Juneau Co., Veterans


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CIVIL WAR  (1861-1865)  

War of 1812 (1812- 1815)
Jackson, Lyman Ens. Pa. Militia                                                                           
Laforge, M.T.
Lease, John 5th U.S. Inf.
Paine, W. A. 5th U.S. Inf.
Parker, Gideon
Patterson, Jas. 5th U.S. Inf.
Peck, Hezekiah 5th U.S. Inf.
Quint, David 5th U.S. Inf.
Robinson, Joseph
Ward, Reuben 5th U.S. Inf.

Mexican War (1846-1848)
Fish, Lyman W.
Hanson, S.T. Mo. Bat   Captain                              

Spanish American War (1898)
Adair, Bert E.
Bezemek, Thomas Co D 3rd Wis Inf Pvt Res: Necedah
Bockhouse, Herbert Co D 3rd Wis Inf 28 Apr 1898 until 16 Jan 1899
Brown, Lennie C. 4th Cav. Reg. Troop D Private
Burke, John
Clauson, Henry C. Co B 4th Inf Reg WI Private
Fiene, George Co D 3rd Wis Inf
Fish, August
Hage, Albert 19th Inf Reg OH Private
Kingston, John T. Jr. Co L 2nd Inf WI
Lake, Charles H. Co F 4th Inf WI
Lawrence, Eugene
McNown, Chester W.
Montgomery, Henry Co. K, Wis
Newkirk, Manning Co. D, 3rd Wis Vol ? - 1898
Petrie, John W. 1898-1899
Podrasky, Joseph
Porter, Guy Walbern Co F 4th Reg Inf WI Private
Ruh, Herman M.
Schwab, John T.
Sias, Ashley
Turner, John Captain Wounded

World War I  (1914-1918)
Anderson, Andrew US Army-Cook Field Remount Squad #314 Q.M.C.
Babcock, Charles G Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div 2nd Lt
Babcock, Guilford Co D 128th Inf 64th Brig 32nd Div 2nd Lt. 1916
Barnharst, Henry
Bernard, John R. Army Tng Corps Pvt
Betts, Clayton J. Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div Pvt
Binder, Albert J. Army Pvt
Bockhouse, Herbert Co D 128th Inf, 32nd Div 1917 - 18 Jan 1919
Bradley, Gaylord Co D 128th Inf 64th Brig 32nd Div Musician 1916
Chamberlain, H. R. Co D 128th Inf 64th Brig 32nd Div Pvt 1916
Coles, Leon Co D 128th Inf 64th Brig 32nd Div Pvt 1916
Comer, Charles R Co D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div Pvt
Coughlin, Avery M. Res: Necedah
Davis, John Co 161 Brig Pvt
Decorah, Allen Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div Pvt
Decorah, Arthur Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div Pvt
Decorah, Foster Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div Pvt &
Died: 01 Aug 1918. Buried at: Plot B, Row 04, Grave 33 at
Oise-Aisne American Cemetery in Fere-en-Tardenois, France
Decorah, Robert Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div Pvt
Des Bouillons, Arthur 115 Engineers 40th Div Pvt
Des Bouillons, Charles Co E 115 Engrs Pvt
Dockerty, Ashley Res: Necedah
Dockstader, Earl Co D 128th Inf 64th Brig 32nd Div Pvt 1916
Dupless, Fred Co D 128th Inf 64th Brig 32nd Div Pvt 1916
Duschek, Emil J Co B 311 Engnrs Pvt
Eberhart, Harold
Frohmader, Carl
Gabler, Elizabeth Amry - Nurse Corps Nurse
Gage, Harvey W. 1918-1919
Garbrecht, William Army - TNG Corps Private
Gibbons, Philip J. Army Cpl
Gordon, Raymond
Guilligan, Earl P. Co C 10th Field Sgnl Btl 32nd Div 1917-killed in action
Hansen, Louis R.
Honish, John Army-Co A 311 Mtr Supply Train 1918-1919
Johnson, John F. Res: Necedah
Lehman, Frank E. Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div Musician
Lorigan, John F. Navy
Loomis, Otis G. 161st & 166th Depot Brigades,TX 1st Lt 1918-1919
Lyon, Harry Co D 128th Inf. 64th Brig 32nd Div 1st Lt. 1916
Mauer, Henry US Army Pvt
Morley, Boyd T. 127th Inf Reg KIA-Philippines
Musch, Leo Co D 128th Inf 64th Brig 32nd Div Cook 1916
O'Dell, Lynn Co D 128th Inf 64th Brig 32nd Div Cpl 1916-d: 1918 France
Pisula, Albert Army Pfc
Post, John J. Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div cook
Rattunde, August P. 352 Aero Sq Sgt Res: Necedah
Rogers, John Co D 128th Inf 64th Brig 32nd Div Sgt. 1916
Ruh, Herman M. 1918 wounded France
Ruskowsky, Albert Army - Co B 53rd Inf 6 Div Pvt
Sargent, Fred N. Army - 27th Inf Band Sgt 1919   - 1920
Schlaupitz, Henry Army - Pvt
Smart, Clarence Dr. 4/1918-8/1919
Southern, Bert 310th Machine Gun Battalion
Standingwater, Mike Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div 1916-d:1918 France
Stowasser, Harold C Res: Necedah
Strong, Delos Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div - Captain Capt. 1916
Thorson, James 18th Recruiting Co. - Private
Tucker, Richard
Turner, John 128th Inf 32nd Div  - Col. Col. have more info
Underwood, Homer Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div 1916
Veeder, Fred I. Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div Cpl
Waterman, Steve Co D 13th Engineers wounded
Wenzel, Herman Btry F-312 Field Arty Private
Wick, Henry Co. D 128th Inf. 64th Brig. 32nd Div Cpl
Witz, Floyd M. Marine Corps
Wonderly, Charles 4/1918- wounded
Wonderly, Harry 128th Reg Supply Co - 32nd Div Wagoner 5/1917-5/1919
Wruck, Otto V. 127th Inf, 32nd Div Sgt wounded
Young, Ray M. Army
Zomkowski, Theo. A Res: Armenia

