Twn of Orange, Juneau Co., WI

Twn of Orange

Organized: 1857
Origin of Name:  First settlers were natives of Northern Ireland, therefore "Orangemen"
First Settlers:  A. McKinstry and B. George
First Recorded Marriages: November 5, 1875 at St. Stephens Lutheran Church were:  
              Kristian MORTENSEN and Maria WAGGONSEN
              Kristian PETERSON and Katrine NIELSEN
First  Church:  Orange Mill  
First School:  Orange Mill  
First Post Office: John C. Dickinson 
First Recorded Town Tax:  $368.71 in 1865
First Town Chairman:  Orrin Rogers

source: Juneau County, The First Hundred Years, published 1988

Anderson, Adolph
Bennett, William
Bullgreen, John
Christiansen, Hans
Christiansen, James
Cleveland, W. H.
George, B.
Hansen, H. C.
Hubbill, J. P.
Jensen, C. J.
Johnson, Ole
Jorgenson, Hans
Larsen, Hans
McKinstry, A.
Mortensen, Christian
Mortensen, John
Rasmussen, Nels
Rhodes, R.
Rundle, Henry
Rydberg, L.
Skinner, C. B.
Wilcox, Albert A.
Young, T.

1860 Census - Twn of Orange
1870 Census - Twn of Orange
1880 Census - Twn of Orange
1885 Census - Twn of Orange

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