Company D Home Again, Juneau Co., WI

Company D Home Again

Our Brave Soldier Boys Receive a Splendid Welcome
Town Decorated With Banners and Bunting

 From the Mauston Star [Mauston, Juneau County, Wisconsin], November 8, 1898


The return of our boys, members of the Third Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers, was the occasion of much joy last Monday morning. Never in the history of this city has there been such a crowd assembled at the depot here. Everyone was there, from Mayor Anderson down to the smallest schoolboy. As the train pulled into the station it was received with music, cheers and the waving of flags. The train remained here about ten minutes giving our boys plenty of time to unload, and after a period of handshaking the procession was formed in the following order and marched to the Armory:

                                    G. A. R. Post
                                    Reception Committee
                                    Company D
                                    Scholars of Public School
                                    Scholars of Catholic School
                                    W. R. C.
                                    Citizens and Friends


Upon reaching the Armory the boys were immediately seated at long tables and a luncheon served. After which the boys went to their homes and enjoyed all the comforts that they have not had the past seven months.

Although the homecoming of the boys was enthusiastic, it was quiet, no whistles were blown, no bells rang, because was one the best, bravest and most beloved members of the Company, Corporal Fred E. GOODHOUSE, had died while on board the hospital ship Relief, a few days before, and his remains had been sent home and awaited the arrival of his comrades, that they might attend the funeral.

The citizens, in view of the fact that many of the boys are yet absent and sick, have decided to put off the reception and banquet until some later date, probably Thanksgiving night.

The train carrying the boys pulled into the depot at Milwaukee Sunday night at 10 o'clock and was met by two bands of music and ten thousand people. The companies were soon unloaded and marched to the Plankinton and St. Charles hotels where dinner was served, after which the boys were given the freedom of the city until just before the train pulled out. The Mauston boys left home on the 28th of April last, left Milwaukee May 14 for Chickamauga Park, Georgia, where they remained until July 5th when they left for Charleston. July 19 they sailed for Puerto Rico, arrived there July 27 and disembarked the 28. On August 6 it began to move toward San Juan and took part in the capture of Coamo, being in the advance, later our boys were in two battles at Albointo pass, but luckily no men were killed or wounded. Since the last engagement Lieutenant Gerhard F. Behnken has been in command and has been a faithful officer and well liked by all.

The Third regiment raised the Stars and Stripes over a number of towns on the island among them Ponce, Yauco, Coamo, Albonita, Cayey, Barros, Barmintas, and Cedra. It has always been pushed to the front and had a record which few regiments in the United States can equal. Following is a roster of the Company that returned Monday:



Mauston Area Spanish American War Veterans
Company D, 3rd Wisconsin Volunteers

From the Mauston Star [Mauston, Juneau County, Wisconsin], November 8, 1898


1st Lieut. Gerhard F. Behnken, commanding:
2nd Lieut. Dan L. Remington
1st Sergt. Carl L. Behnken
Sergt. Frank F. Carter
Sergt. Ed. D. George
Sergt. Will Van Wie
Corporal Dan W. Stevens
Corporal Clarence L. Pratt
Corporal Matt G. Grinnolds
Corporal Chas. F. Hagemann
Corporal Fred H. Runkel
Corporal Frank Schroeder
Corporal Webster W. Dyer
Corporal Dan O. Bennett
Corporal Harry R. Fosbinder
Corporal Henry Helman
Corporal Harry J. Lyon
Corporal Fred R. Goodhouse (d. Oct 1898)
Musician Louis P. Helman
Wagoner William Maytum


Private Walter E. Barringer            
Private Arthur E. Betts
Private Herb C.Bockhouse
Private Morris D. Bradley
Private John A. Cash
Private Charles E. Chilson
Private Bert C. Clement

Private John M. Chase
Private George Fiene
Private Ed L. Field
Private Lewis Hanes
Private Geo. W. Hurlbert
Private Ernst Judd
Private Fremont C. Johnson
Private Harry E. Kelk
Private Will McNown
Private George R. Millard
Private Lewis G. Murray
Private Manning Newkirk
Private Vernon E. Odell
Private Charles D. Patterson
Private Charles N. Patterson
Private Edward L. Perry
Private Arthur C. Perry
Private Charles C. Remington
Private George E. Reynolds
Private John P. Roberts
Private Herman M. Rhu
Private Ed A. Segkora
Private George E. Smith
Private Ashley E. Sias
Private Louis K. Turner
Private Joseph Vinopal
Private Robert H. Whitman
Private Fred Williams

Submitted by Joan Benner, Wisconsin Rapids WI

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