WORLD WAR II (1941-1945)  

- A -

Alford, Charles Army Air Forces Training Squad - Private
Anderson, William Pfc   Killed in action
Attewell, John Pfc killed in action

- B -

Barnes, Joseph Army Air Force, 367th Bomber Squadron, 306th Bomber Group,
Heavy - Staff Sgt
Died: 07 Jan 1943. Missing in Action or Buried at Sea taken from the Tablets of the
Missing at Ardennes American Cemetery in Neupre, Belgium. Awards: Air Medal,
Purple Heart. Serial #16046483
Beckwith, Edward Jr Pvt line of duty status death
Blackburn, Donald Sgt killed in action
Blank, Edgar Wis Pfc 675 Cli FA BN 11 ABN
Bogdandky, George Res: Necedah
Bogert, Claude
Braund, Archie
Brockmann, Elmer F 401st Antiaircraft Artillery of the 5th Army under General Mark Clark, North Africa, Sicily and Italy
Brockmann, Laurence
Brockmann,  Leonard
Brockmann, Lyman
Brown, Alva J. Navy Seaman - 1st Class
Brunner, Melford
Bunn, Merlin J. Pfc killed in action
Byam, Loren E. Army Air Force, 20th Bomber Squadron, 2nd Bomber Group, Heavy Staff Sargent D: 29 Aug 1944. Buried at Plot A Row 12 Grave 50 at the Lorraine American
Cemetery in St. Avold, France. Awards: Air Medal, Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster. Serial # 16131456

- C -

Champney, Al      
Corton, Edwin E. Pfc killed in action
Curtis, Orlando 32nd Div, 121st Service Btry

- D -

Des Bouillon, John Army - Private

- E -

Enderle, Louis Army Air Force - Corporal Died: 01 Mar 1944. Missing in Action or Buried at Sea. Tablets of the Missing at East
Coast Memorial in New York City, Serial # 36281580

- F -

Fell, Leroy Army - Private
Fike, Theodore W Army - Private KIA in Japan 1942
Fish, Luman Co D 3rd Reg Wis Inf WG - Corporal 

- G -

Galvin, Edmund D. Pvt died in line of duty status
Goetz, William Army - Private
Greeley, Carroll D. Pvt killed in action
Gurgel, Herman M Second Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps He was shot down and killed in action on July 28, 1943. A few years after his death, his body was returned and buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery,
Wonewoc, where his parents are also buried. Herman’s dad, also named Herman Gurgel, was the principal at the small elementary school operated by St. Paul’s. Contributed by David Gurgel, P.E.

