Indian Outrage - 1863

Indian Outrage in Juneau County

The postmaster at New Lisbon, in this state, writes to the Milwaukee Sentinel that an Indian murdered a Mrs. Salter, on Monday last, six miles north of that village.  He states that the woman was found about four o'clock, lying on the floor, with her head horribly mangled and several cuts and wounds with a sharp instrument about the throat and chest.

The woman's husband was on the hay marsh, about four miles distant, and when he arrived home the inhabitants had captured one of the Indians.  The husband, in his frenzy, took a club and dispatched the Indian instantly.

They have several Indians and two chiefs now locked up in jail, who will be kept in close confinement until their chiefs bring in all implicated in the murder.  The Indians in Juneau and adjoining counties are very numerous (probably 1,000 to 1,500) and troublesome.  The question what to do with the roving bands of Indians in this state is one that needs an immediate solution.

Source: Janesville Weekly Gazette, Janesville, WI dated 15 Jul 1863

contributed by Jackie Hufschmid

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