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TO WHOM IS THE CERTIFICATE TO BE ISSUED (enter name exactly as it is to appear on the Certificate)


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PIONEER/EARLY SETTLER/CENTURY ANCESTOR (enter name exactly as it is to appear on the Certificate)

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Date of Birth ______________        Place of Birth _______________________________________________ 


Date of Death _____________        Place of Death ______________________________________________ 


Date of Marriage ___________       Place of Marriage ___________________________________________ 


Place of Burial  _________________________________________________________________________ 


When did he/she settle in Juneau County, Wisconsin? _____________________________________________

Where in Juneau County, Wisconsin did he/she settle? ____________________________________________ 

SPOUSE OF ANCESTOR______________________________________________________________ 


Date of Birth ___________             Place of Birth _______________________________________________

Date of Death __________             Place of Death ______________________________________________ 


Did spouse accompany Pioneer/Early Settler/Century Ancestor when he/she settled in Wisconsin? _______                       

If Yes, do you want spouse named on the certificate? _____________________________________________ 

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