Dauger Hill Cemetary, Finley, Juneau Co., Wi

Dauger Hill Cemetary- Finley, Juneau Co. WI.

Local residents tell us the cemetary was cleaned up and is starting to be used again. Trudy and Terry Nichols visisted this peaceful cemetary on Saturday, June 19. 1999. Below is the information we recorded with respect and reverence.

Inscription on stone at entrance of cemetary

" Dedicated to the memory of Louis and Hazel Pech"
Name Birth Death Comments
Patricia A. Holst-Lauer 17 Mar. 1915 27 Jan.1991 Inscription on stone "Nee Christensen"
Louia Pech 25 June 1902 24 Oct. 1984  
Hazel Pech 27 Jan 1905 25 Dec. 1984  
Wallace R. Frydenlund 18 July 1924 9 Oct 1994 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Shirley M. Wipperfurth 1933 1988 Inscription "Mother"
Baby Son (Herms)   6 Sept. 1989  
Emily Francis Herms   5 Dec. 1992 Inscription "Our Daughter"
Ingmar Ingmarson 20 March 1905 7 Feb 1990 PFC US Army  WWII
Wife of Martin Krogfoss 30 July 1869 16 April 1898  
Benet Severson 13 Mar 1898 7 March 1903 "FOD DEN"  "DOD DEN" German?
Ralph W. Kolk 4 Dec. 1924 27 Mar 1980 SGT US Army  WWII

Please take note that there were 3 gravestones we could not identify the inscriptions.

The Hickory Grove Congregation and the Dauger (Duger) Hill/Hickory Grove Cemetery
by Lawrence W. Onsager

This church was probably organized in 1897. It was part of the Norwegian Synod. Paul Adolf Dietrichson was the pastor from 1897 to 1901. Dietrichson (1855-1930) pastored the church in Necedah from 1897-1901. He was born in Stavanger, Norway and emigrated in 1873. There were 51 confirmed members in 1898. It is not known if the church was in existence after 1901. A resident of the area recalls that there was once a church near Dugar Hill in Finley Township that was called the Hickory Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.

The Hickory Grove or Dugar (Dauger) Hill Cemetery is located in Finley Township in the southwest corner of section 13, Township 20, north; range 3, east. It is located on Dugar Hill on 12th Avenue, north at a point where the road curves to the left. There were a lot of grave markers in the 1920's but only two old ones remain, Anna Christine Krogfoss and Benet Severson. The 1898 plat book for Juneau County shows the cemetery just across the line in section 24 on both sides of the road.

The first reference to the community was in 1874. On October 27, 1874, a public meeting was held at Hickory Grove in Necedah Township protesting the return of the Winnebago Indians to Juneau and surrounding counties (Onsager, LW, The Removal of the Winnebago Indians from Wisconsin in 1873-74, MA Thesis, 1985, pp. 275-6).

In the 1878 Atlas of Wisconsin, Hickory Grove was a small community on the west bank of the Yellow River in section 23 of Armenia Township. On the 1876 plat map of Juneau County, the property where Hickory Grove was located was owned by S. B. Thompson. In 1898, the property was owned by Nils Waller. The Dugar Hotel was located 2 miles northeast in section 13. In 1876, that property was owned by A. B. Dugar and 1898 by Louis Larson.

O. M. Norlie, ed., Norsk lutherske menigheter i America, 1843-1916, Minneapolis, Augsburg, 1918; Juneau County Genealogical Society, Cemetery Book One; The Historical Atlas of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Snyder, Van Vechten & Co, 1878.

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