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Seven Mile Creek, Juneau Co., WI


Organized:  1853
Origin of Name: The mouth of Seven Mile Creek is approximately seven miles up from the mouth of the Lemonweir
First Settlers: William Taylor, Chauncey B. Strong, David Henry, Adam Stultz, Alonzo Andrews
First Church: St. Bridget's
First Post Office:  Strong's Tavern in 1851
First Recorded Town Tax:  $990.42
First Town Chairman: William Taylor

source: Juneau County, The First Hundred Years, published 1988

Alonzo Andrews
David Henry
Chauncey B. Strong
Adam Stultz
Jeremiah Sullivan
James Taylor
William Taylor

Name Business Post Office Sec.
Anglim, Jas. General Farming Lyndon Sta. 23
Bohen, Mike Farmer & Stock Raiser Mauston 19
Bohen, Peter Farmer & Stock Raiser Mauston 19
Boraman, Francis M. Farmer & Stock Raiser Mauston 18
Boraman, Orra Farmer & Stock Raiser Mauston 18
Byrnes, Henry Farmer & Dealer in Machinery.  Buys and Sells
Stocks of all kinds.
Mauston 4
Casey, Daniel Farmer & Stock Raiser Reedsburg 28
Costegan, James General Farming Lyndon Sta. 24
Chamberlain, R. D. Farmer & Stock Raiser Mauston 18
Fischer, Gustave Farmer & Stock Raiser Mauston 8
Grover, E. A. Farmer & Promoter of Industries.   LaValle 31
Harrington, Timothy Farmer & Stock Raiser, Breeder of Shropshire
Lyndon Sta. 26
Kubitz, Carl Farmer & Stock Raiser Mauston 14
Maendl, John Silver Spring Farm. Gen. Farming Mauston 16
Moran, Michael Farmer & Stock Raiser Lyndon Sta. 23
Moriarity, James Rocky Ledge Stock & Dairy Farm Mauston 5
Naughtin, Ed Farmer & Stock Raiser Lyndon Sta. 11
Nemitz, Carl General Farming LaValle 31
Patterson, Samuel Farmer. Mauston 7
Powers, P. J. Farmer & Stock Raiser.  Breeder of Shropshire
Mauston 5&6
Prosser, Helen A. Widow of Emmet W. who settled here 1869,
served 4 yrs in War fo Reb., POW in
Andersonville. Died April 11, 1898
Mauston 6
Resh, John General Farming Mauston 30
Riddlestein, Lewis Farmer & Apiarist of 100 colonies of Bees.
Honey and Bees for Sale
Mauston 17
Rockwood, Geo. E. Oak Hills Stock & Dairy Farm. Breeder, High
Grade Jersey Cattle.
Mauston 11
Roloff, Carl Farmer LaValle 31
Saunt, Joseph General Farming Mauston 30
Scully, James General Farming Mauston 10
Sullivan, Jeremiah Ret. Farmer.  Settled here 1862. Reedsburg 34
Taylor, James Farmer & Stock Raiser. One of the oldest
settlers in Juneau.  Came here 3 yrs. before
Gov't Survey.
Lyndon Sta. 13
Trainer, James Farmer & Stock Raiser Reedsburg 32
Voltz, Frederich Farmer & Stock Raiser LaValle 31
Waggoner, Christ General Farming Reedsburg 28
Woelfe, Joseph General Farming LaValle 31

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