Juneau Co., WI - 1882

The Mauston Star, 01 Jun 1882

A day has been fixed by law for properly observing the memory of our herous who gave up their life in the great rebellion, that their country might live and prosper.  On Tuesday, May 30, in almost every city and village ceremonies suitable to the occasion were held.

Arrangements had been made in Mauston to duly honor the memory of the departed, and at two o'clock in the afternoon a procession was formed under directin of I. H. STEWART adn S. C. PLUMMER, Marshals in the following order: Masuton Cornet Band, Mauston Light Guard, Odd Fellows, veterans, children with baskets of flowers, and citizens in carriages.  The procession was very long, it being estimated that as many as fifteen hundred assembled on the grounds of the dead to drop a tear in memory of some departed friend.

At the cemetery the formal excercises were opeened by the Cornet Band, follwed by an impressive prayer by REev. H. C. FULLER.  The committee of children then distrubuted flowers and the military fired a salute over the graves of the following heroes whose remains repose in our cemetery:

F. BOCKHOUSE, 200th Pennsylvania Reg.
Eddie COLE, 12th Wis
George OSBORN, 41st Wis.
Harrison EDWARDS, 6th Wis
Charles E. HAM, 24th Wis
Robert MORRIS, 24th Wis
Luther BECHWITH, 4th Cavalry
Lieut. John LYMBURN, Co. F. 16th Wis
Surgeon F. V. BURROUGHS, 30th Wis
Peter EVERSON, 6th Wis
George FISH, 5th Kansas Cavalry
Lieut Abel BROWNEL, 16th Wis
Lemuel J. WARD,37th Wis
H. A. FULLER, 2d Cavalry
Mont AUSTIN, 124th Illinois
John SCHALL, 87th Pennsylvania
Daniel HOFFMAN, Illinois Vol.
Bruce BUTTERFIELD, Illinois Vol.
Wm. PAINE, David QUINT, H. PECK, war of 1812

A moment to the loved and lost buried in other fields was properly decorated.  Their names, company, regiment adn place of burial as follows:

N. SCHWIESTHAL, Co. K, 6th Wis. Soldiers Home
B. E. STEVENS, 16th Wis, Iona, Minn
John O'ROURKE, 6th Wis, Plattsmouth, Neb.
John HOLDEN, Co. K, 6th Wis, Lavalle
Irvin CARY, Co. F, 16th Wis, Shiloh
A. BRIGGS, Co. F, 16th Wis, Shiloh
John FURGUSEN, Co. F, 16th Wis, Shiloh
L. STILSON, CO. F, 16th Wis, Shiloh
John McNOWN, Co. F, 16th Wis, Shiloh
William KNAPP, Co. F 16th Wis, Shiloh
Capt. Sperry NORTHROP, Co. F, 16th Wis., Corinth
Terry LEMONS, Co. F, 16th Wis, Corinth
Jos. DUCKWORTH, Co. F, 16th Wis, Atlanta
Sylvester LAWRENCE, Co. F, 16th Wis, Atlanta
C. W. PERSONS, Co. F, 16th Wis, Shiloh
Wm. C. PERSONS, Co. F, 16th Wis, Shiloh
Wm. J. DICK, Co. F, 16th Wis, Minnesota
Charles GILES, Co. F, 16th Wis, missing
W. BADER, Co. F, 16th Wis, Pittsburg Landing
Ralph BAGLDY, Co. F, 16th Wis, Stevens Point
Samuel MONROE, Co. F, 16th Wis, Pittsburg L.
Samuel SADORIS, Co. F, 16th Wis, Lindina
Capt, J. TICKNOR, Co. K, 5th Wis, Gettsburg
Velney DeJANES
J. W. HENDRICKS, Co. K, 6th Wis, New Lisbon
Abram FLETCHER, Co. K, 6th Wis, Gettysburg
Oliver FLETCHER, Co. K, 6th Wis, Andersonville
Aaron YATES, Co. K, 6th Wis, Laurel Hill, Va.
Albert TARBOX, Co. K, 6th Wis, Gettysburg
James SCOVILLE, Co. K, 6th Wis, Gettysburg
Charles DANA, 16th Wis, Battle Field
L. K. WESCOTT, Pittsburg Landing

contributed by Joan Benner

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