Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Nurses from the Badger State Who died in the Federal Service During the World War

The information below comes from this book about those who died during World War I. It is by no means 100% accurate, nor complete. When the book was published, the lists were compiled and combined as best as possible. The page is divided into branches of service.

If you wish to send for your ancestors military or pension records, send for FORM-180.  e-mail to "INQUIRE@ARCH2.NARA.GOV" requesting a maximum of 6 copies of FORM-180, and with your name and mailing address in the body of the e-mail.

Some common abbreviations used were:

dd - died of disease              mg - machine gun      TC - Transportation Corps

dw - died of wounds            bn - battalion k - killed kia - killed in action

WNG - Wisconsin National Guard fa - field artillery ck - cook

w - wounded  pneu - pneumonia


Bradley, Gaylord Anderson, 22, Mauston; mus 3cl 128 inf; Alsace, Chateau Thierry, Soissons, Verdon; dw Oct 7, 18
Carlsen, Nels Peter, 23, Orange; WNG; pvt 128ing; Aisne-Marne, Oise-Aisne, Meuse-Argonne, defsec; kia Nov. 10, '18
Chamberlain, Harry, 22, Mauston; pvt 128inf; Alsace, Chateau Thierry, Soissons, Verdun; dw Oct 7, '18
Clark, Otis Ferguson, 21, Wonewoc; pvt 1cl 128ing; 2Marne, Argonne; kia Nov 10, '18
Cleary, John A., 27, Elroy; pvt ordreinfcmtdet; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 18 '18
Cleary, Michael J., 24, Elroy; pvt 118engnrs; U.S.; dd (pneu) Oct 10, '18
Decorah, Robert, 24, Mauston; WNG; pvt 1cl 128inf; Marne; kia Aug 1, '18
Fletcher, Wyman C., 30, Mauston; Sept autrpldrft, Camp MacArthur; U.S.; dd (mening) Sept 7, '18
Frazier, Wyman C., 28, New Lisbon; pvt Sept autrpldrft, Camp MacArthur, U.S.' dd (mening) June 3, '17
Galvin, Hugh Victor, 29, m, Mauston; pvt 5fa; U.S.; dd (influ) Oct 9, '18
Gibney, Clark Elman, 25, Elroy; pvt 341inf; kia Oct 17, '18
Gilligan, Earl Phillip, 22, Camp Douglas; pvt 107fsbn SigC; Alsace tngsec, Chateau Thierry; dw Aug 8, '18
Havey, Wallace M.., 27, Lyndon Station; pvt 127inf; dw Oct 17, '18
Jones, Benjamin, 27, Camp Douglas; WNG; corp 128inf; 2Marne, Juvigny; kia Sept 1, '18
Kegler, Earnest D., 27, New Lisbon; pvt 59inf; overseas; dd (tuberc) Mch 7, '20
Koehn, John Martin, 21, New Lisbon; corp Prsnr of War Escort Co 5; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 20, '18
Krohesky, Joseph, 26, Mauston; pvt 4inf; kia Nov. 11, '18
Lawrence, Nils A., 24, m, Elroy; pvt Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce tngdet; U.S.; dd (pneu) Oct 6, '18
Luchsinger, William, 33, Wonewoc; pvt 1cl bkryco QMC; overseas; dd (pneu) Aug 16, '18
Manske, Harry W., 27, Elroy; pvt 128inf; 2Marne, Juvigny; kia Aug 31, '18
Marx, George W., Jr., 25, Elroy; corp MD; U.S.; dd (pneu) Oct 15, '18
Mason, William R., 30, Camp Douglas; pvt 312inf; dw Oct 22, '18
Morris, Budd, 23, Mauston; corp 128inf; 2Marne, Soissons; w Sept 5; dd (pneu) Oct 14, '18
Odell, Lynn, 22, Mauston; WNG; corp 128inf; overseas; dd (diph) Mch 24, '18
Past, Trulove P., 26, new Lisbon; pvt 1cl 78MP; pverseas; dd (influ) Nov 26, '19
Pfeifer, Peter R., 26, Mauston; pvt in fCamp Hancock Sept rpldrft; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 10, '18
Post, John James, 29, Mauston; WNG; pvt 112inf; 2Marne; dd (pneu) Oct 4, '18
Rettamel, Theodor A., 31, Lyndon; pvt 128inf; overseas; dd (tuberc) Mch 14, '19
Russell, Richard I., 26, Mather; pvt 14sntn; U.S.; dd (pneu) Oct 12, '18
Ruzicka, James, 25, m, Germantown; pvt 28inf; overseas; dd (pneu)Oct 19, '18
Schriver, William J., 20, Elroy; pvt 128inf Soissons; kia Sept 1, '18
Schwartzburg, Gerald William, 25, Mauston; WNG; corp 128inf; kia Aug 2, '18
Seeling, Hugo, 22, Wonewoc; pvt Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce tngdet; U.S.; dd (pneu) Oct 6 '18
Standingwater, Mike, Mather; pvt 128inf overseas; dd (pneu) Mch 11, '18
Webster, Joseph E., 41, m, Mauston; sgt 325inf; Argonne; kia Oct 13, '18
Wendland, Henry, 27, Linden; pvt 161depbrig; U.S.; dd (pneu) Oct 8, '18
Williams, Robert Wells, 19, Camp Douglas; pvt hqco 64brig NG 32div; overseas; dd (diph) Mch 11, '18
Wilson, Lewis, 19, Mauston; corp 128inf; 2Marne; kia Aug 1, '18
Wonderly, Jesse, 29, New Lisbon; sgt3fa; U.S.; dd (pneu) Feb 12, '18
Wright, Frank M., 22, Lyndon; pvt 47inf; kia Sept 26, '18


Curtis, Drayton Mills, Mauston; ship's ck 4cl; d Naval Training Camp, Pelham Bay, NY, Dec 24, '18
DeLap, Benjamin Harvey, 23, New Lisbon; seaman 2cl; d USN Base Hospital No. 3, Leith, Scotland, Nov 1, '18
Nelson, Ben, Elroy; wtdr; k (sinking of Tampa in foreign waters) Sept 26, '18

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