Leopards Escape Necedah 1906

The New York Times, 1 Sep 1906

They Kill 17 Cattle Near Necedah, Wis. - Posse Shoots One.

Special to The New York Times

NECEDAH, Wis., Aug. 31 - Three leopards that escaped from a circus menagerie have terrorized the residences of the towns of Necedah, Arkdale, New Lisbon, and the surrounding country for five days.

The animals jumped from their cage Saturday night as the cages were being loaded on trains at Necedah.  One was killed, but the other two got away, and were seen in many places on Wednesday night.  They killed seventeen cattle, and armed posses from all of the towns have hunted the animals for several days. On Wednesday one of them was shot in a barnyard three miles south of here.

contributed by Jackie Hufschmid

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