Governor and Indians - 1863

Madison, Wis., Aug. 17
Special to the Chicago Tribune -  Nine "big Indians." including Dandy, chief of the Winnebagoes (sic), had a talk with Governor Salomon to day, with the usual amount of peace-pipe smoking and hand shaking.

They explained the recent murder in Juneau county, saying it was committed by a man who was half crazy, and when drunk was a very bad Indian, and they were glad he was dead.

They expressed the most friendly disposition, declaring they had no intention to molest the whites, and they wanted a chance to hunt, and fish, and pick berries to procure clothing with.  They were very poor and hoped they should not be driven away.

The governor told them they must deliver up all who had committed depredations on the whites, and if they kept away from the whites and continued peaceable, no harm would come to them. All agreed that whisky was the great source of trouble, and one Indian chief said he had tried to keep the whites from selling it to the Indians, but bad whites would sell, and bad Indians would drink, and it was easier for the governor to prevent the white men from selling liquor to Indians than for him to keep them from drinking.

The governor gave them some presents and the Indians went away in good humor, promising to try and ascertain, and deliver up for punishment, all concerned in the recent outrages.

Source: Janesville Daily Gazette, [Janesville, WI] dated 18 Aug 1863

contributed by Jackie Hufschmid

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