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History of Summit, Juneau Co., WI


Organized:  1898
First Town Chairman:  E. R. Howery
Origin of Name: After Charleton H. Finley, one of the first settlers.
First Settlers: Charleton H. Finley, E. R. Howery, O. D. Dahl
First Recorded Town Tax:  $834.01 in 1899

source: Juneau County, The First Hundred Years, published 1988

Necedah Republician newspaper, April 8, 1909
contributed by Joan Benner

Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Wallace attended court at Mauston Tuesday for final settlement of Chas. Stubbs' estate.

Charley and his best girl went to Necedah Saturday.  We wonder what became of Charley.

We are glad to learn that Mrs. P. Brandt is recovering from her recent illness.

Elmer Boden is on the sick list.

Miss Nathali Hunnell visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Hunnell, Saturday, going home
to Cranmoor on the 4:30 train, she having to attend her club Saturday night.

Wm. Coates went to Mauston last Wednesday.

E. Thompson and sister moved up to Sheldon last Friday, where Mr. Thompson
has secured a position for the coming year.

Necedah Republician newspaper, April 8, 1909
contributed by Joan Benner

Town of Finley
Following were elected in Town of Finley:
For Supervisors---Hans Knudson, Chairman; A. C. Brovald and Axel Johnson
For Clerk---P. Brandt
For Treasurer---E. R. Howery
For Assessor---C. L. Jacobs
For Justices of the Peace---Ed. Rogers, full term; P. Brandt, full term; Warren Thompson, to fill vacancy;
Ole Thompson, to fill vacancy
For Constables---C. L. Jacobs, Elmer Boden and F. Jagodzinski
For State Superintendent---Cary received 10, Hewitt 2, Hooper 3, Wood 1
For County Judge---Bunnell received 17, Bithmar 3, Morris.

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