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Juneau Co. WI Pioneer Certificate Program


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Approved Applications updated 21 Sep 2006

Pioneer, Early Settlers & Century Ancestors Certificate Information

Juneau County WIGenWeb issues certificates to persons who are directly descended from Juneau County Pioneers, Early Settlers or Century Ancestors. Applicants must prove descent and prove that the ancestors settled in Juneau County prior to the year 1857 in the case of Pioneer Ancestors; prior to the year 1877 in the case of Early Settlers; or over 100 years preceding the date of application in the case of Century Ancestors. Applicants may apply for certificates to be issued to themselves or to other persons.


In order to qualify for a Certificate you will need to prove:

     1.  Residency of the Pioneer Ancestor

     2.  Your Direct Line of Descent from the Pioneer Ancestor

Application Process:

  1. A separate application is required for each certificate requested. More than one ancestor may be identified on a certificate, but a separate application is required for each ancestor claimed. Type or print all entries.

  2. A complete application consists of the following:

    • A completed application form. Only the current version of the form provided by JCGS will be accepted. Applications submitted on other forms will be returned for re-submission on the proper form.

    • A Pedigree Chart (also known as an Ancestor Chart) or a Family Group Sheet, showing the ancestral line(s) of the person to whom the certificate is to be issued. The chart must begin with the person to whom the certificate is to be issued and extend through the Pioneer/Early Settler/Century Ancestor. The chart must show the dates AND places of birth, death and marriage to the best of the applicant's ability to provide them. A chart is provided with the application form. However, any standard pedigree/ancestor chart form (including computer generated charts) is generally acceptable, provided it is on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper.

    • Proof of settlement by the date claimed, and proof of direct descent. The guiding principles for proof are that it should permit reviewers to reach conclusions as to the validity of the claim without having to undertake additional research, and that sources should be specifically identified so that reviewers can locate and verify them if necessary.

    • List of the documents on the Inventory of Documents form, which can be found at the top of this page.

    • A check payable to Jackie Hufschmid, for $10.00 for each certificate requested to cover the cost of the certificate and mailing..

  3. Send the completed application to: JCGS - Pioneer Certificate Program, c/o Jackie Hufschmid,

  4. If more than one certificate based on the same ancestor is requested, proof of the ancestor's settlement in Juneau County is required for only the first such application. The remaining applications should be cross-referenced to it. Application form, pedigree chart and proof of descent are still required for each person for whom a certificate is requested.

  5. An application based on a previously issued certificate does NOT require re-submission of the proof of settlement; cite the previous certificate in the Proof Section. Proof of direct descent IS required.

  6. Names and dates:

    • Enter names of the person to whom the Certificate is to be issued and Ancestors EXACTLY as you want them to appear on the certificate.

    • Women's maiden names should be used, if known.

    • Dates must be recorded in the following format: 06 April 1890 or 06 Apr 1890

    • CAPITALIZE all surnames.  

  7. Forms of Proof:

    • Proof must be provided in the form of copies of documents establishing the fact claimed. Such documents include Census, Land, Church, School, Naturalization (including Declaration of Intent), Probate and Vital Records. Copies must clearly identify the nature of the document, the agency or office, which created it and the volume, page, sheet, line, etc., by which it may be located. Bible records, County histories and published transcriptions of records must include copies of page(s) establishing that fact claimed and a copy of the title page including publisher and date.

    • Photocopies of dairies, letters, business and other personal records may be submitted, but proof of authenticity must accompany them and name and address of their current custodian must be stated.

    • DO NOT submit original records, as they will not be returned.

  8. Items Not Accepted as Evidence:

    • Printed or manuscript genealogies, family group sheets and/or charts, family reunion records.  Unsupported information from a professional genealogist.  

    • Oral, written or published family traditions.

    • Material authored by the applicant or a member of his or her family.

  9. Inventory of Documents

Doc.       1    
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Pioneer:     your pioneer's name    
Applicant:           your full name    

Last update 07 Apr 2007

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