- H -

Hamilton, Arzie M. Army
Hawkins, Lyle M.
Res: Town of Fountain. KIA about 11/21/1944 when his B-24 was shot down over Europe.
He was a S/Sgt and is buried in a military cemetery in Belgium.
Hersil, Gerald Marine Corps in the Pacific Theater
Hilts, Kendall Navy
Hladky, Charles Coast Guard from 20 May 1943 to 24 Nov 1945 Res: New Lisbon. Stationed in the South Pacific where he worked aboard a vessel that
carried fuel to the larger Navy ships. He was in Okinawa, Japan when the war ended.

- I -

Irwin, Robert G. Res: Necedah

- J -

Jacobson, Howard A. Army Air Force, 3rd Expeditionary Force - Sgt. 1941-1943
Johnson, Cecil Bat. B 80th FA BN - Corporal
Johnson, Laverne O Army, 378th Infantry Regiment, 95th Infantry Div.  Private 1st Class D: 30 Nov 1944. Buried at: Plot G Row 2 Grave 22 at Lorraine American
Cemetery in St. Avold, France. Awards: Purple Heart. Serial # 36275949
Johnson, Reynold H. Pfc killed in action. Res: Necedah

- K -

Kilmer, Jay D. Army European Theater for 3-1/2 years
Koppang, Victor L. TSg killed in action
Kroger, Paul T/5 Co C 5th Inf-3 Inf Div BSM

- L -

Leake, Bernard Co H, 128th Inf 32nd Div - Machine Gunner KIA SW Pacific
Leipelt, John Army, Btry C Aircraft Automatic Weapons Bn.

- M -

Mackiewicz, Peter Army, 401st Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Div. - Sergeant Died: 04 Jul 1944. Buried at: Plot G Row 15 Grave 38 in Normandy American
Cemetery at St. Laurent-sur-Mer, France. Awards: Purple Heart. Serial #36220273
Madden, Norman Army, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division - Pvt 1st Class Died: 14 Apr 1945. Buried at: Plot A Row 6 Grave 25 at Netherlands American
Cemetery, in Margraten, Netherlands. Awards: Purple Heart. Serial #36990164.
Marschke, James R Pfc killed in action
Marx, Kenneth A Army, 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division - Staff Sargent Died: 11 Dec 1944. Buried at: Plot F Row 7 Grave 11 at Netherlands American
Cemetery in Margraten, Netherlands. Awards: Purple Heart. Serial #36204349
Mauer, Phillip Army Wis Tec 3
McEvoy, William C. Pfc killed in action
McGinnis, James Res: Necedah
Miller, Charles J. Pfc killed in action
Mortensen, Norman Marine Corps. - Pvt 1st Class Died: 17 Aug 1942. Missing in Action or Buried at Sea listed on the Tablets of the
Missing at Honolulu Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii. Awards: Purple Heart. Serial # 00326651

- N -

Negaard, Lloyd Army - Corporal
Neustatder, Wayne Navy - Seaman - 2nd Class
Newkirk, Orval US Army, Tec 4
Nichols, Everett US Navy 1st Class Boatsman’s Mate Pacific theatre
Nichols, Lloyd US Navy
Nichols, William US Navy
Nuttall, Donald G. 44th Armored Inf Div - Sergeant KIA, France 1944

- O -

Olson, Harold O. Navy
Olson, Howard E. Army Air Force, 6th Corp area - Corporal Killed in action onboard the HMT Rohna.
Olson, Kenneth 174th Inf KIA, France 1944
O'Rourke, James Howard Army James Howard O'Rourke buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Elroy. Born 05 Mar 1927 in Plymouth Twp.
Enlisted in the United States Army 10 May 1945 and served during WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War.
Retired Sept 1968. He is shown on the War Memorial in Elroy, but his name is misspelled. Has a marker on his grave showing he served in WWII, but nothing for the Korean War or Vietnam. Deborah O'Rourke Turner
Orr, Wilton J. Pvt killed in action

- P -

Pfeifer, Gilbert J. Pfc died of wounds
Pharo, Vaughn O. Staff Sargent finding of death
Pisula, Roy A. Army - Pfc
Powers, Edmund 1st Lt. died due to line of duty status

