cem. next-of-kin Arlene Arntz, widow, of Mauston, Wi.
Jack Denton WWII 21 June 1998, Reedsburg No burial site listed next-of-kin Linda A. Denton, widow, Mauston, Wi.
Roland W. Vieth WWII 29 June, 1998, Mauston Mauston Cemetary next-of-kin Joan Vieth, widow, of Mauston, Wi.
Gerald Hersil WWII 30 June 1998, Madison, Wi. St Patrick's Catholic Cem., Mauston, Wi. next-of-kin J. Marie Hersil, widow, of Mauston, Wi.
Kenneth F. Horton WWII 23 Aug. 1998, Tomah, Wi. Mauston Cem. next-of-kin Irene H. Horton, widow, Mauston, Wi.
Bernard S. Barreau WWII 19 Sept. 1998, Mauston St Patrick's Catholic Cem., Mauston, Wi. next-of-kin Michael Barreau, son, of Mauston, Wi.
Arthur C. Grasser WWII 13 Oct 1998, Wis. Vet's Home, King, Wi. St James Cemetary, Kenosha, Wi. next-of-kin Cynthia Evans, friend, of Mauston, Wi.
James C. Stelter Peacetime Service/Persian Gulf War 1 Nov. 1998, Edgerton, WI. Mauston Cemetary next-of-kin Joyce Chase, Mother, of Mauston, Wi.
William Whiterabbit Vietnam Era 13 Dec. 1998, Madison Decorah Cem. next-of-kin Pauline Whiterabbit, widow, of Cumberland, Wi.
Arthur C. Abelt Korean Conflict 20 Dec. 1998, Oxford Mauston Cemetary next-of-kin Joan A. Abelt, widow, Oxford, Wi.
Charles L. Helm WWII 20 Dec. 1998, Tomah no burial site listed next-of-kin - John Helm, son, Grafton, Wi.
Everett H. Solberg WWII 22 Dec. 1998, New Lisbon St Patrick's Catholic Cem., Mauston, Wi. next-of-kin Nancy Solberg, daughter, of Madison, Wi.
Leo L. Dockstader Korean Conflict 26 Dec. 1998, Stevens Point Mauston Cemetary next-of-kin Robert Dockstader, son, of Wittenberg, Wi.
Joseph B. Ward WWII 2 Jan 1999, Janesville Mauston Cemetary next-of-kin Richard Ward, nephew, beloit, Wi.
William J. Nelson WWII 5 Jan 1999, Lockport, IL Lyndon Cemetary next-of-kin Linda Valentine, Daughter, lockport, Ill.
Gene A. Casey WWII 9 Jan 1999, Marshfield no burial site listed next-of-kin Corrine Casey, widow, Wisconsin Dells, Wi.
Volney F. Treptow Peacetime service 13 Jan 1999, Mauston Big Creek Cem., La Valle next-of-kin edmund Treptow, brother, LaValle, Wi.
John Lee Boyle Korena Conflict 4 Feb 1999, Mauston St Patrick's Cemetary, Mauston, Wi. next-of-kin Rosetta M. Boyle, widow, of Mauston, Wi.
Wayne R. Duckworth WWII 24 March 1999, Mauston Mauston Cemetary next-of-kin Lorraine A. Duckworth, widow, of Mauston, Wi.
Roman E. Kwosek Korean Conflict 5 March 1999,  Mauston St Mary's Catholic Cemetary, Lyndon Station, Wi. next-of-kin Roberta A. Kwosek, widow, of Lyndon Station, Wi.
Aaron Wasner WWII 24 March 1999, New Lisbon no burial site listed next-of-kin Shirley A. Wasner, widow, of Mauston, Wi.
Robert L Williams WWII 1 April 1999, Lyndon Station Lyndon Station Cemetary next-of-kin James Williams, son,of Zion, Ill.
Riley D. Robinson WWII 6 April 1999, Waupaca Mauston Cemetary next-of-kin Ardys Robinson, widow, Wis. Vet's. Home, King, WI.
Zygmunt Dychton WWII 5 May 1999, Chicago, Ill. St. Mary's Catholic Cemetary, Lyndon Station, Wi. next-of-kin, George Dychton, son,  Chicago, Ill.
W. Carl Robbins Service Era not listed 13 May 1999, Mauston Plymouth Cemetary, Mauston next-of-kin Pamela Robbins, widow, Mauston, Wi.

Source: Juneau County Star-times, Wednesday, June 2, 1999

compiled by Terry Nichols

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