- R -

Ratzburg, Burl  R TEC 4 killed in action
Ritland, Gaylord Air Force - Captain a pow in Germany for 3 years. Returned to Elroy & bought a farm in Mauston where he
began a business with his brother called, "Ritland Buildings". Robin Avery
Roberts, Thomas H. Pfc killed in action
Robison, Herbert

- S -

Salter, William
Schroeder, Donald R TEC5 killed in action
Schultz, Earl O Navy Seaman - 1st Class
Scribbins, Leslie Army
Serrurier, Alva European Theater of Operations  -Sergeant 1943  - 1946
Skodak, Edward J. Pvt died due to line of duty status
Sockolowski, Alex Air Corps DFC Am - Staff Sargeant
Spence, Leslie L. Pfc killed in action
Stickney, Cashus
Struble, Leslie  C 1Lt killed in action
Sullivan, Gerald E. Army, 305th Infantry Regiment, 77th Infantry Div - Pvt 1st Class Died: 11 Dec 1944. Buried at: Plot H Row 7 Grave 102 at Manila American
Cemetery in Manila, Philippines. Awards: Purple Heart. Serial #36241380
Suszycki, Gerald P T SG died due to line of duty status

- T -

Taylor, Thomas Navy
Tessmer, Irvin Navy 11/1943-KIA
Thompson, Charles A. Army 1941 - 1945 Served in Africa and Italy.
Tucker, Edward Navy

- V -

Visgar, Glen E Navy

- W -

Walanski, Andrew S. Pvt Died of wounds. Res: Necedah
Walsh, Bernard T Pvt killed in action
Weiss, John J. Pfc killed in action
Wells, Lewis H. Third Army - Private April 1945-KIA
Welton, Elery Orin Army - Private 26 Oct 1942 - 22 May 1943
Williams, Robert B. Res: Necedah
Winker, DeLyle Army - Pfc
Winker, Walter Co D 90th Inf Bn KIA d:1945 Philippine Islnds

KOREAN WAR (1950-1953)
Fitzgerald, Bernard Army - Corporal
Fitzgerald, Joseph
Katuin, Maurice G. Army - Sgt. Headquarters Co. 467th CML Motors Bn
Love, Melvin G.
Morris, Thomas M.
O'Rourke, James Army (see above under WWII)
Pentel, George P.
Perrin, Clarence Army - Corporal
Richter, Dean A. Army
Rima Jr., Herbert 6th Armored Div 167th Transp Btl - Sgt                    
Rosenthal, Robert Army - Co B 728 Ord Bn - Pfc
Ruland, Bernard J. B Batthery, 235th Field Artillery Observation Battalion Dec 1950
Ruland, Joseph L. Eight Field Artillery battalion, 25th Infantry Division - Army Oct 1951
Schroeder, Floyd M. Army - Sfc
Singleton, James Sgt Hdqrs & Btry 24th Div. Arty. 1952-1954
Standiford, Burlie Miles
Stein, William E. Army
Steiner, Robert E. B Batthery, 235th Field Artillery Observation Battalion Dec 1950
Stretsbery, Thomas Army - Pfc
White, Rudolph A   Army - Pfc

VIETNAM WAR (1965-1973)
Anderson, Dale Edward Army SP4 Killed in action - 2/21/1968
Babcock, Dennis Lee Army Pvt. Killed in action - 5/28/1969
Becker, Raymond G. Trp B 1 Cav 1 Sp4
Chitwood, Wayne Cecil Marine Corps CPL Res: Necedah. Killed in action - 1/24/1968
Churchill, Raymond John Army   Sgt. Killed in action - 8/4/1966
Hansen, Craig C. Navy TM2 d: 25 May 1976
Larson, James Edward Army                Sgt.      Killed in action - 10/17/1967       
Niles, Ronald Robert Army          1LT Killed in action - 7/31/1969
O'Rouke, James Howard Army (see above under WWII)
Pliner, Richard Duane Navy YNC Died of illness - 6/6/1970
Riley, James G. Army SP4 Died in VietNam - 12/11/1967
Sadler, John Weldon Army Capt. Died of Other Causes - 4/25/1969
Shireman, Paul Jr. Marines Co E 1st BN Marines 9 MAB. D: 29 Jul 1968
Watson, Albert Clay, Jr. Marine Corps LCPL Killed in action - 10/31/1967


Source: Newspaper obits & articles, contributions, The World War II Honor Roll, American Battle Monuments Commission.
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